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Emperor Nate

Nate's Music Reviews

Recommended Posts

This is basically going to be a topic of my opinions on music. I'll do reviews on music from the past and present on albums and singles. I'll also be moving my discography marathons to here as well and I should have my 2nd one finished soon with Kanye West. I'm primarily a rap fan so I'll also try and get out of my comfort zone and listen to some other genres. Recommend me songs or albums you want me to listen to and I'll try and get to them all and review them.

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Lil Nas X - 7 EP


By request of Sameer I'll be checking out Lil Nas X's new EP. I really didn't think I'd ever check it out and I was going to try and avoid it. I actually enjoyed the Old Town Road remix even though I can't get away from it, so maybe it won't be as bad as I think it will be.

Album Track Reviews

Old Town Remix ft. Billy Ray Cyrus: 7/10

I really shouldn't like this song as much as I should, but it does kinda bang. The fact that I've heard it like a thousand times at this point takes away from it a small bit but it's still a fun and catchy song. The country rap production (never thought I'd say that) is pretty great. The lyrics aren't anything memorising but it doesn't have to be. The song is pretty simple and it works. The opening lyrics will go down in infamy and so will the chorus from Lil Nas X. Billy Ray Cyrus also adds a lot to the song, I wouldn't be surprised if it's his best contribution to music ever. Just another fun verse.

Panini: 4/10

This just feels like a generic trap song if I'm being honest. The chorus is kinda catchy and can get stuck in your head but the song is pretty annoying besides that. The beat gets good whenever the chorus kicks in but for most of the song it's just the usual trap stuff. It tries to be another fun song like Old Town Road but the lyrics on here are just really awful, and I'm not a massive fan of the singing from Lil Nas X either. 

F9mily: 2/10

Oh my God what happened here. When the beat kicked off I actually thought this might have been another decent song. But when the actually song starts...yeah it's awful. I like that Lil Nas X is trying to venture in to different genres of music but him trying to do some boyband type rock music from the 2000's just doesn't work at all. It's just so cheesy and corny. Old Town Road is pretty cheesy but there's a charm to it at least, this is just a bad attempt at rock. Again it's meant to be another fun song with the up tempo production but I'm really not feeling it at all even if it's meant to be stupid on purpose

Kick It: 6/10

This song is pretty okay. I really like the sample in the background, it's simple but it adds to my enjoyment of the song. The beat is kinda generic until the beat switches into a more jazzy instrumental, and I actually really like it. The hook is kinda catchy as well but nothing special. The singing from Lil Nas X is an improvement over the last two songs. The lyrics are fine as well, nothing to offensive. I liked him bringing up the situation with him and the Billboard charts. Decent tune.

Rodeo ft. Cardi B: 6/10

I wish he'd do more of the country rap stuff on this album. The production is good and the hook from Lil Nas X is really catchy. I just prefer his style more over these kind of instrumentals and when he does more country vocals. Really good song...and then Cardi B comes on. She's just so bloody annoying. I can't stand her voice and her delivery at all, she just comes across as a discount version of Nicki Minaj, and I don't even like Nicki either. Song is good besides that not going to let Cardi take away from it too much.

Bring U Down: 4/10

Just try and stick to the country rap stuff mate. This sounds like another bad boyband tune from the 2000's. Feels like something WWE would have as the theme song for one of their PPV's. I like the guitar instrumental in the background towards the end, pretty cool moment. Besides that though the singing is pretty cheesy and corny. The chorus sounds like something I've heard 100 times before. Not good from Lil Nas X on this one.

C7osure: 5/10

Meh, don't really know what I think about anything the song in terms of music. It's basically Lil Nas X coming out as gay in the chorus, which is fine. In terms of the music though I'm not really too crazy about anything on this song. There's nothing to offensive with the singing and it's pretty run of the mill in terms of production. Not a bad way to end the EP with the message. (Not counting the other Old Town Road song because why would you basically have the same song twice on the album, come on now)

Overall Score: 49 (34/70)

I actually liked this more than I thought I would so fair play to Lil Nas X. Even though the score is pretty shit I came with low expectations but I actually came out with a few moments that I enjoyed. Some of those rock tracks really brought this down. I much rather him when he does the country rap stuff, it's really catchy and his music shines on there. But the other stuff is kinda bland trap rap so was a bit disappointed with that. I honestly hope that he succeeds though, he seems like a funny and talented guy, hopefully he just plays more towards his strengths when he releases his first proper album and is a bit more creative.

