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Broken Nate

Nate's Music Reviews

Recommended Posts

Song Reviews

Doing my first song reviews on this topic, I'll be getting @Sameer and @Smith recommendations done and I'll move on to the album recommendations afterwards.

Dave - BLACKBOX Freestyle: 9/10

I listened to Dave for the first time earlier in the year when PSYCHODRAMA came out and he definitely has a lot of a talent. This freestyle might be better than anything off of that album though if I'm being honest. This freestyle just sounds really raw and you can feel the passion in his voice when he's rapping. The fact that he was 16 when he did this is just nuts, his flow is insane and he shines lyrically on this as well. He raps about a lot of the personal problems that he's had to deal with, like the police being unfair to him and the people that he hangs around with, claiming one of his friends got arrested for a crime that he didn't even commit, calling out Wale as well for being a snitch. The lyrics are just really gritty and it sounds like Dave was going through rough stuff when he did this freestyle. It gets to a point towards the last minute of the freestyle were you can almost hear his voice shaking like he's about to breakdown in the middle of the freestyle, it's mental. The beat choice is great as well, it really fits the atmosphere of the song because of how dark it is. This is definitely a good song/freestyle to put on if you're interested in storytelling rap music and like a lot of interesting topics in your music, 100% recommend if you fit those categories, only reason I can see people hating this is if they don't like the voice.

Dababy - Suge (Yea Yea): 7/10

This just a decent banger. The rapping isn't anything special but the beat is pretty good. It's just the usual money brag raps that you usually get from these type of trap songs. I thought it was pretty funny since DaBaby was dressing up as Suge Knight in the video. I think DaBaby has a lot of potential and I think he will do well if he continues to go this direction with his music, because this is a lot better than most trap songs. The song is fine but it's not something I'd go out of my way to listen to, if I heard the song on the radio or if one of my mates put it on then I wouldn't listening to it. If you listen to a lot of trap music or need a song to get hype to then you should be able to get on board this, it's a fun banger but nothing more than that for me.

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I'll be reviewing this Aries album by request of @Prince. Not a massive fan of emo rap and even pop rap to an extent so don't know what I'll think about this album.

BAD NEWS: 8/10

On the opening song Aries sings about blacking out at a party whilst also saying that he does adderall and how he's addicted to the drug. Towards the end he also talks about how he has his personal demons. "And all of my demons in bed, what you call it? I left all of my demons on read, not a problem. Wake up, wake up" I feel like this might be him saying that he tries to ignore his problems and demons in his life which could tie into why he does drugs to make himself feel happier. Despite the lyrics there's a really nice chill vibe to this song because of the production with the guitar in the background and Aries has a really laid back voice as well. The hook on this song is probably my favourite part of the song, it's really catchy and I like how the instrumental switches up slightly during his singing.


Aries talks more about his problems and goes into his issues with drinking and relationships. Can't really relate much to a lot of these topics but it's still interesting to listen to his story, I'm liking it more than I expected because he's not just doing the usual mumble shite or screaming about wanting to kill himself the entire song, this one has a more laid back feel again with the really chill production, it's just an easy listen with some nice vocals over it. The hook is really good on this one as well, could easily see this getting stuck in my head. Just not a massive fan of much else besides the hook and the production though, verses are alright.

DEITY: 9/10

This song is really bloody good. There's really not that much hip hop influence on this song and feels a lot more of a pop rock song. The hook sounds like something WWE might have had as one of their PPV songs from about 10 years ago but it's actually really relaxing to listen to. I like how the beat switches up throughout the song with different instruments coming in and out. To get into the lyrics of this song, it sounds like Aries is in a relationship with a girl who loves him but he doesn't love her back, it's pretty basic emo rock/pop stuff but I still really enjoy the music on this song, another chorus which is really catchy, they're definitely a strong point of this album so far.


This is probably one of the more depressing songs on the album in terms of the lyricism and Aries vocals. Aries is basically singing about feeling worthless and saying that he doesn't care if he dies. This is kinda what I was talking about earlier with emo music but with Aries he's not just saying a lot of edgy stuff for the sake of it, still find it hard to really relate to a lot of what he's saying since I haven't lived through his experiences, so someone might enjoy this more than me or get more out of it than I can. I love the singing on the hook and the darker instrumental on this song compared to some of the others. The song overall is quite enjoyable but it's not something I can see myself returning to that often.


RACECAR definitely gives me a lot more of a pop rap vibe than anything else on this album. This gives me a BROCKHAMTPON vibe from some of their earlier songs with the production on this. Aries singing on here is very addictive again, very chill feels off his vocals again. Didn't get much out of this song lyrically if I'm being honest, just thought that this was a nice tune because of the instrumental and chorus.

PONY: 6/10

This is an okay song, don't enjoy it that much compared to some of the other songs on this album, there's nothing that I can say that stands out as bad on this song, it just doesn't feel like anything important is going on in the song and the music isn't that interesting. The acoustic guitar in the background is fine and so is Aries' singing they just don't really grab my attention that much.


