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Empire Pro Wrestling

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  Empire Pro Wrestling


There is a new player in the wrestling game as Robert Watts a multi billionaire after creating and selling Hulu.com. He is said to be putting a large majority of his earnings into this company as he has always wanted to be a part of the industry.


After hearing this news Vince McMahon owner of the WWE has stated in a recent interview, “It is always nice to new people enter this industry. It is a way for wrestlers to develop outside of WWE and get paid doing so. Now I wish them luck in their future but WWE is going to focus on itself and our own talent and not some starting indie company.” Vince did not answer any other questions about the new promotion as he ignored any comments about it as well.


Sources say Robert Watts has already been scouting for talent worldwide as he looks to start a company to hopefully challenge the WWE someday. We hope to hear of talent signings soon as we see this promotion begin to grow, as in 2008 the WWE may finally have some competition.


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Empire Pro Wrestling



Signings News



It has been a week since Empire Pro Wrestling has been founded and we finally have our first group of signings made by the company. It seems Robert Watts is going for a lot of the young lions in the wrestling industry as quick as he possibly can.


Signing #1: Kevin Steen


Kevin Steen is a young 24 year old wrestler. He has wrestled for companies such as PWG and ROH. Steen is known as one of the better up and coming talents in the industry at the moment and should be a star for this company going forward.


Signing #2: Jon Moxley


Jon Moxley is a 23 year old wrestler who has wrestled most of his career for the Heartland Wrestling Association although recently he has also been appearing in ROH. He is often known to be a hardcore wrestler we will see what he can bring to EPW. 


Sigining #3: The Young Bucks


The Young Bucks are a tag team of brothers Matt and Nick Jackson. They have wrestled for High Risk Wrestling and PWG throughout their careers. Being aged 23 and 19 the brothers have lots of potential to be the best tag team in the wrestling industry.


Sigining #4: Davina Rose


A bit of an unknown Davina Rose has yet to having only wrestled a few matches. Owner Robert Watts though claims he has seen her progression through training and says she has a one of a kind work ethic. So we will see what she can amount to in EPW at only the age of 18.


Signining #5: The Golden Lovers


Yet not a tag team yet they have been signed as one as both Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi have wanted to team together but never got the chance. They have recently had one tag match together in a small Japanese promotion. Kenny at the age of 25 and Ibushi at the age of 26 they are sure to be stars in EPW at some point.


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Empire Pro Wrestling



Signings News



It has been a few days since we have last heard news from Empire Pro Wrestling but today we saw their latest batch of roster signings for the company.


Signing #1: Tyler Black



Tyler Black is another rising star in the industry at the age of 22. He is said to be the potential top guy for any company even including WWE. But with that said if these predictions are true this could be the new future face for EPW.


Signing #2: R-Truth



Thought to have been headed back to WWE. It seems EPW have swooped in and stole a talent from the WWE. Truth has said to have been offered a more significant role with EPW than he would have received with the WWE. As this seems to be the first conflict between the WWE and EPW as of today.


Signing #3: Candice LaRae



One of the top free agent womens wrestlers in the wrestling industry. It seems she has finally found a home. As La Rae has agreed to terms with EPW. There were reports that WWE had interest but never made a bid to get her so EPW took advantage and signed her before the WWE could change their mind.


Signing #4: Kana



One of the promising Japanese female talents in Japan. EPW obviously did their homework as she is not that well known yet but hardcore wrestling fans know the talent she has and the great matches she has put on now she just needs the stage to do so. Hopefully EPW can be that stage for this young japanese wrestler.


 Signing #5: Rocky Romero



Romero is a great worker that has been all around the world. Although not as young as many of the EPW signings he will most likely serve as the backbone of this roster. As he helps the new guys develop and expands himself and his popularity in the business. He should be a vital part of this EPW roster going forward.


Signing #6: Walter



A bit of an unknown wrestler outside of the UK, Walter has loads of potential with his large stature. Although he still has lots of work to do he has all of the tools now he just has to learn how to use them. Hopefully EPW can help him develop those skills.