(Your welcome @Sameer you sick bastard)

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Top 10 Hip Hop Albums of 2019...so far (Part 1)

I have compiled a list of my favourite rap albums of the year so far, as we've reached now reached the mid point of 2019. For this post I'll just be doing 10-6 and finishing off the top 5 at a later time. Here are some other recommendations that didn't make my top 10 but are definitely worth checking out.

  • Grey Area by Little Simz
  • Brain on Fire by Amir Bilal
  • It Wasn't Even Close by Your Old Droog
  • This Was Supposed to Be Fun by Epic Beard Men
  • Anima Mysterium by Yugen Blakrok

10. Malibu Ken by Malibu Ken ( Light 83/100)


The album cover is strange as fuck. And so is the album. This collaborative album between underground lyricist Aesop Rock and electronic producer Tobacco is one of the best abstract rap albums of the year. Aesop continues with the amazing lyricism he's been doing since the late 90's on this album, and sounds like a complete weirdo at times with the topics he raps about and his wordplay. Churro is a great example of this, were Aesop is rapping about eagles eating cats and goes into deep detail and description of a situation where it would happen. It shows how crazy of a lyricist he is when he raps about topics that nobody else would ever think about. The main singles singles from the album, Corn Maze and Acid King are both psychedelic rap bangers were Aesop Rock raps his ass off and Tobacco does great on the production side. If you're a fan of lyrical and experimental hip hop you should be able to enjoy this. I can imagine it will be a turn off for most due to Aesop's cryptic lyrics but for me it adds a lot of fun to the listening experience. Another issue is that some of Tobacco's instrumentals on this sound kinda samey and could get a bit boring for some. Great release in my opinion though, some of Aesop's best. 

9. Burd by Wilma Vritra (84/100)

Image result for wilma vritra burd

Like Malibu Ken this is another abstract hip hop album so it's also pretty experimental so I'm not expecting most people to enjoy it as much as myself. Burd is a collaborative between producer Wilma Archer and rapper VRITRA. The album feels very introspective with VRITRA rapping about some of his struggles like on the opening song Harness. Wilma's soulful instrumental really helps assist Wilma's lyrics and it makes for a very beautiful tune. As the album goes on you are getting some amazing production from Wilma, some of the best beats you'll hear all year and I don't think I'd like this as much as I would if not for the production. VRITRA's delivery is also great over the soulful and jazzy production that Wilma brings to the table on these songs. The use of instrumentals on here is really crazy for a rap album, and there's even the use of guitar a on lot of his songs on here. The funky vibe definitely works and is one of the most pleasant albums I've ever heard in terms of instrumentals.

8. Still by Clear Soul Forces (85/100)


Still is the latest album by Detroit rap group Clear Soul Forces, and it looks like it's the most accessible album on this list based on the sound of the album. The group features E-Fav, Ilajide, L.A.Z. and Noveliss, who all play a great part on this album. The classic boom bap sound brings back an era of old 90's East Coast music and it really works for Clear Soul Forces. There is a lot of lyrically great moments on the album like on Hit Me Now. The group's members trade verses over a slightly jazz influenced rap instrumental with a lot of heavy drums. There's a lot of obscure references to other underground rap albums and video games. Then the song Kick It is a throwback to the same titled A Tribe Called Quest song. It's another banger with an old school feel to it with all of the members flowing crazy over the hard hitting instrumental. Pump Pump has a very catchy and simple hook over a very sample based instrumental with female vocals in the background. It's a song you could definitely imagine being played in a party with how catchy it is. 

7. Guns by Quelle Chris (85/100)


A great conscious hip hop album that as you can probably tell by the title, goes into issues with guns in America and other political topics over very jazz-centred hip hop instrumentals. Quelle Chris's monotone voice and awkward flow could be a turn off for some but I can see people enjoying this like myself. There's a lot great catchy hooks that mainstream hip hop fans could enjoy even if it's slightly experimental. The self-titled song Guns is a good example of a song that can get stuck in your head, with Quelle rapping a very simple chorus. Quelle also talks about school shootings and talks about the government getting given billions of money to keep gun laws the way they are. Obamacare is a banger, the piano and the hard hitting drums in the background are nuts and Quelle's bars are just as hard. The hook is basically just him taking the piss out of Obamacare. (not going to pretend that I know much about it)

