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MMAnalysis w/ Joh

Recommended Posts

UFC 239 - Part 1


Date: July 6th 2019
Venue: T-Mobile Arena
City: Paradise, Nevada

Welcome to MMAnalysis with Joh. For our first pre-show analysis, we will be taking a look at the upcoming UFC PPV, UFC 239. On the main card, we have 2 title fights and 3 other non-title fights. In my opinion, this main card is definitely one of the best we’ve seen this year so far, with stars such as Jon Jones, Amanda Nunes, Holly Holm, Ben Askren and Luke Rockhold fighting in one show. I’m really excited to see how this whole show pans out. With all that said, let’s take a look at each bout one by one, starting from the bottom and going all the way to the main event of the evening. I’ll offer my thoughts and I’ll try to predict the finish of each fight.

Diego Sanchez vs Michael Chiesa


In our first fight on the main card, we see a welterweight showdown between “The Nightmare” Diego Sanchez vs Michael “Maverick” Chiesa. Diego Sanchez goes into this bout with a 29-11 record while Chiesa has a 15-4 record. Diego Sanchez is currently on a 2-fight win streak since his return to welterweight, with wins over Craig White and Mickey Gall (famous for handing CM Punk a loss in Punk’s UFC debut). Neither of those wins seem to be over difficult competition though. Meanwhile, Michael Chiesa has only fought twice since the Conor McGregor bus incident in April 2018 which left Chiesa injured for a while. He lost against Anthony Pettis on his return but managed to get a submission victory over Carlos Condit, a former UFC Interim Welterweight Champion. I expect this fight to be mostly wrestling-filled, as both men are grapplers. Chiesa has the age advantage, being 6 years younger than the now 37 year old Sanchez, so we may expect Chiesa to be quicker in his grappling. I could definitely see this match ending in either a KO win for Sanchez or a submission win for Chiesa, but I’m going to predict that this one goes all 3 rounds. There might be some moments where the fight is nearly over, but the judges will be needed to decide a victor, and for me, I think Michael Chiesa is going to beat Sanchez.

Prediction: Decision Win - Michael Chiesa


Jan Błachowicz vs Luke Rockhold


In the next match-up of the evening, we have a light heavyweight bout between the “Prince of Cieszyn” Jan Błachowicz and Luke Rockhold. Jan Błachowicz goes into this fight with a record of 23-8 while Luke Rockhold has a record of 16-4. Błachowicz was on a 4-fight winning streak prior to facing Thiago Santos in February, who he lost to via TKO in the third round. Luke Rockhold has not fought in the UFC since February 2018, when he lost to Yoel Romero. This is his first fight at light heavyweight, as Luke Rockhold has moved up from the middleweight division, citing injuries caused by cutting weight. Luke Rockhold is a former UFC Middleweight Champion and his only losses in the UFC have come against Yoel Romero, Michael Bisping and Vitor Belfort, all tough opponents, but Jan Błachowicz’s last defeat was to Thiago Santos, who is now fighting for the light heavyweight title on this same card. This will definitely be an interesting and close showdown. Luke Rockhold has already proven himself as a great fighter and Jan Błachowicz is often an overlooked figure in this division. But with Rockhold being able to fight in a weight class he’s comfortable with and his striking ability, I’m gonna give Rockhold the edge here.

Prediction: TKO Win (R2) - Luke Rockhold


Jorge Masvidal vs Ben Askren


In a fight I am DEFINITELY excited to see, we have another welterweight bout with Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal taking on Ben “Funky” Askren. Jorge Masvidal heads into this fight with a record of 33-13 and Ben Askren holds a 19-fight unbeaten record. Masvidal has won 2 of his last 4 fights, with Gamebred just coming off a huge win vs Darren Till in Till’s homeland of England. As stated previously, Ben Askren is undefeated in MMA, being a former welterweight champion in Bellator and ONE Championship. In his UFC debut this past March, he controversially defeated Robbie Lawler via submission in the first round. This fight is so hyped up because it could potentially be the fight that determines the next challenger for Kamaru Usman’s UFC Welterweight Championship. In my opinion, Askren will be absolutely outclassed in the standing game against Masvidal. Askren is obviously a more ground-based fighter and if he doesn’t get Masvidal off his feet quickly things could get ugly. But I do think Askren is fully capable of pulling it off and that’s why I’m picking him to take the W here and continue his unbeaten run. Would this victory lead to a title shot? We’ll have to see.

Prediction: Submission Win (R3) - Ben Askren


Coming Soon: UFC 239 - Part 2

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UFC 249 - Part 2

Amanda Nunes vs Holly Holm - UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship


In our co-main event of the evening, we see a fight with the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship on the line, as the champion “The Lioness” Amanda Nunes takes on “The Preacher’s Daughter” Holly Holm for the title. Amanda Nunes holds an MMA record of 17-4 while Holly Holm has a 12-4 record. Amanda Nunes is currently the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion and Featherweight Champion, making her the only woman in UFC history to hold two titles. She is on an 8-fight winning streak, with 5 of those being title fights. Some of her past wins have been against top stars like Miesha Tate, Ronda Rousey, Valentina Shevchenko and Cris Cyborg. Holly Holm is famous for being the woman to give Ronda Rousey her first MMA defeat at UFC 193 with a brutal head kick. But after this historic victory, she has lost 4 out of her 6 fights, with notable losses to Miesha Tate, Valentina Shevchenko and Cris Cyborg, all of whom were defeated by Amanda Nunes. I believe the only reason Holly Holm got this shot is because she’s arguably the best fighter that Amanda Nunes hasn’t fought yet. For the fight itself, I would be hesitant to just straight away give the victory to Amanda Nunes, as most of her wins have been via KO/TKO, when Holm has never been knocked out in her career. But, I do see Nunes as possibly being the first to do so. And also to counter this, Nunes has 2 submission wins in her last 8 fights. I do expect Holly Holm to try and keep the fight on the feet, as we know how good she is with her head kicks, but that may be dangerous against someone like Nunes and Nunes isn’t bad on the ground either. So to conclude, I’m giving the win to The Lioness.

Prediction: Submission Win (R5) - Amanda Nunes


Jon Jones vs Thiago Santos - UFC Light Heavyweight Championship


Finally, we have reached the main event for UFC 239, this fight is for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship, with Jon “Bones” Jones defending his title against the challenger Thiago “Marreta” Santos. Jon Jones holds a controversial record of 24-1-1NC, with his only loss being a disqualification loss against Matt Hamill, which is still being disputed to this day, and his no contest being a KO win over Daniel Cormier which was overturned due to Jones testing positive for turinabol. Besides this, he’s undefeated. Meanwhile, Thiago Santos holds a record of 21-6. After testing positive for turinabol, he returned to re-capture the vacant UFC Light Heavyweight Championship at UFC 232 against Alexander Gustafsson and went on to successfully defend the title against Anthony Smith at UFC 235. Thiago Santos has won 8 out of his last 9 fights, with notable wins over previous title contender Anthony Smith and Jan Błachowicz who we saw earlier on this card. It would be very bold to root against Jones in this fight, in my opinion, Jon Jones is an unstoppable monster. Funnily enough, the only man who can stop Jon Jones is….himself. But we shouldn’t really rule out Thiago Santos here, he’s won his last 3 fights via KO/TKO, and he’s a pretty intimidating fighter. But come on, it is Jon Jones after all. This man has defeated all he has faced in this division and is constantly being rumoured to move up to heavyweight. I really don’t see Santos coming out with the victory here, although I don’t think he’ll be defeated soundly. 

Prediction: Decision Win - Jon Jones


Thank you for joining me in my analysis of UFC 239. I'm Joh and see you at the fights.

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UFC 239 - Post Show Analysis

Michael Chiesa def. Diego Sanchez - Unanimous Decision

Yay, I got a prediction right! Chiesa with the decision win. As expected, the fight was full of wrestling and grappling. Some say it was boring but I didn't think it was that bad. Chiesa showed a great performance against Sanchez. The size difference between them was very telling during the fight, it's insane how Chiesa was previously a lightweight. Sanchez looked intimidating at the start but soon enough he was scrambling. So yeah, I'm happy I got the prediction right. I hope Chiesa gets a strong opponent next now that he's won all his fights since moving up. Sanchez on the other hand? Who knows, maybe he's done.

Jan Błachowicz def. Luke Rockhold - KO via Punches (1:39 R2)

Oh boy. To be fair, I got most of my prediction right in this one, but I predicted the wrong guy to win. Yes, Jan Błachowicz defeated Luke Rockhold in a shocking KO win in the 2nd round. In the 1st round both fighters were gearing up for more action so they eased into the fight nicely. Rockhold surprisingly tried going for takedowns against Błachowicz who certainly has good ground game, but Rockhold wasn't necessarily successful there. It was looking look the first round would end smoothly until Błachowicz suddenly bursts out in the last few seconds with a punch and head kick (a head kick which Rockhold argued was after the time was over but I'd say it was right on the edge) which definitely changed things up a bit. Then the 2nd round came.....and so did that left hook. I was absolutely flabbergasted when I witnessed that KO, it really came out of nowhere. I had belief in Rockhold to showoff his good striking game here but what I forgot to think about was one of his greatest weaknesses........that CHIN. Absolutely non-existent. All 5 of his losses in his MMA career have been by KO and I really should've been worried about Błachowicz's mean hands. Funnily enough, Rockhold doesn't seem to block left hooks well, as that's also how he lost the UFC Middleweight Championship to Michael Bisping. But yeah, that KO was absolutely brutal. It was so sudden and Rockhold fell right away. He looked like he didn't know where he was afterwards. A great win for Błachowicz, I hope he gets a good opponent in the future, maybe someone like Dominick Reyes. Rockhold? Well, with a broken jaw and another L on his record, I don't know how longer he's gonna be fighting. Even Dana White said it might be time for Rockhold to stop. But you never know, he might still have something in him. Hopefully he gets a favourable fight next.

Jorge Masvidal def. Ben Askren - KO via Flying Knee (0:05 R1)

What else can I say at this point that hasn't already been said by literally everyone? Masvidal defeated Askren with a FLYING KNEE 5 SECONDS INTO THE FIGHT. Our new fastest KO in UFC history. Arguably, the fight was over in 2 seconds. It still feels surreal to me at the moment. Watching it live was an unbelievable experience. I was SHAKING as soon as I saw that knee hit. It's safe to say I got my prediction wrong haha. I predicted Askren to submit Masvidal in round 3 and wow I was wrong. I definitely should've taken into account the animosity between the two of them, it was stupid of me to expect this to just be a stall match. It looked calm in the octagon at first when the fight started and then Masvidal bursts out of his corner. For some reason, Askren ducks his head and boom. Knee right to the head, Askren's out. Personally, I think Askren really needs to stop relying on his wrestling. If he wants to survive in such an exciting and competitive division like welterweight he needs to step up and improve his stand up. Masvidal is obviously in line for a title shot at this point, but he might be contested by names like Colby Covington, Tyron Woodley and Rafael Dos Anjos. It's a tough time for Askren getting his first loss in his MMA career but I do see him coming back eventually, probably against an opponent that's better for him. This fight will go down in MMA history.

