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Empire Pro Wrestling

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EPW Signing News




EPW have made their biggest signing yet as it seems Robert Watts was not kidding when he said a war was coming as he has brought in many say the most popular wrestler ever to step foot in the wrestling industry. EPW have signed The Rock and it doesn't seem they were looking to keep this a secret as they shared the news on their website posting this image.




So with this news we have seen WWE begin to sign up any talent that are not written in with the WWE or are stars on the indies. Although they have not officially signed anyone yet we do know they have been offering contracts to many workers over the past few hours. Although we do not know how EPW landed The Rock but we will see The Rock and EPW owner Robert Watts hold a press conference later today to address the media as the wrestling world is going wild as we have never seen anything quite like this before.


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The Tonight Show with Jay Leno


Jay: Welcome to the tonight show and boy do we have a great show planned for you and we are going to start it off with a bang with the man that flipped the wrestling industry on its head and the man who looks to flip it once again. Please welcome Robert Watts and Dwayne Johnson!


[The Rock and Rob sit down as they begin the interview]


Jay: So I and the entire world just want to know how the hell you managed to pull this one off Rob? Cause you have had some great signings but none quite like this.


Rob: Well me and Rock have got to know each other very well after we finished up our movie Iron Man together this Summer. We bonded and became good friends doing so then one day we were talking about wrestling and I told him about my plans to start up EPW. He told me that his contract was expiring in August and here we are.


Jay: Well Rock we have known each other a long time and I never thought you would leave the WWE what happened?


The Rock: Well I’ve known Vince for a long time but something has changed with him. He is not really concerned with the well being of his workers anymore and he keeps bringing the same guys over and over instead of helping out the young guys he has on his roster. I mean Cena seems to main event every PPV that the WWE put on nowadays. I don’t want to be part of something like that anymore. So now I am EPW bound.


Jay: Well are we going to be seeing The Rock in EPW or Dwayne Johnson?


Rob: I negotiated with out Vince knowing about it and managed to get the rights to the Rock character so yes the Rock will be in EPW.


Jay: Well how did you manage to do that?


Rob: I cashed in a favor with one of the McMahons without Vince knowing and got the deal done.


Jay: A bit of topic Rob what made you change your last name?


Rob: Just wanted to be a bit more unique is all figured I wanted my own name not a jr.


Jay: Wow, well to get back on topic Rock are you going to be at the next event for EPW?


The Rock: Yep, I will be competing in my first match against that parade guy Sweet Papi Sanchez.


Jay: Well I wish you two luck in your future as a company and look forward to more.


[The show cuts to commercial as the interview ends]


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WWE Signings News



WWE have responded to the huge signing that EPW made a few days ago as they have brought in 2 WCW legends. 1 they were able to steal from TNA while the other they were able to convince to come back to the wrestling industry.


Signing #1: Sting



Sting a WCW legend has finally made the jump to the WWE. it is said the company has huge plans down the line with what many are thinking is a Sting vs Undertaker feud coming soon. Sting should be a good part for this company going forward as they look to stop talent from jumping to EPW by signing them for themselves.


Signing #2: Goldberg



Goldberg is back in the industry after starting a family and settling down. Many are saying that WWE gave him a lucrative deal as EPW was also interested. Goldberg is said to be a future focal point that the company is going to build up to be one of its top guys. Goldberg should be interesting because no one knows what is really planned.


So these are two big additions to the WWE and it should be interesting to see how EPW and the rest of the wrestling world reacts as WWE is now making moves.


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Vince McMahon Press Conference



We saw WWE owner Vince McMahon hold a press conference in which he talked about the recent signings made by the WWE and he shared his opinions on EPW and some of their personal.


As the press conference started Vince grabbed the mic and started to talk about the Rock, “I know this question is coming and I will be honest I really don’t care that the Rock signed with that overhyped wrestling promotion EPW. The WWE have survived without him and will continue to survive after he is gone. What I do care about is that son of a bitch brainwashing my family to sell him the character rights, and I can say that is being handled as we speak.”


Vince then takes question as someone asks about Sting and Goldberg, “Yes we have been looking at these two guys far before EPW was a thing. We are very happy that we have Goldberg and Sting in the WWE now and we have big plans for them in the near future. They should be key guys we build around for the coming years.”


Vince then is asked about EPW owner Robert Watts, “Robert is nothing more than a hollywood movie star that invested in something that he shouldn't have just like many before him. With our projections that we have come with it EPW will have a few solid months until it loses its hype and fades away in 2nd or 3rd just like TNA did. I would not be surprised to see him sell the company and run back to hollywood just like the main guy the Rock did.”


Another interviewer asks about how Vince is reacting to WWE talent jumping ship to EPW, “ Well you know in the end it’s their loss and the WWE will continue to move forward with or without them. Now I am done here so I hope you all got what you wanted.”