6. Ventura by Anderson .Paak (87/100)

Image result for anderson paak ventura

This album BARELY qualifies as a hip hop album, but I really couldn't leave it out with how great it is. There's a feel and vibe of West Coast Hip Hop on here and an Andre 3000 feature who is like the best rapper of all time so I had to include it on the top 10. For me this was a massive improvement over Oxnard and this feels like a return to his old sound with more elements of soul and funk. .Paak's singing all over this album is so gorgeous. His vocals are so great, I feel like I'm a dream state throughout the entire album. The soulful instrumentals which accompany this album also add to the gorgeousness. The opener, Come Home is possibly my favourite song of the year. .Paak verses are sick and he does his thing over the jazzy production and the female vocalist in the chorus is also great. As soon as Andre 3000 comes in it's game over though, he comes with a mind blowing verse and shows that he hasn't lost a step since the ending of Outkast. One of the best verses I've heard in rap this year. Jet Black is another favourite tune as well. It's just so bloody catchy. The funky vibe is just so great and Brandy's hook is also sick, her and .Paak have great chemistry on this song. This is definitely another accessible album on this list so if you're not interested in some of the other experimental stuff, you'd be at least doing yourself a favour by listening to this, because I don't see how anyone wouldn't like this, it's just a really fun listen.

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Burd is such a sonically pleasing album which I thought would be higher up the list tbh but still some very good selections so far such as Malibu Ken, the lyric content on that album is what really opened my eyes to how expressive you can be with rap. GREY Area is also definitely an album worth checking out, Little Simz has a great sense of authority when she raps. Looking forward to the rest of the list.

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Top 10 Hip Hop Albums of 2019...so far (Part 2)

5. Injury Reserve by Injury Reserve (87/100)


Injury Reserve is a trio including rappers Richie with a T and Groggs with producer Parker Corey. This is an other great experimental album which uses a lot of sampling in the background of their songs with very futuristic sounding instrumentals. The rappers aren't anything great lyrically but their boastful wordplay works well over the hard hitting beats. There is also a lot funny humour and lines on the album. GTFU featuring JPEGMAFIA is a gritty experimental banger with a lot of hard hitting raps and shouting over the noisy instrumentals that Injury Reserve are known for. JPEGMAFIA brings the hype to the song with his chorus. Jailbreak the Tesla is one of the craziest songs I've ever heard. The song samples the beginning of Tokyo Drift with the car screeching noise in the background of the song. Corey is bloody crazy with the production and amazes me every time with the crazy sampling all over the album. The concept sounds like it shouldn't work at all, and it probably won't to see some people's ears, but I bloody love it. Amine brings the heat with his verse, especially with the lyric "Your engine go vroom, my engine go-" and then it's just silence, funny as fuck. Three Man Weave almost has an early Kanye West sound to it with the jazz inspired production. It feels like a massive old school throwback song. The lyrics mostly have basketball references so someone else would probably get some of these lines more than me because I'm not the biggest expert. 

4. tears of joy by MIKE (89/100)


MIKE is a rapper from New York who has been involved in the recent SLUMS rap movement that Earl Sweatshirt seems to be leading at the moment. The songs on this tape are going to appeal to very few people unless they enjoyed the last Earl Sweatshirt album as the production is very glitchy and experimental like Some Rap Songs and his voice could turn some people off. The topics can be pretty depressing and heartbreaking at times. MIKE mostly raps about the recent loss of his mam and the life struggles he faces with depression. Even though he's clearly influenced by Earl he doesn't sound like he's copying him and his music sounds different to Earl's with more aggressive instrumentals. Like Earl though a lot of these songs feel more like skits with most of the tracks being under 2 minutes in length. I really love the vocals on the sample on Take Crowns. MIKE raps about being poor and not being able to find a place for himself in society, and also being desperate to make money and taking his chances he gets them at being able to make a living for himself. Summer 17 had some hard hitting drums on the production. MIKE raps about fake friends and doing favors for people without them helping him back and asks what the point in having friends if there's the chance they could always be snakes behind your back. The beat switches up for the 2nd verse with more glitchy production with MIKE having a lot more deep and introspective lyrics that are difficult to breakdown. PLANET has a more upbeat lo-fi sound and is probably the most good feel track on the album, but it's mostly due to the production. MIKE goes into wanting to reach his dreams and to be able to have a good living because he feels it could turn his life around and make him feel a lot happier. 

