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The assault that won’t be forgotten

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Bulldozer is seen walking backstage after his match with Dikey in which he came up short yet again when a member of the press that was allowed backstage to get reports from the action tonight at the PTC Finals runs up to him ] 

Reporter : Excuse me, Bulldozer a moment of your time if you will first of all I must say you put on a good performance tonight but I have to ask with this being yet another loss for you here in BPZ has this rattled you any? 

Bulldozer : You want to call that a good performance? That wasn’t anywhere close to good because if it was I would have came out on top now with that said I severely underestimated Dikey tonight and he earned his win tonight but he better watch his back because if he gets in my way again he’s going to be on the receiving end of another God’s Ultimate Blast, now as for your question as much as I would like to say it hasn’t the truth is it definitely has because for the first time I don’t know where I am going next in my career. 

Reporter : In that case do you have anything else to say about tonight’s action? 

Bulldozer : No I don’t now if you’ll excuse me I must get busy coming up with a new plan. 

[ Bulldozer then walks off over towards the locker room to get changed out from his ring gear to his regular clothes and gets his car keys out of his pocket as he walks into the parking lot when suddenly he is hit by a car that seemingly was parked with the driver waiting for him ] 

Alice then walks by and notices Bulldozer is knocked out on the floor and immediately runs over to him checking on him and calls for a medic ] 

Alice : Medic! We need a medic right now!

[ now the only question that remains is who ran over Bulldozer and why?

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