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Josh stands there stunned to shock from the attack by Bulldozer, before shaking his head angrily. He is about to say something when Gary interrupts, calmly speaking 

Green: Bulldozer, you’re attacking the wrong people here. You’ve got to keep in mind we didn’t need to take this case, we only did because the police refused to help. You should be screaming at them, not having a go at us. We have got it down to 4 suspects out and me and Josh are about to sit down now and find it out once and for all. Then Bulldozer you will get your revenge

Josh: As for the Tag thing, I am pretty sure Raven did it so it will be a triple win. First of all, you get revenge on Raven for running you over. Second of all, we earn a shot at the Tag titles even though we should be number one contenders automatically, as you have said. Thirdly, we will soon be winning the Tag titles. Always look on the bright side Doza. Besides, how are we supposed to win Tag, if we aren’t on the same page 

Green: Hug it out, hug it out

Josh and Bulldozer: Shut Up Gary

Josh and Bulldozer share a smile at each other, United by them both finding Gary Green to be an annoyance. They hug it out, although Alice doesn’t look impressed. Bulldozer apologises to Josh before he and Alice  leave the locker room. Josh turns to Gary and shakes his head

Josh: Gary, What are you doing. You were kissing a picture of my wife and you expect me to forgive you? It’d be weird if you had a picture of my wife in your pocket. It’s extremely weird to kiss a picture of a girl. This is off the charts 

Gary: Josh I’m sorry but I’m going to make it up to you. I calmed Bulldozer down and I am going to solve this mystery.

Josh: Gary, we’ve had 4 episodes and we’ve been unable to solve the case. We’ve only got 1 episode left. How are we supposed to solve it

Gary: With this man

And with that Bruce Willis steps into the room. Gary is smiling happily and Josh looks confused 

Josh: Who is that?

Gary: Bruce Willis, he’s a famous actor

Josh: Never heard of him, how is an actor supposed to help us

Gary: He played Detective John McClane in the Die Hard film series

Josh: The What?

Gary: Die Hard

Josh: Never heard of it. Is it English

Gary: No, it’s American

Josh: Explains why I’ve never heard of him. But I guess it’s time for us to solve this mystery once and for all. Who attacked Bulldozer

Willis: Yippee-Ki-yai

Josh looks weirdly at Willis before Gary puts out a table and lays a picture of the 10 suspects on the table. Josh gets his tablet out and Willis, Green and Scott look at the pictures as the screen turns to black 

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