3. Hiding Places by Billy Woods & Kenny Segal (91/100)


Hiding Places is an album by wordsmith underground rapper Billy Woods and Kenny Segal is the producer providing the dark and cryptic production. Billy Woods has a very abstract style and it's almost spoken word because when he's rhyming it seems like he's just talking to you rather than rapping. Like Aesop Rock he's an amazing lyricist that has a lot of hidden messaging behind his words. Spongebob is a sick opener to the album, and the guitar in the background really adds a lot of his grit to the song. Despite the title of the song sounding like it would be a fun meme song, Woods raps about underwater operations in Tora Bora where Osama Bin Laden was hiding during the US invasions in Afghanistan after 9/11. Checkpoints is another great hard hitting song with the production sounding like something out a horror movie with the haunting instruments being used in the song. Woods makes references to the American government caring more about funding space exploration rather than trying to help struggles with blacks in America, which he thinks would be a better use of finances. A Day in a Week in a Year featuring Mothermary is one of the more chill songs on the album compared to the hard hitting production on most of the songs, with the lo-fi production from Kenny Segal with the piano keys in the background. The beat feels more electronic when Mothermary's hook kicks in. I enjoy Woods' rapping on this but can't say I have a clue what he's talking about, I just enjoy the mood and setting of the song. Red Dust is a beautiful closer to the album. The production by Kenny Segal is just so amazing, he's one of my favourite current producers after his work on this album. Woods seems to be rapping about hiding places during wars, which could be referring to Anne Frank. Woods sounds a lot more angry on this song and it sounds like he's really giving out to someone towards the end of the track. 

2. A Quiet Farwell, 2016-2018 by Slauson Malone (93/100)


Slauson Malone, like MIKE, is a part of the underground SLUMS movement in New York, but it's really not like Some Rap Songs or tears of joy. It's difficult to even do track reviews for this album, you can't really rate some of the songs, it's more of an experience if anything. The album definitely took awhile to grow on me because of how crazy and out there the sampling and production is on here. It's one of the weirdest albums I've ever listened to but it doesn't make it unlistenable for me, whereas for 90% of listeners are going to think it's absolute garbage and give up after the first song. The performances from Slauson Malone on here doesn't even make it feel like he's rapping, he almost feels like he's in the instrumental and is a part of the production because his vocals blend in so well. I'm really not expecting anyone to love this album, even those who enjoy Earl's music might think that this is too much. I love to put this album on in the background when I'm working on something, I think it helps relieve a lot of stress as well. Again, I really can't describe any of the songs on here and can only really talk about my experience, even Anthony Fantano struggled to review the album.

1. Bandana by Freddie Gibbs & Madlib (100/100)


Bandana is a classic album in the making by gangsta rapper Freddie Gibbs and one of the best producers of all time Madlib. My score is probably going to change but at the moment I'm loving every second of this album. The production from Madlib is hypnotic as fuck and the samples he uses are beautiful. His psychedelic instrumentals really help compliment Freddie Gibbs hard hitting gangster rhymes. This honestly feels like the rap match made in heaven, I'm not sure if there's a better duo in hip hop. Crime Pays is smooth as hell and the beat sounds like an early 90's hip hop song. Freddie flows like crazy on this track, I don't think I've heard someone flow as seamlessly as he does over this production in the 2nd verse. His usual crack selling and drug dealing bars go hard as per usual. The soul sample from Madlib is also really sweet. Palmolive featuring Pusha T and Killer Mike is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard in my life. Freddie Gibbs raps his ass off and then Pusha T comes in and absolute bodies the track. Pusha T's slick bars feel so aggressive and smooth at the same time. I really couldn't believe what I was hearing the first time I listened to this song, it's just flames everywhere. Then Killer Mike gives a memorable hook on the side to top the song off nicely. Situations feels a lot more laid back than the rest of the albums with quiet and nice production from Madlib which brings out a lot more emotion out of Freddie Gibbs. He raps about the social justice system being set up for black people to fail, even when Obama was the president of America. On Giannis, Anderson .Paak makes an appearance and has one the best features on the album. The power in .Paak's vocals is just so nuts, when he comes in he really controls the entire song. His rapping is better than his rapping on Oxnard in my opinion, he really flowed well over Madlib production. Then Cataracts is another one of my favourite songs I've heard this year. Freddie sounds very ruthless and relentless on here, some amazing flowing from Gangsta Kane as well and the production is crazy, as you'd expect from Madlib. This is easily one of the best rap albums of all time, everything is perfect from back to front. I would 100% recommend this to hip hop fans, don't sleep on this.