Amanda Nunes def. Holly Holm - TKO via Head Kick and Punches (4:10 R1)

Unfortunately I missed this fight due to internet issues during that time, but yeah I got the finish and time wrong but got the victor correct. Amanda Nunes retained her UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship against Holly Holm with a head kick and following punches. Holly Holm got Holly Holm'd. Amanda Nunes is the GOAT. De Randamie or Ladd next in line. End of story.

Jon Jones def. Thiago Santos - Split Decision

Finally we have reached the main event of UFC 239, where Jon Jones successfully retained his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship against Thiago Santos. As I predicted, Jones won by going all 5 rounds with Santos, but wow, I did not expect this fight to be as close as it actually was. In fact, a judge even gave the win to Santos but the other 2 gave it to Jones, thus making it a split decision. This fight has been causing quite a stir in the MMA community because of the controversial result, with many saying Thiago Santos was robbed of the victory and some saying Jones definitely deserved the W. Dana White came out and said Jones dominated the fight and that anyone who said Santos won shouldn't be judging fights. Personally, I thought it was an extremely close bout, with many rounds where it could've been Jones or Santos that won them. In my opinion, I thought Jones won the fight. I gave Santos rounds 1 and 5, but Jones won 2-4 for me, making it 48-47 in favour Jones. It seemed like in the rounds where Santos won that Jones didn't really want to do much in those rounds, in the first round he was just getting comfortable and in the last round he was holding out for that decision. Santos on the other hand just wanted to go all out, no matter what round it was. Jones definitely played it smart by winning the middle rounds. Both fighters came out with leg injuries and you could tell how just by watching the fight, with both of them throwing so many leg kicks. I feel like Santos' injuries hurt his performance most though, he was getting dropped multiple times because of it and was constantly hobbling. Surprisingly, Jones didn't go for many takedowns against a mainly strike-orientated fighter like Santos but I think he just wanted to keep his distance. Anyways, Jones walked out with his title and honestly I think it was the right choice.

Prediction Count: 3/5


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UFC Fight Night 155


Date: July 13th 2019
Venue: Golden 1 Center
City: Sacramento, California

Hello and welcome to MMAnalysis with Joh. Tonight, we’re taking a look at the first show after UFC 239, this being UFC Fight Night 155/UFC on ESPN+ 13/UFC Fight Night: de Randamie vs Ladd/whatever else I’m supposed to call it. On the main card we see the main event, a women’s bantamweight bout between Germaine de Randamie and Aspen Ladd, and the co-main, a men’s bantamweight bout between the returning Urijah Faber and Ricky Simon, plus other names scattered throughout the card. The preliminary fights don’t look that bad, there are some interesting bouts there, but as you know, we only cover the main card of shows on MMAnalysis, so alas, we must miss out on discussing the preliminaries (though I’m excited for Darren Elkins vs Ryan Hall). With all that out of the way, let’s get started, starting off with the first fight of the main card and moving all the way up to the main event. I’ll offer my thoughts and try to predict how the fights will end.

Marvin Vettori vs Cezar Ferreira


In our opening fight, we see a middleweight contest with Marvin Vettori taking on Cezar “Mutante” Ferreira. Marvin Vettori goes into this bout with a 12-4-1 record while Mutante holds a 13-7 record. This is Vettori’s first fight since April 2018, as he was suspended from the UFC for 6 months after testing positive for ostarine. His last fight was a bout against the current UFC Interim Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya, in which he lost in a split decision, which is commendable but maybe the fact he got busted afterwards says something about it. Cezar Ferreira’s last fight was a unanimous decision loss to Ian Heinisch, but he has beaten some big names like Anthony Smith, Thiago Santos and Jack Hermansson. Obviously, both men are desperately in need of a win here, but I see this being quite a boring match-up, as both fighters are submission-orientated. I see this going all 3 rounds.

Prediction: Decision Win - Cezar Ferreira


Karl Roberson vs Wellington Turman


Our next fight sees another middleweight bout, with Karl “Baby K” Roberson squaring off with UFC newcomer Wellington Turman. Roberson is going into this fight with an MMA record of 7-2 and the Brazilian has a record of 15-2. Baby K was signed through Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series 3 and has won 2 out of his last 4 UFC fights. This is Turman’s UFC debut and he’s currently on a 4-fight win streak. I could see this fight going either way, Turman is a great submission specialist, with 7 submission wins to his name, while Roberson is an all-rounder. It’s hard to call, but after a recent loss, I think Roberson is back to prove himself again.

Prediction: TKO Win (R3) - Karl Roberson


Josh Emmett vs Mirsad Bektić


In our third bout of the main card, we have a featherweight fight between Josh Emmett and Mirsad Bektić. Emmett currently holds a record of 14-2 and the Bosnian-American holds a record of 13-1. Emmett’s last fight was a win against Michael Johnson in March while Bektić is on a 2-fight win streak, though his last fight was in June 2018. This bout is also very difficult to predict because both are good fighters with almost perfect records, but for me, I feel like Bektić’s absence is going to cost him here, which is why I’ll give it to Emmett, but it will no doubt be a close contest. Maybe a split decision is in the books?

Prediction: Decision Win - Josh Emmett


Urijah Faber vs Ricky Simon


In our co-main of the evening and our penultimate bout, we have UFC Hall of Famer Urijah “The California Kid” Faber making his UFC return to face Ricky Simon in the bantamweight division. Urijah Faber holds a 34-10 record while Ricky Simon holds a 15-1 record. This is Faber’s comeback fight, after announcing his retirement back in 2016, with his last fight being a unanimous decision win against Brad Pickett. Ricky Simon is currently on an 8-fight undefeated run, with him winning all 3 of his UFC fights. I’d love for Faber to win in his comeback in his hometown of Sacramento but I am not counting out Simon here, with him having 5 KO/TKO wins via punches, so he clearly has heavy hands. Plus with Faber being away for so long, I’m doubting his chances here.

Prediction: TKO Win (R1) - Ricky Simon


Germaine de Randamie vs Aspen Ladd


And now it’s time to take a look at the main event of UFC Fight Night 155. In the main event we see a women’s bantamweight bout with Germaine “The Iron Lady” de Randamie taking on Aspen Ladd. de Randamie holds an MMA record of 8-3 while Aspen holds an 8-0 undefeated record. de Randamie has only fought twice in the past 3 years and both of those were unanimous decision wins, although the first one was a very controversial win over Holly Holm which people argued should’ve been a DQ win for Holm due to strikes after the bell from de Randamie. Aspen Ladd is still undefeated and has won her first 3 fights in the UFC with wins over Tonya Evinger and Sijara Eubanks, and this might be her hardest fight yet. Both are strikers but I feel like de Randamie will try and grinding out the fight over a long period of time, while Ladd will go straight for the TKO. Ladd is a dangerous TKO artist and with de Randamie only getting older, I think Ladd has this in the bag. With this, would she be next in line for Amanda Nunes' UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship?

Prediction: TKO Win (R2) - Aspen Ladd


Thank you for joining me in my analysis of UFC Fight Night 155. I'm Joh and see you at the fights.

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UFC Fight Night 155 - Post Show Analysis

Ryan Hall def. Darren Elkins - Unanimous Decision

Although I didn't predict an outcome for this fight as it was in the middle of the prelims, this was one of the fights I was looking forward to most heading into the show. Ryan Hall is an extremely entertaining grappler and Darren Elkins is probably made of steel. I really enjoyed this fight. Hall's style is probably one of the most unique styles in the UFC, with an exciting kicking game mixed in with his ever-present Imanari Rolls, which he uses to try and take down his opponent and attempt a Heel Hook. Hall attempted MANY spinning wheel kicks in this fight and one of those wheel kicks in the first round hit Elkins clean on the chin. Elkins gets dropped but the referee allows Elkins time to recover as Elkins tries to defend Hall's following onslaught. Hall immediately locks in a tight Guillotine but somehow, some way, Elkins escapes and continues fighting. As I said before, Elkins is as tough as nails. An easy win for Hall in round 1, who also definitely won round 2. I think round 3 is tougher to call since Hall spent most of it trying to avoid Elkins' offense which probably didn't impress the judges. In the end, Hall won with the judges scoring the contest 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27. Very fun fight, I'm excited to see more of Hall.

Marvin Vettori def. Cezar Ferreira - Unanimous Decision

Oh boy, already 1 wrong decision for the main card. Yeah, Marvin Vettori got the easy unanimous decision victory over Mutante with all judges scoring the fight 30-27 in favour of Vettori. A pretty boring fight, not a lot that was noteworthy about either fighters' performances. Vettori was definitely the more dominant and engaged fighter, while Ferreira didn't really do much. Yeah, I'm taking back my words about Vettori. I liked his post-fight interview too. Maybe he is the real deal in the middleweight division, who knows?

Karl Roberson def. Wellington Turman - Split Decision

Another quite boring fight that went to the judges, but this time, one of the judges actually scored the fight in favour of the loser. The fight ended 28-29, 29-28, 29-28, meaning Turman actually won the fight according to one of the judges, but alas, Roberson won the split decision. Personally, I scored the fight 29-28 Roberson, it was close to call but I think Roberson's offense was more effective. I didn't think Turman did badly either, his gameplan was mostly lying on his back and trying to get submissions in from the ground. Didn't really care for this, I don't know how this made it onto the main card. But hey, I got the winner correct.

Josh Emmett def. Mirsad Bektić - TKO via Punches (4:25 R1)

This was another fight I was looking forward to see on this card. Both Emmett and Bektić are very talented featherweight fighters and putting them in the octagon together could only end up resulting in an interesting fight, but I didn't expect such a quick finish. I predicted the fight to go all 3 rounds but it actually ended in the first, when Josh Emmett hit Bektić clean in the face with a jab and finished Bektić on the ground with mean punches. A great performance from Emmett and an unfortunate loss for Bektić. Another prediction right!

Urijah Faber def. Ricky Simon - TKO via Punches (0:46 R1)

Wow I was far off in this prediction. I predicted Simon to get the easy TKO win in the first round but as it turns out, I picked the wrong fighter to do so. The hometown fighter Urijah Faber came back to the octagon in quick fashion by finishing his opponent Ricky Simon in merely 46 seconds (Faber had a great walkout too). Faber dropped Simon with a swinging right overhand (which he learned from our Chinese boy Song Yadong) and continued with hammerfists until the referee stopped the fight. At first I thought the stoppage was early but now that I have a second thought, Simon was in no position to recover and Faber's offense was simply too powerful, so the stoppage was fair. Faber called out current UFC Flyweight and Bantamweight Champion Henry Cejudo after the fight and I wouldn't mind seeing that fight for the UFC Bantamweight Championship.

