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Breakdown: The Rookie Duo

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The titantron comes up after the theme song  with the Live via satalite message as it  comes cutting to  Blade who is sitting back in a chair instead of coming out to the Portugal crowd.

Blade, "Do you all know who I am?I am a former NXT Champion, former BPZ European Champion, former BPZ Intercontinental champion, former BPZ Premium Champion, the 2019 Carnage Scramble winner the man who exterminated Buddy Ace at the Power Trip Cup Event and one half of the Deadman's hand.  If you are all disappointed against, you should have seen the last message.  The only place I need to physically turn up to is at the King of the ring event where Kieron and I will be taking part in the tag team fatal four way contenders match

Last time I did the breakdown of the club, now we move forward and look at the Rookie Duo of Alex Costa, and mek...oh right his name is Raven that's right he has a problem with people not calling him by his name.  So lets breakdown this next tag team."

Blade pulls out a list of two names

Blade, "Thankfully this is only a two man team, that is the only good quality they share with the Deadman's hand heading into the King of the Ring Pay Per View.  We have two men both rookies in the NXT division or were in the NXT division not sure, I know one  of them is the current NXT champion and the other is a former NXT champion. Here is the thing I have to say about this.   The first thing I say after asking all of you do you all know who I am is that I am a former NXT Champion myself so we have a bit of common ground there right?  Wrong because just because the three of us has held that title doesn't mean a darn thing.   Look at the men I have had to face when I was still in the NXT division.  People like Slim, and Flynn was just leaving. Who do you guys have?  Oh right most of the SSW Club so easy competition. But this isn't about breaking down the SSW club this is about the Rookie Duo so we will begin with one first."

Blade places Alex Costa's name down onto the table.

Blade, "Alex Costa, greetings this will be the first time you or your partner will be facing me in a PPV. Let's look at your career, you had your moment earlier this year at Saints Valentines day Massacre.  You had a chance to be a spotlight in a division that really needed that spot light.  Instead what did you do?  You dropped off the planet and couldn't be asked to give it your all going into BPZmania of all events!  Beaten by Hans, then where did you go from there? That's the real question, you have been floundering around in the lowest division of BPZ.  Letting guys just past right by you.  

How is your run  in the Power Trip Cup go?  You did just a well as I did, at least the person I face was a finalist. How is your spot in the King of the ring going? Oh you lost or losing to a former degenerate teammate of mine in the first round. At least your partner is having success, he beat Kenji for the NXT title.  The title you couldn't keep a hold of at the biggest event in BPZ.  Now you are going up against real competition at King of the Ring for the first time.  So you better take notes kid, because you are going to hit the harsh reality is, the NXT division you have been part of is a distraction from what real competition is. You are going to lose it is just that simple."

Blade pushes the first name out of the way and puts Raven's name down and another name with it Meko.

Blade, "Next up is Meko, no wait I am sorry, Raven he wants to be called.  The current reigning NXT champion of a division of who is left in it?  They have that kid Kenji, and Sheridan possibly but you really don't have that many people in your division to be proud about beating do you?  At least you seem to have that drive that your partner didn't have when he took that title.  But not that you need it am I right? You got nobody to face.  That most likely is for the best because you might fumble and end up losing your title to a SSW club member.  

Your biggest problem you have with people is them not calling you by your name.  Everywhere you look someone is calling you Meko here and Meko there, and you wonder when will people start calling you Raven. See here is the thing, nobody cares what you are called because nobody knows who you are. So why would they know what your name is? Well that isn't going to change much after King of the ring because I regret that I have to inform you, that when the people look back to this match, you will just be that guy in the tag contenders match who just happened to be the NXT champion at the time.  That is it.  A place holder with a shiny title, and that's all you are"

Blade puts the two names on the table and throws them in the trash where he put the names from his last Breakdown.

Blade, "And they go right where they belong.  They weren't the first, had to get the worst out of the way first, but they aren't the last. By no means the last is the best, the Rookie duo are nothing more then if the SSW Club with accomplishments that is just split up between two.    One man who just could not care to actually give any effort in during the biggest night of BPZ for the NXT division and the other who nobody knows who he is or can be bothered to remember his name

That is all for this Breakdown, now the next team for me to reeducate you all about,, is the breakdown the United Nations.  Another larger man group this time unlike the others these are a  group of retirees.  So that should be great.  So see you all next time."

The screen cuts to black as the Breakdown: The Rookie Duo is now done.

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