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BPZ Trophy Hunting Contest Season 5 Discussion

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It's back! The BPZ Trophy Hunting Contest returns with a number of fresh faces participating for their first time and veterans returning for another round! This season, teams will be drafted and put to the test against one another as we look to find out who are the best trophy hunters on the forums!

This season will be similar in terms of scoring as Season 4 with a focus on "quality" over quantity with our players having a chance to earn more points from harder games to combat the use of "easy platinum" games. We're set for another exciting season of action, so let's run through what you need to know about the contest.


  • The contest begins on June 29th.
  • Three players per team. Players will be drafted to teams based on their trophy ranking and ability.
  • Each team will compete in five head to head matches, playing each team once.
  • Each round will play for one week at a time. Each round will be begin on Saturday 10AM EST and end Saturday 9:59AM EST the following week. 
  • The top two teams will compete in the grand final, with the winning team being crowned the winners.
  • To win a match up, teams must outscore their opponents score. All three players in the team will have their scores combined and the team with the highest accumulated score for that round will win the match up.
  • ALL Playstation systems are accepted. (PS3, PS4, PS Vita).
  • Teams who win their match will receive 3 leaderboard points for a victory, teams who lose their match but all three of their players scored at least 1 trophy will earn 1 point. Teams who lost and not all of their players scored any points will score 0. If a draw occurs, the team with the highest individual score will win that round. 
  • Players MUST sync their trophies before the Tournament begins and before the conclusion of each round. Trophies that aren't synced will NOT included into your score.
  • Any illegal methods of scoring trophies will NOT be counted and you will be disqualified for the round and potentially the tournament. 
  • If you cannot compete for an entire round you are eligible to receive your "average" score or a base score if an average has not been made. You MUST notify BrendenPlayz if you cannot play for the round. If you don't notify BrendenPlayz you will score zero.
  • Each player has been allocated a handicap. This handicap will be used to provide lower ranked players a boost to their scores to assist them in competing. This is also designed to help players who have insufficient games to play. Handicaps are calculated based off your total trophies, PSN level and your game count
  • You must score at least one trophy to receive your handicap.
  • Trophy Rarity percentages are based on http://www.psnprofiles.com


  • 40-bronze.png Bronze Trophies are 5PTS. Bonus points of 1 point for "Uncommon" trophies, 3 points for "Rare" trophies, 4 points for "Very Rare" trophies and 5 points for "Ultra Rare" trophies. Common trophies do NOT receive a bonus.
  • 40-silver.png Silver Trophies are 15PTS. Bonus points of 2 points for "Uncommon" trophies, 4 points for "Rare" trophies, 10 points for "Very Rare" trophies and 15 points for "Ultra Rare" trophies. Common trophies do NOT receive a bonus.
  • 40-gold.png Gold Trophies are 50 PTS. Bonus points of 10 points for "Uncommon" trophies, 15 points for "Rare" trophies, 20 points for "Very Rare" trophies and 25 points for "Ultra Rare" trophies. Common trophies do NOT receive a bonus.
  • 40-platinum.png Platinum Trophies are 125 PTS. Bonus points of 25 points for "Uncommon" trophies, 30 points for "Rare" trophies, 40 points for "Very Rare" trophies and 50 points for "Ultra Rare" trophies. Common trophies do NOT receive a bonus.
  • Trophy Rarity may change overtime. Trophy rarity points are taken at the time of scoring and will be checked before the close of the round. Trophy rarity bonus points will NOT be checked after the round is completed. If a rarity has changed after the round it will not affect your overall score.
  • If all players on a team score atleast one trophy, they will earn 100 points for their team score.
  • The player who scores the "platinum of the round" will score a bonus 250 points for their team score.
  • The player who top scored for the round will score a bonus 250 points for their team score.