I really love this song, there's a really fun vibe to the song and sounds like a song that was made for the Summer. I love his rapping and flow on the first verse, he just sounds really confident in his abilities and doesn't sound awkward at all. This is like RACECAR slightly in relation to the pop rap feeling on this song, but I enjoy this one more due to the production and because him switching up between his singing and rapping on this song. Can sadly relate to this one a bit more with him on this with "staying in for the summer" lyric on the chorus. 


This song definitely feels like a slight change to the rest of the album with this song sounding a lot happier from Aries. The lyrics are kinda corny and cheesy on this song and I get that feeling from the production as well. The singing is decent throughout, this song just doesn't really hit me like some of the other songs, the chorus wasn't as good or catchy as some of the others on the album as well. 

HOME: 6/10

I appreciate Aries going in a different direction with this song, with more darker and eerier production and him switching it up a lot in terms of the music as he discusses his childhood and how he wasted it, but also how he'd like to return back to those days. I found it hard to keep interest due to the song being the longest track on the album, it's clear he was going for a big closer though so I can understand why he tried to fill it with a lot of music. I like that he was going for a heartfelt ending with him almost shouting his lyrics towards the end, and I like the instrumental that goes on during it, just doesn't really make this song worth listening to the whole way through.



This is actually quite good, I enjoyed this a lot more than what I was expecting to, it did start to go downwards a bit towards the end but there really was a lot of great songs on this album, first 5 are definitely sick. Aries is only a young artist who I feel will definitely have a lot more to offer in the future, he's one of the best emo rappers I've heard from this current scene, he has a good voice for the genre and he actually puts thought into what he says, the production on here is also amazing as well. Looking forward to seeing what he does next and if he can improve on himself after this. Good recommendation from Prince. 

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Thanks for checking out the album Nate. Tbh I didn't expect you to enjoy it as much as you did but I'm glad you did, I agree that the album starts off with some great tracks like my personal favorite Sayonara (amazing hook) then maybe the songs aren't as strong near the end. I really rate Home as a closer though since we actually got to see Aries's vocal ability but I see your point. Another reason I rate the album is because Aries produced it himself. Great review though!

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These have been very interesting reads Nate. Your opinion on the music is great and your reasoning makes it possible for me to decide if I should check it out or not. 

However, it all seems to be in the same theme. I would love to see your write something about Rock, with "Nevermind" from Nirvana being the first album that comes to my mind. I am looking forward to it. 

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Nirvana - Nevermind

Image result for nirvana logo

Just using the Nirvana logo because that album cover would probably get me banned.

Reviewing this album from the request of @Bart. This is definitely something different for me as I mostly just listen to hip hop music so I'm interested in listening to my first grunge rock album. 

Smells Like Teen Spirit: 9/10

So straight off the bat, one of the most popular and recognisable songs of the 90's, and I can definitely see why it's such a big song. Kurt Cobain's vocal ability and charisma unreal on this song. The repetitive chorus and the melodies are catchy as hell. I love when the guitar comes in before the chorus and then how everything just goes off when the chorus starts. Kurt Cobain's guitar solo in the middle of the song is also sick as well, you really can't help to bob your head along to it. The songwriting on this song is also very ambiguous, as the lyrics aren't very straightforward and the meaning can be left up to interpretation, for me I feel like it's about fame and the pressures and anxieties that come with it. Great way to kick off this Nirvana album.

In Bloom: 9/10

This song like Smells Like Teen Spirit, has some pretty catchy lyrics and melodies. The chorus is amazing here again, and is actually pretty ironic considering it's taking the piss out of people who don't understand Nirvana's songs and jump on their bandwagon and sing along without getting the lyrics. I also like the guitar solo before the final chorus, as it almost changes the mood of the song for a moment from the sing-song vibe beforehand. 

Come As You Are: 10/10

Come As You Are is bloody incredible. I love the instrumentation on this song as it compliments Kurt Cobain's emotional vocals throughout the song, as he sings about fame and how it makes you think about people around you and if you can trust them as friends, but he also says that he wants to be treated like any other person and that he'll treat others the same way. He also proclaims in the chorus and numerous times throughout the song that he doesn't have a gun, which is pretty ironic and haunting on here considering he ended up committing suicide, but I do feel like the lyrics could have a different meaning. My favourite song from this album so far, definitely, just nothing I can really complain about at all.

Breed: 10/10

This song is another one of my favourites so far. It just goes really hard if you can say that about a rock song. It just never lets up at all, with the constant banging of the drums and the guitar in the background of the song as Cobain is practically screaming his lyrics, shouting and repeating a lot of phrases throughout the song. It feels like Kurt is going into details of fear and depression on the chorus and that he's trying to block everything out. There also seems to be lyrics about issues with relationships and family. 

Lithium: 8/10

I don't enjoy this song as much as the others but this is still pretty good. This song Cobain just sounds like he's gone crazy and has lost his mind. In the verses he calmly addresses his issues with depression and the fact that he finds that all his friends are in his head, which probably means they're imaginary. It also sounds like he's turning to God as a method to try and find some sort of sanity. The chorus sounds like he's breaking down inside his own mind as he proclaims numerous times he's not going to crack.

