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I am going to be jumping onto the bandwagon of having sports threads. Here I will talk about football (The good one), basketball and cricket mainly. As well as potentially other sports if need be. Firstly, I am going to go through the most underrated players on each team in the Premier League from last season.

Henrikh Mhkitaryan

Arsenal played a total of 58 games in all competitions during the 18-19 season. Henrikh appeared in 39 of those games. Constantly throughout the season, he was criticised by Arsenal fans who demanded the side to improve their play. Despite this, when Henrikh played Arsenal on average picked up 2 points. If you don’t understand how good this is, other Arsenal players who received a tone of praise such as Lacazette and Aubameyang had an average point return of 1.86. Mhkitaryan also was involved in 13 of Arsenal's goals in all competitions this campaign.

Steve Cook

Instantly when you think of Bournemouth you think of their attacking four. But for me their star that nobody is mentioning is Steve Cook. This season Bournemouth played 43 games averaging 1.26 points per game. And if you look at their strikers numbers, it is clear to see that, that is not the issue. Bournemouth can collapse defensively and it is the job of Steve Cook to ensure they don’t. It is easy to see how detrimental he is to the team as he averages 1.31 points per game, more than the teams average. Cook organises the defense and helps younger plays such as Brooks and Ake find their feet.

Jose Izquierdo

Brighton are a team that will forever be a low Premier League team or high Championship team. It is important that they have players with a high efficiency and high work rate to compromise the fact that they are not as good as players playing for other teams in the league. For Brighton, they know that their main thing is their height. With Glenn Murray in the box and Duffy and Dunk at the back, it is important that their crosses are good. This means they need a good explosive winger. For me that is Izquierdo. He always looks dangerous on the ball and is lightning quick, a lot for defenders to handle and some cannot. Although he only appeared in 17 of their 45 games in all competitions, it is clear that if he played in more then they would have been safe from relegation a lot sooner.

Chris Wood

A great season for Chris Wood saw him score 13 goals, however the media did not give Chris much attention. Instead saying that Burnleys scoring was mainly done by Ashley Barnes who also had 13 goals. Chris Wood was involved in 46 games in all competitions and averaged 1.11 points per game, the same amount as the average throughout the entire side. Surprising that nobody is talking about him.

Lee Peltier

Only 2 players managed to play over 20 games for Cardiff and have an average points per game of over 1. Cardiff themselves as a whole had an average on 0.85 points per game in their 40 games they played this season. However, the other player who achieved this gets attention. Thats why I think Peltier is their most underrated player. Peltier also managed to play 1722 minutes of football. And could be good for them next season in the Championship.


Despite all the problems on and off the pitch for Chelsea this season. Willian managed to have quite a good season for them. Bagging 8 goals and getting 14 assists (Only Hazard got more). He played over 3000 minutes this season and managed to stay fit the entire time, as he appeared in 56 games out of their 63 overall. He had a positive influence on the team both in the dressing room and on the pitch.

James McArthur

A good season for McArthur that surprisingly nobody is talking about. He managed to play 40 games in all competitions and he rarely had a bad game, as he was quite consistent. He managed to control the midfield in some games, and rarely were Palace completely dominant in the middle of the park. In addition to this, McArthur netted 3 times and got 6 assists.

Idrissa Gana Gueye

A player who I think is one of the most underrated in world football. His work rate is absolutely amazing and his presence in a game can completely flip it on its head. His tackling and passing is normally good and he communicates with his team quite well to stay organized. As well as averaging over 1.5 points per game.

Ryan Babel

In an abysmal season for Fulham, the only bright spot was there alright form at the end of the season. This for me was lead by January signing Ryan Babel. Who in just 16 games got 5 goals and 4 assists. He played a good part in Fulhams attack alongside Mitrovic and Ryan Sessengnon.

Philip Billing

Huddersfield somehow managed to be worse than Fulham. Their only bright spot for me was Billing. Billing has proved he will develop into a good midfielder. He can score from range, win 50/50s and balls in the air and pass well. Billing played over 2000 minutes for Huddersfield and his averaged points per game was 0.52. Which surprisingly is better than the teams average.