The Royals:

  • Brenden3 (BrendenPlayz)
  • UntouchableT0mal (Prince)
  • GeorgeAK199 (GeorgeAK)

Two and Half Men:

  • Sameer306 (Sameer)
  • Meko750 (Meko750)
  • KaizinoYT (James Hunter)

Team Three:

  • StupidRef03 (Emperor Nate)
  • Bboy_Aatu (Aaron North)
  • JulesBraaa (Julius)

Platinum Maxixmums:

  • Racoonman457 (John Moyniham)
  • JZTG777 (JTZG777)
  • TheSavageBrad (Brad)


  • Bailey14Justin (Bailey14)
  • P1ckleCh1ps (BiC)
  • TheBestBeast84 (TheBeastlyKing)

Golden Victory:

  • Toxik431 (Toxik431)
  • MeckoLegend (MeckoLegend)
  • Just_Caoimhin (Marker)


  • Trophy Guides are your 'bible'. Use trophy guides to help assist you in completing a game. Visit PSNProfiles or PSTrophies for guides.
  • Before you start a game, take a look at the trophy guides overview, analyse the trophies of a game so you have a quick understand of what trophies you need to look out for. Always check which difficult the game requires you to play before starting!
  • If you're not enjoying a game or finding trophies too difficult to come by, change games! Platinums are important, but if you feel as though the platinum is too far beyond your reach don't be afraid to switch it up and move to the next one. 
  • If you don't have many games to play or are looking for some new games to play check out the Playstation Plus free monthly games, you will always get 2 potential new games to add to your list.
  • Here are a list of FREE GAMES you can get with trophies: Fallout Shelter. Realm Royale, Paladins, AdVenture Capitalist, Life of Strange Episode 1, Minecraft Story Episode 1, A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV, Game of Thrones Episode 1, King's Quest - Chapter 1, NBA 2k19: Prelude, Resident Evil Revelations Episode 1, Marvel Heroes Omega, Hitman PS4 Prologue and Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1.
  • If you're looking for a list of easier games to platinum, that includes how long it will take, check out this list.
  • Play with friends! If you're playing with friends and trophy hunting together you will enjoy the experience more and if they're on your trophy team, even better! 
  • Work together as a team. Help advise each other on what games you should be playing and help them earn a trophy if you can! Remember, the better your team mates score, the better chances YOU have of winning!


The prizes are been created as extra incentive for players to play and win the tournament, but also as a reward for your hard work. The format for the prizes has been created to encourage players to continue playing throughout every round of the tournament, regardless if your team is not performing well.

The winning team will have all four of their players entered into a "Free For All", however they will also be joined by the top 4 players that are NOT from the winning team. This means there will be eight players who will battle it out in the final round to determine the final overall winner. 

The prizes for winning are: 1st Place: $20 PSN Card. 2nd Place: $10 PSN Card. The winning team will also receive a "forum award" for their profile and the bragging rights of being the best trophy hunters on BrendenPlayz!

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The teams are in and here are this weeks official match ups!

Team One: Brenden3 (BrendenPlayz), UntouchableT0mal (Prince) and GeorgeAK199 (GeorgeAK)


Team Six: Toxik431 (Toxik431), GymLeaderDarko (GymLeaderDarko) and Just_Caoimhin (Marker)


Team Three: StupidRef03 (Emperor Nate), Bboy_Aatu (Aaron North) and JulesBraaa (Julius)


Team Four: Racoonman457 (John Moyniham), JZTG777 (JTZG777) and TheSavageBrad (Brad)


Team Two: Sameer306 (Sameer), Meko750 (Meko750) and KaizinoYT (James Hunter)


Team Five: Bailey14Justin (Bailey14), P1ckleCh1ps (BiC) and TheBestBeast84 (TheBeastlyKing)


Feel free to suggest team names so it's easier to identify your teams!


Also please note, each player will receive a "handicap" based off their starting trophy count, their trophy level, how many games they have on their profile and their starting rank among the players. This handicap is designed to help out players and give them a boost to be able to match up with stronger players. The handicap score isn't a large number, but it all helps to stay competitive.

