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Empire Pro Wrestling

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Breaking News


Last night the world witnessed the debut of EPW or Empire Pro Wrestling. It has made the wrestling world  flip on its head as they were able to bring in big faces to really show that they are a new force in the wrestling industry. We would see a 2 major stars, a historic legend and a rising female wrestler jump from the WWE to EPW last night in which is being viewed as the start of a wrestling war between the 3 top companies in the wrestling industry now WWE, TNA, and now EPW.



The two major stars that jumped ship were Adam Copeland and Christian Cage. Better known as Edge and Christian from their WWE Days. Both superstars contracts were coming up, WWE for Copeland, and TNA for Christian and they both decided to jump ship and reunite in EPW. We saw Adam debut in the main event of the show as Christian would debut by confronting winner of the Battlezone Battle Royal Walter and stand up for the U.S military men and women in the crowd. Both men are being seen as key players in the company and should have bright futures going forward.




We would also see Hulk Hogan make an appearance on the show as he would unveil the company's title belts and hype up the crowd. This one one of the highlights of the show as Hogan is one of the most iconic and loved faces in wrestling and it really brought the event and all of the EPW fans and supports together.




The other unexpected debut we saw was the debut of former WWE Diva Maryse Oullet. Although she had not gotten the chance to really shine in the WWE. She is still  a well known name in the wrestling community. A former model she was used mostly as eye candy in the WWE it should be interesting to see how EPW end up using her down the line.


Although WWE has the advantage in fans, reputation, and talent. It seems that EPW have the momentum and all the hype around them at the moment. TNA seems to be the wild card here as they are well known but don’t have the hype or reputation that the other two have. It will be interesting to see how TNA reacts to all of this as we have already seen responses from WWE personal. 




Vince Mcmahon stated last night after being asks about EPW, “Yes I heard the news. Now I did not watch the event that they held but I heard the news. Yes Edge did leave the company last night along with Maryse Oullet and I wish them luck in their future endeavours. But for EPW I wish they had not snuck those superstars from under me but now the WWE is going to move on like it always has and always will even with this unfortunate loss of talent.” 


Vince does not seemed to be pleased with EPW’s actions but also does not seem unfazed by them either so it will be interesting to see what happens going forward.




We would also get an interview by EPW owner Robert Watts as he talked about the event and how it turned out, “So yes last night was a major success. Adam, Will and Maryse were all great and they I really look forward to see their future in EPW. Then we were able to get Hulk to come in for a night to help put us over and unveil the titles. The fans seemed happy to see him in the ring and I think it really was one of the bright spots of our event.”


Robert seemed very pleased as he should be as War Stories really put his promotion on the map and has the wrestling world buzzing.


The wrestling world is going through a change and it should be really  interesting to see what happens next. Still we have no word on when EPW’s next event will be but one things for sure the world is on their seats waiting to see what will happen next with Empire Pro Wrestling.


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Breaking News


The next EPW event has been leaked as online media were able to get their hands on it before the company could officially release the details. Although the details are not official their is a strong belief that this information is correct. As it seems Adam Copeland will be in the main event once again.




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Breaking News



Empire Pro Wrestling has made an agreement with ESPN to air a weekly TV program. Although there are not many details coming out yet other than that the deal is official. It seems it will be a 2 hour program on Tuesday nights around 9-11 PM. It seems it will still be a fair while before the program actually aires but both sides seem to be looking toward an late summer/ early fall start date. This is huge news for EPW as they should now attract a much larger audience it will just be interesting to see of the WWE reacts to this news.


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Just like to say Bob, really good start with this Diary. I like that you put it in a different time period and incorporated the young stars of that time with the current stars making for a pretty damn good roster. I liked the addition of Edge, Christian and Maryse (I know you love Maryse) and I can definitely see Christian and Edge becoming the faces of your promotion going forward. Keep up the good work Bob and I look forward to what's coming in the future 

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This morning we saw EPW Owner on the Mike and Mike show once again as he talked about topics such as the success of War Stories, the ESPN TV deal, and the next EPW event.