Youri Tielemans

After the signing of Brendan Rogers. Youri Tielemans started to shine for Leicester, yet no news outlets picked up the story. After signing in January, he managed to score 3 goals and grab 5 assists in 13 games. When he wasn’t getting directly involved in goals, he was getting the past that lead to the assist or winning critical 50/50s in midfield.

Jordan Henderson

In the second half of the season, Henderson began to shine. After getting the advanced role he wanted he became more involved in games and had a bigger influence on matches. At the end of the season in all competitions he had played 44 games, getting the single goal and 5 assists. Although these stats look poor. There is no statistic that measure how well a player motivates the team and how good of a captain someone is.

Oleksandr Zinchenko

Zinchenko has probably the best average points per game I have ever seen. Averaging a return of 2.93 points per game. Meaning every time he plays out of a possible 3 points his team could get, they get about 2.93. If this isn’t enough to show you how good he was he also played 29 games from left back getting a goal and 5 assists.

Anthony Martial

This season hasn’t been the best for Manchester United and there is no hiding that. However, for Martial this season has been alright, despite not playing under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Martial finished the season with 12 goals and 3 assists. He also averaged 1.5 points per game.

Fabian Schar

Newcastle defence has looked shaky at times but Schar always seems to settle things. He has played 28 games this season and is someone who you must always know where they are. In the air from corners he is dangerous and his tackling is good. With an average points of 1.61 you can see why I think he is underrated.

Danny Ings

Southampton always have problems with their attacking. But this season the damage hasn’t been that bad. I think it is down to Danny Ings, Ings scored 8 goals and got 3 assists in just 25 games this season. Keep in mind that Southamptons objective this season was purely to stay up and I think this is a decent season from Ings.


Erik Lamela

An unordinary pick here I must admit. But Lamela is a player I enjoy watching and I genuinely thinks makes an impact. Defensively we always know all of Tottenhams backline will be solid, and we know the main guys going forward as well. But Lamela is often their first solution off of the bench. He appeared in 33 games this season, scoring 6 and assisting 3. He has an average points per game of 1.94, and really for me is underrated.

Jose Holebas

Watford surprised many people at the start of the season and ended quite well with another mid table finish. For me their most underrated player is Holebas. This season Holebas hasn’t been bad, but some of the time he has been inconsistent. This season he has 3 goals and 6 assists from fullback. And for me he has been quite good.

Issa Diop

Diop has been an amazing signing for West Ham. This season he has played 38 games in all competitions and has got 2 goals from centre-back. When you keep in mind this is his first season playing in the Premier League, there is no denying he has played well and done extremely well to adapt.

Ryan Bennett

When you think of Wolves’ great defence in their first season back in the Premier League. The first name that comes to mind is Connor Coady. However, Ryan Bennett is the guy that pulls the strings in their defence, Bennett controls it all and does an amazing job doing so. As he played nearly 3500 minutes in all competitions with an average point return of 1.65. Making him the most underrated player for Wolves.

Next time, 5 NBA Rookies to look out for!

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This is a post very much inspired by Sameer. Recently I read his post in his thread where he did the all-star draft in the order he thought it would be. After reading it this thought came to my head,

Welcome back to my sport shack, today we will be going through the winners and losers from the recent gameweek of English football, so let’s get started! Winners! Leeds Our first winner

Welcome back to my Sports Shack. Today I am breaking the silence in this thread by discussing who I believe to be the most important player on each playoff NBA team. I say each, this will be a 2 part

Posted Images

12 minutes ago, James Hunter said:

With all due respect, I really don't think Willian was our best player. Yeah he got 8 goals and 14 assists but how many games did he play aswell? He costed us many chances with his mistakes. I think Kepa or Jorginho should be underrated player.

I didn't put Jorginho because of his lack of any assist in the PL. And I thought Kepa was your manager...