Polly: 7/10

In terms of the vocals from Cobain and the instrumentation, this is probably the most chill sounding song on the album so far, but the lyrics and the message of the song from Nirvana are far from that really. The song is about an actual kidnapping of a teenage girl, as Cobain plays the part of the kidnapper in this scenario. He goes into all of the dirty and gruesome detail of the event, capturing the part of the rapist, as he sings about feeding the girl after abusing her, so he can control her. Definitely an interesting listen but not something I see myself returning to.

Territorial Pissings: 10/10

This is another song I'm definitely loving off this album. It's only just over 2 minutes long but it still feels jam packed with musical content. This song really has more of a punk vibe to it compared to the other songs on the album, showing the band's versatility. Kurt screams about his experiences from his childhood and paranoia on this song. Kurt sounds like he's completely lost his voice by the end, it's pretty class.

Drain You: 8/10

This is seemingly a love song about the relationship between Kurt and his girlfriend Tobi Vail, and about how they eventually broke up. This is once again filled with a lot of catchy melodies and the instrumentation from Kurt and the rest of Nirvana is pretty nice as well. There's nothing really standout from this song but still a good listen from a musical standpoint.

Lounge Act: 7/10

This is another love song about his girlfriend Tobi Vail, written from the time they were still together. This is another nice song but there's nothing really on here that would make me want to return to this song again. Kurt's singing is fine, and so is the background music to this song.

Stay Away: 9/10

I really love this song, the lyrics and melodies are insanely catchy, with the first chorus delivered like something out of a pop rock song, as it then goes into Kurt screaming stay away repeatedly. This is just a really sick listen with the guitars and drums hitting really heavy, and Kurt's vocals being incredible once again. The "God is gay" line towards the end is pretty funny as well. 

On A Plain: 8/10

On A Plain explores many of the issues that have been ever present through out this album as he goes into more detail about his problems with drugs, love and depression. He also comes across really selfishly as he says that he "loves himself more than you", possibly talking about Tobi Vail again. The chorus is pretty catchy on here again, pretty accessible listen.

Something In The Way: 9/10

I really love the vibe of this song, and I think it's a great way to close of the album. Kurt sings very somberly and quietly, and the guitar is very low volume as well. I love how everything slightly picks up for the chorus with the drums coming in with the guitar and Kurt himself getting louder. This song references his problems with happiness again,  as he seemingly sings about his family kicking him out, and that he felt like he always got in the way of their happiness. It could also be interpreted to Cobain not being able to find love. He also goes into detail about homelessness and even about having to live under a bridge because he had nowhere to stay. It's pretty sad when you start to look into the lyrics, but an awesome way to end this album.


Related image

Yeah this album is really sick. Even as a hip hop fan I can still appreciate Nirvana a lot, musically this really is incredible at points and I really couldn't help but nod my head along to the music on the majority of these songs. Kurt Cobain really was an incredible songwriter as well. I feel like there's still a lot to uncover here with this album, so apologies if I've missed something because I most definitely have, more than numerous listens are probably needed to understand some of these songs, but right now I'm still just loving this musically and for Cobain's performances. I can definitely see some inspiration from this album in the hip-hop scene, now especially, with a lot more "emo" rappers coming through the last decade or so. Great recommendation Bart, I'll try and get into some more rock music if I get the chance. I guess I'd recommend this to fans of grunge rock music, but you've probably already heard this album at this point anyways, even fans of other types of music should give this a chance though, it's a seriously entertaining listen.

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Out of My Depth: 

Joy Division - Closer (1980)


This is the first part of "Out of my Depth". I will basically be going outside of my comfort zone and reviewing music outside of hip hop, so I'm not just being bias to one genre the entire time. For my first review on this topic I wanted to do an album that has become one of my favourites of all time recently, and that is Closer by Joy Division. Joy Division were a Manchester punk rock band that formed in 1970's, with the members, Ian Curtis was the vocalist and also the guitarist, Stephen Morris played the drums, Peter Hook played bass and Bernard Sumner who played the synthesizers. Previous to Closer, the band had released one album in 1979, Unknown Pleasures, which was their most popular album, and even though I think it's great I do prefer Closer. I just feel like there's so much more energy within this album compared to their debut and I'm able to engage more into focusing on the music. The vocals and instrumentation are just so dark and atmospheric it almost puts you in the music. I just feel like there is more of a story with this album as well, as it's interesting to listen to Ian Curtis, because this album was released after he committed suicide, and was recorded only a few months before. I'm going to get into a track by track review of the album now, but there isn't much difference in the scores for each song.