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Chance The Rapper - Acid Rap: Mixtape 


From the request of Bailey I've decided to review this mixtape. I have never listened to it before but with it being added to Spotify recently it seems like a great time to finally do it. 

Good Ass Intro ft. BJ The Chicago Kid & Lili K: 9/10

Starting off the production sounds great to begin with. It reminds me of early Kanye West from the 2000's. I really like the female vocals in the background from Lili K to start off the song. Damn, Chance is really great on this tune. His voice sounds different from what I was expecting and he kinda sounds like Danny Brown. The delivery is amazing as well he flows really well over the instrumental. I definitely wasn't expecting this to start off the album. I didn't catch anything too crazy or mindblowing with the lyrics but he absolutely snapped with his flow, rapped his ass off. Definitely an amazing start to the album, love the energy and the elements of soul in the song. His nahnahnah thing isn't even that annoying as well so that's cool.

Pusha Man ft. Nate Fox: 8/10

This is another fun tune. His rapping style is actually really unorthodox, I like how he changes his flow up a lot in his songs to keep it entertaining. Chance is just rapping about partying and smoking weed so there's nothing much in terms of interesting topics so far but still another enjoyable song. Nate Fox's hook is good as well, nothing special.

Paranoia ft. Nosaj Thing: 10/10

Damn the production is eerie as hell on this song. Reminds me of another Chicago artist Saba's song, who's also on this album. Chance basically raps about being paranoid because of life in his hood. He talks about young kids dying and being scared for his life. "Down here it’s easier to find a gun than it is to find a fucking parking spot." The production from Nosaj Thing is incredible and really fits the atmosphere of the song. This is definitely some more of the stuff I wanted to hear Chance rap about.

Cocoa Butter Kisses ft. Vic Mensa & Twista: 9/10

This song is more like the first two songs in that it sounds like a party song. Sounds like something that would be sick to smoke weed to. Chance basically raps about drugs and how his mam doesn't love him anymore because he's lost his innocence. The hook is very catchy and Chance's verse is great as well. Vic Mensa has a good verse as well, he just seems like a Chance copy but he does a good job with his part on this song. Twista absolutely bodies the song. He has one of the best flows in rap so it's not too surprising that he snaps and kills the beat on here. Just some fun weed raps.

Juice: 9/10

This is another amazing song sonically, the production has been nothing but exceptional so far on this album. Chance talks about his come up and the recent growth of Chicago in the rap scene, which has been prospering the last 10 years due to the likes of Kanye and Chance himself. The hook is really great as well and I like the piano in the background. Chance's delivery really shines on here as well, he's a lot more original with his style than I was expecting to be honest.

Lost ft. Noname: 8/10

Lost is a song about a romance, Chance talks about getting high with the girl to try and forget all of the negatives in his life. The song is pretty pleasant with the production. The chill vibe of the song is a nice break from all of the mad shit in the previous tracks. Noname is an artist I'm familiar with and I've loved what I've heard from her in the past and her verse here is good, but I thought it was kinda short. 

Everybody's Something ft. Saba & BJ The Chicago Kid: 8/10

This song has another chill vibe to it, Chance sounds a lot more calmer on this song than on other songs here. I like the drums in the background that goes with the song, simple but it works. The song is basically about being yourself and that there'a always someone for you out there, everyone means something to the world. Pretty nice message on the song and chorus is cool. Chance's verses on here are pretty great. He also raps about people in the black community calling him white because of how he talks. Saba comes in and has a good verse as well. I've been impressed with him on most of what I've heard him on and it's the same here.

Interlude (That's Love)

Not ranking this with a score because it's an interlude but it's still pretty good. Chances' singing is good and I love the piano in the background.

Favorite Song ft. Childish Gambino: 10/10

Oh shiiiiit. This song is pretty fire. I love the more electronic production on this song, reminds me of Graduation Kanye. Chance snaps on this song, his flow is mental on this one on the first verse. The hook is really great as well, the repetition makes it really catchy and it still feels like Chance is rapping. Chance's 2nd verse is great as well, and he talks up his lyrical ability and talks about drinking. Gambino's part is pretty good as well, even though I don't rate him that much. Gambino also talks about the song rapping about why this should be your favorite song. Yeah it's pretty bloody good to be fair, one of my favourite songs so far.