Mike Greenberg: Well it’s time to transition to our next topic and that is the newest member of the EPSN family Empire Pro Wrestling. They recently signed a deal with ESPN and it seems they will be starting weekly programs starting every wednesday from 9-11 PM on September 17th.


Mike Golic: And with this news we welcome Robert Watts back to the show. How are we doing today Robert?


Robert Watts: I am doing great hope you guys are doing the same, glad to be here.


Mike Greenberg: Well first off I would like you to welcome you officially to the ESPN family, and I am sure the people are wondering how you made this deal happen?


Robert Watts: Well War Stories our first event had just ended and I got a call from ESPN. Apparently they were looking for something to air Wednesday nights and so they called us. With WWE already locked in with the USA Network we were their best option. The executive I talked to told me they were interested in airing wrestling for a long time but it needed to be something big and we fit the mold that ESPN was looking for.


Mike Golic: Well I can at least speak for us we are glad that you are with ESPN. Now I don’t know about Mike but I actually watched War Stories live and I loved it. How were you able to put together such a great event?


Robert Watts: Well we really took our time and made sure that everything was planned out. We wanted to really make sure that people saw us as a professional and rising company. With us bringing in guys like Adam and Christian we really are started to build a foundation for ourselves and can only go up from here.


Mike Greenbush: I can confirm that I did watch War Stories also. But we recently saw your next events details leaked it seems, how do you feel about that?


Robert Watts: I can confirm that those details are true and you know what for me it just shows how much people are already looking forward too EPW and it makes me feel good to know we are having that kind of support. As for future leaks, you don’t have to worry about that because tomorrow we will be releasing the full match card for Full House.


Mike Golic: Sounds good Rob, I understand you have to go now but we hope to talk with you again soon.    


Robert Watts: I was great being here can’t wait till next time.


[The interview ends as we look forward to Full House]



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Breaking News




Early this morning we saw the EPW commentary team revealed and boy does it look interesting. It is a very diverse group then most wrestling companies and with these clash of ideas it should make for some great moments behind the commentary desk.


The first man on the team is recently released Jim Cornette. Cornette was released from his contract after an altercation in where he punched Jeff Jarrett in the face. Cornette has not apologized for his actions as he is know moving onto greener pastures with EPW.


The 2nd man on the team is Mauro Ranallo, a bit unknown Ranallo has commentated other fighting events up to this point has been very solid. It should be interesting to see how he fits in and keeps this team under control.


The third man who was sent to EPW from ESPN in the contract negotiations is Stephen A. Smith. Although not well known yet he has been said to have some very vocal viewpoints on things and expresses himself in a very professional wrestling ways. It should be great to see him work in professional wrestling going forward.



Photo of the EPW Commentary Team



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Match 1- Golden Lovers vs Young Bucks


These two teams were unsuccessful in securing a spot in the first tag match but have another shot as we the winner will face Steenerico for the Tag Titles at the next event.




Match 2- Hardcore Match: R-Truth vs Jon Moxley


R-Truth challenged Moxley to this match as he feels he was partly responsible for his injury at War Stories after he hit Truth with a DDT onto  thumb tacks in the Battlezone Battle Royal. Will Truth get his revenge or will Moxley get another one up on Truth?




Match 3- Maryse vs Davina Rose


Both women make their debut in Empire Pro Wrestling. The winner will likely have the advantage to be the first one to challenge either La Rae or Dashwood for the womens title next.




Match 4- Austin Creed vs Marty Scrull


After Scrull snuck back into the ring after hiding on the outside of the Battle Royal for most of it and eliminating Creed from behind. Creed looks to get his revenge on Scrull in a one on one contest as Scrull looks to shut Creed up.




Match 5- Candice La Rae vs Tenille Dashwood


This match will crown the first ever EPW womens championship will it be the egotistical heel Tenille Dahwood or the fan favorite Candice La Rae that becomes the first ever EPW Womens Champion? 




Match 6- Copeland and Cage vs Lashley and Walter


After their debuts at War Stories Cage and Copeland reunite and look to handle their foes as a team. As Lashley and Walter look to show gain momentum and beat down Cage and Copeland gaining momentum heading into their battles at the next event.