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Welcome back to my sports shack. Today I am going to be going through 5 NBA rookies in the upcoming NBA season who you should keep an eye on. I am not going to be going for the big name rookie like Zion Williamson, Ja Morant etc as most people into basketball know who they are at this point. So without any further ado, let me start the list.



The 13th pick in the NBA draft by the Miami Heat, this young guard out of Kentucky wasn’t meant to be in the lottery of the draft but he ended up there. In fact, most mock drafts had Tyler going just outside the lottery in the 16-19th range. Even though he only jumped a little bit, a jump like this surely is down to him impressing at the combine. Possibly meaning he is actually better than first expected. For him to have this progress in the small amount of time between the end of the college season and the combine really shows his determination to succeed, and surely proves why we should keep and eye out for him in his rookie season.



The 12th pick in the draft, P.J. will be playing his first season of NBA basketball with the Charlotte Hornets. Although mock drafts had him going in the 13-19th range. Clearly, we can see that many scouts weren’t sure on the prospect and whether he would be the correct fit for many teams. He was picked by the Hornets who are trying out their positionless basketball. In his rookie season, P.J. has to show everyone how good he can be and make the scouts regret their decision.



Son of former NBA player Manute Bol. Bol Bol was originally predicted to be a unique player the likes of we hadn’t seen before. A 7 footer who was versatile and could shoot the three. However, then in his final year in college he had a foot injury and only played 9 games in the season. This caused his draft stock to fall considerably. As he went from being a player who was projected to be a top ten pick worthy player, to a mid-second round pick. This season Bol needs to prove every team wrong and show them all that his injury had no affect on how good of a player he is.



Originally, people thought Romeo Langford was a set in stone top ten pick. However, then the draft stock of Ja Morant, Coby White, Darius Garland etc started to rise. After this the Indiana stars draft value dropped considerably. With mock drafts having the player go in the mid-twenties range. However, in the actual draft the player went closer to where he was originally thought to go. With the Boston Celtics taking him with the 14th pick. Already news outlets are calling Romeo the perfect fit for Boston, and now he has to show it in the court.



Going into the new year, people expected Sekou to be as high as a top five pick. However, he suffered the same fate as Romeo Langford. As the French talents draft stock dropped due to the draft stock of others increasing. Mock drafts projected him to be drafted with the 9th pick following a late resurgence of his draft stock. Eventually, in the actual draft Sekou was the 15th pick. Falling in the draft is always a concern for rookies, so it will be interesting to see how Sekou will react to the drop and whether it will affect his on court performances.

Those are my 5 rookies to look out for next season in the NBA, up next will be my personal team of the season for the Premier League.

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Welcome back to my Sports Shack. This time I am doing my personal Team Of The Season. So here we go:

In goal I am putting Alisson. In the premier league this season Alisson was a huge reason as for why Liverpool finished with the best defensive record in the league, having only conceded 22 goals in 38 games. He also managed to rack up a whopping 21 clean sheets as well as the golden glove award.

Next up is the left-back Andrew Robertson. This season has catapulted Robertson right into the talks of him potentially being the best left-back in the world. Not only was he part of the best defence in the league. He also put in great crosses throughout the season and helped with Liverpool’s attack a lot, racking up 11 assists.

Another member of the Liverpool back line. Youngster Alexander-Arnold also had 21 clean sheets and played a major role in their attacking play down the wings. He managed to get 1 goal and 12 assists this season too.

How can you not put the guy who won player of the season into the TOTS. Van Dijk has had an incredible season as part of the Liverpool backline. With the amazing stat that no player this season had dribbled past him showing how good he has been.

This season has been good for Laporte. He was a part of the Manchester City team that won the league and only conceded 23 goals this season. Also picking up over a dozen clean sheets.

This season has been an amazing breakout season for Silva. He was a big part of Man Citys midfield, saving them in a few games. He managed to get 7 goals and 7 assists this season although it feels like he did much more.