Atrocity Exhibition: 10/10

The first song on this album really just sets you up for what the rest of this album will sound like. With the apocalyptic sound in the background, with the banging of the drums and also a jungle like sound with the instrumentation on this song in particular. The opening lyrics says a lot about this album and the cryptic messaging behind most of Ian Curits' work on this album.
"Asylums with doors opened wide, Where people had paid to see inside
For entertainment they watch his body twist, Behind his eyes he says I still exist"

This is one of the many examples of double meanings within the lyricism on this album, as this has been interpreted as Ian Curtis talking about people paying to see Joy Division for entertainment, Ian Curtis was also an epileptic which could explain the last lyric as him having a seizure. Then on the chorus it's like he's inviting the listeners to enter the world that Joy Division have presented with this album opener. 
"This is the way, step inside"

Isolation: 10/10

This song was actually a different direction musically for Joy Division compared to most of their work, with their being heavy use of synths on this one. Although vocally, the performance from Ian Curtis is no different, as he still creates a depressing and lonely atmosphere, talking about isolation, as the song title suggests. He sings about no one being able to understand him, and going to his mother for approval , or to try and get better, and ends up being ashamed of himself.
"Mother I tried please believe me, I'm doing the best that I can
I'm ashamed of the things I've been put through, I'm ashamed of the person I am"

Passover: 10/10

Musically, this is more of a return to Joy Division's signature sound, going back to their punk-rock roots, with the heavy guitar influence throughout. On this song, you could really feel that Ian Curtis wasn't in a great state of mind, as this song details that he was close to ending his life, as he has a conversation to himself in the first verse, as one side is a determined Ian Curtis and one that is also hesitant on suicide.
"This is the crisis I knew had to come
Destroying the balance I'd kept, doubting, unsettling, and turning around
Wondering what will come next, is this the role you wanted to live?
I was foolish to ask for so much, without the protection and infancy's guard
It all falls apart at a touch"

In the second verse he sings about losing either way, in terms of if he should kill himself or not, because if he lives on he will continue to suffer, but killing himself would mean him admitting defeat, and losing his child and his wife.
"Can I go on with these train of events, disturbing and purging my mind
Back out of my duties when all's said and done, I know that I'll lose every time"

Colony: 10/10

I feel like this song goes into more about the relationship between Ian Curtis and his wife, as it sounds like he is talking about how his personal problems are getting in the way of the relationship between himself and his wife, and how that could be affecting her.
"A cry for help a bit of anesthesia
The sound from broken homes, we used to always meet here

As he lays asleep, she takes him in her arms
Somethings I have to do, but I don't mean you no harm"

A Means to an End: 10/10
In terms of instrumentation, even though it still sounds very dark, there's almost a groovy vibe on A Means to an End. On this song it does sound a lot more likely that he's talking about his wife. Here, it comes across like Ian is talking about having trust in his wife to improve his life, and make him feel better about himself, but that's not the way it turned out for Ian sadly, as his life was still falling apart.
"I put my trust in you."

Heart and Soul: 10/10

The instrumentation here is some of my favourite stuff on the entire album, I just love it when the guitar comes in, along with the melodic bass. This is another song were Ian is detailing his emotional struggles, and that he doesn't know if he has it in him to kill himself, even though he is adamant that he doesn't want to live anymore he understands that it's wrong morally which is what holds him back from doing it.
"Instincts than can still betray us, A journey that leads to the sun
Soulless and bent on destruction, A struggle between right and wrong..."

Twenty Four Hours: 10/10
This song changes a lot, instrumentally, as it builds from a slow pace, before building up more and more as it starts firing multiple instruments at you at once. This song sounds like Ian once again talking about his marriage with his wife and how he thought that she might be able to change his life, before realising it wasn't what he expected. He then looks back on his life and his deepest desires and regards them as nothing, which could be in reference to his wife and child.
"Excessive flash points, beyond all reach, Solitary demands for all I'd like to keep
Let's take a ride out, see what we can find, A valueless collection of hope and past desires."

The Eternal: 10/10
The Eternal is probably the darkest song on the entire album, with the harrowing piano in the background, and the quiet drums, it's definitely the most depressive Joy Division song. Ian Curtis seemingly sings about his own funeral, as if he's reaching from beyond the grave. 
"Procession moves on the shouting is over
Praise to the glory of loved ones now gone
Talking aloud as they sit around their tables
Scattering flowers washed down by the rain"

Curtis then sings about his relationship with his daughter, and how he began to become sick of the mistakes he had made with his marriage and having a child.
"Cry like a child, though these days make me feel older
With children my time is so wastefully spent
A burden to keep, though their inner communion
Accept like a curse an unlucky deal"

Decades: 10/10

Now the final track to Joy Divisions' Closer, Decades. To me on the final track, it's Joy Division comparing themselves to those who fought during the Wars, and how they have been pushed to the limit. Ian also talks about the traumas that soldiers face and how the couldn't adjust to a normal life, and that the possibilities these men had before the war had now vanished. 
"Weary inside now our heart's lost forever
Can't replace the fear, or the thrill of the chase
Each ritual showed up the door of our wanderings
Open then shut, then slammed in our face."

The main chorus could be talking about where are Joy Division, or where is Ian Curits, whilst also comparing it to where have all the soldiers gone who were involved in the Wars.
"Where have they been?"


