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Empire Pro Wrestling

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North American Championship Match: AJ Styles vs Bobby Lashley

EPW Womens Championship Match: Maryse (C)  vs Davina Rose - Never bet against Maryse in a Bob Diary people

Last Man Standing Match: Walter vs The Rock

Tag Team Championship Match: Painful Perfection (C) vs Hard Knox

Contract Match: Ronda Rousey vs Maria

Battle Lines Match: Team Chrisitan vs Team Omega

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North American Championship Match: AJ Styles vs Bobby Lashley

EPW Womens Championship Match: Maryse (C)  vs Davina Rose - Never bet against Maryse in a Bob Diary people

Last Man Standing Match: Walter vs The Rock

Tag Team Championship Match: Painful Perfection (C) vs Hard Knox

Contract Match: Ronda Rousey vs Maria

Battle Lines Match: Team Chrisitan vs Team Omega

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North American Championship Match: AJ Styles vs Bobby Lashley: AJ Styles

EPW Womens Championship Match: Maryse (C)  vs Davina Rose: Maryse

Last Man Standing Match: Walter vs The Rock: WALTER

Tag Team Championship Match: Painful Perfection (C) vs Hard Knox: Painful Perfection

Contract Match: Ronda Rousey vs Maria: Ronda Rousey

Battle Lines Match: Team Chrisitan vs Team Omega: Team Omega

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EPW Battle Lines PPV 


We kick off the Battle Lines Pay Per View as we are from Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky. We are in from of 18,500 crazy EPW fans tonight as everyone seems hyped up for the Battle Lines Pay Per View. We then head to the commentary team as we start the show off.


Mauro: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to EPW Battle Lines. As we have a big night planned. Who will be able to come out on top tonight here as we have some big matches including the first ever EPW Battle Lines match.

Stephen A: Yeah, it's gonna be a great match for sure but I am looking forward to seeing my good friend The Rock beat the brakes off of that fat slob Walter here tonight. A bit like I am gonna do to Cornette after the show.

Cornette: Shut your goddamn mouth you slimy mother fucker. You know I would lick your ass any day of the week.

Mauro: Well as you can tell we are all get excited for tonight's Pay Per View so let's get this show underway.

We see some pyro go off as the crowd cheers and the Pay Per View has now begun. The crowd waits in anticipation as we wait to see what match will kick off the night.



In a solid match, Bobby Lashley defeated AJ Styles after hitting him with a spear. Much like in Lashley’s win over PAC, Lashley would catch Styles mid air and put him down with a massive spear. Styles dominated most of this match but Lashley was able to just squeeze this one out as he becomes the first ever EPW North American Champion.




In a good match, Maryse would defeat Davina Rose once again retaining her EPW Womens Title. Maryse would some heavy hits in the match though as Davina Rose would elbow drop here through a table on the outside nearly picking up the win. Maryse though would find one last French kiss that would end up finishing off Rose in what seems to be another match showing why Maryse at the moment runs this womens division.




In an absolute brawl, The Rock would be the last man standing as he would end up hitting Walter with a Rock Bottom through a table lined with barbed wire. Both men would take tremendous amounts of pain though as neither man really could dominate here. These two men beat the absolute hell out of each other as it is many people's eyes was the match of the night.




In a bit of a lack luster match, Painful Perfection would defeat Hard Knox after Shawn Spears would pin Knox after hitting him with a running death valley driver. Painful Perfection continue their tag team titles reign here as they continue to be on top of this EPW Tag Team Division. Hard Knox would walk to the back defeated as Painful Perfection celebrate in the ring.




In a short match, Ronda Rousey would defeat Maria after knocking her out with a big right hand. Ronda Rousey looked somewhat dominate her against a veteran in Maria and it should be interesting to see what happens for both of these women going forward. Ronda Rousey now becoming a full time member of the EPW roster with this win here tonight.




In an excellent match, Team Omega would defeat Team Chrisitan after we saw Prince Devitt turn on his team and help the Elite pick up the win. In the beginning we would see Team Chrisitian get ahead early as Edge would eliminate R-Truth and Kevin Steen would eliminate Tyler Black. Team Omega would fight back though as we would see Matt Jackson eliminate El Generico and Kenny Omega eliminate Kevin Steen. It would then be down to 3 men on each team as it was the Elite vs Edge, Chrisitan, and Prince Devitt. Edge would eliminate Nick Jackson and Chrisitan would eliminate Matt Jackson making it a 3 on 1 match. Edge would then set Omega up for the spear but Devitt would tag himself in as Edge looked confused. Edge would then tag himself back in as Omega would then roll Edge up eliminating him. It was now a 2 on 1 match and this is where things started to shift as we would see Omega and Devitt shake hands in the middle of the ring as the crowd booed. Devitt would then begin to assault Chrisitan on the outside with a steel chair not only counting himself out but hurting Chrisitan badly. Prince Devitt would then roll Christian into the ring letting Omega pin him for the 3 count as Team Omega would win. We would see the Elite celebrate in the ring after the match where their new member Prince Devitt.



