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Additional Information for BPZ vs Twitch

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Hello. I wanted to open this thread to anyone willing to share the information they can from their time in Kayfabe.
I'd like to start adding some more of the BPZ history into my save of the mod such as former notable gimmicks (figurehead as well), a definitive history of former teams/alliances and anything minor you could think of like alternate finisher/finisher names for a particular gimmick. Maybe this information in one place might be helpful for other uses in the future as well
Also help with inactive members in the mod if you are able to.

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I've just been making small changes to the mod in my spare time and i thought i'd ask the question to those who wish to alter certain relationships or add new ones (The thread is still open for that option).  Found: Here
If you're unsure about what a specific relationship is set as message me and i'll remind you if you haven't got the mod. Comment with what you'd liked changed, removed, added. Within reason.
Excuse the haphazardly put together screenshot.

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12 minutes ago, Crippler said:

If you could, can you change myself and Storm's relationship to besties same with Meko

It’s tough to see when your bestie doesn’t like you at the start. Arius make sure we are the next “Best Friends”.

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BrendenPlayz Wrestling

Events Added:
Emergence, Powertrip Cup, Survival Games, Winter Warfare
Logos Added:



Belts (Starting as defunct)
         24/7 Championship - Hardcore Championship (You pick name)

Trophies/Tournament Awards
Tag Team Invitational - Powertrip Cup - Survival Games Tournament


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If you have a past character you'd like included as an alter ego comment below and give the details needed.

BrendenPlayz Wrestling

Alter Egoes

"The Worthy One" Joh  - Arrow Thunderman - Benjamin Wolf - Blade -  Bob Sparks

Brian Gillman - Dark Angel - D.N.A - Farm Wally - FDS 
  Gunner Flynn - Jeremiah Flynn - Lord Yautja - Mirage - Mr. Ace 
Nanovirus - No Way Arrow - Raven - Sir Raven - Steph Thunderman - The Bailey
The Fish - The Riddler - Alyxander Cuddlezworth - The Antichrist

Additional Images

Aaron North

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BrendenPlayz Wrestling

Logos Added:

Alternate Logos and Defunct Events: (Logos Only)

Teams/Stables (More to be added)

Match Types
1 vs 1 Cinematic Texas Trailer Park Tussle
1 vs 1 Cinematic Clone Factory Brawl
1 vs 1 Bedroom Brawl
1 vs 1 Circus Deathmatch
1 vs 1 Fish Tank Match
1 vs 1 Lemons, Salt and Mustard Deathmatch
1 vs 1 The Unsanctioned Zone
1 vs 1 North Pole War
1 vs 1 Rage In A Cage


Trophies/Tournament Awards 

If you have any logos i might've looked over feel free to mention them or send them to me to be included


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