Yeah, this album is something special. There's so much to uncover here in terms of Ian Curtis' lyricism, who's cryptic words could really mean multiple things, but these are just the interpretations I took from the album. It can be a pretty depressing listen, when you're trying to figure out what Ian was going through whilst he was recording this album because of his suffering. If you're a big fan of trying to decode messaging in music, or finding hidden meanings in songs, then I'd suggest giving this a listen. If you're a fan of punk or rock music, then I'd definitely suggest this because I think this is some of the genre's best. Joy Division really have mastered something great here, considering this album is 40 years old, yet still sounds amazing today, everything about it is timeless. I don't think I could recommend this to someone who only really wants to listen to music to chill to, or have on in the background, but if you want to give it a listen then go ahead. 

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Even though I'm not a fan of this type of genre of music, it's always interesting to see your reviews on music. An A+ is mesmerising as that isn't dealt out frequently? If you take suggestions one of mine is insomnia by Skepta,Chip and D block Europe.

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Lil Uzi Vert - Eternal Atake (2020)

I'll be reviewing Eternal Atake by Lil Uzi Vert, by request of @Sameer. I've heard the album already but I haven't listened to it since, I liked it on first listen so I'll be interested if anything changes.

Baby Pluto: 7/10
This is a good intro to start this album off. There's not much on this album in terms of content, but the charm is mostly the production and Lil Uzi's melodies, both of which are enjoyable on this song. The beat sounds really futuristic and isn't your typical trap instrumental, I like Uzis energy on this song as well, and the chorus is catchy. There's nothing too standout but I like it.

Lo Mein: 7/10
I really like Lil Uzi's flow on this song, he raps pretty well over this instrumental, even if his lyrics don't really mean anything or is very standard brag rapping. The beat is very simple, and isn't anything crazy at all, but I still like it. I do get a bit tired of his rapping though because of the repetitiveness towards the end. 

Silly Watch: 8/10
This is the first song on the album I'm willing to call good. I love the piano and the church bells that appear throughout the track, the beat is bit darker than the rest so far and Uzi's rapping is really good. Very simple lyrics, but some melodies that could get stuck in your head very easily.

POP: 6/10
The lyrics on this album haven't been good, but that "standing in the Nile" lyric at the start was terrible. This song is just okay to me. I like the instrumental, but there isn't much variation or switches throughout so it gets boring. The chorus on this is fine as well, but it's just too repetitive. 

You Better Move: 8/10
I love the instrumental on this song, it's more experimental than what I've heard Uzi rapping over before, it reminds me of something from Yeezus ere Kanye. The rapping from Uzi on this one is decent, he really couldn't do much wrong with this beat though.  

Homecoming: 8/10
This is another song with a really good instrumental, I love how hard hitting the bass is. Uzi does a good job on the song, he has a good flow over this beat and his melodies are very catchy. The song is just a banger to nod your head to, can't really say much else.

I'm Sorry: 7/10
This song is a bit more introspective from Uzi, saying sorry as he reflects on one of his past relationships. The instrumental is really good and fits the tone of the track, but the lyrics just seem like typical emo rap and nothing about Uzi really stood out to me. The chorus is pretty corny also, but I just don't think I'm a massive fan of his singing voice. 

Celebration Station: 9/10
This song is class. The instrumental is just a bop and continues the futuristic instrumental style of most of the other tracks on EA. Uzi comes in hard straight away with some catchy melodies. The chorus on this is pretty good from Lil Uzi and is one of his better ones from the album.

Bigger Than Life: 9/10
This song is another banger, and is probably my favourite from the album. The choir in the background are great and really give the song added life. This is another sick instrumental, it sounds really cold and the added guitar in the background is a great touch. Lil Uzi's rapping here is good too but the beat really steals the show.

Chrome Heart Tags: 7/10
This is another pretty good instrumental, but Uzi doesn't really do anything for me on this one. The beat really overshadows Uzi here, I can barely pay attention to him at times because I just get a bit bored of listening to him. The rapping and singing is very generic and he doesn't really do much noticeable to switch it up.

Bust Me: 6/10
This is probably one of my least favourite tracks on the album, it's not bad but there's nothing too standout about it at all. Uzi's singing voice at times can be a bit irritating and he sounds like he has a cold. The instrumental is nice but that's all the song has going for it really. 

Prices: 7/10
The instrumental on this song is good, with the heavy bass. The sample in the background that's heard throughout the track adds a lot to the instrumental as well, it's pretty sick. Uzi's rapping on this one is decent, the chorus is a bit more catchy and he has some better melodies on this one than the last.

Urgency ft. Syd: 5/10
This is the only song on the album with a credited feature on the album, and yeah I probably could have done without it. There's a lack of energy on this song from both Uzi and Syd. There's nothing interesting going on in the song at all and it just sounds really half-assed. The instrumental is alright I guess, don't think I''ll remember this song once I'm done listening to it though.

Venetia: 8/10
This a pretty good song, after a few weak ones before this. I love the production and the added instruments that come in at different times through the song. I like Uzi's rapping on this one as well, his flow is really good over this beat and it's just a catchy song you can nod your head to.

