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Sameer's NBA Talk Show

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I agree with all of those guys Sameer to be honest. There are alot of young guys in the league that I feel like could step up and take the league by storm in a few years. I just hope Zion can get through this injury and stay healthy, as injury concerns are a question mark for him but I think he is gonna prove some people wrong about that. I would also like to mention Ja Morant though too as he is looking really good at the moment. Just feel as if someone has to bring him up here. I think that Grizzles team is building something and Ja could push them to that next level sometime in the near future.

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Most Shocking Team This Season? (As Of 11/11/19) 

Phoenix Suns


The Suns have shocked the whole world certainly with the type of start of the season they are having currently. As of the day I am writing this the Phoenix Suns are 6-3 and 5th in the western conference. Everyone was saying that they had a really bad offseason trading down in the draft and selecting someone that wasn't projected to go in the lottery. But they are currently proving a lot of sports writers wrong. Devin Booker finally getting the respect he deserves. Aaron Baynes has actually been a monster, I thought when Ayton got suspended that they would be the in lottery again but they are going and fighting hard every game.

They have beat the Clippers, Nets, 76ers and Heat so far and all of those teams are really good. Everyone on the team has stepped up. Ricky Rubio is doing really good as the starting point guard. Maybe all they needed was a legitimate point guard? who knows but honestly I think they are going to be what most people thought the Kings should've been this season which is maybe quietly sneaking into the playoffs as a 7th or 8th seed. Monty Williams has done a excellent job coaching this group, he's been around Gregg Popovich who is one of the most successful coaches in the NBA and it's clear that he has made an impact on this team this season. Devin Booker has become more of an efficient scorer this season and I think that has something to due with Monty.

So I want to know, 

What are your expectations for the Suns this season? 

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How I think the results of the NBA All Star Game Draft will look like. The NBA All Star Game is an exhibition game played on February 16, 2020. It will be the 69th edition of the event. The game will be held at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois, where the Chicago Bulls play and it's where the best players in the league get a chance to team up and have some fun for a game. LeBron gets the first pick of the starters and Giannis gets the first pick of the reserve pool.


With the first pick for Team LeBron, I have LeBron James taking his teammate Anthony Davis.


I see no other option for LeBron. He's a team player and always go for his guys. It's just common sense here that he picks Anthony Davis. 

With the first pick for Team Giannis, I have taking his European brotha, Luka Doncic


Luka has been killing the league this season with an impressive year especially for his age. Nobody saw this kid coming into this season doing what he is doing right now, I give him credit he's been great on the court and fun to watch. I think Giannis goes with him due to his popularity this season and the fact that he's European. 

With the second pick for Team LeBron, I have LeBron taking James Harden  


James Harden is currently the league leader in points this season, Although he had a little bit of a slow down as of late, he has picked it back up. Harden is currently averaging about 35 points per game and doing his normal things with the Rockets 5th in the west currently. However I expect them to be around the 3-4 seed when the season is done and playoffs are on.

With the second pick for Team Giannis, I have him taking Joel Embiid.


I have Giannis taking a big man here and another non USA player. Since last year he based his team around it. It makes sense for him to do it here now too. Joel is currently averaging about 24 points and 11 rebound for the Philadelphia 76ers as they are the 6th seed in the eastern conference. I expected the team to do a lot better in terms of standings but that will probably pick up during the 2nd half of the season. 

With the third pick for Team LeBron, I have him taking Pascal Siakam   


In my opinion The Raptors have been doing better than think anyone expected them to since they lost Kawhi in the offseason but with the rise of of course now first team all star Pascal Siakam, they are 2nd in the eastern conference and are currently on a 11 game winning streak. This kid can only get better and he's currently one of my favourites in the league. 

With the third pick for Team Giannis, I have him taking Kawhi Leonard.


With Kawhi it's a interesting case, I don't think neither Giannis or LeBron want to pick him due to Giannis losing to him and the raptors last year in the playoffs and LeBron and him playing for the different LA teams, but I think in the end Giannis will be the one to pick him.

With the fourth pick for Team LeBron, I have him picking Trae Young 


Trae Young has been killing the league despite his team being the worst in the conference his numbers are amazing and just like Luka, I don't think anyone expected him to be putting these type of numbers up in his second season. He's currently averaging around 29 points and 9 assists per game.

With the fourth pick for Team Giannis, they get Kemba Walker.


I think Kemba goes last in his draft, that's no disrespect to him at all though. He's one of the best point guards in the league right now and is leading the young celtics team as they are currently the 3rd best team in the eastern conference and maybe a dark horse for the championship? 


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