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Empire Pro Wrestling (Battle Lines PPV out now)

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EPW is back last night was the Ground Zero PPV in which we saw Edge successfully retain his EPW World Title. Along with him the Young Bucks retained their tag team titles. For Maryse she gained the Womens Championship after defeating Candice La Rae. Tonight we move forward though as we move on from Ground Zero to bigger and better things. Resurgence is live from the Times Union Center in Albany, New York tonight!



We kick off the show as we see a truck pull up in the parking lot and out comes the Rock. The Rock is here on Resurgence in Albany, New York! 


The Rock is walking to the arena as we see Walter come out of nowhere and lay him out. The Rock is down and hurt as Walter gets on top of him and starts pummeling away. The Rock is bleeding now as backstage personal rush to the scene. 

Walter would eventually be pulled away as The Rock is out cold as medics rush in to check on him. Walter just looks down at the Rock laughing.


Walter then walks off laughing as everywhere in the arena is in absolute shock after witnessing what just took place.


We cut to the arena as it is time for our first match. In a rematch from last night Maryse the EPW Womens Champion will take on Candice La Rae. If Candice wins this match she will get another shot at the title if not we will have to find someone else to take on Maryse.

Match 1- Maryse vs Candice La Rae


In a solid matchup, Maryse defeated Candice La Rae after pinning her with a French Kiss. Maryse looked strong her as she has looked dominant so far in EPW. She seems nearly unstoppable right now and it will be interesting to see who steps up to challenge Maryse at Fright Fest for the EPW Womens Championship. We then cut to commercial.



As we cut back to commercial we see Edge in the ring with the EPW World Title around his waist and a mic in his hand as he begins to talk.


“Well last night I proved that I am the top guy in this company at the moment. I am unstoppable. I came here and put this place on the map. None of you knew what the hell EPW even was before I got here. Now though I stand alone at the top of this company and hold the EPW World TItle high.” Edge says as the crowd cheers and he smiles.

“Now I need an opponent for Fright Fest so here is what I am going to do. I am going to allow anyone who wants a shot to come out here and challenge me. So the clock starts now if no one answers I am just gonna---.” Before Edge can finish we hear AJ Styles music hit as he makes his way to the ring as the crowd cheers.

AJ steps in the ring and grabs a mic. He then begins to talk as Edge has a grin on his face.


“Now I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. You see me and you have been in different worlds for our entire careers and now here we are face to face in the middle of the ring. I look at you and I see just one thing the EPW World Title. Now I want that title and it seems all I have to do is go through you to get it.” AJ Styles says as he points at Edge’s title as Edge just laughs at Styles and begins to talk.

“Listen kid you can come out here and talk all tough but when it comes down to it there is absolutely no way you are taking this title from me. But you know what I do respect you for coming out here like a man and accepting the challenge. So AJ let’s do this you and I one on one for the EPW World Title at Fright Fest.” Edge says as AJ smiles then extends his hand out for Edge to shake. Edge thinks about it for a moment but eventually shakes AJ’s hand as it will be AJ Styles vs Edge for the World Title at Fright Fest.


We cut backstage to see to see Tyler Black in the locker room. He seems a bit upset as he looks at the camera and begins to talk.


“I was one of the first signings this company made and I thought that it was one of the greatest things that has happened to me in my life. But know I just sit here not booked every week and just watch the company bring in more guys that just take away TV time from the guys that have been here since the beginning.” Black says as he is furious as he is shaking in anger.

“From now on I am going to take my time back. I am not just gonna sit back and let my carrer waste away when I am in my prime. So this is a notice to everyone in the company. Tyler Black is going to be the face of this company and if you try and stop it, I will just have to step on you and use you to just elevate myself even further.” Black says as he then storms off as the camera fades to black with Tyler Black sending a message to everyone.


We cut to the ring we are set for tag team action we see the new team of The Good Brother Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows set to debut against Rocky Romero and Scorpio Sky.

Match 2- The Good Brothers vs Romero and Sky


In a short match The Good Brothers defeated Romero and Sky after Luke Gallows beat Rocky Romero after he was hit with a Magic Killer. This is a good start for the Good Brothers it will be interesting to see how they use this momentum going forward.



We would then cut backstage as we would see Maria Kanellis walking around backstage. She seems to be looking around for a specific person as she keeps stopping people and asking for directions but it doesn’t seem like she is getting any help. What is Maria up to?



We then cut back to the ring as we are set for singles action as we see PAC and R-Truth in the ring as they are set to face off right now.

Match 3- PAC vs R-Truth


In a solid match R-Truth defeated PAC after hitting him with a what’s up. Both men looked good here but Truth was just able to pull it out winning this one. Truth after a slow start in EPW has felt a recent surge of momentum and it only improves with this win over PAC.



It’s time for the Main Event as Kenny Omega is set to face off against Christian. Kenny did not come out alone as he has the Young Bucks at his side. Christain is one of EPW’s top guys where Kenny is one of the companies top rising stars. Who will come out on top in the main event.