Germaine de Randamie def. Aspen Ladd - TKO via Punch (0:16 R1)

Aaaaaand another prediction I got ABSOLUTELY wrong. Instead of a R2 Aspen Ladd TKO, Germaine de Randamie goes in and TKOs Aspen Ladd with a punch in 16 seconds. I was just left in awe when I saw this finish, as I was so hyped and was really looking forward to see what Aspen Ladd had to offer. Now, the stoppage, was it early or was it completely fair? Personally, when I first saw the stoppage, I thought it was incredibly early, I mean, at first sight, a stoppage after 1 punch HAS to be early right? But I thought more about it afterwards and I'm starting to doubt my thoughts more. I first thought about Aspen Ladd's horrendous weight cut. At the weight-ins she looked horrible, completely dehydrated and constantly shaking, while de Randamie looked perfectly fine and confident. In the future, she needs to fix her weight cutting process, because that was scary and it might have had an effect on her ability to take a punch. Secondly, I thought about simply how dangerous de Randamie's striking is. Even if the fight was stopped early, de Randamie would have pounced on Ladd and made the damage even worse, so it was safer to stop the fight, taking into account Ladd's weight cut. So yeah, I'm just a bit ambivalent on the matter. Anyways, that's a massive win for the Iron Lady, who might be in title contention zone now. I'm sure Aspen Ladd can recover, she's still got it.

Prediction Count: 2/5


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UFC on ESPN 4.jpg

Date: July 20th 2019
Venue: AT&T Center
City: San Antonio, Texas

Hello and welcome to MMAnalysis with Joh. It's time to take a look at the upcoming show happening this weekend. This is UFC on ESPN 4/UFC on ESPN: dos Anjos vs Edwards. On the main card, we have the main event featuring Rafael dos Anjos and Leon Edwards in the welterweight division, and the co-main, a heavyweight bout between Aleksei Oleinik and Walt Harris. The preliminary fights don't look very interesting on this card, but we weren't going to be talking about them anyways. I do think the main card is pretty good though. Let's take a look at the main card of UFC on ESPN 4 now. I'll offer my thoughts and try to predict how the fight turns out.

Andrei Arlovski vs Ben Rothwell


In our first fight of the main card, we have a heavyweight match-up, with Andrei "The Pitbull" Arlovski taking on "Big" Ben Rothwell. The Pitbull goes into this fight with an MMA record of 27-18-2NC while Rothwell holds a 36-11 record. Andrei Arlovski is a former UFC Heavyweight Champion, but that was over a decade ago now. He is without a win in the UFC in his last 4 fights, with his last loss coming against Augusto Sakai in April. Arlovski is also a really prolific fighter, fighting 8 times since the start of 2017. Rothwell only returned to fighting again in March, after serving a 2 year suspension from USADA for failing a drug test. In his return fight he lost to top 15 heavyweight fighter Blagoy Ivanov. Clearly, both of these fighters are in need of a win. Both of them are reaching the latter years of their careers, with Arlovski being 40 and Rothwell being 37. Fun fact: these two have faced off before, with Arlovski getting the win. With Arlovski without a win his last 4 fights, it's clear that he's past it at this point, even though his opponents haven't been bad at all. I still feel like Rothwell has something still in him. With Arlovski's last 7 FIGHTS going to a decision, and Rothwell having a good jiu jitsu game, I think this won't be a stellar fight to say the least. I'm going with Big Ben here.

Prediction: Submission Win (R3) - Ben Rothwell


Alexander Hernandez vs Francisco Trinaldo


In the second bout, we see Alexander "The Great" Hernandez and Francisco "Massaranduba" Trinaldo squaring off in the lightweight division. Hernandez currently holds a record of 10-2 while Trinaldo holds a 23-6 record. This is Hernandez's first fight since suffering his first UFC loss against Donald Cerrone back in January. Before that, he had won his last 8 fights, with his previous 2 wins being over Beneil Dariush and Olivier Aubin-Mercier. Trinaldo hasn't fought since September 2018, with his last fight being a win over Evan Dunham. Hernandez was originally supposed to fight Trinaldo at UFC 233 but Hernandez pulled out in favour of the Cerrone fight. I personally think this is an interesting match-up, with the age difference between these two being over a decade. Hernandez is still a young exciting fighter and I feel like this fight with Trinaldo could help him get back in track. Plus Hernandez is the hometown guy in this fight.

Prediction: Decision Win - Alexander Hernandez


James Vick vs Dan Hooker


In the next fight, James "The Texecutioner" Vick takes on Dan "The Hangman" Hooker in a fight in the lightweight division. The Texecutioner goes in this bout with an MMA record of 13-3 while Hooker holds a record of 17-8. James Vick is currently on a 2 fight losing streak, with him losing to both Justin Gaethje and Paul Felder. Hooker was on a good run of wins before losing to Edson Barboza, who defeated Hooker in dominating fashion back in December. A win for either of these guys would come in handy for them so they can go back to winning ways. I'm excited for this one as they've both proven to have knockout power but can also root for a submission victory if needs be. I'm expecting this fight to be quite hectic. It'll be a close fight, and I think it's going all the way to the judges.

Prediction: Decision Win - James Vick


Greg Hardy vs Juan Adams


Next up, we have a heavyweight fight with Greg "The Prince of War" Hardy facing Juan "The Kraken" Adams. The domestic abser heads into this fight with an MMA record of 4-1 while Adams currently holds a record of 5-1. Hardy is coming off a win against Dmitry Smolyakov in April and is undefeated with the exception of a DQ loss to Allen Crowder due to an illegal knee, which gives him his sole loss. Juan Adams is coming off a decision loss to Arjan Singh Bullar in May but had previously won all his fights before that. As many people are noting about Greg Hardy, it seems like the UFC are giving Hardy these relatively unproven names and putting these fights late on cards in order to make Hardy look good, and that looks to be the case here again. But I do feel like this is Hardy's toughest fight yet. I expect this to be an entertaining fight, though it could still just be a bore. Both these guys have won all their fights by KO/TKO, so I don't think this will go on very long. Adams will probably have the Texas crowd on his side, as he's from Houston, but I don't know if that'll be enough for him to get the job done.

Prediction: TKO Win (R2) - Greg Hardy


Aleksei Oleinik vs Walt Harris


In our co-main of the evening, we see Aleksei "The Boa Constrictor" Oleinik taking on Walt "The Big Ticket" Harris in a heavyweight fight. Oleinik goes into this bout with an MMA record of 57-12-1 and Harris has a record of 12-7-1NC. Oleinik's last fight was against Alistair Overeem in April, with him losing to Overeem in the first round via TKO. Oleinik has an outstanding record and has wins over Mark Hunt, Travis Browne and Mirko Cro Cop in the last 6 years. Walt Harris is coming off a win over Sergey Spivak in May, which was his first fight after a 4 month suspension from CSAC, after taking a tainted supplement. This fight is such a mix of different styles, which you can tell just by looking at their records. Oleinik is an expert submission specialist, with 45 submission wins to his name, while Harris has won all of his fights by KO/TKO, so this should be pretty interesting. I feel like if Oleinik can avoid Harris' heavy hands and quickness, he can easily take him down and finish him off, and Harris needs to be aware of Oleinik's dangerous submission game and try to avoid those takedowns. For me, I think Oleinik's experience is gonna be the deciding factor here.

Prediction: Submission Win (R1) - Aleksei Oleinik


Rafael dos Anjos vs Leon Edwards


We have reached our main event of UFC on ESPN 4. In this main event, we have a welterweight bout putting Rafael dos Anjos against Leon "Rocky" Edwards. RDA is going into this fight with an MMA record of 29-11 while Edwards holds a record of 17-3. dos Anjos is a former UFC Lightweight Champion but he has lost 2 of his last 4 fights in the UFC, with his last fight being a submission win over Kevin Lee in May. Leon Edwards is currently riding a 7 fight winning streak, with recent wins over Gunnar Nelson and Donald Cerrone. I feel like this might be the hardest fight to predict on this card, as dos Anjos has always been an excellent fighter but has faced some tough opposition in his losses like Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington, while Edwards is an exciting fighter who is going through everyone in the division. I expect this fight to be long and dragged on. Both men are good grapplers and I could see there being a lot of clinch work in this match-up. But with the fact dos Anjos normally goes to the end and Edwards' 2 UFC losses were as a result of a decision, I'm going for RDA.

Prediction: Decision Win - Rafael dos Anjos


Thank you for joining me in my analysis of UFC on ESPN 4. I'm Joh and see you at the fights.

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UFC on ESPN 4 - Post Show Analysis

The Prelims

Rather than showcasing 1 fight from the preliminary fights I'm just gonna talk about the prelims in general and what I thought of them. Unfortunately, we didn't get a single knockout or submission win in the prelims, just decisions. I thought Colares vs Pilarte was alright enough, just a fine grappling and wrestling fight. Lots of interesting takedowns and reversals from the two. I had heard some hype about Pilarte heading into the fight since he's from Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series but in the end he lost via split decision to Colares. Colares was pretty funny in the last minute of the fight, just making faces towards the camera and shaking his head while on the ground, he seems like an entertaining character. Personally I thought Bautista vs Son was easily FOTN. Both these guys just absolutely battered each other. This was the word 'concussion' summed up in a fight. I've gotta give it up for Jin Soo Son, that man has an iron chin, he took so many punches and elbows to the head but never backed down. Absorbing punches doesn't give you the win though, and Bautista got the unanimous decision win. I'm very glad they got the FOTN bonus. Borg vs Silva was pretty boring but it was nice to see Ray Borg get a win, considering his story in the past year or so. His post-fight interview was also amazing. Maia vs Modafferi, I didn't really care that much. Maia got the unanimous win while being 3lbs overweight so maybe that's got something to do with it, I don't know. I missed the next two fights, where Klidson Abreu beat Sam Alvey by unanimous decision and Raquel Pennington beat Irene Aldana by split decision. Then we got to the last fight of the prelims, Alex Caceres vs Steven Peterson. I also didn't really care for this one, but Caceres got the W via unanimous decision to make his record seem more acceptable. I feel like Peterson might get cut, he's lost 3/4 of his UFC fights. Unlucky for him.

Andrei Arlovski def. Ben Rothwell - Unanimous Decision

Now we reach the main card and I've already gotten a prediction wrong. I predicted a submission win for Rothwell in round 3 but the fight went all 3 rounds with all judges giving the win to Arlovski, and he sure did deserve it. I was really impressed by Arlovski in this fight. He was way quicker than I thought he would be and he threw really good strikes, but he might only look good because he was fighting against Ben Rothwell, who honestly just looked drunk. Both guys were soooo gassed around the time of the third round so they ended up in the clinch near the cage at the end. Yeah, I got this one wrong, Arlovski still has it in him. Rothwell is going on a downhill slope right now.

