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BPZ Powertrip Cup - Bulldozer vs Dikey

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The referee raises the hands of Dikey into the air and Dikey celebrates with a large smile on his face to a large applause from the worked up crowd.  The referee exits the ring and Bulldozer slowly makes his way up to his feet, stumbling a little. The two men stand face to face for a moment before Dikey extends a hand to Bulldozer i a classy move.  Bulldozer looks down at the hand, back and Dikey, and then around at the crowd. He slowly reaches his hand out and finally grasps the hand of Dikey, shaking it slowly, nodding his head. Dikey maintains eye contact with Bulldozer, and while they are shaking hands, he starts to realize Bulldozer’s nods of approval turning into head shakes of rage.  Dikey’s face morphs into a state of both realization and surprise before Bulldozer pulls him in by the hand and lands a devastating clothesline, driving Dikey backfirst onto the mat. Bulldozer grabs his head in fury and rolls out of the ring.  He reaches under the apron and drags out a steel chair. He tosses it into the ring before reaching back under the ring and taking out a table.  He slides it into the ring and rolls in after it. He positions the chair beneath Dikey’s head, and it doesn’t take a genius to know what’s coming next.  Bulldozer backs up into the corner and runs at Dikey, leaping into the air and driving Dikey’s head straight into the chair with God’s Ultimate Blast! Blood starts trickling down from the forehead of Dikey, but he is still able to crawl over to the rope and begin getting up while Bulldozer sets up the table in the middle of the ring.  Bulldozer walks over to Dikey and hoists him up onto his shoulders, but before he can drive him through the table, a song plays.  It’s Bob Sparks! Bob sprints down to the ring and dives inside, landing a few punches on Bulldozer before driving him out of the ring with a clothesline.  Bulldozer stumbles back up the entranceway, staring back at Bob. Bob motions him to come and get some with the NXT championship raised over his head. However, Bulldozer shoves off the challenge and makes his way to the back.  Satisfied, Bob turns around to check on Dikey.  WHAT THE HELL? Bob just saved Dikey from definite injury, and now he’s being repaid with a chair to the head! Dikey drops the chair and stumbles back into the ropes.  He regains his bearings and walks over to Bob. He bends down and lifts up the fallen NXT championship, studying it closely. He takes one last look at Bob before tossing the title carelessly onto his fallen body to an uproar of boos.  Dikey exits the ring and walks to the back. He stops on the stage, and with his back to the crowd, he hits his pose before walking to the back, leaving Bob in the center of the ring, the NXT championship held closely to his chest.

(Sorry about the lack of gifs, I had to do this from my phone)


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