Match 4- Kenny Omega w/ The Young Bucks vs Christian


In a great match Kenny Omega defeated Christian after interference from Matt Jackson. Kenny was able to win rolling up Christian in the end as there was constant interference throughout the match. Kenny picks up a big win here tonight though. Resurgence would go off air with Christian furious in the ring at his loss.




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Welcome back to EPW! EPW has been off the air for a while now due to some disputes with the WWE and with ESPN. Although now it looks to be cleared up as EPW is finally back. The sudden stall has lost a lot of momentum that EPW had but it is back now and better than ever. Tonight we are live from the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut with a sold out crowd of 16,000 people.



We kick off the show as the owner of EPW is here! Robert Watts is here as the crowd goes wild. He makes his way to the ring as this is the first time we have seen him on EPW Resurgence. He looks to be somewhat upset but considering the circumstances that is to be expected.  He grabs the mic and begins to talk.


“Hey Vince, Fuck You!” The crowd goes wild as we see Watts flip off the hard cam clearly directing it at Vince McMahon and the WWE. The crowd then begins to chant EPW as Watts raises the mic to the crowd and he smiles.

“You see Vince you tried to take away something away from us and trust me when I say you failed. I know you are sitting back somewhere in your home and laughing at the screen, as you clearly don’t see me as a threat. But I have got some news for you Vince right now you are looking at the man who is going to take you down, you are looking at the future ruler of the wrestling industry!” The crowd then cheers once again as Watts smiles as he waits a moment for them to settle down before beginning to talk again.

“But enough with that piece of shit let’s get down to business. I have some things I have to address after our time off. First, Fright Fest is still on we may have only tonight before it but believe it is going to be something you don’t want to miss. We have to set a few things up first though before we get there. First we will have a women’s battle royal to determine who will face Maryse for the Women’s Title and that match is here tonight in Hartford, Connecticut!” Watts says as the crowd cheers but Watts then continues again as he is not done.

“Also we will see a #1 contenders match for the EPW Tag Team Championships, we will see Painful Perfection take on a newly formed tag team of Knox and Rowan also known as Hard Knox! We will add that onto our main event of AJ Styles vs Edge and also a stellar match of Kenny Omega vs Christian!” Watts says as the crowd cheers once again.


“Well we have some things to get settled so let’s get this show on a roll. Welcome back to EPW!” Robert Watts says as he walks to the back.


Match 1- #1 Contenders Women’s Battle Royal:

Rebecca Knox vs Kana vs AJ Lee vs Rosemary vs Davina Rose vs Tenille Dashwood


In a solid match, Davina Rose won the battle royal after eliminating Tenille Dashwood. Davina Rose looked good here as maybe this fresh start will be the turning point she needed. Kana looked good in this match eliminating 3 women but all in all Davina Rose came out on top here.


We then cut backstage as we see the Rock in his locker room as he is a bit bruised up as he looks at the camera clearly upset.


“A couple of weeks ago that tea sipping fat ass Walter thought it was a good idea to attack the Rock, now it is very clear that Walter is a dumb ass. Walter out of anyone picked me to attack, I get your irrelevent son but you don’t want to mess with the Rock. You see the Rock is gonna is gonna kick your candy ass. Put you back in your place Jabroni. Send you packing back across the Atlantic. Send you back to the gym to work off some of that weight. So Walter, the Rock has talked with his good friend Mr. Watts and we have a match. You see it will be me, the Rock vs the British crumpet cruncher Walter. The most electrifying man in sports and entertainment vs the most out of shape man in sports and entertainment.” We then see the Rock smile at the camera as he walks out of the locker room as the camera cuts back to the ring.


Match 2- R-Truth vs Glacier


In a short match, R-Truth defeated Glacier after hitting him with a scissors kick. R-Truth looks to be on a roll her as he looks to be big in this company going forward. R-Truth doesn't celebrate after the match instead walking backstage and on the way spitting at Jim Cornette.


We cut backstage to see the EPW Women’s Champion Maryse. She is laughing as she begins talking about her upcoming match with Davina Rose at Fright Fest.


“Okay, c’mon really Davina Rose again. I already beat her once, actually no I completely destroyed her once. I mean she likes you people which just adds on to why she is not meant to even be in the same ring as me. I mean she is a fan, like she will probably want an autograph after our match. Well after I destroy her in that ring again, maybe I will be nice and send her some flowers at the hospital. I can’t wait for Fright Fest just another way for me to show all of you why I am the top women in this entire company!” Maryse then walks off as she seems more then ready for Davina Rose at Fright Fest.


Match 3- Hard Knox vs Painful Perfection


In a good match, Painful Perfection defeated Hard Knox after Shawn Spears defeated Rowan with quick roll up. Painful Perfection pulled off a huge upset here as they now go on to face the Young Bucks at Fright Fest will be a match to watch for sure.