Secure The Bag: 7/10
This song is pretty solid, the instrumental sounds really cold and futuristic, which fits with the theme again of that this album is basically set in space. There's nothing that really stood out about Uzi's rapping but I thought the hook was catchy, close to being an 8/10 but Uzi could have been better

P2: 7/10
This song is essentially XO Tour Lif3 Part 2, Uzi just interpolates the lyrics and melodies from that song and the instrumental is similar as well. It could be deemed as lazy that he basically just remixed his most popular song for this album, but I think it's a cool idea, and Uzi does a decent job of it. I like the song but definitely not as good as the original.

Best Track: Bigger Than Life (9/10)
Worst Track: Urgency ft. Syd (5/10)

Yeah I still like this album after listening to it again. Some songs have grown off me slightly, but not drastically. Even though I like Uzi I do feel like the production on this album really steals the show here, but obviously that's the appeal of his music. I do think he can release something great in a few years if he drops something with a bit more of a concept, so I'm not just listening for the beats. For now this is a pretty decent effort and there's a good few songs on Eternal Atake that I'll go back to in the future.

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Skepta, Chip & Young Adz - Insomnia (2020)
I'm reviewing Insomnia by @Kai request. Skepta is one of the few grime artists that I like, but I've never cared for Chip or even heard of Young Adz, so don't know how I'm going to feel about this album.

Mains: 7/10
This is a good intro to start the album off. I really like the production and the rapping is pretty decent as well. Skepta is probably the standout on this song, his voice and flow just sticks out from the rest and he delivers a good chorus on the song. Chip and Young Adz are alright but they don't do anything memorable.

Golden Brown: 5/10
The production is decent, I like the chill vibe. I'm not a massive fan of the vocals at all though, and the rapping is forgettable. I don't like Skepta's singing voice either, it's not terrible but I prefer him as a rapper. Skepta delivers a solid verse though, saving this song from being worse. Chip and Young Adz both did nothing for me on this song, they're just not interesting to listen to.

Waze: 5/10
The instrumental on this just sounds like your typical, generic trap beat. Young Adz vocals are terrible on the chorus, grime artists using autotune is just a no from me straight away, it just doesn't sound good. Chip has a decent verse on Waze, he stood out a lot more than he has on other songs so far. Skepta's verse is okay but not as good as his others on the album. 

Demons ft. Dirtbike LB: 4/10
Yeah I don't think this album is going to turn me into a Young Adz fan, his voice just does my head in and it sounds like he's trying to impersonate the US trap scene, but failing at it. Chip just raps about going Ibiza with the lads and smoking weed. Skepta is a real savior here once again, he flows well over the beat and just does his job. Then this Dirtbike LB fella came in for the last verse...don't know what to say.

St Tropez: 6/10
This is one of the better tracks on the album. I like the the M.I.A sample from "Paper Planes" but it kind of just makes me wish I was listening to that song instead. The instrumental is good as well. Chip has a good verse on this song, might be my favourite of his so far on this, just sounds good over the beat. Skepta delivers once again with his rhyming skills. Young Adz delivers another mediocre verse, his style just is not my thing at all, but this song is still decent.

Insomnia Interlude: 4/10
This song has the most singing out of all of them I'd say, which would explain why it's my least favourite so far. All of their verses just tie into insomnia and how none of them are able to sleep. There's no real chorus on this song, it's just all three of them trading verses. I think this would fit more if the song was more lively but it's more laid back. Nothing that I can really say is good about this at all.

Star In The Hood: 5/10
This song is okay, there's just nothing too interesting going on throughout though. Young Adz delivers another mid performance that isn't one bit memorable. The second verse from Skepta isn't bad, apart from his presence on the mic he doesn't really deliver much in terms of lyrics besides the lyric about him having a shank in his jeans. Chip's verse on this is solid, I liked how he switched up his flow multiple times during his verse to keep it fresh.

Mic Check: 4/10
There's some heavy pop influence all over this song. The verses are all pretty bite-sized and there's not much being said from any of the artists on this song. Just sounds like a song they made for the under 12 nightclubs, would have expected more rapping from a song called Mic Check.

Traumatised: 6/10
This song is one of the better ones on the album. The production is very solid, I like the jazzy elements that come in at different parts of the song. Young Adz performance is one of his best on the album, and it's not bad. Skepta has a good verse, rapping about how he grew up and describes his area. Chip also has a good verse, continuing the theme of his upbringing and his struggles earlier in life. It's pretty standard stuff but still some nice content nonetheless.

Sin City: 6/10
Skepta snaps at the start of this one, he really goes off with his rhyming on this one. His chorus is decent and one of the catchier ones on the album. Chip has an alright verse also, I like how the beat changes up and stops and starts again whilst he's rapping. Young Adz does stuff, not a bad tune.

High Road: 7/10
I like the sample used as the chorus on this song, it suits the darker production on this track. Chip has another good verse, talking about guns and the problems with unemployment. Skepta is solid on this song as well, talking about doing whatever it takes to win. Young Adz saves one of his better performances towards the end of the album, his lyrics are more serious on this song and his vocals aren't bad either. 