Alexander Hernandez def. Francisco Trinaldo - Unanimous Decision

Now we get onto a controversial one, but a prediction I got spot on! Hernandez wins via unanimous decision with the judges scoring it 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28. Oh boy, this decision is causing a riot in the MMA community at the moment, who are saying Trinaldo was definitely robbed of the victory. Personally, I'm really ambivalent on this issue. I could have seen either of these guys winning the fight if I'm being honest. This bout really disappointed me, I was excited for this one but all it turned out to be was a nothing fight with mainly cage circling and the occasional strikes in there. Hernandez did try to takedown Trinaldo but Trinaldo was having NONE of it. Yeah, I wasn't really impressed by either of their performances, and I wouldn't have minded either of them winning. I think 2 of the judges scoring it 30-27 is ridiculous though, Trinaldo definitely could have been the winner of round 2 or 3. After seeing that fight, I still don't think Hernandez is ready to face other top 15 contenders yet since he just scraped a victory over a non-ranked guy. I'd give him a strong non-ranked fighter like Drakkar Klose for example, who was supposed to fight recently but Beneil Dariush pulled out due to injury. Trinaldo is obviously upset about the loss and I still think he's still got a few more years left until he's done, he's good for 40 years old.

Dan Hooker def. James Vick - KO via Punches (2:33 R1)

Ahhh finally, after 9 consecutive decision finishes, we have a knockout! And what a spectacular knockout it was. Hooker knocks out Vick in the very first round, unfortunately leaving me with another incorrect prediction. To be honest, this was the prediction I was most regretting after I posted the analysis. I was regretting it STRAIGHT AFTER I finished the post and then I saw Vick at the weigh-ins and that put the nail in the coffin for me. He looked like he was straight out of Area 51 with the way his arms looked. The weight cut probably had a big impact on his performance, especially his chin. I've got to say, that knockout was amazing. Hooker faked going for the right hand jab then ducks, ultimately deceiving Vick who drops his right hand guard, leaving his head open for a brutal left hook from the Hangman which drops Vick straight to the canvas. Hooker then follows it up with 3 brutal punches on the ground (even though Vick was definitely out after the first) before the ref stops the fight, it reminded me of how Jorge Masvidal knocked out Darren Till a few months back. After seeing this, I have no doubt when I say Vick should be fighting at welterweight, that weight cut drastically affected him and it's not good for him in the long run. Hooker gets a great win and hopefully gets a good opponent next, which should be on the same card as Whittaker vs Adesanya.

Greg Hardy def. Juan Adams - TKO via Punches (R1 0:45)

Here we go with the next fight, Greg Hardy stopping Juan Adams in just 45 seconds into the first round. I predicted Hardy in the second but hey, I was close enough and I got the fighter right so I'm taking it. I said in my preview that Juan Adams would be Greg Hardy's toughest fight yet, but I'm pretty sure I was wrong after seeing them square off. It turns out he's just like Greg Hardy's other opponents, absolute bums. To recap the fight, it starts and Adams actually doesn't look that bad with his striking, he made Hardy panic a bit.............then he went for the takedown. He shoots for the single leg and Hardy defends it nicely, but Adams doesn't let go and gives Hardy an opening to just bash his fist into Adams' skull? Adams literally doesn't let go of this single leg and Hardy wails on him with hammerfists to the side of the head until the referee has to come in and stop the fight. I definitely did not expect the fight to go like this, I don't think anyone expected Adams to do something as silly as that. Hardy walks off in celebration as Adams throws a hissy fit in the cage before walking out in frustration and throwing his mouthguard, disgraceful behaviour on his part. But yeah, another W for the Prince of War. I don't think Greg Hardy is finally gonna get a top 15 fighter until next year, I see him having 1 or 2 more fights to round out the year. Adams? Cut him, please.

Walt Harris def. Aleksei Oleinik - KO via Punch (R1 0:12)

Ohhhhhhh my god. I definitely got this prediction wrong haha. Walt Harris knocks out Aleksei Oleinik in 12 SECONDS, the 3rd fastest knockout in UFC heavyweight history. I never thought this would happen to someone with the experience of Oleinik but wow I have to give it up for Walt Harris, that man is a beast. He came out a sudden flash of punches, he backed off and BOOM, he comes at Oleinik with a flying knee to the body which catches Oleinik off guard and then Harris follows that up with a clean left hand to the side of the head and crumples Oleinik. Oleinik also landed nastily on his ankle and had to be carried out of the octagon by his corner crew. This is what I said in my analysis before the show, Oleinik was gonna be in big trouble if he didn't avoid Harris' quick offense and tried getting the fight on the ground and look what happened. To be fair I expected Oleinik to do that but STILL, I got some bit of my analysis correct. In all seriousness, that's a huge win for Harris over a top 10 fighter, I could see big things for the Big Ticket in the future. I'm really worrying about Oleinik though. It's sad to see how these past 2 fights might tarnish his legacy as a brilliant submission artist. Maybe it's time for him to hang them up or have his last few fights, because if he keeps continuing he's just gonna keep getting starched.

Leon Edwards def. Rafael dos Anjos - Unanimous Decision

We have reached the main event of the evening, Leon Edwards vs Rafael dos Anjos, where both men went all 5 rounds and Edwards ended up with the victory with the judges scoring the contest 50-45, 49-46 and 49-46. Yay, another incorrect prediction for me. Edwards was consistently great in this fight, he had great composure, striking, accuracy, clinch game, he had everything and I was really impressed by his performance, especially doing all of this against someone like RDA who is no slouch. The fight had a slow start but the rest of the fight mainly consisted of striking and clinches up against the cage. Everything was going swell until round 2 and OH MY GOD RDA'S EYELID HAS BEEN SPLIT OPEN AND BLOOD IS FLOWING OUT OF IT. It looked so nasty. His corner tried stitching it up but every round it just kept bleeding and bleeding, leaving a side of dos Anjos' face full of blood. I feel like that was sort of the moment where we knew Edwards had this win in the bag, the damage was done at that point. I remember dos Anjos going for a flying knee in round 4 but Edwards did well to defend it and drop RDA to the mat. Other than that, I thought it was just a standard fight. I thought Edwards won all 5 rounds but I can see where the judges are coming from when they give round 5 to dos Anjos. Big win for Edwards, he called out the 'little weasel' Jorge Masvidal after the fight but I doubt we're getting that fight since Masvidal seems to be riding that hype train all the way to a welterweight title shot. Edwards has to be a top contender now though with his current win streak. I feel like dos Anjos looks small at 170, I don't really know where he goes from here, it's a weird situation.

Prediction Count: 2/6

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UFC Prospects + Winning Streaks - Part 1

Hello everyone and welcome back to MMAnalysis with Joh. Now, we are currently midway through the week, and with there being no PPV until Saturday, I thought I would mix up my content a bit and do something different.

Basically, in this analysis, I'm going to be taking a look at some of the UFC's current rising stars. I'm going to take a look at fighters who are currently on winning streaks of 5 fights or more. Also, so that the list is strictly for prospects, I'm not going to include top 10 fighters, just fighters ranked lower or not ranked at all.

I'm gonna go through every division in the UFC and showcase 1 fighter who is currently on this kind of winning streak. Starting off with:

Flyweight - Askar Askarov - 10 Fight Win Streak

Image result for askar askarov

First we take a look at the lightest division in men's UFC, the flyweight division. I'm kind of cheating here but there weren't many other fighters I could've picked. My flyweight is Askar "Bullet" Askarov, a Russian fighter who is currently on a 10 fight winning streak. This guy hasn't fought in the UFC but he has been signed and is expected to fight in September against Brandon Moreno in Mexico City. Until now, Askarov had mainly competed in Absolute Championship Akhmat in Russia, where he held their Flyweight Championship. He's currently undefeated with an MMA record of 10-0, with none of his fights going to a decision. He has 7 submission wins and 3 knockouts. He's a versatile submission specialist and with the state of the flyweight division at the moment, he could shake things up.

Bantamweight - Song Yadong - 7 Fight Win Streak

Image result for song yadong

Next up we're taking a look at the bantamweight division which looks pretty good right now. I did have a selection of fighters to pick from, I could have gone with either Said Nurmagomedov or Kai Kara France but in the end I went with Team Alpha Male rising star Song Yadong. Song Yadong has a record of 14-3-2NC. The Chinese fighter is currently on a 7 fight win streak and is undefeated in the UFC, with his last win being a beautiful KO victory over Alejandro Pérez at UFC 239 in just 2 minutes. With that win he is now ranked 13th in the UFC bantamweight rankings and can only be going up from here if he gets more impressive and convincing wins. He also has Urijah Faber in his corner so that has to be a plus.

Featherweight - Arnold Allen - 8 Fight Win Streak

Image result for arnold allen

Moving onto the featherweight division, another stacked division, I could have gone with the undefeated Kron Gracie who is expected to face Cub Swanson soon, but I went with someone who is currently on a bigger streak, and that is England's own Arnold "Almighty" Allen. Allen holds an MMA record of 15-1 as of now and his methods of winning are quite even, with him winning having 5 KO wins, 4 submission wins and 6 decision wins. Allen has most recently faced off against Gilbert Melendez at UFC 239 (same event as Song Yadong) and got the unanimous decision victory. If he starts fights at a consistent rate he could rack up a lot of wins and make his case for the top 5 of the division.

Lightweight - Gregor Gillespie - 13 Fight Win Streak

Image result for gregor gillespie

Arguably the most exciting and loaded division in the UFC right now along with welterweight, next up is the lightweights. I had two Russian options for this spot, as Islam Makhachev and Mairbek Taisumov are currently on good winning streaks themselves, but I had to give this spot to Gregor "The Gift" Gillespie. The Gift is currently undefeated in his MMA career with a record of 13-0. Gillespie has finished 11 out of his 13 professional fights without the need for a judges' decision, with 6 KO victories and 5 submission ones to his name. At the moment, he is ranked #12 in the UFC lightweight rankings. He last fought in January in a TKO win over Yancy Medeiros and it's a matter of time before he gets back to his winning ways in the octagon.


Coming Soon:
MMAnalysis - UFC 240
UFC Prospects + Winning Streaks - Part 2 (Welterweight, Middleweight, Light Heavyweight, Heavyweight)

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UFC 240

UFC 240 Poster.jpg

Date: July 27th 2019
Venue: Rogers Place
City: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Hello and welcome to MMAnalysis with Joh. It's time to take a look at the next PPV in the UFC schedule coming up this weekend, UFC 240. On the main card, we have a bout for the UFC Featherweight Championship with the reigning champion Max Holloway taking on the challenger Frankie Edgar. Also on the card, we have the co-main event, a women's featherweight fight between the former UFC Women's Featherweight Champion Cris Cyborg and the undefeated Canadian Felicia Spencer. To be completely honest, I think this is a really weak card. As I've said many times to people: without the main event, this would look like a solid Fight Night card. The main two fights are good but the rest of the card just looks really uninteresting, including the prelims. But alas, we must continue. Let's take a look at the main card of UFC 240. I'll offer my thoughts and attempt to predict the outcomes.