We cut backstage to see Tyler Black walking backstage clearly upset as he doesn't have a match tonight and most likely won’t have one at Fright Fest when we see Sweet Papi Sanchez walk past him followed by his Papitos. Black lashes out as he suddenly attacks Sweet Papi and leaves him out cold on the ground before being pushed back by security. Tyler Black walks away with a grin on his face as Sweet Papi is out cold backstage.


Match 4- Kenny Omega and AJ Styles vs Edge and Christain


In an amazing match, Edge and Christian defeated Styles and Omega when Edge defeated Omega with a spear. Both teams looked really strong here but the experience of Edge and Christian really showed in this match as they were able to pull out the win here as we head into the Fright Fest PPV this Sunday!

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In what should be a stellar matchup Kenny Omega will take on Christian. Omega has gotten the best of Christian so far in their short fued with the Young Bucks helping him get an edge. But will Christian be able to overcome the odds at Fright Fest and pick up a win on the young up and coming Kenny Omega?



Sweet Papi Sanchez seeks some vengeance here as Tyler Black viciously attacked him backstage last week. Black has been on a bit on a downward trend as of late but he is looking to change that with a new attitude. Will Black’s new attitude help him pick up a win or will Sweet Papi Sanchez get his revenge for him and all of his papitos?



Walter has been a thorn in the side of the Rock for a while now attacking him backstage and basically attempting to end the Rock’s career. The Rock has had enough as he has challenged Walter to a match to settle this once and for all. Will the Rock get some payback on Walter or will Walter just continue his destructive ways?



Maryse has had this womens division on lockdown ever since she has arrived at Empire Pro Wrestling and looks to keep that trend going against Davina Rose. Rose though has grown quite popular with the fans as of late as she looks to dethrone Maryse and capture the womens title. Will Maryse continue her dominant reign or will Bayley pick up a win and bring the title back to the people and the EPW Fans?



The Young Bucks have been one of the top tag teams in EPW since it’s beginning but there are some new faces in town as the team of painful perfection has recently been on the come up as they have been winning and with the people support. Will the Young Bucks shut down this new team and keep the tag titles locked up or will Painful Perfection continue their recent roll and capture the EPW Tag Team Championships?



In what some are calling a dream matchup the red hot AJ Styles takes on EPW World Heavyweight Champion Edge. Edge has been the world champion since EPW opened taking down challenger after challenger. AJ Styles has made a quick rise to the top beating some of EPW’s best. Will Styles be the one to finally take the title off of Edge or will Edge beat AJ just like all of the other challengers that have come before him?


Predict the PPV (6 Matches in Total)


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As the PPV kicks off we see Robert Watts backstage as he smiles at the camera. The camera then pans over to the right as we see a brand new championship belt! Robert Watts then begins to talk.


“With such a talented roster I figure it’s only fair to give them all the chance of winning gold. So with that idea in mind I have decided to create the EPW North American Championship Title. Now it won’t be battled for tonight instead we will have a match at our next PPV battle lines to determine the first ever EPW United States Champion!” Watts says as the camera then zooms in on the title to show it off Watts then walks off as the camera cuts to the ring as the EPW Fright Fest PPV is now underway!



In an excellent match to start off the show, Kenny Omega would defeat Christian after hitting him with a One Winged Angel. Throughout the match the Young Bucks would interfere eventually costing Christian this match in the end as they would distract the ref long enough for Kenny Omega to hit Christian with a low blow and take control of the match.



In a short match Tyler Black would defeat Sweet Papi Sanchez after hitting him with a curbstomp. Black took control early on in this match and would not allow Sanchez to have any chance in coming back here. This new attitude seems to have worked out for Black here tonight as we are seeing a much more aggressive and ruthless version of Tyler Black here as he completely destroys Sweet Papi Sanchez here tonight.



In a bloody brawl, the match would end in a countout as neither man was able to beat the count as they were both down on the outside. These two men went toe to toe absolutely beating each other down as both men would be seen bleeding and both of the men would suffer tons of pain. Neither man was able to pick up the win here tonight.



In a great match, Maryse would defeat Davina Rose after hitting her with a french kiss and using the ropes for leverage. Davina Rose looked good here though as Maryse was caught off guard a bit here as Maryse nearly lost this match. Maryse was able to squeeze by with the help of some dirty tactics. Maryse retains her title her but Davina Rose put up one hell of a fight.



In a good match, Painful Perfection would defeat the Young Bucks after interference from Christian. Shawn Spears would roll Nick Jackson up from behind after Christian would make his way down to the ring. The Young Bucks cost Christian his match earlier tonight and it seems Christian was out for some revenge. Painful Perfection were able to pick up the win here and win the EPW Tag Team Championships for the first time.



In an absolute classic, Edge would defeat AJ Styles after hitting him with a spear. AJ was on the brink of defeating Edge as he went for a Phenomenal Forearm but Edge would counter it with a massive spear catching AJ in the air. Both men were deserving of winning this match but Edge was just able to get by. We would see both men shake hands after the match as a sign of respect.


Predict the PPV Standings

Congrats to Mikey and Alex Costa for becoming closest to predicting this PPV!