Signing #7: Austin Creed



Creed was a talent who was stuck in the midcard of TNA. He was never really satisfied with his role in the company. As his contract was expiring he looked for opportunity elsewhere. He received an offer from the WWE and an offer from TNA but he felt that he would end up stuck in the midcard again. So he took his chances and signed up with the new promising EPW.


Signing #8: El Generico



This does not come as much of a surprise as Generico is a good friend of Kevin Steen. Both men have worked together throughout their careers and are a likely candidate for leading the tag team division. So another good addition to this growing roster of EPW.


Signing #9: Rosemary



One of the few signings that actually did not receive a call from EPW but instead called them. She apparently sent them tapes of some of her matches and promos. Although they were not that impressive Robert Watts the owner saw how badly she wanted to be in EPW and decided that they would bring her in to see if she could make that attitude spread through the locker room.


Signing #10: Glacier



Glacier is a veteran in the business and has seen it all. He should for sure help out this young roster helping them in matches and backstage. Although he may not be a wrestler for EPW long term he has been given a vital role in aiding and helping the young guys out.


Signing #11: Marty Scrull



A young British wrestler who has started to make a name for himself in the UK, Marty Scrull has been on the radar of Robert Watts for a while according to rumours. Scrull should fit right in with this young and hungry roster of EPW.


That was all the additions that EPW have made to their roster today. We expect to see the rest of it announced soon as we wait to hear about when their fist event will take place.

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Recently we saw the owner and founder of EPW Robert Watts on the radio show Mike and Mike as he was talking about the future of EPW and the wrestling industry.


Mike Greenberg: Okay now we have Robert Watts on the call as we are going to talk about his this new hot wrestling promotion Empire Pro Wrestling.


Robert Watts: Nice to be here guys, hope you’re both doing well?


Mike Golic: Sure am Rob so let’s get this rolling. First thing I want to know is why? You owned Hulu and it was on the rise you could have made you even more rich than you are now,  why sell it and jump in the risky Wrestling Industry?


Robert Watts: Well you know I have never been the type to be comfortable where I was at. I have always wanted more for myself. So being a fan of the professional wrestling industry. I figured I should hop into it and make a change for the better.


Greenberg: You said change for the better, what do you mean by that?


Watts: Well as of late WWE has not really been the same to me. You know it’s a shame seeing guys with so much talent stuck in the midcard while just a few guys take up all the spotlight. I mean we see legends return for the WWE every year getting Wrestlemania matches while guys who work their asses off day in and day out sit in the back and watch. So for EPW it’s not gonna be all the same guys dominating over and over again. We are going to see guys get more chances and opportunities as the work harder and harder.


Golic: Well with that there is WWE guys that maybe having contracts coming up that have called you about maybe jumping ship?


Watts: Yeah of course. I have had guys and girls call me about it but most of them are locked under contracts so we can’t bring them in until those contracts expire or they are granted their release from whatever company they are from.


Greenberg: Well with all of these guys and girls coming in what are your plans for the company? More specifically, when are we going to be able to see you guys in action?


Watts: Well as of right now I have some of my guys working out the details with Pechanga Arena to hold our first ever event hopefully sometime in early May.


Golic: Wow that is some big news, that could really drive in some more support for EPW if all goes well at the event.


Greenberg: Well can you tell us any news on what matches we may see at the event?


Watts: Well I can tell you we have some big stuff planned maybe some surprises.


Golic: Sounds good Rob well unfortunately we have to cut it off there but we hope to have you back on the show sometime.


Watts: Sounds good Mike, talk to you guys soon. Actually me phone just went off speaking of Mike. But yeah I will see you guys soon.




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Empire Pro Wrestling



Signings News


This is expected to be the final batch of signings to the company before their fist event sometime in May at the Pechanga Arena.


Signing #1: Scorpio Sky



A solid indie worker Sky has been in the business for about 4 years now. He has always been a solid worker and is still learning. A signing that will for sure help the roster's foundation. He should be a good piece for this roster going forward.


Signing #2: Austin Aries



One of the top talents in ROH for a while. Aries is another guy that has loads of potential we will just have to see if he can pan out in EPW. He has the tools to be a future world champ we just have to see if he gets the wins to go along with it.