Now a pick that I think will shock a lot of people. Torreira for me this season has been the best defensive midfielder in the league. He is the reason why Arsenal managed to finish in the top 6. With Aubameyangs shooting being hit and miss. The 5’6 CDM has managed to play his position perfectly despite his height. And if he played for a team that weren’t mocked all the time he would have been in more peoples TOTS.

Manchester City had the best midfield in the Premier League this season. Fernandinho was the marshal of the midfield for them. Without him they look beatable and very shaky. However, with his presence they look as solid as a rock. Fernandinho runs their midfield for them and initiates their City press in the midfield.

The last City player in my TOTS. Raheem Sterling has had an incredible season. Finishing second in the player of the season voting. Sterling in many people's eyes was the best player in the league. And despite having less goals and assists as last season, with 17 goals and 10 assists, he has been immense.

In his last season in the Premier League. Hazard at times carried the load for Chelsea. With most of their attacks going through him he managed to get 16 goals and 15 assists because of this. At times Hazard was by far the best player in the league, and he fully deserves a spot in the TOTS.

Maybe a slightly controversial pick to round things off. One of Liverpools front three had to be in the TOTS, and for many people it was been Mane and Salah. For me Salah, Salah was joint winner of the golden boot getting 22 goals this season as well as 8 assists. Liverpools attack was run completely through him, and he was a huge reason as to why they finished runners up this season.


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Hey guys welcome back to my sports shack. This time I am going to be going through my way too early playoff predictions for next seasons NBA season. I will be listing the 8 teams that I believe will make the playoffs from each conference in no particular order. Starting with the eastern conference.

Toronto Raptors - The current NBA champs, at the time of writing Kawhi Leonard is still a free agent so I am taking him as being a Raptor. I can’t see the NBA champs not making the playoffs next season so they have to be in.
Milwaukee Bucks - The Milwaukee Bucks were the best regular season team in the NBA last season. I think they will mostly stick with their current roster one more time to see if their elimination to the Raptors was a one time thing. And the current roster they have is definitely capable of making the playoffs.
Philadelphia 76ers - The Sixers have their own big 4, although two are free agents and are most likely going to leave. I think that a team with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid should make the playoffs with ease.
Detroit Pistons - Detroit snuck in as the 8 seed in the playoffs thanks to their big two of Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond. In the playoffs Blake played really well when he was involved, so I think that his performances will make their other players feel like they have to play well to give Blake an incentive to stay.
Orlando Magic - After making their first playoffs in a long time. I think that Orlando will make it back to the playoffs this season. With Nikola Vucevic retaining his all-star position.
Indiana Pacers - Despite not having Victor Oladipo for half of last season, Indiana managed to keep their playoff position. Oladipo is still going to be missing half of this season but I think that the other players like Sabonis and Bogdanovic will be able to step up in the first half of the season to help them make the playoffs again.
Miami Heat - Last season Miami were focused on making sure that Dwyane Wade had a good last season. This meant they lost their position as a playoff side. However, I think that this season we will see the Heat regain their position as a playoff team, thanks to a resurgence from Goran Dragic.
Brooklyn Nets - Despite the possibility of losing D’Angelo Russel I think that the Nets will make the playoffs. If they do lose Russel they will surely replace him with Kyrie Irving. However, whether they have Russel or Kyrie running the point I think they will make the playoffs.