Marc-André Barriault vs Krzysztof Jotko


The opening fight of the UFC 240 main card is a middleweight contest between Marc-André "Power Bar" Barriault and Krzysztof Jotko. Barriault heads into this bout with an MMA record of 11-2 while Jotko goes into it with a record of 20-4. Marc-André Barriault is coming off a loss to Andrew Sanchez back in May via unanimous decision in his UFC debut, but before that fight he was on an 8 fight win streak. Krzysztof Jotko went on a 3 fight losing streak starting in 2017, where he lost to David Branch, Uriah Hall and Brad Tavares consecutively, but he managed to get back to winning ways against Alen Amedovski in April with a dominating unanimous decision victory. I don't really know what to expect from this fight, I could see it being a full-on boxing fight but I could also see it being a grueling wrestling fight. Despite not being able to show it off in his last fight, Barriault is a knockout machine, with 8/11 of his wins being via KO/TKO. Jotko on the other hand isn't bad in the striking department either, with 6 KO/TKO wins to his name, but nowadays he is more of a fighter who goes for a decision. Overall, I think Barriault could definitely surprise Jotko on the feet and get some good offense in but I'm not convinced by Barriault's ground game, where Jotko thrived in his last fight. Jotko loves taking down his opponent and getting them into a long and difficult side control position and keeping them there. I think I'm gonna go with experience, which is why I'm going with Jotko, but don't count out the Canadian fighting in his home country here.

Prediction: Decision Win - Krzysztof Jotko


Olivier Aubin-Mercier vs Arman Tsarukyan


Next up we have a lightweight bout, with Olivier "The Canadian Gangster" Aubin-Mercier taking on Arman Tsarukyan. The Canadian Gangster goes into this fight with an 11-4 record while Tsarukyan holds a 13-2 record. Olivier Aubin-Mercier has unfortunately lost his last 2 fights, losing to Alexander Hernandez last July and losing to Gilbert Burns in December. Arman Tsarukyan lost his UFC debut to Islam Makhachev in April but prior to that he won his last 12 fights. This is an interesting fight, Aubin-Mercier's signature finish is normally a submission win with a rear naked choke, but the last time he got to win with it was back in 2016. He is definitely more ground-orientated. Tsarukyan is a good wrestler which he showed in his exciting fight with Makhachev (who is a great prospect himself) but is also good on the feet, he has the same amount of KO/TKO wins and submission wins with 5 each. I feel like this fight could be fun. My pick? Aubin-Mercier is on a rough skid of losses and I feel like a loss to a rising star like Tsarukyan is in his future. Plus with Aubin-Mercier nearly being finished in his last fight against Gilbert Burns, I don't see him faring well against a quick unpredictable fighter like Tsarukyan.

Prediction: TKO Win (R2) - Arman Tsarukyan


Geoff Neal vs Niko Price


In our 3rd fight of the main card, we see Geoff "Handz of Steel" Neal squaring off with Niko "The Hybrid" Price in a welterweight bout. Geoff Neal goes into this fight with an MMA record of 11-2 and The Hybrid holds an MMA record of 13-2-1NC. Geoff Neal is currently undefeated in the UFC, winning all 3 of his fights so far, and is on a 5 fight win streak overall. His last fight was a unanimous decision win over Belal Muhammad in January and prior to that bout he defeated Frank Camacho with a brutal head kick. Niko Price isn't on a winning streak like his opponent but he's been a pretty exciting fighter with great knockout ability. His last fight was a KO win over Tim Means in March and was the performer of one of the most unique KOs I've ever seen in the UFC against Randy Brown (if you haven't seen it check it out). This fight is arguably the hardest on to call out of all the fighters, merely due to both of these guys being excellent knockout artists. Neal is nicknamed "Handz of Steel" for a reason, as he has 6 KO/TKO wins while Niko Price has 9. Out of their combined 29 fights, only 4 of them have ended by decision, so I don't expect this fight to go all 3 rounds. If I'm gonna go with someone to win by KO/TKO, I think I'm gonna go with Price. Neal is fast and dangerous with his striking but I feel like Price will catch him with something good. This will be absolute mayhem.

Prediction: KO Win (R3) - Niko Price


Cris Cyborg vs Felicia Spencer


Next up is the co-main event of the evening, which is a women's featherweight bout between Cris Cyborg and Felicia "Feenom" Spencer. Cyborg goes into this fight with a 20-2-1NC record while Spencer's MMA record is 7-0. Prior to facing Amanda Nunes, Cris Cyborg was on a 20 fight win streak, with her only MMA loss being in her debut fight. But then, she squared off with Amanda Nunes for the UFC Women's Featherweight Championship in December and got knocked out in one minute, losing her first fight since 2005 and losing her UFC Women's Featherweight Championship. Felicia Spencer is still undefeated in her MMA career, winning all 6 of her fights in Invicta and winning her debut UFC fight against Megan Anderson in May. Now, she has earned herself a fight against one of the GOATs of women's mixed martial arts. Personally, I think this might be a bit of a mismatch, because wowww, giving Felicia Spencer CRIS CYBORG in her second UFC fight? That's crazy but fair play to Spencer for accepting the fight, she's here to prove the doubters wrong and I respect that. However, I just don't favour her chances here. A big weapon in Spencer's game is the rear naked choke which she's used to finish off her last 3 opponents but I don't see her being able to get Cyborg in a position to try and attempt that. Plus Cyborg is an absolute machine with her knockouts, with 17 knockout wins out of her 20 MMA victories. I'm not keen on Spencer's striking game, she doesn't seem very dangerous on the feet. But hey, Spencer has overcome obstacles before, she beat a woman who had a 6 inch height advantage in her last fight, she might be able to surprise the world and give Cyborg her second consecutive loss. For me, I don't see it happening.

Prediction: TKO Win (R1) - Cris Cyborg


Max Holloway vs Frankie Edgar - UFC Featherweight Championship

Related image

We have reached the main event and final fight of UFC 240. This fight is for the UFC Featherweight Championship and it sees the champion Max "Blessed" Holloway defending his championship against the challenger Frankie "The Answer" Edgar. Holloway was on 13 fight win streak which started in 2014 and featured wins over Anthony Pettis, Brian Ortega and 2 wins over former champion Jose Aldo, but that streak was broken when Max Holloway moved up to lightweight and fought Dustin Poirier for the UFC Interim Lightweight Championship in April, a fight which Poirier won by unanimous decision. However, Holloway still holds onto his own title and still hasn't lost a fight in the featherweight division since facing Conor McGregor in 2013. Frankie Edgar is a former UFC Lightweight Champion and his last fight was a unanimous decision victory over Cub Swanson back in April 2018. Edgar has notable wins against Urijah Faber, Chad Mendes and Jeremy Stephens in the last 4 years. Ahh, it feels nice taking a look at a title fight again. It feels like it's been so long since I did but it was only at UFC 239. Anyways, back to the fight at hand. I honestly have no idea how Frankie Edgar has gotten this fight. As I said, his last fight was in April 2018, against a fighter who isn't even ranked anymore, and he has lost to people Holloway has beaten, but I guess it's due to scheduling problems at featherweight and most of the top ranked fighters being occupied with other stuff. As for the fight itself, it's pretty hard not to root for Holloway in this one. He did lose his last fight but I believe it was due to him just being quite small for lightweight, I feel like he's more suited to featherweight. Holloway is very dangerous on the feet as he's shown against Brian Ortega in his last title defense and he has good takedown defense, which is going to be a problem for Edgar. If Edgar does manage to get Holloway to the ground he's gonna have to hope Holloway stays there if he wants a chance. But overall, I'm thinking Holloway is gonna retain.

Prediction: Decision Win - Max Holloway


Thank you for joining me in my analysis of UFC 240. I'm Joh and see you at the fights.

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I don't know something just doesn't click for me with this card so I'm not sure if I'll give it a watch from top to bottom. Holloway and Edgar just isn't really a high-profile match for me but seeing Cyborg fight is always fun. Loving what you are doing here Joh keep it up!

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11 hours ago, BiC said:

Brilliant lookout on this card Joh, this entire thread is lookin hot as ever. My predictions for the fights are Holloway, Cris C*ntborg, Niko Price, Mercier, and Jotko



8 hours ago, Julius said:

I don't know something just doesn't click for me with this card so I'm not sure if I'll give it a watch from top to bottom. Holloway and Edgar just isn't really a high-profile match for me but seeing Cyborg fight is always fun. Loving what you are doing here Joh keep it up!

Thank you both! And yeah Julius I totally get where you're coming from. It's not a very enticing card and the main event isn't that strong. UFC 241 is going to be great though. 

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UFC 240 - Post Show Analysis

The Prelims

Hey, I managed to catch all the prelims this time! Opener was Erik Koch vs Kyle Stewart. This was a pretty boring fight, mostly consisting of wrestling against the cage. I thought Stewart won the first round as he got a big strike which hit Koch clean but the rest of the fight was with Koch in control, which ended up with him being the victor. Good welterweight debut for Koch. Gillian Robertson vs Sarah Frota was weird but interesting. First round featured a ton of ground game, with Frota showing off some fine jiu jitsu from the bottom to keep Robertson in place. Some of the positions they were in on the ground were.....questionable but it was pretty fun to watch. Second round looked pretty similar until Robertson gained more control from the top and started striking more effectively, eventually finishing the fight with elbows for the TKO win. Then moving on from the early prelims to the main preliminary card, we got our Fight of the Night, with Deiveson Figueiredo and Alexandre Pantoja facing off in the flyweight division. Really entertaining fight, both guys gave it their all and made the fight exciting, and Figueiredo got the deserved unanimous decision victory. I don't remember a lot about Gavin Tucker vs Seung Woo Choi, I just remember Tucker doing well in the clinch. He finished the fight with a rear naked choke submission win in the 3rd round. Hakeem Dawodu vs Yoshinori Horie was absolute mayhem, Horie did well in the first round but from then on, Dawodu dominayed. Dawodu battered Horie in all honesty. Dawodu ended the fight with a vicious combo of a knee to the body and a head kick which made the referee stop the fight. Great performance from him. We reach the final fight of the prelims with Viviane Araújo and Alexis Davis. I wasn't really interested in this one but liked Araújo's performance, she won by unanimous decision. Not a very great preliminary card.

Krzysztof Jotko def. Marc-André Barriault - Split Decision

Kicking off the main card with a correct prediction from me, good stuff. Jotko won against Barriault in Barriault's home country by split decision with the judges scoring it 29-28, 29-28 and a 28-29 win for Barriault from one judge. I can definitely see why one of the judges gave the win to Barriault because wow that was quite a tough fight to call. The fight as a whole was weird, just a lot of cage work and some striking in there too. Jotko's main gameplan seemed to be having control of the cage and keeping Barriault there to tire him out. Also whenever they were off the cage Jotko always went for those knees to the head, most were blocked by Barriault but they at least helped Jotko rather than helping Barriault. Barriault on the other hand was all about keeping it on the cage and delivering good elbows to Jotko and he did hit a few clean elbows which looked nice. Both guys performed good takedowns in the first round (one of them being Jotko basically being dropped on his neck) then the rest was just a bore. Neither of them could get the other to the ground so it resulted in long segments against the cage. I said in my preview that Jotko would be dangerous on the ground but he didn't get to show that in this fight. Overall, it was a weird fight but I agree with the decision and I'm happy with the correct prediction.

