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BPZ Powertrip Cup: Buddy Ace vs Blade

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BPZ Powertrip Cup 2019

Singles Match

Buddy Ace vs Blade


The first match of the Power Trip cup event awaits the entrances of the two who will open the event.   A match put together by BPZ management,  both men looking to pick up a much needed win.  Blade over the weeks saying he is going to destroy and exterminate Buddy Ace and use this match to get over his anger for his failures in the past events.  Buddy Ace looking to get a win and spoil Blade's plans that he has for this match up

Buddy Ace theme starts and he is the first to go to the ring.  The crowd cheer for this man as he gets to the ring.  He is fired up and looking to get this match going once his opponent gets to the ring.  Buddy paces around the ring for a while.  Seems nothing is happening.  No theme song no appearance.   Buddy Ace goes to ask the referee the referee goes talks to the ring announcer.  Before the announcer could say anything Blade's music hits 'The Beaten Path'


Blade walks out onto the stage slowly seemingly not in a hurry to get to the ring.  He is going to make Buddy Ace who was fired up coming to the ring to wait as he walks to the ring. Getting to the ring just as he goes to slide in the ring Blade stops then starts to walk around the ring.  Making Buddy Ace wait for Blade to get in the ring. Blade walks around the ring gets a fresh bottle of water then proceeds to drink it slowly making Buddy Ace wait until he finishes while Blade's theme plays drowning out the boos for him.   Once the theme song stops Blade gets in the ring after telling the referee  to back Buddy Ace to his corner.

In the ring the bell rings.  Blade walks to the center of the ring and does something surprising he offers to shake Buddy Ace's hand out of respect to start the match.  Buddy Ace grabs Blade's hand to shake.  Blade hits Buddy Ace's with a cheap shot while shaking hands.  He nails Buddy Ace  with a stiff headbutt. Buddy Ace is rocked, the only thing keeping him standing is Blade keeping a hold of his arm from when they shook hands. Buddy Ace is bleeding from the stiff headbutt.   Blade then starts nailing Buddy Ace with stiff left hooks and jabs.  Teeing off on Buddy Ace's head.  Then eventually dropping him with a clothesline. Blade then starts push kicking Buddy Ace in the head.  Pushing him out of the head and a bit disrespectfully.  Blade gets out of the ring Buddy Ace is stumbling to his feet really wobbly standing.  Blade runs around the ring and hits Buddy Ace with the clothesline from hell.   

Buddy Ace is forcefully dragged to his feet,  then Blade just lifts him up and drops his side onto the announce table.  Blade then pulls  Ace off the table and just lets him hit the floor hard!    Blade then stomps on Buddy Ace a few times then slides in the ring then back out to break the ring count. Blade picks Buddy Ace and forces him back into the ring after lifting him up and dropping him on the edge of the ring.

Going to the bell keeper Blade gets the hammer for the ring bell and gets into the ring with it.  Threatening to smash Buddy Ace in the head with the hammer, the referee threatening to disqualify Blade.  Just laughing it off Blade drops the hammer, but ends up running up and punt kicking Buddy Ace in the head. 

Blade goes to look to go for the pin fall but then he just sits cross legged next to the unconscious Buddy Ace and just shakes his head.  Blade yells, "Come on get up!  We aren't finished yet."  Blade then slaps Buddy Ace then yells, "I said I'd exterminate you now get up!" Blade keeps slapping Buddy Ace starts moving and starting to get up.  Blade drags Ace  to the edge of the ring apron.   Blade lifts Buddy Ace up for a piledriver.  Then viciously piledrivers Buddy Ace onto the ring apron.  Blade pushes Buddy Ace back into the ring after that and just sits there on the edge of the ring soaking in the crowds boos and hatred they have for what Blade just did to Buddy  Ace.

The referee trying to see if  Buddy Ace can continue the match. Buddy Ace doesn't even acknowledge the referee.  Blade gets the in the ring and goes to pick up Buddy Ace but he isn't even responding to  the referee. Blade begins setting up a full nelson bomb the referee is trying to stop Blade.  Taking the full nelson as a submission the referee calls for the bell. As the bell rings Blade lifts Buddy Ace up and hits the full nelson bomb in the middle of the ring.  The ring announcer, "Buddy Ace isn't able to continue this match up.  So the winner is Blade!"  The match is over and Blade sits there after the full nelson bomb just soaking up the result and the boos.  Ring side trainers are taking care of Buddy  Ace.  Blade looks around he isn't finished.  Get gets up and gets a microphone and chases off the ring side trainers.

Blade, "You all like the match?!?  Now say bye bye to Buddy Ace."  Blade picks up Buddy Ace then drops the microphone and yells, "Bye bye Buddy Ace"  Blade lifts Buddy Ace up into a military press.  Blade runs up and throws Buddy Ace towards the crowd. Buddy Ace lands behind the barricade as the crowd moves out of the way. Chairs collapse and pushed out of the way from Buddy Ace's impact  Buddy Ace lays there in a broken mess as Blade stands there in the middle of the ring standing tall from the match up.  Blade promised to exterminate Buddy Ace and he might have just did that.  He showed no mercy in this match up.

Where does either go next?  Only time will tell

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