Nana ft. Action Bronson: 10/10

JESUS. This beat is grimy as hell. Sounds like a proper old school tune and made for someone like Action Bronson. Chance flows so beautifully over the song. The nananana shit sounds like fire to me at this point. Chance's rapping with his more nasally voice is great. Chance snapped on both of these verses. Action Bronson is sick on this as well. Never expected to see him on a Chance album but it works really well. The song is mad daft but it's really great. One of my favourite Action Bronson verses ever.

Smoke Again ft. Ab-Soul: 7/10

I like the heavy production on this song with the drums. Chance flows really well over this song. It's just a feel good song there's nothing too crazy about the verses or topic. Just the usual party stuff and smoking weed really. The hook is really catchy, I like the singing from Chance over the sample. I really like Ab-Soul but his verse felt really off to me on this. His delivery isn't great and his lyrics are kinda bad. This is the first song that I don't think is good but it's still decent, doesn't stand out as much as the rest though.

Acid Rain: 10/10

Damn, this song is pretty nuts as well. The production is really great with some more sweet mellow instrumentals. There's not even a chorus on this song, it's just one very long verse, which I think is sick. He just snaps for the entire track. He goes back to his early life and reminisces the good times, but then starts rapping about how bad things are in the world at the moment. He talks about watching his friend die and seeing him get stabbed when he was only 19, and the murder still effects Chance today. He also raps about the news profiting off of deaths. "Funerals for little girls, is that appealing to you? From your cubicle desktop, what a beautiful view." The entire track is just him talking about the violence in his community and the pain he's felt himself because of it. Amazing song.

Chain Smoker: 10/10

This is another great feel good song on the album. I love the electronic production and the classic Long Red sample. It sounds like it's meant to be the last song but there's still another one after this. His flow on here is fantastic, he switches it up so much in this song. The rhyme schemes on here are just so great. He has the nasally voice on here as well which makes him sound like Danny Brown again so that's always good. Chance raps more about drugs on here. The hook is pretty catchy as well, majority of Chance's choruses on here have been. The beat switch up in the 2nd part of the song is amazing as well. 

Everything's Good (Good Ass Outro): 9/10

This is a brilliant way to end the album, feels like a proper closer. The intro to the album is meant to be a thank you message to his dad I think, he has a phone conversation with his dad at the start of the song I'm pretty sure. His delivery at the start of the song is brilliant again. He just raps back to his earlier days and recalls moments from his childhood. He says that even though he seems like a nice guy he used to rob people back in the day for money. His part in the song is kinda just one long verse again like Acid Rain. The outro the song is so class. It feels like proper old school and there's a lot of soul elements with the trumpets blaring. I like the piano towards the very end as well. The 2nd half of this album has been stellar. Time to calculate the average. Should be a good one considering the worst song on here was better than anything on that Lil Nas X EP.



This mixtape is absolute flames. I wasn't expecting to like this mixtape as much as I did. Towards the second half of this thing everything was pretty much classic status. I've never really given Chance a "chance" before but I'm glad I checked out this album because it's bloody brilliant. Nice one @bailey14

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Digga D - Double Tap Diaries


Reviewing this Digga D mixtape by request of Smith. I'm not expecting to like this that much because from what I've heard of drill I'm not too interested in the genre, but maybe I'll end up liking this.

P4DP: 8/10

Well, this is a bit of a shock. First song on this is really bloody good. The instrumental is really eerie and wasn't what I was expecting at all when I turned this on. Digga D is pretty good as well. His rhyming over this beat is class as well, he's definitely talented and I like the energy he brought on the first verse. He's basically rapping about shootings and drug dealing but I like the wordplay he's using, he's not just saying "I do drugs and I've got a gun fam" like I was expecting. Very good way to start off the mixtape, big banger. 

No Diet: 7/10

This is another decent song. I'm loving the sinister sounding beats on this so far, feels like a lot of old school gangsta rap. The chorus on this is basic but it's pretty catchy anyways. The rapping on this one is decent again from Digga D, I like his referencing and wordplay. Digga raps about coacine mostly on this song but as I said references a load of random stuff like Anthony Joshua and a Starbucks. 2nd verse is okay, just more grimy bars. 

Imagine ft. Sav'o: 5/10

This song is kinda meh. This just felt like more of the basic drill that I was expecting to hear beforehand. It's not a bad song by any means but it just feels a bit flat. The beat is alright but not as good as the ones on the previous two. Digga D's rapping doesn't feel too interesting to me on this song, he's rapping about drugs still which is fine but it just feels a bit tired on this song. Sav'o has a decent verse, he seems like an alright rapper.

