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NXT: The New Age

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The New Era Of Undisputed


The Undisputed Era comes out and Adam Cole starts speaking about how he beat Johnny at NXT Takeover, now that he beat him, it will be a new era for them and it starts with the NXT Championship and ends with them winning every title. Outcomes Matt Riddle who wants an opportunity for the Title, then out come Tyler Breeze who says that he needs to win the title as it has eluded him for years. Finally Regal comes out and announces that it will be Breeze vs Riddle in a Number 1 Contender Match for the NXT Championship in the Main Event tonight.



Mia Yim


Xia Li


The first match of the show begins with the women of NXT as two new signings Mia Yim takes on Xia Li, Xia Li was in the Mae Young Classic and showed off some incredible feats that made her a fan favorite, while Mia Yim has been signed to NXT just a couple of months ago proving to the world why she belongs in NXT.  


The match is 7 mins long as Xia uses her kicks to take advantage of her fighting abilities while Mia is using her veteran instincts to take down Li. In the end, Mia gets the victory over Xia with a Packaged Piledriver. Both women shake hands and hug as Mia tells Xia that she has a bright future ahead of her. Xia leaves and Mia celebrates her win.


The Dream Is Big


The Velveteen Dream speaks about how he has beaten nearly everyone on the roster and he says he wants a new challenge, it could be anybody from the main roster or NXT UK, The Velveteen Dream wants a match, but not for the Title since Velveteen Dream will only defend on PPV, so it will be a non title match next week.



Keith Lee


Kassius Ohno


The match begins, the two veterans lock up as both have faced one another before, Ohno has been on a losing streak as of late and he wants to end that tonight with Keith, however Lee needs this win as a way to move up the ranks of NXT and to become a better star in the future.


This match ends in 10 mins as Keith Lee finishes Ohno with the Spirit Bomb. After the match, Lee goes in to shake Ohno hand, but Ohno declines, wanting no part of the handshake and him leaving the ring.


Street Profits Are Ready


The Street Profits talk about their victory at NXT Takeover, they have been one of the best Tag Teams in NXT and they proved it with this ladder match, The Street Profits said that they are ready to face off against anybody in the Tag Team Division.


Main Event


Matt Riddle


Tyler Breeze


The Main Event for the Number 1 Contender Match begins, this is the chance to face Adam Cole for the NXT Championship at the next NXT Takeover event, both men are using everything in their power to beat one another.


Tyler is stomping on Matt's feet while Matt is punching Tyler face to ruin his good looks, however when the dust has settled, Matt Riddle defeats Tyler Breeze and becomes the Number 1 Contender for the NXT Championship. After the match, Undisputed Era comes out and attack both men, Kyle throws Tyler out the ring and Adam hits the The Last Shot on Matt, ending the show.


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Great first show Mark, I feel like Cole vs Riddle will be a great match. Also I’m very interested to see who you have in mind for the NA and Tag divisions. I’m glad to see Mia Yim being pushed, I think a match between her and Baszler is certainly one for the future. I like how you established Ohno’s character, would like to see a feud between him and Lee. Finally I liked the ending with Undisputed Era, I wonder if we might get a 3 on 3 tag match between Breeze and 2 others against Undisputed. Overall I am excited for more

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Matt Riddle Isn't Afraid Of Undisputed


We begin this episode of NXT with the Number 1 Contender for the NXT Championship, "The King Of Bros" Matt Riddle, he speaks about his past on MMA and how he has been travelling the world finding new opponents to face and that why he came to NXT, to beat the best of the best and right now that the Undisputed Era. He wants a match one on one against any of them in the Main Event to prove why he is better than everyone and to show a different side of him.



Street Profits


Moss and Sabbatelli


This is the first match of Street Profits reign as Tag Team Champions, this match is for the Street Profits to make a statement in the Tag Team Division, that their win wasn't a fluke and that they are the best Tag Team around, however for Moss and Sabbatelli, it all about beating them as this could lead to them to be Number 1 Contenders down the line.


This match ends in 10 mins as Street Profits gets the win over Moss and Sabbatelli. After the match, both men attack Montez and Angelo from behind due to them not winning, then out comes Danny and Oney to come to the rescue. Danny and Oney gives the titles to them and Street Profits lifting them high, could this be a future title match?


No One Can Touch Me


Shayna has been unstoppable since beating Kairi Sane for the NXT Women's Championship and ever since, she has a stranglehold on the division with The Horsewomen. She wants competitors, real ones and that next week, she will ask William Regal to have a Number 1 Contender for the Women's title.



Velveteen Dream


Tyler Bate


TYLER BATE IS THE MYSTERY OPPONENT OF VELVETEEN DREAM! This match lasted 15 mins as both men put their all into this match, however Bate gets the victory over Velveteen Dream, could this be Tyler Bate chance at facing The Dream for the North American Championship?


It doesn't matter now as Tyler Bate celebrates the victory over The Velveteen Dream with his happy gesture.


Undisputed Era Decision



Adam Cole right now is deciding who would be the best competitor in his group to take on Riddle in the Main Event, Adam Cole decides Kyle O'Reilly as he Kyle has a mix martial art fighting style similar to Riddle and that could cancel it out.



Kyle O'Reilly


Matt Riddle


This match lasted 20 mins and it was a very good match between Kyle O'Reilly and Matt Riddle, with both men MMA background, they used their kicks and submissions to tire each other, Kyle tried going for the Ankle Lock, but Riddle reverse into a Bro Mission, Undisputed Era comes out and attack Riddle which lead to DQ.


Undisputed Era lays out Matt Riddle and Adam grabs Riddle head and tells him that he will never get near the title while Adam is the champ and he slams his head to the mat, ending the show.


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