(Congrats to Julius for Predicting the PPV the best with 5/6 matches right)


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EPW Returns to its past Glory

It is being said that fans were in love with the Battle Lines. Some calling it the best EPW PPV to date. With some stellar matches and a shocking conclusion fans seems to be craving more of Empire Pro Wrestling. The owner of the wrestling promotion Robert Watts said, “You see I told you that we were going to be okay after the short break we had to take. The fans want the best wrestling possible and that is exactly what they are going to get everytime EPW is live.” It seems as if EPW is on the rise once again as we wait to see what is next for the company.


Bobby Lashley Crowned Inaugural EPW North American Champion


In a night that was full of great matches this was one of the best as Bobby Lashley would end up taking down AJ Styles in an absolute classic. AJ Styles has not had much success since showing up in EPW but is still considered one of the top names in the company and should find success at some point in EPW. Lashley though struggled at first but seems to be on the come up now after picking up this big win at Battle Lines.


Maryse Continues Her Reign of Terror


Maryse defeated Davina Rose last night to retain her EPW Womens Title. Maryse has been dominant ever since coming to EPW, in what seems like a great move on her part so far. Maryse is quickly becoming the face of this EPW Women’s Division as it seems like no one is near her level at the moment. Maryse will likely have a new challenger next month we will just wait and see if anyone can step up and take the title from her.


The Great One Is Back


The Rock picked up a big win finally getting some revenge on Walter in which has been one of EPW’s top feuds. The Rock seemingly had a bit of ring rust in the beginning as Walter was really getting the best of him over the past few months. The Rock though seems to have put an end to that as he beat Walter in a Last Man Standing Match. The Rock will likely move on to face some other opponents now as he seems to have moved on from Walter.


Painful Perfection Retains


In somewhat of the weak spot of the night Painful Perfection would retain their tag titles. Many people found this match to be the worst of the night although it was solid. In a card that had a lot of good matches a solid match can seem somewhat bad. Painful Perfection will now move on and see who steps up to face them next for the titles.


Ronda Rousey Wins Contract


Ronda Rousey a bit of an unknown has now earned a contract as she defeated the former WWE diva Maria. Rousey impressed many last night as she proved why she deserves a spot in EPW. In what many are calling the hidden gem of Empire Pro. Rousey seemingly has a big future here as all she has to do now is get her name out there a bit.


Team Omega Wins Due To Turn


Team Omega down 3 to 1 late in the match would fight back and win this match. This was all because the young and up and coming superstar in Prince Devitt turned his back on Team Chrisitan. Devitt has seemingly joined The Elite now as he looks to elevate his career to a new level. Fans were in shock as Devitt turned the other night. The Elite now grow stronger and it does not look like anyone is going to be able to stop them.



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EPW is back live from Chicago, Illonois as we are here in front of a packed house tonight. We are about to witness the aftermath of the EPW Battle Lines PPV. We will hear from the Elite tonight and Prince Devitt after he turned on Team Christian the other night. We will also hear from the first ever EPW North American Bobby Lashley. Lastly we will see a triple threat match between Kenny Omega, The Rock, and Chrisitan to decide the next challenger for Edge’s World Heavyweight Title. So we have a big night planned, let’s get right into it.


We cut the show off as we see the Elite make their way to the ring. The crowd boos them furiously as they just laugh at them. Omega, Devitt, and The Bucks stand in the ring mocking the crowd as they seem unstoppable at the moment. Kenny stands in the ring with a mic as the Elite stand and strut around the ring with all the confidence in the world.


Omega: I’ll keep this short, and I will keep this sweet. In fact maybe a little too sweet. But the question that everyone is asking is why Prince, why? Well I can tell you that one. You see it’s pretty easy to figure out. Devitt was sick of being seen as just a midcard guy that would never amount to anything in EPW! But now, now none of you can stop talking about him. He is the hottest guy in this company right now, and he is with the hottest faction in the world right now. Speaking of the Elite, what do we want? What is next for us? Well here it is, we want the gold. In fact we want ALL OF THE GOLD!!! So Edge, Painful Perfection, and Bobby Lashley. Watch your backs and keep those titles warm cause the Elite are coming. The Elite are taking over EPW!

Kenny then flips the mic as the Elite remain in the ring as Prince Devitt has a match up next. Devitt will take on Sweet Papi Sanchez as it will be his first match in the Elite as he looks to pick up a win here tonight in Chicago!