Western Conference

Denver Nuggets
Denver had an amazing season with Mike Malone in charge. Nikola Jokic was a possible MVP candidate and Jamal Murray was great. Although they didn’t do as well in the playoffs, I still feel like they will make the playoffs again this season. Especially with the addition of the now fit Michael Porter Jr.
Houston Rockets
Despite the arguing between CP3 and James Harden. I think the Rockets will make the playoffs next season. If the Rockets decide to move one of them it will be CP3 and we have already seen Harden drop 35 a game without him. So I feel like as of right now, they will make the playoffs.
Los Angeles Lakers
The Lakers would have made the playoffs this season if LeBron didn’t go down injured. However, now he has more help as Anthony Davis is a Laker. As well as this the Lakers have room for one more max contract. And if they play their cards right they should easily make the playoffs.
Oklahoma City Thunder
For the past few years the OKC Thunder have easily made the playoffs. I feel like they will make the playoffs again as currently they still have Russ and PG13. So, another playoff season for them for sure.
Portland Trail Blazers
After their WCF run in this years playoffs. I feel like Portland have more confidence to do better in the regular season this season. They will surely make the playoffs.
Utah Jazz
After the trade for Conley, Utah now have 3 all-star quality players. Surely this should be enough for them to get into the playoffs. If it isn’t then I think their great defence will be enough.
Los Angeles Clippers
After shocking everyone last season by making the playoffs and not getting swept by the Warriors. I feel like the Clippers will do the same again. They also could potentially be adding Kawhi Leonard to their roster.
Dallas Mavericks
The Mavericks next season will have an amazing european duo of Doncic and Porzingis. I think this will be enough for them to make the playoffs.

Honourable Mentions For The West
Golden State Warriors
Sacramento Kings
San Antonio Spurs

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Hey guys, welcome back to my sports shack. Today I am going to be going through my final four predictions for the cricket world cup. I watch cricket sometimes, I don’t often go out of my way to see a certain match, I just watch whatever match I feel like watching if it is on TV. However, with this world cup things have been different. There have been a lot of great stories this world cup and it has made every match entertaining. Currently, teams either have played all of their games or still have 1 left. However, this does not mean the competition is over, as the top four teams go into a 4 team bracket to determine the overall winners. At the moment the teams in the last four are Australia, India, England and New Zealand. Australia and India both have 1 game left, but I think that they will both win their final game meaning that the order of who is where stays the same.

If this were to remain the same then the semi-finals would look as follows:

Australia Vs New Zealand
India Vs England

Now, these two matches will be amazing. But only one team can win. I personally believe that Australia will beat New Zealand and advance to the finals, to face England who I think will beat India. Australia have been amazing all tournament and have only picked up one loss. As have India, however the loss for India was against England who now have a lot of momentum after being India and New Zealand in back to back games with little rest. If this does happen then it would mean we have a final of:

Australia Vs England

This is probably by bias coming out here but I feel like England would win here. Australias only loss this world cup campaign was against India. A nation who I have being eliminated by England. I feel like potentially an element of complacency may get into the Australian team secretly. Meaning that they lose the match to an England team who have been in good form. However, Australia beat England this word cup, so the match would be extremely intriguing.

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Hey guys, welcome back to my sports shack. Today I am going to be going through my 5 winners from this off-season so far. The list will be in no particular order, and without further ado, here we go.


This free agency has been great for Brooklyn. Although they lost their leader in D’Angelo Russell, they bounced back in amazing fashion securing the Kyrie Irving deal that we all saw coming. Not just that though, as Kyrie wanted some help, and he got just that as Brooklyn also signed Kevin Durant. They also signed DeAndre Jordan, who I think could be a minor setback as the minutes he will get might be minutes taken away from Jarrett Allen.


After a mediocre postseason. Utah knew that they had to switch something up. Going into the off-season they traded for Mike Conley. Getting an all-star calibre point guard to form an excellent guard tandem with Donovan Mitchell. They also signed Bogdan Bogdanovic and Ed Davis, to form a good starting 5, with both good defense and offense.


After a disappointing first season with LeBron. The Lakers have done well this offseason and got superstar help for the king in the form of Anthony Davis. They also signed DeMarcus Cousins who is an all-star quality player but he needs to find his form. I fully expect the Lakers to be strong contenders next season.


From the Lakers to the Clippers. The Clippers have had a great off-season. As recently they managed to sign finals MVP Kawhi Leonard! They also traded for Paul George. These moves have made the Clippers by personal favourites to win the NBA.


After their failed attempts at winning another title, the Warriors lost Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins. Although I still think this free agency is a win for them. As they got D’Angelo Russell. Although this does mean they will have 3 all-star guards, it also means they will be even better from 3-point. And I expect them to challenge in the west.