Signing #3: Rebecca Knox



With about a year about a year of indie work and 3 years of training under her belt Knox has made enough waves that EPW gave her a look and with her signing with the company it seems that they liked what they saw now we will see how she performs with the company.


Signing #4: PAC



Known as one of the top rising high flyers in the industry PAC has wrestled around the world for years now but surprisingly has never found his way to the WWE. EPW though took full advantage of this as they signed him as soon as they could to help bolster their roster.


Signing #5: Jessie McKay



One of the few Australian wrestlers the company brought in McKay is another woman that is not really known by the wrestling world but has some potential. She is going to be a darkhorse in this womens division as we go forward.


Signing #6: Rowan



A big man with decent in ring ability Rowan has been on the Indies for a fair bit but has never really gotten much opportunity. Now being one of the few big men on the EPW roster he should be given some chances to shine. 


Signing #7: Matt Clement



Clement is a bit new to the wrestling industry but is said to be a very charismatic worker. EPW most feel his promo ability is strong as he still has a lot of work to do in ring wise. But if her can develop his in ring work he should be a top player for this company in the future.


Signing #8: AJ Lee



Another younger woman added on to this roster. She is a bit unknown but could be big in this company if she is able to get over with the fans. Would not be surprised to see her be a long term part of this EPW roster going forward.


Signing #9: Knox



The now former WWE wrestler. Knox has always had the build and the potential to be a top guy but never got that chance. With his contract coming up he was going to resign with the company hoping for something different. But with EPW starting up Knox saw his chance at a bigger role and took it signing with EPW.


Signing#10: Tenille Dashwood



Another austrailian wrestler Dashwood has been in the business for a few years now and is just starting to turn heads. There were even reports that she was being scouted out by the WWE for a bit but they never signed her to a contract. EPW though took this to their advantage and signed Dashwood and added her to their already rising womens division.


Signing#11: Bobby Lashley



A former star in the WWE. This is to many EPW’s biggest signings to date. He is going to be a main event player for this company going forward and it should be interesting to see how EPW use him in the coming future.


This is the official roster for EPW going in to their first event in May according to Robert Watts and EPW. Although we may see some surprises according to Robert Watts as well. EPW is going to have a very interesting future and everyone is just waiting for it to start up now.


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The first EPW PPV has been announced as on Saturday, May 24th starting at 7 PM we will see EPW War Stories be held at the Pechanga Arena in San Diego, California. It is going to be headlined by a Main Event of Bobby Lashley vs R-Truth. 




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Breaking News


Full EPW War Stories PPV Card released!




Match 1- BattleZone Battle Royal

(Extreme Rules Battle Royal)


The winner will earn a future EPW world title match opportunity.



Match 2- Steenerio vs Young Bucks vs Golden Lovers

The winner will earn a spot in the EPW Tag Team Title match down the line.



Match 3- Candice La Rae vs Rosemary

The winner will earn a spot in the EPW Womens Title match down the line.



Match 4- Tyler Black vs PAC

Simply a match for momentum going forward.



Match 5- Tenille Dashwood vs Kana

The winner will earn a spot in a match for the Womens Title at a future PPV.



Match 6- Bobby Lashley vs R-Truth

The winner of this match will face the winner of the Battlezone Battle Royal for the EPW World Title at a future PPV. If Truth is able to win this match and the battle royal he will become the EPW World Champion as he wins both qualifying matches.



(Make Predictions down below)


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Welcome to EPW’s first ever event War Stories live from the Pechanga Arena in San DIego, California






We kick of the night with the Battlezone Battle Royal.




In the battlezone battle royal we would see Walter win in all. Walter would eliminate 8 of the 12 men in the match. The final 5 were Walter, R-Truth, Austin Creed, Marty Scrull, and Jon Moxley. We would see Jon Moxley DDT R-Truth on to thumb tacks during the match. In the end, Walter would eliminate R-Truth to win but Truth would be injured so badly he would be carried to the back on a stretcher.