Intro: 5/10
I don't get the point of this song at all to be honest. It's like a one minute song were they all try and get a verse in to end the album. There's nothing terrible about it I just thought it was a weird way to close the album after High Road.

Best Track: Mains
Worst Track: Demons


This album is okay I guess. I didn't care for most of the album and most of these tracks just became background music as I was listening to them. I thought Skepta did some solid work on this album and Chip had some good moments as well and surprised me at times, but Young Adz was pretty medicore the entire album and didn't do much for me. The production was decent I suppose, no beats were that mad apart from the first one on Mains but there's nothing bad on the production front. Not a bad album at all but not one I'll ever be returning to. 

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Linkin Park - Meteora (2003)
Reviewing Meteora by Linkin Park at @Tamer request. I've never listened to a Linkin Park album before despite liking some of their songs, so I'm interested to hear Meteora.

Don't Stay: 7/10
Not a bad way to start off the album, with Linkin Park basically setting you up for what the rest of the album is going to sound like, with the noisy singing and banging guitar in the background. I like the chorus from Chester Bennington and Mike Shioda as well, it's pretty memorable. Nothing about this song stands out to me as being amazing, but it's still good.

Somewhere I Belong: 8/10
I love the instrumental on this song, just feels very atmospheric. Mike Shinoda's rapping is decent, it's pretty basic stuff but it works for a song that's primarily metal anyways. The song is basically about the anger and being stressed out so much, that you get to a point that you don't care what people think about you anymore.

Lying From You: 8/10
There's a lot more rapping on this song than singing really, which I guess works for me. There is obviously still metal influence with the guitar and other instruments in the background though. Another very good tune, catchy singing from Chester, and Mike Shinoda's rapping works well over the instrumental

Hit the Floor: 6/10
This is probably one of my least favourites from the album, it's okay but I'm not a massive fan of the vocals on this song. The rapping again is just pretty basic, but I feel like it goes on for much longer than it should. The chorus isn't as good as the other choruses I've heard on the album so far. The instrumental is cool though, there's a lot of variety of different sounds throughout the song.

Easier to Run: 8/10
This is another great song. The vibe is a lot more laid back than the other songs and it's a nice change of pace. The chorus from Chester Bennington is very good once again. The song is about the problems that people face, and how you pretend that they aren't there. 

Faint: 9/10
This is my favourite song on the entire album. The instrumental is one of my favourites, I like how it builds itself up for the chorus, which is once again very good. The rapping from Mike Shinoda is solid on this song, his delivery fits well over the instruments on this song.

Figure.09: 7/10
Another song that I like, but doesn't standout as anything great. The chorus is solid, nothing stuck out to me about it but I still liked it. The verses from Mike Shinoda are fine as well, really like the guitar in the background on this one.

Breaking the Habit: 7/10
I wouldn't really call this song metal at all, I'd call it more electronic rock because it doesn't sound like most of the album. There is nothing I find to be that great about this song, the vocals and instrumentals are both fine. The song is about addiction, but not sure if it's about drinking or drugs, I feel like I should like it more, but I think I like their louder stuff more.

From the Inside: 8/10
A very good song once again on this album. The singing is very good from Chester and Mike. The track goes back to more of the louder stuff that I like from a lot of the songs on this album. I feel the song is about trust and how Chester and Mike have felt pain from the lies they've been told.

Nobody's Listening: 6/10
This is another song that I'd say is just okay, the first half of the track is just Mike Shinoda's rapping, which I'm not a massive fan of compared to the singing on the album surprisingly. The chorus isn't one of my favourites either, it just feels kind of bare compared to others.

Session: 7/10
Session is just an instrumental track, and it's actually decent as well. It's the most hip-hop song on the album despite the lack of rapping, just sounds like a lot of instrumental hip hop.

Numb: 8/10
I can't really not love this song, it's such a banger and everything about it is very nostalgic, since I grew up when this song was pretty big on the radio. Definitely a classic of the 2000's but don't know if I could give it a higher rating than an 8 as there's nothing that crazy about it. Don't feel like I really need to review it, you've all heard it before.

Best Track: Faint (9/10)
Worst Track: Nobody's Listening (6/10)



Meteora by Linkin Park is genuinely quite good, wasn't sure if I'd like it because I wouldn't really call myself a nu-metal fan, some of the music I've heard from the genre is embarrassing. The singing from Chester Bennington is very good throughout the album and he makes most of these songs. The instrumentals were mostly great as well, loved the guitars and the added electronic elements as well that made it stand out a bit more. Mike Shinoda is a decent vocalist as well, surprised I didn't like some of the rapping moments that much, considering I'm a rap fan, but I just like their metal sound more. If you're a fan of nu-metal, or just like Linkin Park then you should give this album a listen, not bad by any means. R.I.P. Chester Bennington.

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Thundercat - It Is What It Is (2020)

Reviewing this album by request of @Machine Gun Cody Cage. I am a fan of Thundercat's music, but I haven't been able to get to this album yet, so I'm looking forward to listening to it.