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I agree with most of your statements here George, The Clippers imo did the best business in the Agency with Kawhi and Paul George with the Brooklyn Nets as well doing great, sure AD and Cousins signed for the Lakers, but I don't feel they did well in the Agencys as good as the rest of them. It always a great read George. 

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Welcome back to my sports shack. Today, I am going to be going through my top 3 losers from the off-season.

Starting with the Raptors. After coming of an NBA Championship winning season, the Raptors have lost their best player and finals MVP Kawhi Leonard. This was a really big blow to them, as without Kawhi their team looks mediocre. In addition to the loss of Kawhi, they also lost another good defender and really just a good 3 and D guy in Danny Green. Poor for Toronto.

The New York Knicks had all the opportunity to build a superteam this off-season. As going into the draft there were claims that they were going to end up with Zion, KD and Kyrie. However, they ended up getting Julius Randle and a bunch of roleplayers, meaning they are still in rebuild mode and if anything have just traded Porzingis for Randle. Good job New York.

The last team I am going to talk about are the OKC Thunder. They traded away their two best players, Paul George and Russell Westbrook. While I feel like this was something they needed to do, they really could have got better assets in return. They have gone from PG and Russ to CP3 and Gallanari. Thats a big drop.

Let me know what you think!

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i've got to disagree with you on the Thunder being loser for Russ and PG they got 11 first round picks, SGA who's a very promosing young player, Gallinari who was a borderline all star last season and Chris Paul who's still a top 10 PG in the league and he might even be traded for more first round picks and if you consider that both players wanted to leave I think the thunder did pretty well. 

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I dont know how good the picks will be though. The Clippers have an amazing 2 man duo and the best bench in the league, so the picks from them may as well be in the 23-28 range. The Rockets have Harden and Russ so their picks may be in the same range. And their own picks wont be amazing as OKC have a team that arent good enough to win in the playoffs, but are too good to get a top 5 pick.

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Hey guys welcome back to my sports shack. Today I am going to be going through the final of the ICC Cricket World Cup and explaining what made it so amazing. First of all let me give you some context.

The tournament this year was held in England & Wales. The home side had the self proclaimed best team in the world and they were challenged by fans to go out and show that. Meanwhile New Zealand were dark horses, lead by amazing batsman Kane Williamson, New Zealand were purely an amazing fielding side that fans maybe expected to barely get into the top 4. During the group phase, where each side plays 9 games against all other teams in the competition, New Zealand flourished. Being one of the last teams to lose a game and having a strong run until collapsing at the end to finish 4th on 11 points. Meaning they qualified for the semi-finals against the side that only lost 1 game, India. However, England looked shaky winning games but only showing the brilliance they promised on a few occasions. Things got even worse as they lost to Sri Lanka out of nowhere. Meaning they needed to win probably 2 of their last 3 games, against Australia, India and New Zealand. They somehow managed to win the last two and qualified in 3rd to face Australia. The last 2 group games seemed to feed England confidence, as in their semi final match they went and beat the side they had lost to just 16 days prior. Meanwhile New Zealand did the unthinkable, knocking out the Indian side that had only lost to England so far. This meant the stage was set, the final England versus New Zealand.