We see Sweet Papi Sanchez make his way to the ring as the bell rings and the match is underway as Prince Devitt with the Elite in his corner look to finish it quick.

Sweet Papi Sanchez vs Prince Devitt


In a short match, Prince Devitt would defeat Sweet Papi Sanchez as he would beat him with a Coup de Grace. Prince Devitt would look good here as the Elite would celebrate in the ring afterward. The Elite are off to a great start here and look to continue it later as Omega looks to win the Main Event tonight and become the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title.



We cut backstage as we see Ronda Rousey backstage in the locker room as she is talking with some backstage personal when we see Candice La Rae walk up to her. Rousey looks a bit in shock for a second but La Rae holds out her hand. The two shake hands as it seems Rousey is starting to gain some respect here in EPW.



We cut back from commercial as we are set for tag team action. The Club will take on Rocking Skies as both teams look to move up the ranks in the tag division here. The Club have been dominant since arriving in EPW and look to keep their winning streak going.

The Club vs Rocking Skies


In a nice match, The Club would defeat Rocking Skies after Gallows defeated Rocky Romero with a big boot. The Club continue their dominant ways as the could be next in line for a tag team title shot against Painful Perfection. We then cut to a commercial break.



As we come back from a commercial break, we cut backstage as we see Bobby Lashley with the North American Championship. Lashley just sits there holding his title high as he does not say a word. Lashley seems to be taking a new approach as he is more focused on kicking ass then cutting a promo at the moment.



The EPW Womens Champion is set to face yet another opponent as Rebecca Knox gets an opportunity to prove herself against EPW’s top women. Maryse has been dominant throughout her title reign and looks to keep that going here tonight.

Maryse vs Rebecca Knox


In a good match, Rebecca Knox defeated Maryse after pinning her with a quick roll up. The crowd is in shock as Rebecca Knox picked up the win. Maryse is furious in the ring as Knox celebrates her upset win. We see Knox in the ring as Maryse rolls to the outside clearly upset as she begins to walk up the ramp.



After the match, Maryse would run down to the ring and start beating Knox down! Maryse clearly is furious with her loss her tonight as she is taking it out on Knox. We see her hit Knox with a French Kiss leaving her down in the ring. Maryse stands over Knox raising her title high making a statement that despite the loss this is still her division.



In tonight’s Main Event we will find out who will become the #1 Contender for the EPW World Heavyweight Title in a battle of some of EPW’s best. The Rock, Omega, and Christian all compete tonight as one will get the right to challenge Edge for the World Title at Holiday Havoc.

EPW World Title #1 Contenders Match: Christian vs The Rock vs Omega


In a great match, Kenny Omega would defeat The Rock and Christian after he beat Chrisitan with V-Trigger. We would see the Young Bucks come to the ring and distract Christian allowing Omega to catch him off guard and pick up the win. It will be Kenny Omega vs Edge for the EPW World Heavyweight Championship at Holiday Havoc! We end the show off as The Elite celebrate in the ring as they are one step closer to accomplishing their goal of capturing all the Gold in EPW.




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Welcome back to Empire Pro Wrestling live on ESPN! We have a big night planned including a stellar main event of Prince Devitt vs AJ Styles in a match that will determine who will challenge Bobby Lashley for the North American Championship at Holiday Havoc. We will also see Kenny Omega live tonight after his big win last week in which he became the number one contender for the EPW World Heavyweight Title. We have a lot for you tonight so let’s get right into it.



We kick off another episode as we see Kenny Omega make his way down to the ring. By himself this time though none of the Elite backing him up. The crowd boos him but Kenny just makes his way down to the ring with a smile on his face. He eventually gets in the ring and begins to talk.


The quest for the gold is progressing great. Trust me when I say in a short period of time you will see all of the gold in EPW belong to the Elite. Whether it be myself challenging for the World Title or the Young Bucks and Devitt coming closer to achieving their own goals. We are going to run this damn company whether you like it or not. Now in tonight's main event the Elite’s own Prince Devitt will be taking on AJ Styles to see who will challenge Bobby Lashley for the North American Championship at Holiday Havoc. Now I’m not one to spoil things but believe me when I say that Prince Devitt will be victorious. And that is not just a prediction but that is a spoiler.

Omega then drops the mic before heading backstage. Omega and the Elite have already left their mark here tonight and it seems that won’t be all we see of them tonight.


We then get set up for tag team action as we will see Painful Perfection take on Steenerico is tag team match. With Painful Perfection being tag champs they should come out on top here but Steenerico has been one of the top tag teams in EPW since the start so it should be a good matchup between two of the top EPW teams.

