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The return of the god

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Announcer 1 : It has been a great show here so far at Judgement Day and the action is only getting better and better with each match. 

Announcer 2 : Right you are there partner but what else would you expect from BPZ Wrestling who has the most talented roster in the world. 

[ Suddenly the announcement team is cut off as some very familiar music begins to play with a surprisingly mixed reaction

Announcer 1 : Oh my god is that him the man that was ran over in the parking lot two weeks ago! I didn’t think he would be back already. 

Announcer 2 : Neither did I partner however I must say i’m rather surprised at the reaction he is getting it surely must be sympathy towards him due to getting hit with a car. 

[ Then our walks Bulldozer accompanied by Alice however it soon becomes clear Bulldozer is walking with a slight limp in his left leg however he does manage to turn around and do his pose


[ Alice then hands him a mic that she was holding as they begin to walk down to the ring as Bulldozer is noticeably wearing a rare smile on his face could it be possible he has missed the BPZ audience? Bulldozer and Alice then get into the ring

Bulldozer : Well I can certainly say I didn’t expect to be cheered on my way out here so for those of you that did I say thank you for understanding that I was hit with a car. 

[ Bulldozer is then stopped as he actually gets more cheers and this time from more members of the live crowd as he and Alice look on in confusion at this sudden support

Bulldozer : Again thank you guys, you know as weird as it sounds I think I might have missed you guys a bit however as you all very well know I was hit with a car one month ago after my grueling match with Dikey. So i’m going to make this nice and simple I want my revenge and I don’t care who did it! 

[ Bulldozer’s face quickly turns to that of anger as the fans give him another mixed reaction ] 

Bulldozer : Now let’s get straight down to business shall we my good friend Josh has told me a list of suspects and even narrowed it down to just a few however I feel it was someone else and this is really a feeling I just can’t escape but regardless of who it was I will have my revenge and I will. 

[ Bulldozer is suddenly cut off as his left leg then gives out on him but thankfully Alice who was standing next to him catches him and holds him up ] 

Bulldozer : Thanks Alice, now back to what I was saying I will fine who ran me over and I will make them pay because they made the mistake of not finishing the job when they had the chance! 

So to whoever ran me over and took me out action for two weeks i’m going to kick your ass! 

After Bulldozer finishes saying that he hands the mic to Alice who has this to say ] 

Alice : Well now that my client has gotten that off his chest it’s time I make an announcement of my own and that is fear not BPZ Universe because the in ring return of the God of Pro Wrestling, Bulldozer isn’t far away as he shall be medically cleared to compete in one week so for whom ever his assailant may be you have one week before Bulldozer comes after you with full force. 

With that Alice then drops the mic on the mat and goes to help Bulldozer out of the ring however it appears as Alice spoke he managed to get some feeling back in his left leg and gets out of the ring on his own and even helps Alice out of it and they walk off towards the backstage as the crowd give a mixed reaction one last time as some fans even chant “ welcome back “  ] 


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