Most games in the tournament were won off of the toss. Allowing teams to decide whether they wanted to bat or bowl first being extremely important, as nearly all the games were won by the team who batted first. New Zealand won the toss and decided to bat first themselves. New Zealand did decently in their batting phase. Not putting up amazing individual numbers but managing to put up enough each that England had a somewhat difficult job against the best fielding side in the world. As New Zealand got 241 runs meaning England needed 242 for the win. However, things started to go badly for England as they lost a few early wickets and put themselves in a precarious position. Fast forward to the end of the match and this was the situation. As England sat on 220/6 with 10 balls remaining to get 22 runs. However, Plunkett then tried getting a boundary for England. But his shot didn’t have enough power on it and he was caught. Jofra Archer would soon go out as well, just like Adil Rashid. This meant that with 4 balls left, England were 15 runs off. With Ben Stokes and Mark Wood batting. Then Stokes went insane. Getting a six out of nowhere sending the crowd into a frenzy. Then came the controversial moment, as Stokes hit a shot for two. Leaping back to get to his crease to avoid the run out. However, as he leapt he unintentionally hit the ball out to the boundary. Meaning England get another six runs. Then there was a single, meaning from 1 ball England needed 2 runs to win and 1 to tie. And in the last ball they got 1. Meaning that the final went to a super over. Where both teams get 1 over to try and score as many runs as possible, with a tie being won by the side with the most boundaries. England set a great target score getting 16 runs. Before New Zealand got 15. Meaning the teams tied and England won the world cup on tiebreak. Amazing. I leave you with this.


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Welcome back to my sports shack. Today, I am going to be going through why I would have had James Harden win the MVP award again this season and in doing so become a back to back MVP winner.

  • My first point is plainly the conferences. James Harden played in the Western conference, which of course is much harder than the Eastern conference which the MVP winner Giannis Antetokounmpo played in. This meant that Harden had to play against harder sides more often that Giannis did.
  • Secondly, the Rockets had much worse injury luck than the Bucks. This meant that Harden was fighting by himself again the great team of the West and East. Even at the start of the season, as Chris Paul missed a lot of time at the start/middle parts of the season. Harden turned the Rockets from a 12th seed to a 4 seed whilst on a fantastic run of getting 35+ points per game.
  • Lastly, Hardens averages were amazing. Showing how influential he was. He averaged the most points in an NBA season since Michael Jordan played! As he got 36 points per game.

    Thats why I believe that Harden should have won MVP. Whilst, I do understand why Giannis won it.
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Hey guys, welcome back to my sports shack. Today I am going to go through all of the sides that I think even have the slightest chance of being relegated from the Premier League, before going through the 3 that I think will have to cope with the drop.

Sheffield United - After a shock promotion, Sheffield United have very little time to strengthen to give themselves a good chance of remaining in the Premier League. So far, they have made a few signings but still not enough. And I can easily see them dropping right back down into the Championship.

Norwich - After their promotion, Norwich have a decent team. For me they need to make a couple of signings and then they will be fine for next season. I see them doing something similar to what Huddersfield did. Staying up despite the majority of people thinking they will go down before going down the next season anyway.

Brighton - Brighton narrowly escaped the drop last season. And naturally we see sides that barely escape relegation be in the same area next season. For me, I am not completely sure whether Brighton will be able to survive again. However, if they do it will be down to the brilliant trio of Ryan, Duffy and Dunk.

Aston Villa - The last newly promoted side. Villa being back in the Premier League is a big shock to some people. Not to me though, I feel like a lot of their players are really underrated. And if they can manage to retain the bulk of their squad then I can easily see them staying up. Perhaps in the 13th-15th range.

Southampton - Southampton struggled last season. With the managerial change highlighting that. I feel like this season the key to staying up for them would be how clinical they can be. We have seen it before with this side as well. As the second half of their season seems to save them the majority of the time. As now Gabbiadini and Long have erupted in the second half of the season to keep them up.

Newcastle - For me, Newcastle always managed to stay up because of one man. Rafa Benitez, Rafa is such a good manager and is a great motivator. Normally, we see Newcastle have an abysmal end of the year. Before the new year brings them good luck and they stay up. I don't know if I can see that happening again with no Rafa.

There are all the sides that I believe will be in relegation contention next season, or most people think will be. Personally I see the three teams going down being, Sheffield United, Brighton and Newcastle. Let me know what you think.

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With everyone posting their opinions on who they think will win the end of season awards in the upcoming NBA season. I feel like I should justify my reasoning for each choice.

MVP - LeBron James

After going down injured last season. LeBrons Laker side failed to make the playoffs. I feel like now LeBron has a chip on his shoulder and he must be determined this season. And I see him coming out on fire and getting the MVP award.