Meko -64%- 2 Wins

Bailey -100%- 1 Win

Bubba -86%- 1 Win

Alexa Costa -83%- 1 Win

Mecko -68%- 1 Win

Mikey -60%- 1 Win

Ropati - 80%

Smith - 71%

Bashka - 69%

GeorgeAK - 69%

Kenji - 50%

Arius - 50%

Odd - 50%

Smith - 50%

Julius - 46%

Sameer - 44%

Hans - 33%

Massa - 33%

Icon - 33%

BiC - 33%

Marker - 20%

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We are live tonight with Empire Pro Wrestling! Tonight we will hear some major announcements regarding the brand new North American Title and EPW’s next PPV Event Battle Lines! We will also see the aftermath of the Fright Fest PPV last Sunday! EPW kicks off tonight from the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa. We have a crowd of 16,000 people with us tonight as Resurgence kicks off.



We kick off Resurgence as we see Robert Watts makes his way to the ring once again. The crowd is going wild as Watts soaks it in. He comes down to the ring as he grabs a mic and waits for the crowd to calm down a bit before talking.


“Well it looks like we have some EPW fans here tonight in Des Moines, Iowa!” Robert Watts says as the crowd cheers and Robert Watts smiles.


“Well with that Des Moines let’s get down to business. First off the North American Title. We will be holding a tournament that will determine who will fight to become the first ever EPW North American Champion. Some men in this tournament include; Bobby Lashley, PAC, R-Truth, and the phenomenal AJ Styles!” Watts says as the crowd cheers.

“Also at Battle Lines we will have our first ever Battle Lines Match! It will be a 5 man Tornado Tag Team Elimination Match! For our first ever match it will be Team Omega vs Team Christian! Both of these men will have to fill out their teams over the coming weeks. So the clock is ticking boys get your teams together and let me know!” Watts says as he then walks to the back as we cut to commercial.


We cut back from commercial to see Bobby Lashley and Zack Cordana in the ring as we are set for a first round match in the North Amercian Title Tournament. Lashley seems to be the favorite in this one but maybe Cordana can pick up an upset win here.

Match 1- Bobby Lashley vs Zack Cordana


In a short match, Bobby Lashley defeated Zack Cordana with a Spear. Lashley looked dominant here as Cordana was caught with a spear early on and stood no chance after that. Lashley moves onto the second round of the tournament now as he looks to capture the EPW North Amercian Championship. 


We then cut backstage to see Kenny Omega sitting in his locker room as he smiles at the camera and begins to talk about his upcoming Battle Lines Match.


“Well ladies and gentlemen it seems as if Christian has not had enough of Kenny Omega. It seems as if he wants more of me. He wants more pain, more suffering, more losses on his stat sheet. You see Christian I know that my team is going to dominate you and your team at Battle Lines. Now to address what is actually important who is worthy of being on Team Omega? Well let me introduce you to Team Omega partners numero uno and dos. Boys come on in.” Kenny stops talking as he motions for someone to come in.


The camera cuts to the right a bit as we see the Young Bucks standing there smiling. Kenny then walks over to them as he smiles at the camera before the three superkick as it then fades away.


We cut back to the ring as we see Prince Devitt in the ring across from Knox with Rowan in his corner. This is not a tournament match but both men are looking to pick up a win here to gain some momentum going forward. We hear the bell ring as the match starts.

Match 2- Prince Devitt vs Knox


In a good match, Prince Devitt defeated Knox with a Coup de Grace. Knox dominated this match early and often but Devitt would not give up kicking out of seemingly everything. Devitt clearly had the fans behind him in this one as he was able to squeeze out a victory here tonight.


We then cut backstage as we see Davina Rose walking around backstage as she sees a camera and walks up to it and begins talking.


“Last night, I proved without a shadow of a doubt that I belong here. I proved that I am capable of being a future champion. I proved that Maryse is not the champion she says that she is. I can beat her I know I can. If she hadn't cheated Sunday Night. I would be standing here your womens champion. Davina Rose would have brought the Womens Title back to the people. Davina Rose would have---”. Davina Rose goes to continue talking but Maryse hits her with an All French TKO from behind knocking Rose out cold. 

We then see Maryse stand over Rose holding the EPW Womens TItle high as the cameras cutaway, back to the ring.


As we cut back to the ring we see AJ Styles in the ring with Marty Scrull as we are set for another round one matchup in the North American Championship Tournament. Both men could use this win but only one can move onto the next round.

Match 3- AJ Styles vs Marty Scrull


In a nice match, AJ Styles defeated Marty Scrull with a Styles Clash. AJ looked great here as he controlled this match for a majority of it. AJ doesn't seem to be fazed about his recent loss to Edge as he defeats Scrull here to move onto the next round of the tournament.


We cut backstage to see the new EPW Tag Team Champions Tyler Breeze and Shawn Spears. We see them in their locker room as they are taking multiple selfies with their brand new titles. We see them then pose for the camera as we see a flash as we cut away.



We cut back to the ring as we see Christian standing in the middle of the ring with a mic. As the crowd cheers him on chanting his name.


