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"The Crippler" Jay

The Rebirthing of Extreme

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In the world we know, January 1, 2019 was a monumental day in wrestling history. All Elite Wrestling was officially confirmed, and it would shake the world upside down. However, instead of All Elite opening on January 1st, different news broke out in this universe. Other headlines will soon emerge, that are even more earth shaking, as Paul Heyman buys the rights to the ECW Brand from Vince McMahon, and sets out to bring back the age of extreme. Bringing on tons of indie talent, as well as one Beast and some disgruntled WWE superstars and ECW legends, will Heyman put his new rival out of business, or does the McMahon family succeed again?


During the split, WWE had agreed to let upset or disgruntled workers join ECW, and several took the chance, including Brock Lesnar, who lost the Universal Championship to Drew McIntyre at TLC 2018.


Meet the Roster:


Bobby Lashley

Brock Lesnar


John Hennigan

Jon Moxley

Rob Van Dam

Sami Callihan


Eddie Edwards

Frankie Kazarian



Shawn Spears

Tommy Dreamer


Christopher Daniels

Dash Wilder

Dave Crist

Jake Crist


Madman Fulton

Mike Kanellis

Scott Dawson

Tom Lawlor


Joey Janela

Kevin Kross

Lio Rush

Maxwell Jacob Friedman

Scorpio Sky

Vinny Marseglia

Will Ospreay


Chris Basso

Matt Basso




Brandi Rhodes

Maria Kanellis

Scarlett Bordeaux

Taya Valkrie


The Sandman


Joey Styles



Earl Hebner

Nick Patrick


Allison Danger


Steve Corino


And of course... Paul E. Dangerously!


Tune in for ECW Hardcore TV!

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News from the freshly recreated ECW has recently broken out, as reports are indicating they are partnering with American promotion Ring of Honor and English promotion Progress Wrestling. The former agreement has allowed the company access to talents such as Cody and Brandi, while the latter most notably brings along a staple of hardcore in the current day, that being Jimmy Havoc. Ring of Honor, long called the "modern" ECW, is one of the top indie promotions in the world today, and has plenty of talent, much of which will likely enjoy a stint in the Land of Extreme. Progress has an interesting dynamic, as they continue to have a working agreement with WWE and NXT UK, so it will be interesting to see if the English company can keep two of the biggest promotions worldwide from waging a war. Next up, our report on Hardcore TV!

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Some pretty cool partnerships, ROH can make the interesting scenario of seeing NJPW vs ECW matches happen which would be fun as guys like Honma and Suzuki for exemple would be very well at home fighting ECW guys. As for Progress it will open up the avenue of WWE vs ECW Matches with the likes of BSS potentially facing some of the ECW guys.

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Breaking News from inside Extreme Championship Wrestling!

Firstly, Joey Janela, whom suffered a complete MCL tear, underwent surgery at the request of ECW. The surgery was a complete success, and the lasting damages have been hugely nullified, so Janela, who some thought might never wrestle again, may return from injury as soon as this year.

Reports from a reliable source inside the company have indicated that ECW legend Sabu has been sent to rehabilitation for soft drugs. After Sabu reported to Hardcore TV so high he couldn't work, Dangerously considered and deliberated before sending the icon to rehabilitation, and he will likely be in rehab for most, if not all, of 2019, missing the debut of ECW completely. Sabu was also reportedly livid that Dangerously sent him to rehab, which likely won't help anybody if he begins to become political. We here wish Sabu and Janela speedy recovery, as well as a speedy return. Now, it's time to cover the returning episode of Hardcore TV, live on TNT from the Hammerstein Ballroom!

If you're unfamiliar with this magazine, the writers will rate each segment ran on the card on a scale of one to one hundred, as well as report on anything major that occurred.

To start the night, Paul E. Dangerously came out and reintroduced the crowd to the Extreme, and said that tonight's Hardcore Supercard would see every title on the line. He namedropped Brock Lesnar, Jon Moxley, Scarlett Bordeaux, Brandi, Taya Valkyrie, and Maria Kanellis. Overall, we scored the segment a 69 out of one hundred, a respectable C+.

To open up the action, we saw Kevin Kross defeat Mike Kanellis. The action was somewhat poor, and only receives a 34 out of one hundred in our book.

Next, a display of two rivals from Progress, Jimmy Havoc and Will Ospreay, ended in Jimmy Havoc defeating Will Ospreay and becoming the new World Television Champion. During the match, Ospreay seemed much more comfortable than usual, as the chemistry he and Havoc share allowed him to flow more naturally and find a new, go-to move. Overall, the match was good but could have been better, and as such receives a 56 out of one hundred.

A clash of vixxen occurred next, with Athena toppling Maria Kanellis, Allie, Scarlett Bordeaux, Taya Valkyrie, and Brandi to become the inagural Vixxens Champion. The in ring work from Brandi certainly could have picked up the pace just a bit, but for specific reasons, we grade this match a 54 out of one hundred.

John Hennigan and Eddie Edwards went to war, with Hennigan overcoming Edwards. The match was very good, overall scoring a 62 out of one hundred.

Three teams battled it out to be called World Tag Team Champions, with ohio Versus everything overcoming SoCal Uncensored (Kazarian and Scorpio) and The Revival. The match was pretty poor, and only scores a 46 out of one hundred. There was the feeling that Scorpio Sky was the weakest competitor, not being able to keep up with everybody else.

Finally, the ECW World Heavyweight Champion was crowned in a barn burning brawl between Brock Lesnar and Jon Moxley. In the end, Moxley defeated Lesnar, who looked very strong, and became the World Champion in an exceptional match that we grade a 72 out of one hundred.

To end the show, Moxley celebrated his title win, when Lashley and Lio Rush came, no pun intended, rushing down the ramp and into the ring, where Lashley speared a still groggy Lesnar. Dangerously looked very shocked and genuinely worried, playing to the crowd perfectly. The segment was excellent, and we scored the finale to this supercard a 74 out of one hundred.

Overall, the show was rated a 69 out of one hundred by our staff, great for a return card but still the potential to be better. 3,149 people attended the show, and 188,170 people watched from home, giving a TV rating of 0.25. We thank you for reading our report on ECW Hardcore TV.

ECW Banner.jpg

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Breaking News: Several, including Japanese Star, Go Extreme? ECW Snubbed? Star Close To Injury?

Reports are indicating that ECW has signed multiple talents, and in their first signing spree there were two who declined offers to the company. To start with who pushed away offers, reports are indicating that Genichiro Tenryu and former ECW Heavyweight Champion Masato Tanaka refused the company for seperate reasons. Tanaka felt uncomfortable with being chained to a company longterm, and Tenryu wished to maintain a peaceful retirement, per sources inside the company. They did manage to sign four stars however. Rob Eckos, formerly known as Robbie E, KUSHIDA, Tenille Dashwood, formerly WWE's Emma, and Angel Williams all signed deals with the company. KUSHIDA may help the environment of the locker room, as prior to his signing KENTA was the sole Japanese speaking member of the roster, and was somewhat isolated from others backstage. Reports are saying KUSHIDA is in line for several high profile opportunities, as Dangerously is quite high on the youngster. He also signed a pay per appearance with Pro Wrestling NOAH, however his deal with New Japan is still maintained.

Ring of Honor and ECW star Cody has been taking on a far more physically grueling schedule as of recent, and it has been said by those close to him that he is extremely fatigued. He may need to take time off, or take less matches, lest he suffer the cold fate of injury. We'll be back next time with a report on the next edition of ECW Hardcore TV!

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