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Team Five have their second platinum for the team and its thanks to P1ckleCh1ps @BiC who decided to buy himself a platinum thanks to My Name is Mayo!


My Name is Mayo! 
Unlock all the trophies!

Well done to P1ckleCh1ps and it looks like Team Five will be tough to beat this round.

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Here's how we stand after the first day of competition:


Team five has come out hot but Team Two have put up a strong fight in response and stay in the hunt. Team Four have started strong and hold a healthy lead. Team One and Team Six have begun slow with Team One gaining the slight advantage.


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More platinums have been dropping overnight and here's what we saw.

@GeorgeAK started out his campaign with a platinum immediately after he sacrificed his soul and finished My Name is Mayo! It is his first platinum of the contest.

 @JohnMoynihan wasn't any better when he also decided that his trophy points were worth more than his integrity when he managed to complete My Name is Mayo as well. It is his first platinum of the contest.

@Brad was tired of not getting the attention he feels he deserves and decided to make his mark on the contest. He was able to tell everyone he is willing to spend his money to win this contest by buying the My Name is Mayo Platinum! His first of the contest.


My Name is Mayo! 
Unlock all the trophies!

96% Rarity


@Sameer is back in action and he has scored his first platinum of the contest. He dusted off Season Two of the Minecraft Story Mode and earned a common rarity platinum.


Jesse Victorious 
Completed Minecraft Season 2

67.98% Rarity


Here's how the competition currently stands:




Team One has extended their lead over Team Six and looks likely to take the first round unless Toxik431 can receive some help. 

Team Four is dominant, they could be the early favourites to win the tournament. With JZTG777 likely to score a platinum soon, the entire team will have scored a platinum in the opening couple of days. They could be a scary match up for any team. Team Three is going along steady with StupidRef03 and Bboy_Aatu providing solid contributions. However, unless they can earn platinums late in the round it is unlikely they can catch Team Four right now.

Team Five is well on their way to proving that they are also one of the top teams. Despite their top ranked player Bailey14Justin providing nothing, their other two players are proving to be the stars of the team. P1ckleCh1ps and TheBestBeast84 are enjoying a strong start to the contest. Team Two was bolstered by Sameer306's strong opening day with a platinum. Meko750 is providing excellent support to keep their team in the battle. I wouldn't be surprised if they were able to mount a comeback and take this round. They might need more support from KaizinoYT to do so though.


Stay tuned more updates.

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Another day is in the books and for some it was a slow day for others it was a massive day. Let's check out how everyone is fairing.




It's game on between Team Five and Team Two. Sameer is putting his team on his back and is determined to take out the win this week. Team Five remain steady with excellent contributions from P1ckleCh1ps and even Bailey14Justin decided to show up to the party and scored very well. This match up may go down to the wire.

Team One continues to grow their lead over Team Six. Both teams haven't put up big numbers and even competition heavyweight Brenden3 has struggled to perform up to expectations. If Team Six can get more support for Toxik431, they could steal this round.

Team Four appear to be too dominant this week for Team Three. Their lead continues to grow more and more as Racooman457 stays strong with even more numbers to go along with an impressive total already. It might take a small miracle to come back from this.


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REMEMBER THE NAME @Meko750 (Raven)

In what was a truly special day in competition history, Meko750 has surged from the middle of the pack to absolutely dominating the competition in one day of play. In what could be the greatest single day in contest history, Meko racked up close to 3,000 points! This included FIVE platinums in one single day! Let's take a look at what he completed:


40-platinum.png Grim Fandango Remastered

Number Nine Ticket 
Get all other trophies in the game.

21.98% Rarity (Uncommon)


40-platinum.png My Name is Mayo! 

My Name is Mayo! 
Unlock all the trophies!