“Thank you all. Now though let’s address my match at Battle Lines where it will be Team Omega vs Team Christian. Now let’s not waste anytime--.” Christian says before he gets attacked from behind it’s the Elite! We see them begin to pummel Christian as the three laugh.


We see Christian makes his way back to his feet only to be superkicked by the three men. We then see Omega order the Bucks to pick him up as they do. Omega then gets in the face of Christian laughing at him and slapping him, suddenly we hear music go off as the crowd goes wild.


It’s Edge! The EPW World Heavyweight runs down to the ring clearly upset as Omega and the Bucks look shocked!

Edge enters the ring and immediately spears both of the Bucks as they then roll out of the ring.


Edge stands up as Omega looks at him in shock. Omega then runs at Edge looking for a clothesline but Edge ducks under it, bounces off the ropes then catches Omega with a spear! Omega then rolls out of the ring as Edge helps Christian up.


The Elite stand outside the ring a bit defeated here as Edge and Christian stand in the ring celebrating as it seems Edge is going to be on Team Christian come Battle Lines. The show then goes off air as Edge and Christian stand tall here.


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We are back once again with Empire Pro Wrestling as we are live from Moline, Illinois in the TaxSlayer Arena in front of 10,000 wild EPW fans. Tonight we will hear from Edge and Christian after what happened last week between them and the elite. Also we will see the Young Bucks in action in tonight's Main Event against Steenerico. We have a great night planned so let’s get right into it live on ESPN right now.



Resurgence kicks off as we hear a surprising theme play as the crowd is shocked. It’s Walter! We had assumed both him and the Rock would be out for a while after the devastating match they had at Fright Fest. Walter comes to the ring clearly still a bit bruised but he walks down with a huge grin on his face as the crowd boos him. Walter stands in the middle of the ring laughing a bit as the crowd boos and he begins to talk.


“You people really don’t get it do you. I am the most dominant man this company has to offer. I can run through anyone whenever and wherever I want because there is no one that can stop me. I mean just look at the man you call your champion, The Rock. Your so called champion is no more. He was squashed like a bug under my boot. A man that Walter made a boy.” 

Walter then exits the ring and heads backstage laughing at all the fans as they boo him. Walter looks to have made a point here tonight but is the Rock really hurt?


As Walter heads backstage we get set for action as Prince Devitt will take on Rocky Romero where both men look to gain momentum here tonight. Prince Devitt has been rising lately with both the fans and with those backstage where Rocky Romero has been falling a bit.

Match 1- Prince Devitt vs Rocky Romero


In a short match, Prince Devitt defeated Rocky Romero after hitting him with a Coup de Grace. Prince Devitt came out aggressive and dominated most of this match as Romero never really stood a chance. Prince Devitt continues his roll as he continues to climb the ladder.


We then cut backstage as we see Edge and Christian talking. Edge with the World Title around his waist and Christian the captain of his own team as Battle Lines things are looking good for them at the moment and they look to continue that at Battle Lines.


“You see me and Edge are the closest and most experienced pair in the entire world, let alone this company. Our team is just getting started and trust me we have been looking around the roster watching matches and determining which guys we want on our team come Battle Lines.” 

Christian then pauses as he stops and Edge begins to talk.

“You see the Elite, yes they may be young and hungry. They might be willing to do whatever it takes to beat us but unfortunately their best is not gonna cut it. You see for them they think they stand a chance at Battle Lines but when it comes down to it we are just too goddamn good.”

Edge and Christian then walk off as the camera fades away to a commercial break.


We cut back from commercial as we see PAC vs Moxley in the ring. This is a round 1 matchup of the North American Championship Tournament. Both men could easily pick up a win here let’s see who will come out on top.

Match 2- PAC vs Moxley


In a good match, PAC defeated Moxley after hitting him with a with a Red Arrow. PAC picks up the win here as he will go on to face Bobby Lashley next week. Moxley came out hot early here but PAC was able to get back into it and pick up the win allowing him to move on.


We then cut backstage as we see Maria walking backstage as she stops and begins to talk as maybe we will finally what her plan is in EPW. Is she a wrestler or has she come for a different reason?


I have made my decision. I am going to be a wrestler! Well at least for now. But to be a wrestler I have to have someone to fight so I talked with Mr. Watts and he said I can have some ring time next week. So next week I will be making a challenge to anyone who wants to have a match with me at Battle Lines. Trust me it will be a lot of fun!

Maria then walks off as she has made her reason known. The cameras then cut to the ring.


In another North American Title Tournament match we will see Austin Creed take on R-Truth. Both men have a good chance of winning here tonight as both are capable superstars we will just have to see who comes out on top here tonight.

Match 3- Austin Creed vs R-Truth


In a short match, R-Truth defeated Austin Creed as hit him with a scissors kick to pick up the win. Truth dominated this one from the beginning as it seemed like Creed stood no chance. Truth has been riding a wave of momentum recently and continues it here moving onto face AJ Styles next week in which will be one of Truth’s biggest tests yet.