They Wanna Know ft. Aystar: 5/10

I love the beat on this song, feels more like the first two songs with the darker production. Digga D's rapping on this one is a lot better on the previous track as well, I like his flow and delivery over the beat. Digga D just brags about his net worth and talks about doing shootings. Oh for fuck sake. This Aystar fella is awful. His Liverpool accent does my head in and I struggled to get through his verse, I almost laughed when I heard him come on to be honest. I just can't take him seriously at all. Looking at the lyrics it's pretty basic as well, there's just no way I was going to like that verse with that accent. Good song apart from that though to be fair.

Never Fear: 3/10

Jesus this song is kinda embarrassing. The singing is god awful and the beat is corny as hell. I guess he had to have a song to appeal to the mainstream on the mixtape but I can't like this at all. It just sounds like one of them shite UK reggae songs that all the 12 year olds in my area would listen to. The rapping isn't bad but the verses are too short to make up for the other shite with the bad singing and terrible beat. Don't know where this song came from but hopefully the rest of the tape isn't like this.

What's Love: 6/10

I actually like this song even though it's different to the eerier stuff. This song is a lot more emotional but it actually decent. The hook is a bit iffy with his singing but it's not terrible. The instrumental is pretty simple but I like it. He switches up on the topic as well talking about his past relationships...and smoking weed obviously. It's a decent song I don't mind it at all.

I Heard ft. KO: 9/10

Daaaaaamn. This song bangs no lie. The beat on this is nuts. I love when that glitchy sample comes in to the song in the background. Digga D raps about his life of violence and having to avoid the police when he's dealing drugs. His verse goes hard as fuck, he sounds class over this beat. The hook is really catchy as well. KO's part is great as well. He raps about more of the same stuff with gang violence. Sick tune.

Shotty Shane: 7/10

This is another song that I like, kinda shocked I've liked some of this as much as I have. The rapping on this is pretty hard as well and it's just one long verse, no chorus. The beat is good on this one, it's more of the stuff you'd expect from a grime song but it still works. The rapping on here from Digga D really shines through here though. "I ain't tryna cause up a fuss or cuss but I see you S two times, Just spell it, you won't understand them lines"

Double Tap Days: 8/10

This is another bloody 'ard song. The production is flames once again, I might have to check out the production credits because majority of the beats on here are class, remind me of a lot of BIDC Dizzee Rascal. Digga D's flow is just great, I don't know what else to say. The song just bangs.

6+4: 7/10

This is another solid song and a good way to end the mixtape. Digga D's rhyming on here is pretty savage. I like the female vocals in the background in the sample. The chorus is decent as well, don't know what it means though with the penalty line. I just love his wordplay on this song more than anything. "18, three chains, two sticks, one score, five jibs, two clips, .44, three stacks and it kicks"


Image result for THUMBS UP GIF

This was a pleasant surprise. I was expecting this mixtape to be complete trash with a few good songs but I actually enjoyed this for the most part. A few songs from the first half dragged it down a slight bit, without that shitty Aystar feature and that really bad reggae song this would probably be at least a 7, which is pretty mental. Fairly decent mixtape and I got a few songs out of it so I can't complain. Good shout @Smith

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Kanye is just a pure genius in my eyes, his versatility is crazy and I love how deeply personal he can get on a track with the likes of your favorite (and one of mine) Runaway.

I would like to recommend Welcome Home by Aries, it has quite a few emo rap elements lyrically to it but imo he has a unique sound you might like.

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Machine Gun Kelly - Hotel Diablo


Reviewing this MGK album by Brad's request. Have never been a massive fan of MGK, don't think I'll like this that much but it's worth giving a listen anyways to find out.

Sex Drive: 7/10

A nice intro to the album, MGK isn't rapping on this one but it's definitely a song, just that's he's started it off with an instrumental which is nice. The production feels slightly dark, I like the beat switches that were packed into the song considering it was only 2 minutes long, kept me interested, song isn't anything crazy but a decent way to start the album. 

El Diablo: 5/10

The song isn't terrible, I like the instrumental even though it's pretty simple, gets good when it kicks in for the chorus as well. The rapping is mediocre to me. He obviously has a good flow but he really isn't saying much at all and the bars are just weak. MGK tries to act like a gangster and says that he can handle beef even though Eminem bodied him. He also calls himself one of the best of this generation which is a bit much. Song is still okay, mostly due to his flow and instrumental.