Arman Tsarukyan def. Olivier Aubin-Mercier - Unanimous Decision

Another correct prediction! Arman Tsarukyan got the win over the Canadian Gangster via unanimous decision with all the judges scoring it 29-28. I predicted Tsarukyan to TKO Aubin-Mercier in the 2nd but yeah I think I went a bit overboard there. In our second decision win of the main card, I saw a lot of what I expected to see, Tsarukyan constantly catching kicks and going for the takedown and Aubin-Mercier trying to go to the cage to try and avoid it. I thought Tsarukyan's takedowns were very well done, how he would just catch those kicks so easily and leave OAM hopping on one feet before trying to trip him up. They might not have gotten OAM on the ground but they gave Tsarukyan the control on the cage. Tsarukyan won the first round by keeping control of Aubin-Mercier's back against the cage but in the 2nd round Aubin-Mercier rocked Tsarukyan with a big knee to the head as Tsarukyan went for a takedown. That knee definitely awarded the second round to the Canadian. But in the third round they ended up on the ground and Tsarukyan stayed on top for the rest of the round, doing some good ground and pound while OAM tried going for elbows to the cranium. In the end, Tsarukyan got the win. That's a good win for him, I don't think Tsarukyan was at his best but it's still a win over a tough opponent like Aubin-Mercier. I think Tsarukyan has to be in contention for top 15 in lightweight now, by putting on a stellar fight against Islam Makhachev and beating a formerly ranked fighter, he should be getting there in no time.

Geoff Neal def. Niko Price - TKO via Punches (2:39 R2)

In what was unfortunately my only incorrect prediction of the main card, Geoff Neal extended his win streak with a big win over Niko Price. I went with Price to win this via KO in the third round but the fight didn't go that far as Neal finished it in the second. I really enjoyed this fight, it was what I was expecting from these two, just an all-out brawl that went back and forth. The crowd was loving it too. First round was very even in my opinion, Neal got some good takedowns but Price knocked him down in what looked to be a clash of heads and did some ground and pound. I would like to give it to Neal for the takedowns though. They came out all guns blazing in the second round, just going in there to batter each other. Then Neal went for a takedown but Price tried going for a guillotine and ultimately giving Neal the top. Price couldn't get the submission and then Neal just battered him with punches before the referee stopped the fight. I thought it was an exciting fight and I wish it lasted longer, but that's a great win for Neal. He's definitely in line for a fight against a top 15 guy next. I still like Price but he still has a long way to go before getting to that level himself.

Cris Cyborg def. Felicia Spencer - Unanimous Decision

I'm back to getting my predictions right but I got the result completely wrong. I predicted Cyborg to win by TKO in the very first round but wow I was wrong. These two went all 3 rounds and went to the judges' scorecards, who all scored the contest 30-27 in favour of Cyborg. Now, I've got to give it up for Felicia Spencer here. I said not to count her out and boy I was right. That girl was eating punches throughout the entire bout and didn't get knocked down once. Of course, she wasn't able to do significant damage against someone as tough as Cyborg but she put in a good effort. What I noticed a lot in her gameplan was going for a 'superman elbow' of some sorts, springing off one of her feet and going for the elbow to the head. She tried it multiple times and one of them even cut Cyborg's forehead, leaving a nasty scar. But Cyborg just showed in this fight that she still has it in her after the tragic loss to Nunes. Cyborg was swinging so dangerously on the feet and going all in on Spencer in every round. I thought her takedown defence was great too, I knew it was going to be difficult for Spencer to get Cyborg to the ground and Cyborg held herself nicely. Even when they briefly got to the ground, Cyborg had the top control. It was a good performance from Cyborg, who really wants that rematch against Nunes for the UFC Women's Featherweight Championship which Nunes also seems to want. The only thing getting in the way of that fight coming to reality is Cyborg's relationship with the UFC and Dana White as her contract is up, but hopefully it does end up happening, maybe Cyborg comes back better. For Spencer, her unbeaten record is no more but she still gave an impressive performance that gained her a lot of respect. She can still bounce back from this defeat. Overall, it was a surprisingly entertaining fight and I'm glad it went the distance.

Max Holloway def. Frankie Edgar - Unanimous Decision

Here we are at the main event for the UFC Featherweight Championship, where Max Holloway defended his title against Frankie Edgar and won via unanimous decision, with the judges scoring the contest 50-45, 50-45, 48-47. Perfect prediction from me, I did quite good on this show. Anyways, to the fight. Yeah I think Holloway was the deserved winner of this fight, I think 50-45 is probably too harsh on Edgar, but I don't think it was 48-47 either. I personally scored it 49-46 with Edgar winning the third round, which honestly he barely won. As for the fight as a whole, it's always a bad time for you if Holloway wants to go full 5 rounds, because that man has such good cardio and stamina. He doesn't even look tired by the end of this fight, he probably could have gone for 3 more rounds. One of the main reasons I knew this was going to decision was simply due to my lack of belief in Edgar's KO power. Edgar is more of a fighter who constantly tries going for a takedown and wrestling with you rather than viciously knocking you out, so I ultimately ruled out that option. It could have ended with a Holloway KO win but I think he was a bit laid back in this fight. Most of Holloway's game was normally how he does his fights, he goes for clean shots to the head whenever he can, lands some swift body punches and keeps the fight on the feet. About the latter, I feel like this was sort of a mismatch because of the size difference here. Edgar is good but he just wasn't able to take Holloway down in this fight and that cost him the rounds. I also have to give it up for Holloway's takedown defence, it was solid throughout the whole bout, with him only being taken down once out of 12 attempts from Edgar. I also liked Holloway's spinning back kicks to the body which he used at the end of some rounds, a flashy move to close out the round in style and impress the judges. Overall, I don't think it was a very eventful fight. It was a lackluster fight to cap off a lackluster card. There's been a lot of debate recently if Holloway is the new featherweight GOAT but he still has competition from Aldo's title reign for the GOAT status. I feel like if Holloway beats Volkanovski (who I'm hoping is his next opponent), he probably beats out Aldo. As for Edgar, I heard him after the fight talking about going down to bantamweight, maybe it would work out for him? I don't really know.

Prediction Count: 4/5

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UFC Prospects + Winning Streaks - Part 2

Hello everyone and welcome back to MMAnalysis with Joh. We are back to the midweek in between UFC shows and it's time to return to our look at UFC rising stars who are currently on good win streaks. 

If you read the previous installment of this series, you'll know how it works, but I'll go over it again. In these posts, I'm going to be looking at each weight class in the UFC and showcasing one fighter who is on the rise in that division. They must have a win streak of 5 fights or more and can't be ranked inside the top 10 of their division.

With this all explained, let's see who our next prospects are. As I said before, in this part we're taking a look at the four heaviest weight classes in men's UFC, which are welterweight, middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight. I'll start from the lowest weight class and go all the way to the top. Meaning, we start with the welterweights:

Welterweight - Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos - 7 Fight Win Streak

Image result for elizeu zaleski dos santos

As many UFC fans are saying, the 170lbs division is probably the most exciting and stacked division in the UFC at the moment along with lightweight, so choosing only one fighter to showcase here was a tough decision to make. There were guys with bigger win streaks I could have gone with, like Cláudio Silva and Alexey Kunchenko, but I'm going with a guy who has made a name for himself and is currently in the welterweight top 15, that man is Elizeu "Capoeira" Zaleski dos Santos. He holds an MMA record of 21-5 and has won his last 7 fights. He's shown off his KO power numerous times throughout his 10-year career thus far, with 14 of his 21 wins coming via KO/TKO. He also showed that he can submit his opponents too in his last fight, a submission win against Curtis Millender via rear naked choke. Capoeira has won all of his UFC fights except for his debut and that gives him a spot in the top 15 of the welterweight division. His next fight is against Li Jingliang on August 31st in Jingliang's home country of China and if dos Santos gets the win there, he can finally get fights against top 15 fighters.

Middleweight - Edmen Shahbazyan - 10 Fight Win Streak

Image result for edmen shahbazyan

We move on to the middleweight division for our next fighter. Again, I had a tough choice to make while picking a fighter for this spot. I could have gone with Ryan Spann or the top 15 ranked Ian Heinisch, but I went with Edmen "The Golden Boy" Shahbazyan because I feel like he's more of an underground pick. The 21-year-old currently holds an undefeated record of 10-0. He found himself in the UFC after appearing on Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series and earning a UFC contract. Since then he has fought 3 times for the UFC and won all of those fights. The Golden Boy's fights don't normally last very long, with 9 of his 10 professional fights ending in the very first round. He also has incredible speed and punching power. His punching power is shown by him winning 8 of his fights by TKO. His last UFC fight was a submission win against Jack Marshman at UFC 239, with Shahbazyan using a rear naked choke to make Marshman tap out in the first round. I think Shahbazyan has great potential, his only weakness is the fact he is trained by the infamous Edmond Tarverdyan, who was instrumental in the downfall of Ronda Rousey's UFC career. But other than that, I hope Shahbazyan continues his success.

Light Heavyweight - Aleksandar Rakić - 12 Fight Win Streak

Related image

In our penultimate division of this part, we're taking a look at the 205ers in light heavyweight. It was so difficult choosing between Johnny Walker and Aleksandar Rakić for this spot. Both guys are ranked just outside of the top 10 right now and both are incredible prospects in this division with long win streaks. But, I made my decision and went with the Austrian, simply because I feel like Walker is getting more attention at the moment. Rakić holds a 12-1 MMA record with his only loss coming in his MMA professional debut. Rakić debuted for the UFC back in 2017 and has won all of his 4 UFC fights. His last fight was a brutal KO victory over Jimi Manuwa on June 1st, with him delivering a head kick which could be heard throughout the entire arena, knocking the Englishman out cold. It was honestly one of the most gruesome KOs I've ever seen. That finish gave Rakić the ninth KO/TKO win of his MMA career, with him also getting one submission win and two decision wins. He's currently ranked #12 in the light heavyweight rankings and with another win to add to his streak, he could easily be going for top 10.

