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The King Who Was Promised [Book One: Brendendale Catholic Prep]

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Book One | Chapter One: The Transfer Portal

My jaw dropped when I saw the news. Perhaps it was the morning fatigue inducing even more shock. I think it was the fact that what happened was legitimately insane. Fifteen high profile players had just transferred into The National Circuit.

The National Circuit was an assembly of the thirty best basketball high schools thrown together in a league, not bound by regions but sprawled out throughout the year. Schools came from the powerhouse states, the usual California, Texas, Georgia, as well as the DMV. If there were 150 starters in the league, all of them were in the top 400 at the very least. The competition was extremely stiff. Brendendale managed to become recognized as one of these thirty when Moses Brown carried us through regionals and got us the title of best school in New York. Now it was on us to not completely embarrass ourselves as the only New York team in the Circuit.

I could understand why some of the nations best wanted to get into the Circuit, their scholarships weren’t going anywhere and the Circuit was a better showcase then AAU. Multiple TV deals had already been inked, recruiters would be all over this. They wanted the same attention that I needed, it added further fuel to the media frenzy. 

We came out with two of those transfers, adding Jafari Asha and Aidan Igiehon to our front court besides Derrick Iverson. They were good players, Derrick could do anything on a basketball court, a High School Draymond, and wouldn’t clash with with the 7’7 behemoth, Jafari. I didn’t know much about Jafari, he was supposedly seventeen but his birth certificate was lost somewhere overseas. There was also no tape whatsoever on him, but hopefully he knew how to be tall. Aidan on the other head was a complete behemoth, “The Irish Hulk” was a rim wrecker and completely deserving of his five star ranking. Having any combination of the three big men would be more than sufficient.

Our team was rounding out nicely, a backcourt of George Kaneko, a lights out shooter and capable playmaker, and Davey McDaniels, a Swiss Army knife that provides a retro point guard feel though not tremendous at anything. Besides them were another sniper in Angelo and a lockdown, bouncy Jay “White Men Can Jump” Sellers, molded in the fashion of Jaylen Brown. 

Next to the three bigs, was me, “The Promised King” and “Cowboy” Jesse Paul. The pressure to perform for me was coming externally through the sheer amounts of talent I was set to face, oh and of course, who could forget the coach’s kid, Brenden Playz Jr, trying to pry away every millisecond of playing time I had and make it his. He was talented, Uber athletic with competent technical skill. The team would all but be handed to him, it was just a matter of whether it’d be at my expense.

There were a lot of other big transfers of four star plus talent going to new high schools, all listed below.

  1. Chandler Lawson - Norcross
  2. Jalen Johnson - Link Year
  3. Matthew Hurt - Minnehaha
  4. Trendon Watford - McEachern
  5. Joshua Christopher - Huntington Prep
  6. Julian Strawther - Findley Prep
  7. Johnny Juzang - Sunrise Christian
  8. Isaiah Todd - Paul VI Catholic
  9. Tyler Gill - Paul VI Catholic
  10. Bronny James - Sierra Canyon
  11. Zaire Wade - Sierra Canyon
  12. Epic Dalton - Norcross 
  13. Bart “Buckets” Van Horn - Duncanville 

This was the last thing I expected, a dramatic change like this only meant that this season would be even more difficult, having to compete with a new superteam in Sierra Canyon, with four sons of NBA All-Stars and Cassius Stanley leading them; Montverde and Kobe Bryant’s son, Sameer; the reigning National Champs, IMG Academy; Lamelo Ball, Rocket Watts, and now, “The Inch Worm” H.R. Putney at SPIRE; and even more five stars across the country.

The banging on my bedroom door jolted me out of my thoughts. I placed my phone back on my nightstand and rolled out of bed. I quickly walked to my door and swung it open, seeing my dad in no mood to be late. 

“Hurry up and get ready, we have more work to do,” he said. He turned and walked away as I pulled the door back closed. I rummaged through my dresser, pulling out a two pairs of basketball shorts and two shirts. I dropped a pair of shorts and a shirt in my basketball bag, throwing on the others. I went to my closet next, taking a pair of school pants and a dress shirt, accompanied by a tie. I neatly folded the uniform and put it in the bag. I went back to the closet, pulling a pair of pink Kobe Xs and loafers, I dropped the loafers in the bag, then closed it and grabbed it, along with my school backpack as I left my room. I strolled down the hall dropping the bags as I stepped into the bathroom. I ran through the regular routine and exited, clambering down the stairs of the two story house to the living space. I threw my bags to the door and entered the kitchen, making myself a couple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and wolfing them down before my father came down the stairs, indicating it was go time.

We left the house and packed into our cherry red Toyota Avalon and were on our way. I plugged in my earphones, bumping to A$AP Rocky while we cruised through the deserted streets. We arrived at the Brendendale campus after forty minutes and headed to the gymnasium, my dad unlocked the gym doors and we headed to the basketball court. There were two hours until school began. 

For the first hour, we worked strictly on the court, me repeating the same shots over and over until I could hit it fifteen times in a row before continuing. It was constant pull-up middys, threes, and dribbles into layups, having to drill down a couple of combos. Then we got into the static shooting, hitting threes from everywhere, and ending at the edge of the logo. We ended in the post, working on the best post fadeaway from any High School in the world. 

The first portion of the workout was over, some other teammates filtered in. I saw Derrick, Davey, Angelo and of course, Brenden with dear old dad by his side. We brushed shoulders as I exited, prompting an exchange of dirty looks. I headed out, going to the weight room. I took a fifteen minute break to recover, trying not to further aggravate my beat up limbs. It was followed a short cardio session for thirty minutes before I had to hit the showers. I was on my way when I heard a sharp yell, I turned towards the basketball court, where BPZ Jr was laying in a heap, grabbing at his ankle.


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