96.42% Rarity (Common)


40-platinum.png Spyro The Dragon

Gnasty's Demise 
Collect all Spyro the Dragon Trophies

54.71% Rarity (Common)


40-platinum.png 36 Fragments of Midnight

Platinum Midnight 
Become a master collector

83.38% Rarity (Common)


40-platinum.png Inksplosion

Complete all the trophies

87.41% Rarity (Common)


Meko750 wasn' the only player sharing in the spoils of success with StupidRef03 @Emperor Nate scoring his first platinum of the contest. His first platinum came in the form of Game of Thrones!


40-platinum.png Game of Thrones

Lord of Ironrath
Completed Season 1 of Game of Thrones.

48.76% Rarity (Uncommon)


After a massive day of competition let's check out how are players and teams stand.



Slow and steady for Team One as they hold a commanding lead over Team Six. Their lead is far from safe however, with the prospect of onne of Team Six's members having a huge day of scoring, they could easily take the lead back.

Team Four remain strong over Team Three. StupidRef03 has put his team on his back with Bboy_Aatu being inactive for a couple of days and Julesbraaa trying his best to help the team but only managing a total of 85 points. It's unlikely that they could come back and win this round but full credit to StupidRef03 for trying his hardest.

Now to the big shock of the round. Team Two has taken the lead from Team Five! We reported yesterday that Team Two had a strong chance to steal the win late in the round and they have achieved that feat midway through it! Meko750's unbelieveable day has almost put them in an unloseable position. Sameer306 can kick back with a smile on his face as Meko750 has helped secured their win potentially for the team. Despite KaizinoYT being almost useless to the team, the two man duo of Sameer306 and Meko750 could prove to be the deadliest of the contest.


We're half way through! Good luck to our teams for the end of round. But a reminder! Even if your team is struggling, keep playing! Play harder/longer to platinum games and knock out a big chunk of the progress, so that way you'll be ready to platinum it for next round! Save your best trophies for when you need them the most. 


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Another astonishing day of play with our players stepping up to prove a point for their team. Let's take a look at the scoreboard:



In a shocking turn of events, Team Five had taken back the lead from Team Two! Meko750 exploded yesterday but Bailey14Justin and TheBestBeast84 were determined to keep their team alive in this fight. They scored a few platinums to help boost the team to a near 400 point lead. It's unlikely that this lead will be enough, but the last few days of this round will be very exciting to see.

Not much chance from our other two match ups, as Team One barely scored points today and Team Six slowly added more thanks to Toxik431 who has no support at the moment. 

Team Four remain in front despite Julesbraaa and StupidRef03 having decent scoring days to keep their team moving upwards. Team Four added another platinum through JZTG777 and look very likely to take the win.


@bailey14 Bailey14Justin was determined to keep his team in the fight today and he opened up with a massive day of scoring, achieving two platinums of common rarity.


40-platinum.png Storm Boy 
Get all other Trophies in Storm Boy

98.39% Rarity (Common)


40-platinum.png Energy Cycle Platinum 
Good job! Completed all tasks!

95.87% Rarity (Common)


@TheBeastlyKing TheBestBeast84 continued to prove that he is a force to be reckoned with in his debut season, with another platinum adding Storm Boy to his collection.


40-platinum.png Storm Boy 
Get all other Trophies in Storm Boy


@JZTGJZTG777 scored his first platinum of the contest thanks to My Name is Mayo. It might be the first time he has sold his dignnity for a platinum, but it probably won't be the last.


40-platinum.png My Name is Mayo! 
Unlock all the trophies!

94.42% Rarity (Common)


A reminder that round one ends at 10am EST on Saturday. Round Two will begin immediately, but please make sure you sync your trophies before the end of the round otherwise they won't count!

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The first round is officially in the books and what a round of competition it was. A lot of fresh faces burst onto the scene and officially made their presence known! From Meko750's unbelievable score of 5023 to the epic encounter between the BBB and Two and A Half Men, it is a round that will never be forgotton. So here's how this works:

Teams go head to head against an opponent every week. The team who scores the most points wins. They will earn three competition points. If your whole team scores atleast one trophy, you will earn one competition point. There is 0 points for a loss. A draw is determined by the team who scored the most platinums in that round. So let's take a look at the results!



