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Evolve - Week 3, Month 2


Image result for Shane Mcmahon

Kyle Reeves Announces A Huge Summerslam Matchup

The show would begin with Reeves coming out to the ring, for the past few weeks Kyle Reeves has become the general manager of EVOLVE and now Reeves is ready to make one last announcement regarding the upcoming Summerslam PPV. 

Kyle Reeves would announce a huge matchup, as four of EVOLVES youngest talent will be going head to head in a ladder match as Sheridan, Odyssey, Alex Costa, and Joshua Scott will compete in a To The Top ladder match. With that announcement, the crowd is excited, as that will be one hell of a matchup and Kyle Reeves leaves the ring as the show gets underway. 


Image result for Sami Zayn

Odyssey vs Alex Costa

The first bit of action of the night would take place as Odyssey takes on Alex Costa in one on one action, and these two young stars who just got announced for the To The Top ladder match look to gain momentum. And momentum is exactly what they would get as the two stars go to war, hitting various moves and high flying action. As Alex Costa takes every action he can to get an advantage over Odyssey. 

As Alex Costa goes for his finishing move, he would be caught out by Odyssey who would hit a "Odyssey Killer"  and would defeat Costa, getting the upset victory over Costa as he walks up the ramp, high fiving fans and looking towards the future. 


Image result for Aj Styles

Extraordinary Evil

The current Undisputed champion North American champion Bart would come to the ring too many boos, tailed by his Kingdom brothers. He would begin to cut a promo on Hans, saying that he is nothing but a spark in a pan. A spark in a pan that is going to go out at Summerslam. 

Hans Clayton would not be fearful, and would step right out and into the ring with the three kingdom members. Later tonight, Hans Clayton teams with Slim and Ryan Reeves to take on The Kingdom in a huge main event, but right now he speaks of Summerslam and how he will dismantle every last bit of The Kingdom and Bart. Before The Kingdom can attack however, Hans Clayton walks away, leaving Bart silent. As the segment comes to a close.


Image result for Dolph Ziggler

The World Champion Vs The Challenger

We would get a highlight package showcasing the talents of our current world champion, Sameer. Who defends his title against the King Of The Ring winner Jack Bashka in two weeks at Summerslam, the fans cheer for Sameer as it ends, and then the video package shows some of Bashkas skills, next week, these two sign the contract for there matchup. Who will walk out of Summerslam the world champion?


Image result for roman Reigns

Slim, Hans Clayton, and Ryan Reeves vs The Kingdom

In the biggest main event in EVOLVE history, it would be three of the best taking on one of the most dangerous factions in the entire BPZ. In two weeks, these 6 men ill have there respective matchups but tonight its Hans Clayton and Echo Wilson who start in the ring and put on a great showcase.

The match would continue as Slim battles with Julius on the outside, and inside the ring Bart takes on Hans Clayton. We get a preview of the matchups as every brawls, but after a 20 minute war, it would come to a close as Slim hits the spear on Echo Wilson. Pinning him in the ring. 

Tonight, it was the team of Slim, Clayton, and Reeves who walked out as victors, but in 2 weeks at Summerslam will this be the story? When everything is on the line, who will win? 


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We started the show with the United Nations stood in the ring. After Monda shockingly returned to BrendenPlayz last week and got put in the Undisputed Championship match, they addressed that and how UN would hold all the belts come SummerSlam

This bought out Deadmans Hand, who challenged UN to a massive tag team match as tonights main event. Bailey came out and made it official - Monda and Joh vs Blade and Kieron

NXT Championship NOC Elimination Match: Raven vs Arrow Gargano vs Epic vs James Hunter

When James Hunter returned a few weeks ago attacking Epic and Gargano after their Tag Team Championship match against UN, he went on to beat them both in singles matches, before Epic formed a shock alliance with him

And tonight Epic and Hunter used that alliance to their advantage, taking out both men. However Hunter would roll up Epic, only for Epic to reverse into a Small Package and eliminate Hunter

An annoyed Hunter gave Epic a pat on the back before leaving. This left Arrow and Epic to fight, the two tag team partners going head to head. They showed some of their old tag team initiative by hitting Raven with a Double Clothesline

However, Epic suddenly grabbed Arrow from behind and hit a Cross Rhodes to eliminate Arrow. Suddenly Hunter would come back to ringside and laid out Arrow before attacking Raven, putting him through the announce table with a Powerbomb. 