We cut backstage as we see the EPW Womens Champion Maryse! She is sitting in her private locker room as she looks at the camera in disgust as she does enjoy wasting time talking to the EPW fans.


“I am going to keep this short as I have so many things to do right now rather than talk to all of you. I could be modeling or promoting my clothing line but no I have to talk to you disgusting people. So I have to face Davina Rose apparently once again Rob Watts told me. Which I guess is fine since I have already kicked her ass multiple times. This time though it is a no DQ match. So I can beat her ass anyway that I choose.”

We then see Marye’s phone ring as she walks off as the camera fades away. We then cut to the ring as it is time for the main event.


Its time for the main event as we will see a rematch between to of EPW’s tag teams as Steenerico will take on the Young Bucks. The Young Bucks look to gain some momentum heading toward Battle Lines as Steenerico look to get back on a roll here.

Match 4- Steenerico vs Young Bucks


In a solid match, the Young Bucks defeated Steenerico when Matt Jackson defeated El Generico with a superkick off interference from Tyler Black. The Young Bucks would pick up the win here as they would then beat down Steenerico with Tyler Black and Kenny Omega as the 4 would stand tall. It seems the 4th member of team Omega is Tyler Black!



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Empire Pro Wrestling is back as we are live from Chicago, Illinois from the Wintrust Arena in front of 10,000 insane EPW fans. Tonight we have a big night planned as we will see Maria Kanellis’ in ring debut. We will also see AJ Styles vs R-Truth in our main event as will establish who will fight for the EPW North American Champion at Battle Lines as Lashley and PAC will kick off the show tonight. Plus what will happen between Team Christian and Team Omega here tonight? We will have to see, but here we go as EPW Resurgence kicks off.



Resurgence kicks off as we are set for 1 of our 2 North American Championship Tournament matches here tonight as PAC will take on Lashley. Both these men have been some of the top guys in EPW in recent history but only one can come out on top here who will it be?

Match 1- North American Championship Semi Finals:

 PAC vs Lashley


In a great match, Lashley defeated PAC with a spear. Lashley came out strong but PAC would eventually fight his way back into it but Lashley would catch PAC with a spear as PAC was looking for a Red Arrow but Lashley would pop up and catch him mid air with a spear picking up the win.


We cut backstage as we see Tyler Black hanging out in the Elite’s locker room as last week he had joined Team Omega after helping the Young Bucks pick up a win against Steenerico last week. Tyler Black looks at the camera and smiles as he can hear the boos from the crowd all the backstage. As clearly the EPW fans don’t approve of his decision. Black then begins to talk.


Last week I made the decision that gives me a chance to prove to all of you that I belong here. A chance to prove to you why I am the best god damn wrestler in this company. I am going to take every chance I can to push my career to higher limits whether you like it or not. I have heard you all telling me I sold out and things like that. Well guess what I don’t care what you people think, I don’t care what you want. Because when it really comes down to it I didn't sell out, I bought in on Tyler freaking Black.

Tyler Black then looks at the camera one last time and grins as he then gets up and walk out. Tyler Black clearly has joined Team Omega now if anyone thought differently. A strong pick up for Team Omega here but how will Team Chrisitan respond?


We cut back to the ring as we are set for Tag Team Action as the EPW Womens Champion Maryse and Tenille Dashwood are going up against Davina Rose and Candice La Rae. Davina Rose looks to get some revenge against Maryse here as Maryse has gotten the better of here the past few weeks. Maryse just looks to continue her dominance against Davina Rose here.

Match 2- Maryse and Tenille Dashwood vs Davina Rose and Candice La Rae


We would see Davina Rose and Candice La Rae pick up the win here as Davina Rose would hit an elbow drop to pick up the win. Maryse though would look dominant here as she would destroy Candice La Rae right away but Rose would do the same to Dashwood later in the match picking up the win here tonight.


We would then cut backstage as we would see Edge and Christian sitting alone in their locker room as they seem to be discussing who they should pick to be on Christian’s team. They seem to have differing opinions here until we hear a knock at the door. We see them head over and open it as Steenerico walks in the room. Edge and Chrisitan look at each other and smile as they then shake hands with Steenerico. As it looks like Steenerico has joined team Christian.



We then cut back to the ring as we see Maria in the ring as she is set to make her ring debut her tonight. She stands in the ring with a mic as she begins to talk.


Well tonight is a big night not for me but for all of you. You see the in ring debut of Maria! I am going to win because I am the best dang womens wrestler in the world. I mean I know all you men are happy because I know you would rather look at me then your ugly fat wifes. 

The crowd begins to boo as they are a bit shocked at what Maria just said. Maria was expected to be a fan favorite here in EPW but it looks like she had other ideas.

Why are you booing me? I’m right. You people always set your standards too high. I mean we are in Chicago none of you can even compare to my beauty. What did you just say to me?