Heavyweight - Jairzinho Rozenstruik - 8 Fight Win Streak

Image result for jairzinho rozenstruik

We have reached the final men's division and the heaviest, which is the heavyweight division. I actually didn't have a lot of options here, it seems that the UFC heavyweight division doesn't contain a lot of fighters that are on big win streaks. Luckily, I was able to remember Jairzinho "Bigi Boy" Rozenstruik. The Surinamese fighter currently holds an undefeated MMA record of 8-0, with him winning his first two UFC fights. Rozenstruik is now mostly known for his last fight against Allen Crowder on June 22nd, where he dropped Crowder with a jab and proceeded to knock out Crowder in a mere 9 seconds, making it the 2nd fastest knockout in UFC heavyweight history. Rozenstruik is an absolute beast who wins most of his fights via KO/TKO. He may only have 2 UFC wins to his name but I can see him being a fierce competitor in this division. He's also from the same country as Akki so that helps too.


Coming Soon:
MMAnalysis - UFC on ESPN 5
UFC Prospects + Winning Streaks - Part 3 (Women's Strawweight, Flyweight, Bantamweight, Featherweight)

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UFC on ESPN 5.jpg

Date: August 3rd 2019
Venue: Prudential Center
City: Newark, New Jersey, USA

Hello and welcome to MMAnalysis with Joh. It's time to take a look at the next show after UFC 240 last week, UFC on ESPN 5 or UFC on ESPN: Covington vs Lawler. On the main card, we see the main event between the aforementioned welterweight fighters Colby Covington and Robbie Lawler. This is the second ESPN show in a row where the 170lbs division takes the main event spot. Also on the main card we see the co-main event, where two UFC veterans Jim Miller and Clay Guida face off in the lightweight division. If it weren't for the stellar main event, this show would be a real dud. The rest of the main card isn't very noteworthy and the only notable names on the prelims are Mickey Gall (the guy who fought CM Punk in his Punk's UFC debut) and Antonina Shevchenko (sister of UFC Women's Flyweight Champion Valentina Shevchenko). Despite all of this, let's take a dive into the UFC on ESPN 5 main card. I'll offer my thoughts and try to predict the outcomes of each fight.

Darko Stošić vs Kennedy Nzechukwu


A light heavyweight bout opens up the main card, as we see Darko Stošić taking on Kennedy "African Savage" Nzechukwu. Stošić goes into this fight with an MMA record of 13-2 while Nzechukwu holds a record of 6-1. Stošić is coming off a loss to Devin Clark via unanimous decision in Stošić's second UFC fight back at the start of June but before that he was on a 9 fight win streak, beating Jeremy Kimball in his UFC debut in July 2018. Nzechukwu got into the UFC by winning his fight on Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series but he got the first loss in his career in his last fight, his UFC debut against Paul Craig, who defeated him via submission with a triangle choke in March. Both of these men are going into this fight with a loss in their last fight so a win for either of them is crucial. I see this fight mainly staying on the feet as these guys are mostly heavy hitters. Stošić has good punching ability and has won 8 of his 13 professional fights by KO/TKO. Nzechukwu is good with the knockout as well, getting 4 KO/TKO wins himself. What I've noticed with Nzechukwu is that he likes to throw a lot of head kicks and that's definitely something Stošić should be looking out for, while Nzechukwu just has to avoid getting hit cleanly by the Serbian. I think I'm going with the more experienced fighter here, Nzechukwu didn't look impressive in his last fight and I believe Stošić has a brighter future ahead of him in the UFC.

Prediction: TKO Win (R2) - Darko Stošić


Scott Holtzman vs Dong Hyun Ma


Next up, we have a lightweight contest between Scott "Hot Sauce" Holtzman and "Maestro" Dong Hyun Ma. Holtzman currently holds a 12-3 MMA record and Ma has a record of 16-9-3. Much like the Stošić vs Nzechukwu fight, both of these guys are going into this match-up with a loss in their last fight. Holtzman lost to Nik Lentz via unanimous decision in February and Ma lost to Devonte Smith via TKO in February as well. So here is another fight where both guys are in desperate need of a victory. I don't expect this to be a good fight, a lot of Holtzman fights go to decision and Dong Hyun Ma is currently 3-3 in the UFC so I don't have a lot to say. I think I'm just going to go with Holtzman here, his only losses have come against tough opposition like Drew Dober, Josh Emmett and Nik Lentz, and he showed off his good elbow strikes against Alan Patrick but other than that, I expect him to grind this one out until the end of round 3.

Prediction: Decision Win - Scott Holtzman


Trevin Giles vs Gerald Meerschaert


In our third fight of the evening, we have a middleweight bout with Trevin "The Problem" Giles taking on Gerald "GM3" Meerschaert. Trevin Giles has a 11-1 record while GM3 holds a 28-11 record. Once again, like the previous two fights, both of these guys were defeated in their last appearance. Trevin Giles was defeated by Zak Cummings via submission in May and Gerald Meerschaert is on a 2 fight loss streak, with him losing to Kevin Holland via split decision in March. Meerschaert also has losses against stars like Jack Hermansson and Thiago Santos on his record. Something something desperate need of a win something something. All jokes aside, this one is pretty unpredictable and tough to call. Giles had an undefeated record prior to his fight with Cummings so he's obviously skilled. Meerschaert may only have a 4-3 record in the UFC but those losses were against strong opponents. Meerschaert has also shown off his prolific submission game, with 20 submission wins in his professional career (3 of those being in the UFC). Considering Giles was finished with a submission in his last fight I want to give Meerschaert the slight edge here, but I think Giles is still very promising. His ground game isn't great but if he can get top control while on the ground I could see him being very dangerous with his strikes. It's a close one, but I'm going with Giles.

Prediction: TKO Win (R3) - Trevin Giles


Joaquim Silva vs Nasrat Haqparast


In a potential Fight of the Night winner, Joaquim "Netto BJJ" Silva takes on Nasrat Haqparast in the lightweight division in our next match-up. Silva goes into this bout with an MMA record of 11-1 and Haqparast holds a record of 10-2. Finally, we have a fight where none of these guys are coming off a loss in their previous bout! Even better, both of these guys won the Fight of the Night bonus in their last fights! That's why I have a feeling this will take that award. Silva won his last fight against Jared Gordon back in December in a brutal bout which ended in a KO for Silva. Haqparast has won his last two fights, with his last fight being a unanimous decision win over Thibault Gouti in October. So neither of these guys have fought in 2019 yet meaning they're back hungrier than ever. Both these guys have great hands and I expect this to be an absolute slobber knocker. Silva has 6 KO/TKO wins while Haqparast has 8. Silva took a while to get the better of Gordon in his last fight but Haqparast comes right out the gate, so I think I might give it to the mini Kelvin Gastelum here. I expect this to be pretty close though.

Prediction: KO Win (R3) - Nasrat Haqparast


Jim Miller vs Clay Guida


Up next is our co-main event of the evening, with Jim "A10" Miller facing Clay "The Carpenter" Guida in the lightweight division. Miller currently holds an MMA record of 30-13-1NC while Guida holds a record of 35-18. Both of these guys won their last fights, with Miller defeating Jason Gonzalez via submission with a rear naked choke in April and Guida getting himself a unanimous decision victory over BJ Penn at UFC 237 in May. Funnily enough, both of these guys lost to the same fighter in their fight before their win: Charles Oliveira. So I guess this is a match-up of the Charles Oliveira victims. I think this fight is merely being booked as a token 'legends fight' as both these guys have been in the UFC for ages, both of them are clocking in at over a decade in the promotion. But I'm not saying this is a bad fight, I think it could be pretty close actually. Guida has great cardio and usually takes his opponent the distance while letting them gas out, this leaves him in position to take advantage of their tiredness and go all in to win round 3, I can see that happening here. Guida tends to swin punches a lot but I think Miller is probably more precise with his striking. Miller wasn't given fair fights in his most recent losses so I think this pairing is more favourable, Miller can use his BJJ to keep Guida from going all in on him. Yeah, I'm very very torn here. I'm going to go with.........Miller, most likely by split decision or something like that.

Prediction: Decision Win - Jim Miller


Colby Covington vs Robbie Lawler


Finally we have reached the main event of UFC on ESPN 5, where Colby "Chaos" Covington takes on "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler in a welterweight showdown. Covington goes into this bout with an MMA record of 14-1 while his opponent Lawler goes into this bout with a 28-13-1NC record. This is Chaos' first fight since June 2018, when he defeated Rafael dos Anjos via unanimous decision to win the UFC Interim Welterweight Championship, which he was later stripped of due to injury. Lawler is a former UFC Welterweight Champion but has lost his last two fights. He lost to Rafael dos Anjos in December 2017 and then didn't fight at all in 2018, before returning to face Ben Askren back in March. Lawler lost that fight to Askren via technical submission but that loss was controversial because many say Lawler wasn't out, including Lawler himself. But alas, the loss still stands. This fight is pretty important, because whatever the result may be, it will surely stir up the 170lbs division quite a bit. Covington is currently the #2 ranked welterweight in the UFC and with this win, he would probably be in line for a title shot against the champion Kamaru Usman, even though he has stiff competition for that challenger spot from guys like Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards. If Lawler wins, that would have SERIOUS effect on the rankings and would make picking the next title contender even more difficult. So this fight has a lot on the line. I feel like if Covington has the right mentality going into this fight where if he wins he should be next in line for a title shot, it should be a breeze for him, but I don't like counting out Lawler like that. Lawler hasn't gotten to show his knockout power in a while but I believe he's still got it. Even from the Askren fight, Lawler looked really impressive until Askren got the bulldog choke on him. But I see this going how a lot of Chaos fights go, with him using the cage to his advantage and grinding out until the end of round 5. I'm going with the American Decision Machine on this main event match-up.

Prediction: Decision Win - Colby Covington


Thank you for joining me in my analysis of UFC on ESPN 5. I'm Joh and see you at the fights.


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UFC on ESPN 5 - Post Show Analysis

The Prelims

Opening the prelims was a bout between undefeated fighters, with Miranda Granger taking on Hannah Goldy. I thought this fight was fine, pretty back and forth but Granger was clearly better, which led to her getting the unanimous decision victory. Next up was Cláudio Silva continuing his streak of 14 consecutive wins with a submission win against Cole Williams. Williams had travel issues and then missed weight by five pounds, so he was already going into this fight with a dud. He got some good offense in for a bit but was then taken down by Silva. Silva dominated Williams on the ground with ground and pound and capped off the fight with a rear naked choke in the first round. Silva is an exciting fighter, who has a split decision win over top 5 welterweight Leon Edwards, but Silva is 36 so I don't know how long he has left on this streak of wins. I don't remember a lot about the Lauren Murphy vs Mara Romero Borella fight but I do remember the finish, when Murphy hit an uppercut which didn't fully land but then followed it up with a stiff knee right to the chin. Murphy then proceeded to elbow Borella on the ground before the referee ended the fight. Good win for Murphy there. Next up was a surprising fight for me, with Jordan Espinosa and Matt Schnell facing off in the flyweight division. Espinosa was on a 5 fight win streak before this fight so I thought he would take this, but no, Schnell submitted Espinosa with a triangle choke in the first two minutes. That's an impressive win for Schnell, who now has a win streak of his own with 4 wins in a row. Antonina Shevchenko vs Lucie Pudilová got Fight of the Night and yeah I think it was deserved. It wasn't very long but it had some good stand up, grappling and ground game in the time it had. Shevchenko won the fight with a rear naked choke in the second round. I remember that ending being pretty scary, as the fight was probably stopped too late because Pudilová was out long before the fight was stopped. And then we reached the main fight of the prelims, Mickey Gall vs Salim Touahri. I don't really know what I thought of this one. Part of me wants to give it credit for being back and forth but I also think some of it was pretty boring grappling. Anyways, Mickey Gall got the unanimous decision victory, 29-28 score all across the board. Good for Gall, he just came off a loss to Diego Sanchez so he needed the win. Interestingly enough, he wants a rematch against Diego Sanchez. I don't know how that one is gonna go, Sanchez got dominated by Michael Chiesa in his last fight at UFC 239 so maybe Gall has a chance in their rematch, who knows? We'll see if that fight does happen.