Hollywood Whore: 6/10

I kinda like this song. It might be because of the Linkin Park influence with the Numb sample and it's meant to be a tribute to Chester, beat makes the song feels nostalgic. MGK raps about record labels and being screwed out of business deals throughout his career. Song isn't great but I don't mind listening to it. 

Glass House ft. Naomi Wild: 5/10

This is another emo rap song on the album. I like the message of the song with MGK paying tribute to a lot of rappers and artists who have died in recent years, I just don't think the song itself was that great though. It just feels like a basic pop tune with the beat. The feature is a bit mediocre, feels like something that would be on one of Eminem's op songs. I like the message more than anything, the beat and rapping isn't exactly great but it's listenable.

Burning Memories ft. Lil Skies: 4/10

This is the first song that I'd actually say is bad, which I didn't expect to take 5 songs, so I guess that's solid. MGK rapping is just annoying on this song to be honest. MGK is rapping about his early life but it feels really bland and it's like he's trying to be edgy. I'm not a fan of his flow and the chorus and post-chorus with Phem just sounds really corny. I'm not a massive fan of Lil Skies either, nothing he said was that memorable. Best part of the song is the outro.

A Message From The Count:

Not rating skits but this was mad unfunny, just glad it only lasted 30 seconds.

FLOOR 13: 8/10

This is actually a really good song. Love the instrumental on this. This song follows some more of the rap rock influence that I'm used to hearing from MGK and I honestly think it brings out some of his best music. MGK brings up his Eminem beef and says that Eminem missed with Killshot, I think he just needs to take the L and move on honestly, but I still enjoyed the song besides that. He also raps about the struggles he faced when the world was against him during the Eminem beef. The production just seems really glitchy at points and reminds me of something on Yeezus, the beat switch up to the quieter and darker instrumental is good as well. 

Roulette: 5/10

This is another song that's just listenable for me, nothing that really stands out as good or bad. This is another song were MGK tries to come across as a killer or gangster when I don't think he's actually either of those things. The production and his flow are fine though. I like the beat switch-ups in the last verse, keeps some interest in the song.

Truck Norris Interlude: 

Don't even know what's going on in this skit, but there's Chuck Norris referencing in 2019.

Death In My Pocket: 5/10

I'm really not a fan of a lot of the poppy stuff on this album, especially when it gets to MGK's singing. I like the message on this song as well though, with MGK rapping about his family and losses that he's suffered over the years. His rapping is fine but the beat is pretty poor and corny. The female singer is just your basic pop hook. 

Candy ft. Trippie Redd: 3/10

This is meant to be a feel good song and I could see why some people would enjoy it but it's definitely not for me. MGK sings about his problems with drugs, it's not really a feel good song in that aspect to be fair, but it's something I could see being played at a party or something because of the repetitive hook. MGK's singing is just awful and it gets tedious after awhile. Trippie Redd's feature is bad as well but it's only like 20 seconds long. I guess the beat is okay.

Waste Love ft. Madison Love: 3/10

This is another bad emo pop song. Again I can see why people might want to listen to stuff like this but it's not for me. His singing just feels really awkward and bland. The song topics are just talking about love and relationships. I can definitely see this being a song that gets played on the radio or it being played at an underage disco but it's not my type of music.

5:3666 ft. Phem: 5/10

MGK is rapping about having problems with sleeping and battling with demons. This is a nice reminder of some of the earlier songs in the album with some more substance but it's too poppy for me to really enjoy. The production is kinda eerie and dark so that's cool. A lot of the lyrics aren't great and there's some corny stuff, but I like the topic and message he's trying to get across. Phem's hook is quite bad, not a fan of her voice at all. 

I Think I'm OKAY ft. YUNGBLUD & Travis Barker: 2/10

Mate, why? This sounds like an awful rock song straight out of 2012. Wow this is bloody shite. It sounds like it tries to be another feel good song but it's so annoying. I honestly don't even know what to say, the production is dreadful and so is the mixing. YUNGBLUD is definitely one of the worst singers I've ever heard in my life, I don't know who would actually listen to him. The topic of the song is just about drinking and drugs and partying I guess. Definitely try and avoid this song at all costs.


Related image

Yeah this wasn't great to be honest. It started off quite well but the second half of this album sucks. I enjoyed some of the rap rock tunes on here, the production was quite good and his rapping was decent. A lot of the more emo and pop based song weren't really doing it for me though, like at all. There's definitely some improvement from MGK on this album and I can see there being an audience for some of the music on here, but it's really not my thing at all. 

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