We then see Maria roll out of the ring as she walks up to a young woman in the crowd who is sitting in the front row. Maria then laughs and smirks as she gets an idea. She then holds her finger to her mouth as she tells the crowd to be quiet as she stands next to this young woman at ringside as she laughs at her.

Everyone my opponent right here! 

Maria then rolls back into the ring as the woman jumps over the barricade and gets into the ring with Maria. It seems that Maria is about to fight a fan here tonight! But before the match starts Maria continues to talk.


Well I think everyone wants to know who Maria’s first ever opponent is. So what is your name? Trust me this will be the only time anyone ever cares to know so let’s hear it.

We see Maria hold the mic out as the woman begins to speak. Maria watches her the whole time laughing and trying to embarrass the woman pulling the mic away but she eventually lets the woman talk.

My name is Ronda Rousey! 

Maria looks at her and just shrugs her shoulders as it is clear that Maria has no clue who this woman is as she seems to be nothing more than a fan. Maria then gets another idea as she begins to ask another question.

Well Ronda, what makes you think you deserve to be in the ring with me?

Ronda looks at her but doesn't even say a word as she rocks Maria with a big punch and the match between the two start as the crowd cheers and the bell rings.



Maria and Ronda are now in a lot of brawl as this unknown rookie is bringing the fight to Maria. Maria was looking for an easy EPW debut here tonight but Ronda Rousey is bringing a lot more fight as Maria is in shock as the match is underway.

Match 3- Maria vs Ronda Rousey


In an absolute brawl, Maria defeated Ronda Rousey after beating her with a quick roll up. Rousey came out hot here looking as if she was going to defeat Maria here in a result that would shock the world. Maria though would poke Rousey in the eye when the ref didn't see and would then beat Rousey catching her off guard with a roll up. Maria wins here tonight but Rousey held her own out there and could be seeing her name added to the EPW roster soon.


We then cut backstage as we see Walter walking backstage as confident as ever as he beat down the Rock so badly that no one will even look him in the eye. It seems a lot of people backstage in EPW are afraid of Walter. Walter goes to walk into his locker room but is knocked on his ass. The fans are in shock as the Rock walks out with a steel chair as he knocked Walter out cold! The Rock is back and it looks like he is not done with Walter!



It is time for the main event as AJ Styles is set to take on R-Truth in the second North American Championship Tournament. One of these men will go on to face Bobby Lashley at Battle Lines. Who will come out of this match with the win?

Match 4- North American Championship Semi Finals:

AJ Styles vs R-Truth


In an excellent match, AJ Styles defeated R-Truth with a Styles Clash. AJ Styles now goes on to face Bobby Lashley at Battle Lines to fight for the North American Championship. R-Truth looked visibly angry after the match as he walked backstage. The show closes out with AJ Styles celebrating his victory in the middle of the ring.


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Empire Pro Wrestling: Resurgence is back once again as we are live from the Banterra Arena in front of 8,500 EPW Fans. Tonight we will see AJ Styles and Bobby Lashley go face to face before their match for the North American Championship at EPW Battle Lines. We will also find out who will be the final members of both Team Omega and Team Christian at Battle Lines. All of this and more live tonight on EPW Battle Lines.



Resurgence kicks off as we cut backstage as Walter and the Rock are going at it in the parking lot! It seems tensions are red hot between these two as been at each other's throats for the past few months. We eventually see security rush them as they try their best to pull the two apart. The two continue to try and go at each other until we eventually see Robert Watts walk up as he begins to talk and the two stop for second.


You two want each other so badly well we are going to settle this at Battle Lines. As Walter will go one on one with the Rock in a Last Man Standing Match! Now sort yourselves out cause you have a match to get ready for come Battle Lines.


We see Watts walk off as the Rock smiles at Walter who just keeps a stern face as he then walks off. It seems we are going to see once again another all out brawl come Sunday at Battle Lines between these two. The camera then cuts away.


We then cut to the ring as we are set for singles action as Davina Rose will take on Rosemary to see if she can gain some momentum heading into Battle Lines. 

Match 1- Davina Rose vs Rosemary


In a nice match, Davina Rose would defeat Rosemary after hitting her with an elbow drop. Davina Rose would dominate most of this match as she is looking red hot going into her match with Maryse come Battle Lines. We then cut to commercial as Davina Rose is celebrating in the ring.


We then cut backstage as we see Davina Rose is walking backstage after picking up a win against Rosemary as we see the EPW Womens Champion Maryse come from behind and attack her with a Steel Chair! Maryse is beating the life out of Rose, eventually we see backstage personal chase Maryse off, Maryse though gets a few words out before retreating.


No DQ, Bitch!

Maryse then walks off laughing as Davina Rose is lying in pain backstage being attended by backstage personal. Will Rose be 100% come her womens title match at Battle Lines? If not she will be in for a long night vs Maryse. The camera then cuts to the ring.


We cut to the ring as we see AJ Styles and Bobby Lashley sitting in the ring with Robert Watts as we see Watts nod his head. The two men then stand up as they stand face to face it does not last long though as Lashley powerbombs Styles through the table! Watts looks furious with Lashley as he checks on Styles. Lashley walks backstage smiling as we then cut to commercial.