(Make your predictions down below)


Predict the Pay per view leaderboard:

Meko 66% 1 win

BiC 50% 

Dikey 50%

Kenji 50%

Arius 33%

Julius 33%

Mecko 33%

Marker 16%

Sameer 16%

Hans 0%


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EPW Full House


Mauro: Welcome to EPW Full House as we kick off the night with tag team action as the Young Bucks face of against the Golden Lovers. The winner will go on to face Steenerio for the EPW Tag Team Titles at the next event.


Cornette: Why do I have to watch these flippity floppity spring board mother fuc---


Stephen A: Wha, Wha, Wha, What is wrong with you? How could you be so disrespectful?!


Match 1- Young Bucks vs Golden Lovers




We would see the Golden Lovers defeat the Young Bucks after Kenny Omega would pin Matt Jackson after hitting him with a One Winged Angel. Omega and Ibushi would go to shake the hands of the Young Bucks but the Young Bucks would Superkick the Golden Lovers them as they then walked backstage pissed off.




Match 2- Hardcore Match: R-Truth vs Jon Moxley


Mauro: Next up we will see a hardcore matchup between R-Truth vs Jon Moxley.


Stephen A: This ain’t even gonna be close, R-Truth is a bonafide scrub.


Cornette: Stephen I am gonna get up and smack the hell out of you, saying shit like that.




We saw R-Truth beat Jon Moxley after Truth slammed Moxley through a flaming table with barbed wire laying underneath it. Moxley though put up a fight as he hit Truth with a frogsplah through a table on the outside off of a ladder in the ring. Truth has picked up his first win in EPW and looks to get on a roll now.




Before we the next match we cut backstage as we see a hooded man walk out of the locker room. The cameraman man walks into the locker room as we see Tyler Black hurt after being slammed through a table. Medical Personal rush in as the hooded man is now nowhere to be seen.




Stephen A: Oh you have got to be kidding me. I do not want to be here with a mad man just running around slamming people through table.


Cornette: Stephen you should be more worried about my fat ass getting up and slamming you through this table myself.


Mauro: Well guys let’s just come down it’s time for our next match.




Match 3- Maryse vs Davina Rose


Mauro: Well it’s time for these womens debuts here--


Cornette: Shut it Mauro I am looking at the most beautiful thing since I took a trip down to Dairyqueen a few years back oh my Maryse.


Stephen A: You know I am more of an ass guy myself so Rose is looking pretty nice to me.


Mauro: May I remind you that these women are pro---


Stephen A and Cornette: Shut it Mauro!




In a very quick match Maryse defeated Davina Rose with a French Kiss. After the match Maryse would continue the beat down on Rose slamming her head into the mat before dragging her to the outside and hitting her with another French Kiss. Maryse seems to have sent a message to both Tenille Dashwood and Candice La Rae.




Match 4- Austin Creed vs Marty Scrull


Mauro: Next up we have Marty Scrull vs Austin Creed as Creed is looking for revenge.


Cornette: Isn't Scrull that pus-


Stephen A: Oh my god. I don’t know how much more I can deal with this you are just so wrong all of the time. It is actually embarrassing that I have to be here with you.




In one hell of a brawl Austin Creed beat Marty Scrull after hitting him with a shining wizard. Scrull went for the Brass Knuckles again but Creed dodged the punch and hit him with his finisher the ref then got back up after being knocked out earlier and made the count.




After the match we would hear music start playing as a bunch of people ran out backstage and lapped around the ring carrying a man. They all just kept chanting Sweet Papi as they eventually headed to the back.




Mauro: I am getting reports that man was Sweet Papi Sanchez and he is one of the newer wrestlers signed to Empire Pro Wrestling.


Cornette: What kind of shit show are we running here?


Stephen A: Blasphemous that's what I call that! 




Match 5-  Womens Championship Match: Tenille Dashwood vs Candice La Rae


Mauro: Well it’s time to crown our first ever womens champion here in EPW.


Cornette: Wait Tenille is in this match I hate that bitc--


Stephen A: Let’s be nice. I mean you’re not wrong but you didn’t have to say it, oh my lord.