Kennedy Nzechukwu def. Darko Stošić - Unanimous Decision

Ohhhhhhhhh boy, I don't even know what to write about this fight. It was just such a mess of a fight that had everyone wanting it to stop, but it made it to the end of round 3. In my first wrong prediction of the night, the African Savage got the unanimous decision win over the Serbian with the judges scoring the contest......29-26, 28-27 and 28-27. Now, you may ask, why are these scores so weird? Well, we need to talk about the fine art of dick kicking. Basically, in every single round, Darko Stošić connected with one groin strike right in the family jewels of Nzechukwu, totaling to an amount of three dick kicks for Nzechukwu in that fight. If that man ever has children, that will be an absolute miracle. The first groin strike didn't seem so important, Stošić only got a warning from the referee and the fight continued.....then Stošić hit him with another groin strike, which led to Stošić getting a point deducted from his final score. Yes, very reasonable decision, this is Stošić's second offense and now that he has lost a point, maybe he will now strive to get better..................AND THEN, Stošić hits Nzechukwu AGAIN in round 3. At this point, everyone was just sick of seeing it. Stošić was sick of accidentally kicking someone's nuts again, Nzechukwu was sick of having an octagon vasectomy, and the referee was sick of having to talk with the fighters after every groin strike. Boom, another point is taken away from Stošić. What a wild ride that was. Ignoring all the drama, I thought Stošić performed better than Nzechukwu. Stošić seemed more aggressive with his striking and takedowns (plus he looked extremely well according to the stats) while Nzechukwu somehow didn't want to use his 7" reach advantage in his favour. I don't really know why a judge scored the fight so dominantly for Nzechukwu, but I'm sure the 2 lost points didn't help Stošić. Yeah, it was a really weird fight overall, I wasn't impressed with either of these guys. I hope Nzechukwu's nuts are alright. Moving on.

Scott Holtzman def. Dong Hyun Ma - TKO via Doctor Stoppage (5:00 R2)

Another interesting fight here, with Scott "Hot Sauce" Holtzman picking up the TKO victory after the doctors had to stop the fight because of Dong Hyun Ma's eye swelling up. I guess it's noteworthy to say that this fight took place at catchweight, since Ma missed weight by 2 pounds, but I don't know if that really impacted the fight. I predicted this to be a boring fight with Holtzman eventually getting the win via decision, but no this fight wasn't actually that bad. This came out blazing right off the bat, resulting in Holtzman being able to connect a punch early in the fight which ended up starting the downfall for Dong Hyun Ma. After that one punch, Ma's eye was already starting to swell up. They fought near the cage for a bit and on the ground for a bit, and I thought Ma put up a good fight despite not being able to see out of one eye. He even managed to knock down Holtzman. But the swelling of the eye was catching up with the Maestro quickly, which is why the fight was stopped at the end of round 2. I'm actually surprised the doctors didn't stop the fight after round 1, the eye looked pretty bad then but after the second round they had no other choice. Unfortunate for Ma, he got hit with a clean punch early in the bout and it cost him the fight in the end. Good win for Holtzman, who has 2 KO/TKO finishes in his last two wins. That's pretty good for a guy who normally wins by decision.

Gerald Meerschaert def. Trevin Giles - Technical Submission via Guillotine Choke (1:49 R3)

Another incorrect prediction for me but thankfully it's the last! I predicted that Giles would TKO Meerschaert in round 3 but in reality, GM3 picked up the victory with a guillotine choke in the third round. Fun Fact: this is the first time a main card fight has ended in a submission since I started MMAnalysis, which I find really strange to be honest, I thought submissions would be more common but it turns out they mostly happen on preliminary bouts. Funnily enough, there is another submission win on this main card, but we'll get to that later. Anyways, back to Meerschaert vs Giles. I had some expectations for Giles, as he bounced off a loss to Zak Cummings that ended his undefeated streak, I thought he would be hungrier for a win, but in the ended that didn't happen. I'm reading my preview for this match-up now, and I was so right with a lot of my points. I said it would be a close fight, I basically got that right. But then I went on to mention how Meerschaert had a great submission game and has plenty of submission victories to his name. I also mentioned that Giles was finished by submission in his last fight. So surely by connecting the dots, I would come up with the correct result, but no, I went with Giles because he's supposed to be more promising. Big facepalm moment there. I think Giles' main downfall in this bout was thinking about going to the ground with Meerschaert in the first place. Giles does have 5 submission wins but he simply couldn't compete with the abilities and experience of Meerschaert, and Giles didn't look great on the ground. This fight was mainly on the ground, so Meerschaert was gonna find a way to get a submission in and he did with that guillotine. Much like the Shevchenko vs Pudilová fight, I thought the stoppage was pretty late, but that was due to an accident as the referee didn't see Giles tap, so Giles suffered longer and ended up passing out in the choke. Meerschaert was respectful afterwards and offered to help, so good on him. That's now two losses for Giles, he might be going on a losing streak now. But it's nice to see Meerschaert back to his submission winning ways.

Nasrat Haqparast def. Joaquim Silva - KO via Punches (0:36 R2)

Thankfully, from this fight on, all my predictions are correct, so I'm happy with that. In my preview, I predicted that Haqparast would get the W via KO in the third round, but he finished the fight in quicker fashion that, with him knocking out Silva within the first minute of the second round. As I've said before, I had high expectations for this match-up. Both these guys got Fight of the Night bonuses in their last fight so I was expecting this to be an absolute brawl. Unfortunately, the fight didn't last that long to warrant high praise, but I did enjoy the fight. In the first round, both fighters started off slow, getting used to fighting again and getting into the swing of things. They mainly just traded strikes until the round was over. There was a moment where Silva attempted a spinning kick but Haqparast dodged and left Silva to fall on the ground, that was pretty funny. There was also a time where Silva went for a kick but Haqparast caught it and sent Silva into a cartwheel type maneuver, so Haqparast just wasn't having any of Silva's kicks and was gonna wait until the second round to fully unleash. The second round started off normally and was pretty much similar to the pace of the first round, before Haqparast suddenly finds an opening and delivers a lethal left hand, hitting Silva right in the face with it, sending Silva to fall back and to the mat. Haqparast then got on top to deliver some ground and pound before the fight had to be stopped. I was disappointed Silva didn't get more offense him, he looked great in his last fight but he was just no match for his opponent here. Great win for Haqparast, who has now won his last 3 UFC fights and has gotten a Fight of the Night bonus and a Performance of the Night bonus in his last 2. I hope he keeps on succeeding and I hope he gets to the top 15 soon.

Jim Miller def. Clay Guida - Technical Submission via Guillotine Choke (0:58 R1)

In a result that definitely shocked me when I watched the show, Jim Miller went ahead and won against Clay Guida in very quick fashion, winning by submission in the very first minute of the bout. I went with Miller in my prediction which I'm glad about, but I thought this was gonna be a way closer fight than it was, which is why I predicted Miller to win by a decision, most likely a split one. But as you can tell, I was very far from right. Miller clearly had the hometown advantage, with him being from New Jersey, but it wasn't looking good for him at first when the Carpenter rocked him with a punch early on. At this point, I thought Miller was in for a rough ride. That was until Guida tried to capitalise on that strike by pressing forward but ended up eating a strike from Miller. So then I was actually wondering if this fight was gonna be really back and forth, maybe even be a Fight of the Night contender? But then all those thoughts came to a halt once A10 found an opening right after hitting that strike to hook Guida's head and go for a guillotine. Miller wrapped his legs around Guida and easily brought him to the ground where Miller squeezed tightly on that choke. Then.....that was it, Guida passed out in the choke and Miller won by technical submission, pretty anticlimactic but surprising in a good way. This was also another stoppage where I feel like the referee could have ended it way earlier. The referee went to check if Guida was still awake by lifting his arm and dropping it, and Guida just let it drop, so surely that means he's out, but the fight isn't stopped until like 5 seconds later? I was just left confused as to how the referee didn't notice an unconscious Guida. Anyways, I was shocked by Miller, he did a great job at locking in the guillotine so quickly. It's clear that both these guys are coming to the end of their respective MMA tenures, so having them face off made sense I guess.

Colby Covington def. Robbie Lawler - Unanimous Decision

Aaaaaaand finally, it is time to talk about the main event of UFC on ESPN 5, the welterweight showdown between Colby Covington and Robbie Lawler. Yeah, this sure was a fight. A fight where Chaos got the unanimous decision victory with the judges scoring the contest 50-44, 50-45 and 50-45. Well, I don't think this fight was bad, but it was clear who the winner was going to be at the end of the bout and it just seemed to drag on for a while. Colby Covington dominated Robbie Lawler for the entire fight, by grinding out the fight along the cage and surprisingly doing really well in the striking department. In fact, Colby Covington broke the UFC record for most strikes in a UFC fight, which is so damn impressive for a guy more known for his wrestling. Lawler simply couldn't stop the pressure and speed of Covington, who barely slowed down during this fight because of his fantastic cardio. I was really disappointed with Lawler here, he looked so pumped and menacing going into the octagon but once he was in the fight, he seemed disinterested and didn't even try sometimes. When Covington was repeatedly hitting him, he just slowly tried to dodge and weave, he looked drunk to be honest. It's clear Covington tired him out with all the wrestling and cage work. I was hoping to at least see a bit of Round 5 Lawler, but at the end of round 5 Lawler was getting hit with a spinning back fist from Covington who already knew he had the win in the bag. Yeah, I think Lawler is on the decline right now, with 3 losses in a row and without a KO/TKO win since 2015, his time at the top might be coming to a close. Covington on the other hand is only going up from here, with him being projected to face Kamaru Usman for the UFC Welterweight Championship sometime at the end of 2019. I think after this dominant performance, Chaos deserves the title shot and it gives us room to finally see Jorge Masvidal potentially face his rival Leon Edwards. As I've said before, welterweight is one of the most stacked divisions in the UFC right now and the closer we get to see these two match-ups plus other welterweight bouts, the better.

Prediction Count: 4/6

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