We cut back from commercial as we are set for tag team action it will be the EPW Tag Champions Painful Perfection taking on Hard Knox. Painful Perfection have been on a roll lately but can they take down the massive team of Hard Knox?

Match 2- Painful Perfection vs Hard Knox


We would see Hard Knox defeat Painful Perfection as we would see Rowan pin Shawn Spears after a chokeslam. Hard Knox made a statement here as they pin the EPW Tag Team Champions as they could see a title match in the near future. We then cut backstage.


We cut backstage as we see Robert Watts in his office as we see Ronda Rousey walk in! Watts smiles as this is surprising as Rousey is not contracted to EPW seems that Watts might be trying to change that. We see Rousey sit down as Watts begins to talk.


Ok I am going to keep this short and sweet because I have a show to run here. I liked what you did last week. So here is what I am going to do for you. I am going to give you a contract match. It will be you vs Maria at Battle Lines. If you can win the match you will get an EPW contract and a nice one at that.

We see Rousey smile as she then shakes the hand of Watts before walking off. The camera then fades away as we cut to commercial. 


We cut back to the ring as it is time for our main event as it will be Prince Devitt vs R-Truth. Both these men have been on the rise. Only one can win here tonight though.

Match 3- R-Truth vs Prince Devitt


As truth waits in the ring we see Prince Devitt make his way to the ring but on his way down we see him get attacked by the Elite! What the hell? Kenny, Matt, and Nick are beating down on Devitt as the roll him into the ring as the bell rings. Truth then smiles as it is pretty clear who the 5th man of Team Omega is. He goes to pin Devitt but Devitt kicks out at 2, Truth looks furious as he looks as if he is going to kill Devitt we also see the Elite surround the ring.

We then hear Christian’s music hit as Christian followed by Edge and Steenerico make their way to the ring as they begin to brawl with the Elite! We then see Tyler Black run down to the ring to help as R-Truth goes to roll out of the ring to help but he is stopped by Devitt who rolls him up. 1..2..3.. Devitt beat Truth! We then see Truth look furious as he goes to attack Devitt but is caught by a spear from Edge. Team Chrisitan then help Devitt up as Team Omega stands on the outside with R-Truth. It seems the teams are set as we head into Battle Lines.




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EPW Battle Lines PPV Preview and Predictions


In the Finals of the North American Championship Tournament it will be AJ Styles vs Bobby Lashley. Both of these men can be considered some of EPW’s best as they try to become the first ever EPW North American Champion. With Lashley attacking Styles last week during their standoff Styles will seek some revenge as Lashley looks to dominate Styles once again.


Over the past few weeks Maryse and Davina Rose’s rivalry has really heated up as this match was eventually made a no DQ match. Maryse has been dominant in her run with EPW so far as it seems no woman has been able to touch her. Davina Rose will look to change that and get some revenge on Maryse here. Will Maryse continue her reign of terror or will Davina Rose get her revenge here at EPW Battle Lines?


In what many consider the hottest rivalry in EPW right now the Rock and Walter go toe to toe once again as neither man was able to pick up the win in their last match. The Rock and Walter have been brawling week after week and finally EPW owner Robert Watts had enough as he made this match and announced that it would be a last man standing match. This should be an absolute brawl in what many think could be the match of the night.


The Tag Team Titles are on the line as Robert Watts made this match official on EPW.com after this weeks resurgence show. WIth Hard Knox actually picking up a win over the tag champs it seemed only fitting they get a title shot. Painful Perfection have been all over the internet as of late showing off the titles, will they still have it though after Battle Lines or will Hard Knox take them away and become the new tag champs.


Ronda Rousey made her debut a few weeks ago as Maria pulled her from the crowd as the two faced off in a match. To the surprise of many Rousey held her own with Maria even looking as if she might win the match at some points. Maria would end up using dirty tactics to pick up the win. Rousey though did enough in that match for Rousey to get an opportunity to earn an EPW Contract if she can beat Maria. Maria though won’t lie down as she feels Rosuey does not belong in EPW. Should be a good match the only question is, does Ronda Rousey have what it takes? 


In the main event of Battle Lines we will see Team Christian take on Team Omega in an EPW Battle Lines match ( Basically a Survivor Series match). The two teams have been going at it the past few weeks with the teams growing till all 5 spots were filled. It all culminating in a brawl last week as EPW fans are now buzzing. The Elite have had Christian’s number as of late can Team Chrisitan pick up the win against Team Omega or will Team Omega and the Elite continue to dominate EPW where they see fit.


Full Match Card

North American Championship Match: AJ Styles vs Bobby Lashley

EPW Womens Championship Match: Maryse (C)  vs Davina Rose

Last Man Standing Match: Walter vs The Rock

Tag Team Championship Match: Painful Perfection (C) vs Hard Knox

Contract Match: Ronda Rousey vs Maria

Battle Lines Match: Team Chrisitan vs Team Omega

Leave your predictions down below!

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