The interview then ends as Vince walks off with security.


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EPW New Logo Reveal



We recently saw EPW hold a contest with it’s fans for a pair of tickets to it’s next and final event in late August. The event was to design a new logo for Empire Pro Wrestling. With over 25,000 entries there were plenty of options to choose from but it came down to one.


A young boy from Canada by the name of Hans Clayton won the contest. He will be given front row seats to the August event along with his parents. Hans not only sent in a design to the company but also a letter on why he should win.


Hans stated that his design was better than everyone else's because he worked super hard on it and no one worked as hard as him also because he is really awesome. Hans is already getting lots of online love after the hate on the design was shut down by none other than the Rock. A man tweeted his hate on the design stating his was better and he should have won as he tried to point out the flaws in Hans' design. This is how the Rock replied.




It was then announced that Hans would walk down to the ring with the Rock for his match against Sweet Papi Sanchez. So Hans is a real winner today and EPW is in love with their new design.

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EPW PPV Announcement




The next EPW PPV will be on August 23rd at the Forum. It is said that tickets have already nearly sold out. There is lots of hype behind this last event before EPW TV programs begin. With only one official match in The Rock vs Sweet Papi Sanchez announced we wait to see what happens next as everyone seems to be very excited for the next event. We know wait to hear about the rest of the matches that will take place during the event.

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EPW Redemption Day PPV Card


Match 1- Sweet Papi Sanchez vs The Rock


With both men making their debuts it is a big match for both men. The Rock will be escorted by the young contest winner Hans Clayton in this one, should be fun to see who comes out on top.




Match 2- Tag Team Championship Match:

Young Bucks vs Steenerico


After Kota Ibushi left for the WWE a replacement was needed for the tag team title match and the runner up team was the Young Bucks so they were given the match opportunity. Should be a good and competitive match to crown the new Tag Champs.



Match 3- Christain vs Bobby Lashley


As men have had problems late their is a grudge between the two. In what should be an all out brawl it will be interesting to see who comes out on top in this one.




Match 4- Tenille Dashwood vs Maryse


In what many are calling a number one contenders match Tenille looks to get another chance and Maryse looks to prove that she belongs in the championship conversation.




Match 5- Hooded Man vs Tyler Black


Tyler Black is looking for revenge after a mysterious man attacked him at the last event. The man is said to reveal himself at the PPV. Will Black get his revenge or will the hooded man get the best of Black once again?




Match 6- World Title Match:

Edge vs Walter


Edge and Walter have had problems over the past few months after both men clinched a spot in the World Title Match. Who will become the first world champ will it be the dominant Walter or the veteran superstar Edge? (Edge also got his character name back in the Rock deal)




Make your predictions for the PPV


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EPW Redemption Day PPV




Mauro: Welcome to EPW Redemption Day where we kick things off with the Great One The Rock in his wrestling return against Sweet Papi Sanchez.


Cornette: The Rock better whip this disgrace of a wrestler or I am gonna whip his ass myself.


Stephen A: For once I agree with you Cornette, what have we come to?




We then see Sweet Papi Sanchez in the ring as the Rock makes his entrance with the young Hans Clayton by his side. They make their way to the ring as the Rock then helps Hans into the front row as Hans is then seen smiling in his front row seat.



[The match then begins]


Match 1- The Rock vs Sweet Papi Sanchez



In an extremely short match The Rock defeated Sweet Papi Sanchez after hitting him with a Rock Bottom. The Rock would then celebrate in the ring as he the crowd cheers. The Rock would fist pump Hans Clayton on his way backstage as he also gave a hug to Hans’ mother.


Match 2- Tag Team Championship Match:

Young Bucks vs Steenerico


Mauro: We are now set for tag team action as the Tag Titles are on the line.


Cornette: And these bums are in it, great can’t wait.


Stephen A: Why are you so stupid it just leaves me speechless.


Cornette: Then shut the hell up.




In a great match Steenerico would defeat The Young Bucks when El Genrico beat Matt Jackson with a quick roll up. We would then see the Steenerico celebrate in the ring as the Young Bucks watched on.


Post Match


We see Steenerico go to shake the hands of the Young Bucks. The Young Bucks would spit in the face of Steenerico before superkicking them both. The Young Bucks would begin to beat down on Steenerico. When we would see Kenny Omega run down to the ring as he looks to save Steenerico from this assault.


Kenny would roll into the ring as he would stare down the Young Bucks as Kevin Steen would make it to his feet to stand by Kenny. Kenny then takes a step toward the Young Bucks before superkicking Steen! What the Hell? Kenny then would point at El Generico who was now getting to his feet before Kenny and the Young Bucks would superkick him too.