Painful Perfection vs Steenerico


In a good match, Steenerico would defeat Painful Perfection by DQ when the Young Bucks would attack Painful Perfection during the match. Painful Perfection would be laid out by the Young Bucks as it seems very clear that this quest for gold by the Elite is in fact serious and the Young Bucks are looking to capture the EPW Tag Team TItles.


We would then cut backstage to see the EPW Womens Champion Maryse! Maryse successfully defended here title against Davina Rose at the last PPV but lost a match to a bit of an unknown female superstar in Rebecca Knox. Knox has received a lot of momentum due to here win and seemingly got the attention of Maryse as Maryse attacked her after her match last week.


Yeah I attacked that rookie Knox. I mean who does she think she is, I am the EPW Womens Champion and I deserve more respect than a roll up. If you are going to beat me Rebecca at last do it the right way. I mean we both know you can’t beat me without a fluke win. So because of that I will continue to be your EPW womens champion because no one in this division including Rebecca Knox will be able to stop me.

Maryse then walks off as she has made yet another statement here tonight. Maryse clearly does not feel threatened by any of the women in the EPW women division. Maryse seems more than ready to destroy and dismantle any opponent put in front of her.


We then cut to the ring as we see Rebecca Knox getting set on to face Jessie McKay. McKay not doing much since joining EPW could use a win here to get her name on the map whereas Knox is looking to keep pushing her name up the rankings after scoring a massive win over Maryse last week. Both women could use the win it should be interesting who comes out on top here.

Rebecca Knox vs Jessie McKay


In a quick match, Rebecca Knox defeated Jessie McKay after making her submit to the Dis-Arm-Her. Knox looked dominant here as we look like we are seeing the rise of a new top women in EPW as she has now picked up two big wins in two weeks. We then head to commercial break with Knox celebrating in the ring.


We cut back from commercial to see Rebecca Knox still in the ring after her match with a mic in her hands. It seems as if Knox has a bit more planned for us and the EPW fans tonight.


Well how was that? Was that good enough for you Maryse? I know that you are sitting back there with your fancy clothes and shoes. All of that jewelry you stole off of C-List celebs. Well guess what Maryse I don’t need all of that stuff. All I need is you and me in this ring to make me happy. The only piece of jewelry I need is that EPW Womens Championship. I grew up in this business, worked my ass off and made it here to EPW through the sweat and tears. How did you become a wrestler, Maryse? Oh wait you competed in a beauty contest that you couldn't even win. Then you worked your “magic” backstage and what do you know you land a job with the WWE which seemingly didn’t last long know you run to EPW and that brings us to now. And now where we are we are at the stage where Rebecca Knox brings you back to reality, and put an end to your insignificant and bullshit Hollywood Fairytale.

Knox then drops the mic and exits the ring as the crowd cheers. It seems as if Knox is fed up with Maryse and the way she is presenting herself as of late. Knox seemingly made the point that she is gonna be the one to end that and become the new EPW Womens Champion.


We would then see Chrisitan make his way down to the ring with a mic as we see what he has planned now. Chrisitian has had a rough go of it at late but maybe tonight he can turn that around. Chrisitian could use a momentum boost at this rate as his run in EPW has taken a sour turn as of late thanks to his feud with the Elite.


Chrisitan would be making his way down to the ring as he would be attacked from behind! It’s Tyler Black! Black another man who has not had the best luck in EPW so far is taking out his anger on Chrisitan pummeling him with right hands! Black would pose over Chrisitian as he clearly did this to prove a point to the EPW fans.



We would then cut backstage as we would see the Rock sitting in his private locker room. The Rock would sit there looking at the camera and laughing as he would begin to talk. The Rock just went through a devastated feud with Walter a few weeks back, what is next for him now?


Listen I’ll keep this short and sweet cause The Rock has things to do. Real world stuff and some EPW related events to attend to. So I was thinking and you see The Rock needs an opponent. An opponent for Holiday Havoc. So next week the Rock is gonna stand in the middle of the ring and wait for one of you to step up. One of you will step up to the Rock, now we just wait to see which one of you actually do it.

The Rock would then laugh as the camera fades away. The Rock clearly making his mark here tonight is looking for a new challenge. The Rock will no doubt have an opponent we just wait to see who ends up stepping up.


We now get set for our main event as it will be Prince Devitt vs AJ Styles. The winner of this match will go on to face Bobby Lashley for the EPW North American Championship at Holiday Havoc. Both men would love to win this one and become one step closer to becoming an EPW Champion.

Prince Devitt vs AJ Styles


In an excellent match, we would see Prince Devitt defeat AJ Styles after hitting him with a Coup de Grace. The Elite would interfere throughout the match allowing for Devitt to pick up the win and become the number 1 contender. Styles would clearly be upset after the match as the Elite would celebrate in the ring as the show comes to an end.



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