Suddenly Arrow fired back, nailing Hunter with a Superkick. Raven crawled back in the ring, only for Epic to put him in position for a Cross Rhodes. Raven rolled through, and hit a Cross Rhodes of his own

Raven then scaled the ropes and hit a Bird Bomb to Epic and the ref counted 3 as Raven was victorious. Raven was half unconscious, but he gets his rematch against Bob at SummerSlam

We returned from commercial break to see KENJI stood in the ring. He got ready to announce the stipulation for his Premium Championship match against FD. He announced he wanted to beat FDS in his own game, as the SUMMERSLAM MATCH WOULD BE FD RULES

The entire crowd erupted before he asked for Emperor Nate. Nate came out, and KENJI asked Nate for one favour. At SummerSlam, KENJI wanted to win without any excuses, and he asked Nate to not be at ringside.

Nate agreed, before Chaos came out. Ark appreciated Nates sentiment, but promised he would be "supporting" FDS. However Nate issued a challenge, he faced Ark and if Nate won Ark would be banned from ringside. Bailey made the match official, but banned KENJI and FDS from ringside


Nate vs Ark

Nate made a shock return 2 weeks ago, by supporting KENJI against Chaos and now he had the chance to boost KENJIs odds at SummerSlam massively if he could beat Ark here

It looked like Ark had it won when he hit the Grimore but Nate powered out. Ark had the match under control, Nate's ring rust coming into play. However Ark made a big mistake when he went for a Moonsault and Nate reversed into a Superkick

Ark proved why he has earned a nickname of Lionheart by kicking out, but Nate followed up by locking in an Armbar to which Ark tapped immediately. Nate puts away Ark meaning we get a fair match at SummerSlam

We have a live interview with NXT Champion Bob. Bob bigged himself up throughout and when it came to the subject of Raven, Bob just laughed and promised to make it 2-0

Raven suddenly interrupted the interview panting, having a staredown with Bob before walking to the back, leaving Bob slightly bemused

Deadmans Hand (Blade and Kieron) vs United Nations (Joh and Monda)

Its an interesting team put out by UN, with Joh, who will be teaming with Brad to face The Commonwealth at SummerSlam, and Monda who will be challenging for the Undisputed Championship, teaming against two of the other competitors in the latter match

Monda completed his return in style by pinning Blade with a quick roll up following a distraction by Brad. However The Commonwealth stormed the ring, only to be taken down by UN. Flynn and Yelich then came to the ramp and stared down with UN to end the SummerSlam Go Home Show

SummerSlam Card (Predictions Welcome)
World Championship: Sameer (c) vs Bashka
Undisputed Championship: Flynn (c) vs Monda vs Blade vs Kieron Black vs Yelich
Intercontinental Championship: Julius Jones (c) vs Slim
United States Championship: Echo Wilson (c) vs Ryan Reeves 
North American Championship: Bart (c) vs Arius
Tag Team Championships: United Nations (Brad and Joh) (c) vs The Commonwealth (George and Ropati)
Premium Championship: KENJI (c) vs FDS (FD Rules)
NXT Championship: Bob (c) vs Meko

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Image result for goldberg

EVOLVE Signs Elliot

Another huge signing would come for the EVOLVE brand, as the question is raised. "Whos Next", as one of the most dominant men will be returning to the ring as EVOLVE will now be headlined by Elliot. The former United States champion who is returning to the BPZ with vengeance, as he looks to right all his wrongs and get rid of anyone who crossed him. If I were on the EVOLVE roster, I would stand clear of Elliot.

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