Post Match


[We see Walter grabs a mic and begin to talk in the middle of the ring]


Walter: You Americans and your patriotism. If you were smart you would have stayed under the rule of the UK where you all belong. I mean look how weak you have become rooting for men like R-Truth and Jon Moxley. Small weak men who just symbolize how pathetic your country really is now a days. Once you…


[We hear someone's music hit and what the hell it’s Christain Cage!]


Christian Cage: Walter you really don’t get it do you we left you because we were stronger than you, you didn't learn how to develop your own country. So we took advantage and now you see America on top of the world as these men defend this country day in and day out. I thank you all for your service and it is time I return the favor.


[Christian Cage makes his way to the ring as he hits Walter with a kill switch on the leftover tacks as the crowd goes wild and is chanting Christian Cage]




Match 2- Triple Threat Tag Match:

Steenerico vs Golden Lovers vs Young Bucks




It’s time for the triple threat tag team match between Steenerico, the Golden Lovers and the Young Bucks to determine who will earn a spot in the first tag team title match. We would see Steenerio win this one as they secure a spot in the tag team title match after they pinned Nick Jackson after they hit him with a package piledriver brian buster combo.






[We then cut backstage as we see Robert Watts]


Watts: Earlier tonight we saw R-Truth injure himself in the battlezone battle royal. So unfortunately he will not be able to compete in the main event tonight. So that means that Bobby Lashley will automatically---


[We see a staff member come up to Watts]


Staff Member: Sir he’s here.


[Watts then smiles]


Watts: Scratch that we will have a main event tonight as Bobby Lashley will have a new opponent and I am sure you will be pleased.




Match 3- Candice La Rae vs Rosemary




We saw a hard fought battle between these two women but in the end we saw Candice La Rae defeat Rosemary with a roll up. Rosemary was furious after the match as we would see her go to attack La Rae after the match but La Rae was able to fend her off and throw her out of the ring.





[The two women head backstage as we then hear new music it’s Hulk Hogan as he comes down to ring with a large bag and the crowd is going wild]


Hogan: Now brothers let me just tell you that I am not here to wrestle I am here to unveil the titles of EPW. The World, Womens, and tag titles. But before I do that let me tell you something brothers Empire Pro Wrestling is the real deal. The Hulkster saw this unfolding and I just had to be a part of it. Tonight we got some real men in the crowd as these men are the guys I look up to. So brothers I thank you for your service. 


[Hogan says as he points to the military section of the crowd]


Hogan: Well how about we get down to business.


[Hogan then pulls the titles out of the bag and shows them off to the crowd]











Hogan: It’s been great being here enjoy the rest off the show brothers.


[Hogan then heads backstage with the titles as we move on to our next match]




Match 4- Tyler Black vs PAC




In an excellent match we saw PAC defeat Tyler Black with a red arrow. After the match we would see the two men shake hands as Black would head backstage and PAC celebrated in the middle of the ring.





Match 5- Tenille Dahwood vs Kana




In the second of the two womens qualifying match Tenille Dashwood would defeat Kana after making her tap out to the Dahwood lock. Tenille would keep the submission locked in after the match as she would leave Kana in serious pain in the ring as she would walk backstage with a smirk on her face.





[We would then cut backstage to outside of Robert Watts office]


We would see the door open as Maryse Oullet would walk out! 


Maryse: Oh hello, yeah I just got done signing my EPW contract and with it I have a chance to earn my way into the womens title match at the next PPV. So Tenille and Candice watch out cause I am coming.




[We then cut to the ring as it is time for the main event]


Match 6- Bobby Lashley vs ???




Things have changed though as R-Truth is not able to compete in this match. We see Bobby Lashley waiting for his new opponent as the lights go out. When they come back we see them on the stage.


It’s Adam Copeland! Everyone in the arena is going insane as the internet is blowing up at the same time. Adam Copeland is here in Empire Pro Wrestling. He smiles as he makes his way down to the ring as the match starts as Bobby Lashely looks at him with a straight face.


In the main event we would see Adam Copeland defeat Bobby Lashley and earn a spot in the world title match down the line. Bobby Lasley is furious as he storms backstage. We see Adam Copeland celebrate in the ring as EPW War Stories goes off air.




Congrats to Meko for being closest to predicting the PPV with only 2 wrong


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