Lost in Space/Great Scott/22-26: 7/10
Thundercat album starts off the album with a very cool opener. The song is too short for me to really be able to enjoy it fully, but this really does set the tone for the sound of this album, with the psychedelic soul elements. It really matches the title of the track because you feel like you're in space listening to this.

Interstellar Love: 8/10
The intro transitions right into this next song, I love how it effortlessly changes, wouldn't have even noticed if I didn't have the tracklist right in front of me. Thundercat's very comedic and quirky vocals in the first half of this song are great and goes well with the jazz-infused instruments in this song. The second half of this song is then taken over by the saxophone, which just makes the song sound even more epic.

I Love Louis Cole ft. Louis Cole: 7/10
This just sounds like a good party tune. The Louis Cole feature hear sounds exactly like Thundercat, it's hard to tell who is who at points in this song. This is just a very playful track, there's a lot of switch ups with the instruments as the sound changes a lot. This is a nice track but it's not as pleasing as the last song.

Black Qualls ft. Steve Lacy, Steve Arrington, Childish Gambino: 9/10
One of my favourites on It Is What It Is, Black Qualls. This song is just funky as hell and the music is so warm and uplifting. The vocals from all the featured artists on here are great as well. Thundercat's chorus on this is great, I love how the instrumental changes up when he comes back into the song. Childish Gambino on the last verse has a good performance, with his R&B influence. 

Miguel's Happy Dance: 7/10
This is another very playful song on the album, with the jazz-infused and electronic instruments in the background. Thundercat asks everyone to do the happy dance, even if you're experiencing pain. It's a decent tune but there's nothing I find to be great.

How Sway: 8/10
This song is really short, only just being over a minute long, but for it's whole run time it is great. The instrumental really does sound like something from out of space, or from an old arcade game. My only real complaint is that I wish this went on for longer. 

Funny Thing: 8/10
Another one of my favourites from this album. The song just feels like another throwback to some 90's funk music. It's another great party song, as Thundercat melodically sings over this lush instrumental about wanting to get drunk all night at a party.

Overseas ft. Zack Fox: 7/10
This is another really short song that's hard to judge. But this is once again a nice track, but not something I would really want to listen to again outside the context of the album. The Zack Fox feature is kinda disappointing, as it's just used as a transition into the next song.

Dragonball Durag: 8/10
This is one of the main singles from the album, and it's really good. This song is about Thundercat trying to get a girl by flexing his durag. It's just really comedic and fun, and the instrumental provides another arcade sounding song. 

How I Feel: 8/10
This is another song on the album that's very short, but for it's length is still a great song. The song is very atmospheric and feels like something from another dimension, it's like you're being brought into space again.

King of the Hill: 7/10
This is the biggest song from the album, but it was released a few years ago. Even though I like it, it doesn't really fit the vibe of the rest of the album. I like the instrumental but I'm not a massive fan of Thundercat's vocals on the track, it just feels slightly out of place.

Unrequited Love: 6/10
This song is okay, it's my least favourite on the album though. It just feels too slow, compared to the more uplifting and upbeat tracks all over the rest of this album. The vocals and instrumental are fine but I just don't like the pace of this song.

Fair Chance ft. Ty Dolla $ign, Lil B: 9/10
As a big Lil B fan it's no real surprise that I ended up loving this track, it's been awhile since I've seen him feature on a song like this. The song is also a tribute to Mac Miller which just makes the lyrics even more hard hitting on this track. Ty Dolla $ign's verse on this is honestly class. He interpolates an old Mac song "Hurt Feelings" and puts in his own lyrics to pay homage to Mac Miller. Lil B's verse is very good as well. He gives this song a different vibe with his laid back, raspy sounding voice. 

Existential Dread: 7/10
This song doesn't even manage to clock in at a minute, I wish they were marked down as skits or interludes because it's hard to really rate them. It's still a nice track, the vocals from Thundercat are very good and so are the jazzy instruments in the background, it's just too short for me to want to go back to.

It Is What It Is ft. Pedro Martins: 9/10
And then the title track of the album, and the closer, It Is What It Is. This is also another tribute song to Mac Miller, and it's very good. The strings in the background on this song are amazing, along with Thundercat's vocals which sound like he's being lifted to heaven. The second part of this song is very great as well, with the funky jazz instrumental in the background, as a tribute to Mac Miller to end this album.

Best Track: Fair Chance ft. Ty Dolla $ign, Lil B (9/10)
Worst Track: Unrequited Love (6/10)


This album is a really good listen, there's so much great jazz-infused bangers on this album. Thundecat really mastered something class here with the instrumentals and with his quirky and fun vocals. The features on here were all great as well, the only one I had a problem with was Zack Fox and he was just there for a transition. The only real problems with this album is that the shorter songs needed to be more fleshed out, they felt like interludes but they were still marked down as songs anyways. My rating would be a lot higher if Thundercat made the songs longer, and I still think with his skills he is capable of releasing something amazing in the future. I would recommend listening to this album if you're a fan of jazz and soul music, or if you just want to have some fun with your music.

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