ROTY - Zion Williamson

Do I really need to explain this? Zion is one of the most hyped up rookies ever. And he is going into a Pelicans system which is going to be built around him. I feel like he is gonna average 20+ and get the award.

DPOY - Rudy Gobert

After winning the award two seasons in a row, I feel like Rudy is going to do it again. He is the best shotblocker in the league and I think that he will prove that.

6MOTY - Lou Williams

This is basically the Lou Will award at this point.

COTY - Doc Rivers

I feel like the Clippers are going to be the #1 seed in the west. And normally the coach who gets the one seed is COTY.

West Champs - Clippers

I feel like the defensive powerhouses that are PG and Kawhi will be able to fend everyone else off in the West. The Clippers also have an insane bench and I think that will help them as well.

East Champs - Sixers

After coming one shot away from beating the Raptors in the ECSF last season. I feel like the Sixers are going to make it to the playoffs. Although they don't have Jimmy Butler, they have Al Horford now and I feel like their team is the strongest out East.

NBA Champs  - Clippers

I feel like the Clips have the best chance of winning the NBA. They have a great starting 5 and the best bench in the league.

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1. Houston Rockets
2. Los Angeles Lakers
3. Los Angeles Clippers
4. Denver Nuggets
5. Utah Jazz

6. Portland Trail Blazers
7. Golden State Warriors
8. Oklahoma City Thunder
9. Dallas Mavericks
10. San Antonio Spurs
11. Sacramento Kings

12. New Orleans Pelicans
13. Phoenix Suns
14. Minnesota Timberwolves
15. Memphis Grizzlies


1. Milwaukee Bucks
2. Philadelphia 76ers
3. Brooklyn Nets
4. Boston Celtics
5. Indiana Pacers
6. Detroit Pistons
7. Toronto Raptors
8. Miami Heat
9. Orlando Magic
10. Atlanta Hawks
11. Chicago Bulls
12. Washington Wizards
13. Cleveland Cavaliers
14. New York Knicks
15. Charlotte Hornets

NBA 19/20 Predictions

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Recently in chat I said something that people think is controversial and incorrect. I said that Jack Butland is the best england goalkeeper. Here is why he actually is.

Jack Butland has played 9 games for England. He has played against: Switzerland, Costa Rica, Italy, Lithuania, Germany and France. Playing Lithuania, Italy and France twice. The only one of these matches that England have lost with Butland playing was against France. However, in the match Butland was subbed on at half time when England were already 2-1 down. The game ended 3-2, meaning the second half was a 1-1 draw. Does this really count as a loss for Butland? In fact, the only time that Butland has put England in a losing position that they were not able to get out of with him on the pitch was in the 3-2 win against Germany. Where Butland was playing through an injury and got carried off just before Half Time. England went on to win the match anyway. If we compare this to current England keeper, Jordan Pickford. Pickford has had 19 games for England. And out of those 19 games England lost 5. Meaning in 9 games for Butland, he left England when he came off the pitch in a losing position 1 time. And in 19 games for Pickford, he left England in a losing position when he came off the pitch 5 times.

Also, the amount of goals conceded is in favour of Butland too. As in his 9 games, he only conceded 4 goals. Meanwhile in Pickfords 19 games, he has conceded 18 goals. This is an average of 0.4 goals conceded per game for Butland and 0.94 goals conceded per game for Pickford. On the flip side from conceding. Butland has had 5 clean sheets for England in the 9 games he has played. While Pickford has had 7 in his 19 games. Meaning Butland is more likely to get a clean sheet than Pickford. If we apply this to the stats from earlier. It means that the 4 goals conceded by Butland happened in 4 games. However, Pickford then conceded 18 goals in 12 games, as he got a clean sheet in 7 of the games.

From this, we can see that not only does Butland lead England to more wins, he also leads them to concede less goals while getting more clean sheets along the way. So, why isn’t he England's number one.

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