In a hard fought out match Candice La Rae beat Tenille Dashwood to win the EPW Womens Championship. We saw Dashwod go to attack Candice after the match but Candice rolled out of the ring as she walked to the back holding the title high.




Match 6- Cage and Copeland vs Lashley and Walter


Mauro: It’s time for our Main Event ladies and gentlemen. We will see Walter and Bobby Lashley try to take down the reuniting Cage and Copeland. 


Cornette: And that is exactly what they will do I mean just look how big Walter and Lashley are.


Stephen A: Yeah and Walter has almost got as much fat as you.




We would see the reuniting Cage and Copeland pick up the win here tonight after Edge pinned Lashley with a spear. The victory was short lived however as Lashley and Walter would beat down on Cage and Copeland after the match living them down and hurt on the mat. Lashley and Walter would stand tall as EPW: Full House went off air.   




(Congrats to Mecko how got the PPV 100% correct and got his first win)


Predict the Pay Per View Rankings

Mecko 83% 1 Win

Meko 42% 1 Win

Bash 50%

Kenji 50%

Arius 42%

Julius 42%

Mikey 42%

Sameer 33%

Hans 17%

Marker 17%

BiC 0%

Icon 0%


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First off can I say, I absolutely love the commentary team of Jim Cornette, Stephen A Smith and Mauro Ranallo. Something I never thought I would want but something I really would love to see. Having the Young Bucks become frustrated through losing which then gets them to turn Heel is a very interesting dynamic and one I am looking forward to seeing playout. Love the signing of Sweet Papi Sanchez and the reaction from the commentators was absolute gold. The hooded man is going to be good looking forward to seeing the eventual reveal. Love the work Bob keep it up, you have one hell of a diary going on here 

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Breaking News


Last night we saw the newest part of the ESPN family hold their second event and it seems to have been yet another major success. Although there were not any huge stars jumping ship it showed that EPW will be able to hold consistently entertaining shows. We saw the crowning of the first ever EPW Women’s Champion in Candice La Rae. We also saw the reuniting Copeland and Cage pick up a win for the first time together in EPW.


We also saw the official EPW commentary team debut together and it seemed to be a match made in heaven the three really played off each other well all night. It seems that EPW will be a bit more edgier project than WWE as Cornette and Stephen A did not hold much back last night as it seems there was no filter really set on them.


There was a devastating hardcore match between R-Truth and Jon Moxley. Truth came out with the win in this one but both men really put it all on the line. Although Truth got the win it was hard to see a real winner in the match due to the damage they both received.


Although there was no real stars that made their debut we saw a man by the name of Sweet Papi Sanchez make his debut as expectations are not high for him he should be a fun comedy piece for the company going forward. We also saw a hooded figure on the show although we do not know how this man is we are sure he will receive a decent push after his reveal.


We also saw Maryse make her official in ring debut last night after she made quick work of Davina Rose who also made her debut. The company seems to have big plans for Maryse going forward as she seems to be next in line for a championship match at the next event.


We also saw two solid matches on the show with the opening tag match between the Young Bucks vs the Golden Lovers and a singles match between Marty Scrull and Austin Creed. In the tag match we saw the Golden Lovers pick up the win against the Young Bucks. After the match though we saw the Young Bucks turn heel and superkick the Golden Lovers.


In the end it was a solid show that really showed how good the young talent in EPW really is. It should be fun to see what happens next as it is rumoured that they will hold one last event before they air on ESPN for the first time.



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Breaking News


WWE Strikes Back against EPW


We have seen EPW lock up most of it talent over the past months but WWE have managed to poach one of the EPW talents away. Last night we saw Kota Ibushi agree to terms to join the WWE. Although we are unsure of how WWE will use him it is rumored he will be one of the cornerstones that the WWE build their developmental system around.


This is a huge blow for EPW as Ibushi was set to compete for the tag titles at their final event before the company starts its weekly tv programs. It should be interesting to see what Empire Pro do about this as they move forward.


The owner of EPW Robert Watts had this to say, “It is very clear that the WWE did this to sabotage our August show. They want a war they have got it, Vince be prepared to watch your company crumble before you cause you just started a fight you won’t win.” It seems the companies are now in some sort of wrestling war as this has the industry buzzing.

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