The three would then walk up to the commentary table and grab Cornette and superkick him also as Stephen A laughed and fist pumped the three men. Then would then head backstage as everyone in the arena is left in shock.




Match 3- Christain vs Bobby Lashley


Mauro: Well Stephen it looks like we will have to call this match with just us as Cornette is being tended to backstage.


Stephen A: Hallelujah, hopefully this headache can go away now. 




In a solid match Bobby Lashley would defeat Christain after hitting him with a massive spear. Lashley would then walk backstage as he laughed at the crowd and flexed on the stage as Christain sat disappointed in the ring.



Match 4- Maryse vs Tenille Dashwood


Mauro: It is time for some female action as we will see Tenille Dashwood take on Maryse.


Stephen A: Well Mauro I am always down for female action if you know what a mean.



In a nice match Maryse defeated Tenille Dashwood after beating her with a French Kiss. After the match we would see Maryse throw Tenille out of the ring as she would then point to the back as she mouthed out the words I’m coming. It seems Maryse has made her intentions clear as she is looking toward the EPW Womens Title.



Mauro: Well it’s time for our next match as we wait to see who this hooded man is.


Stephen A: Look at Tyler down their in the ring I can’t tell if he is just fired up or he is shaking in his boots. Mauro what do you think?


We then hear music play as the Hooded man appears on stage and removes his hood.

Oh my god, it’s AJ Styles!



Match 5- Hooded Man (AJ Styles) vs Tyler Black



In a short match AJ Styles defeated Tyler Black after beating him with a Styles Clash. AJ Styles celebrates in the ring as he walks backstage as he has clearly left his mark already in EPW. Tyler Black is in the ring as he looks around as he is still in shock.



Match 6- Edge vs Walter



In a great match Edge defeated Walter to win the EPW World Title after beating him with a roll up. Walter is furious after the match as he goes to attack Edge but Edge rolls out of the ring before Walter could get a hold of him. Edge stands at the top of the ramp with his title high as Walter storms around the ring furious as Redemption Day goes off air.


(Congrats to Bailey for winning the PPV with 100% correct)



Predict the PPV Rankings


Bailey 100% 1 Win

Mecko 83% 1 WIn

Meko 56% 1 Win

GeorgeAK 80%

Ropati 80%

Bash 50%

Kenji 50%

Mikey 50%

Sameer 44%

Arius 42%

Julius 42%

Hans 33%

Massa 33%

Marker 16%

BiC 0%

Icon 0%


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EPW Feedback


So I have been having a lot of fun with this dairy and want to see what you guys are thinking. So I would just like to know if you guys had any advice or tips on how I could improve the series. Also If you have anything you would like to see be sure to let me know. I want this to be a long a successful diary and want for you all to enjoy reading it. So I want to make sure it is at it’s best for all of you.

EPW Predict the PPV Award?

So I have been looking over this diary and feel it has been going pretty good and it seems like people are enjoying this but I want to give you guys a way to get a bit more involved in this. So I figured one way I could do this is have awards related to the diary put in for the Predict the PPV competition. Cause as of right now there is no real value in doing so. Some ideas I have had is custom superstars or a choice of a feud going forward.

So I want your guys ideas on what you think some awards or even just some stuff I could do to improve the diary as a whole. Any feedback is appreciated. But lastly I want to say thanks to all of you who have been reading the diary and hope this can help improve whatever needs improving.

[Leave your feedback down below]

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As EPW heads into TV we look at who is leading the way for the company at the moment and we do this by looking at the current champions of Empire Pro Wrestling.

EPW Womens Champion: Candice La Rae


EPW Tag Team Champions: Steenerico


EPW World Heavyweight Champion: Edge



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EPW TV Deal Finalized 

An official deal was made last night between ESPN and EPW that will allow EPW to begin airing a weekly TV Program on Tuesday Nights from 9-11 PM. The show will be named Resurgence and will be airing on ESPN for at least the next few years. With the contract details for the most part hidden with neither company wanting to release the full details. But we did get the information that everyone was waiting for as we will see Resurgence debut on Tuesday, September 16th. The future looks bright for this young company as we look forward to seeing EPW every week.


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TNA Update


Breaking news in the Wrestling Industry as we have a change in ownership in TNA. With the company seemingly on the decline it seems a change in ownership was needed. The man that bought the company is none other than former ECW owner Paul Heyman.


Paul is a phenomenal business man and should really switch things up for TNA as he has already stated the roster is going to be hugely adjusted, meaning numerous releases and hirings. This has really helped put TNA back on the map and should help them rise back up if everything goes well.

We hope to hear news soon on what is next for this company as they look to bring in news stars and fresh faces to bolster their roster and jump right back into the top tier wrestling competition.

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