The Royals started off the competition strong. They knocked their opponents Golden Victory down very quickly. Unfortunately for Golden Victory they were never able to get back up. GeorgeAK199 was very strong for his team and proved to be a perfect assistant to their leader Brenden3. For his standards, it was a quiet round for Brenden3 with only one platinum to show for the round. But, it looks like he may have been saving some ammunition for the next few rounds so time will tell if he can put up some massive numbers or if he's no longer the star he once was. 

There is positives for Golden Victory. Toxik431 starred for them with 473 points. I was impressed with his skills with difficult games to play, he put up strong numbers. He didn't have much support with GymLeaderDarko officially exiting the contest and being replaced, perhaps there is hope for round two. 

Two and A Half Men were fantastic. Meko750 put up maybe the greatest round we've ever seen. He scored an unbelievable 7 platinums in one round with 5023 points! But the crazy thing is, they still lost! The BBB proved to be too strong with a full team effort that could not be matched. Bailey14Justin, P1ckleCh1ps and TheBestBeast84 had the greatest team performance you'll see with 8433 combined points. They also grabbed the platinum of the round with TheBestBeast84's Minecraft platinum. An excellent performance. I'm backing Two and A Half Men to still be one of the best teams. There is no way Meko750 can keep his numbers that high. But if he can maintain half of what he achieved, they will still be tough to beat with Sameer306 as good as ever. Even KaizinoYT put up some late numbers to help.

The unnamed Team Three were steady. StupidRef03 lead his team from the front with 840 points. His leadership helped guide his team to a respectable score. But without another star by his side, StupidRef03 couldn't carry his team to the win. Platinum Maximums had the returning Racoonman457 step up with a fantastic 1992 points. TheSavageBrad was brilliant with 1073 and JZTG777 had a strong 664 points. A great team effort and they earned a very deserved victory.



So after round one, BBB take first place. Platinum Maximums hold second position and The Royals are outside of the desired top two spot, despite their win. It's early days, but keep an eye on that red line as only two teams can make the finals and fight it out to prove who is the best of the best.


Individually Meko750 was far better than the rest. Perhaps the surprise package was Bailey14Justin who typically struggles in these tournaments, he put up 3423 points. Easily his best performance of his trophy career. TheBestBeast84 had a fantastic debut and we saw the returning players of P1ckleCh1ps, Racoonman457, Sameer306 and Brenden3 show their class once again. I'm expecting big numbers from GeorgeAK199 in round two and I'm excited to see how new comer MeckoLegend performs for his new team the Golden Victory.




40-platinum.png Minecraft

Awarded all trophies
All trophies have been awarded.

Rarity: 9.86% (Very Rare)




@Meko750 (Raven)

40-platinum.png Storm Boy
Get all other Trophies in Storm Boy

Rarity: 98.37% (Common)



40-platinum.png Fullblast

Platinum Ship 
Get all the trophies

Rarity: 98.01% (Common)


@Meko750 (Raven) @Sameer @TheBeastlyKing @bailey14

40-platinum.pngLittle Adventure on the Prairie

Big Adventurer
Obtain all trophies

Rarity: 97.17% (Common)


@James Hunter @TheBeastlyKing

40-platinum.png My Name is Mayo!
Unlock all the trophies!

Rarity: 96.43% (Common)



40-platinum.png The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

A New Frontier 
Completed The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

Rarity: 81.19% (Common)



40-platinum.png Conan Exiles

To crush all trophies beneath sandaled feet
For completing all trophies

Rarity: 36.35% (Common)



Round One is finished and now we start immediately into Round Two. Here's the next weeks worth of match ups.


Two winless teams in Golden Victory and Team Three will have a chance to register their first win. BBB and The Royals are set for an epic encounter. Can Platinum Maximums pull off a big upset over Two and A Half Men?

Thanks for reading, good luck to everyone in Round Two. Happy Hunting.

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