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BrendenPlayz Pokémon Showdown Tournament - Season V

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Monotype tournament on Pokémon Showdown.

Regulations, times and brackets will be announced post sign-up.

Reply to this if you want in.

Regulations list for BrendenPlayz Pokémon Showdown Tournament - Season I

- No legendary Pokémon or Uber tier Pokémon.
- No Ultra Beasts or Z Crystals.
- One mystical Pokémon per team, one pseudo legendary Pokémon per team and one Mega Evolution per team.
- No duplicate Pokémon.
- The abilities Arena Trap and Shadow Tag are not allowed.
- Smogon clauses are active. Refer to
here to see the clauses in detail.
- A further personalised ban list can be found here.
- If any of the above regulations are found to be violated throughout the tournament automatic disqualification applies.

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Fifteen people (and Arius) have joined, meaning we have a 16 man tournament for season I.

Brackets and the type you're assigned with will be done through list randomise and will be edited onto the first post of this thread.

Once you have been assigned your type, you have seven days to make a team of eight Pokémon. This will be an active squad of six Pokémon and two substitutes who will be interchangeable with your squad should you make it past the first round. This squad should be posted on this thread within the seven day time period. Regulations and limitations to what you can use in your squad will be edited onto the first post of this thread. If you do not post a team which complies with the regulations set out before the seven day period is up you automatically forfeit your place in the tournament.

Good luck to all competing in the official BrendenPlayz Pokémon Showdown Tournament!

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The first post of this thread has been edited to show the tournament bracket, alongside which type you've been randomly assigned.

Once all sixteen teams have been submitted through posting on this thread, more information regarding the deadlines for when matches should be played will be added to the first post of this thread. Bare in mind that regulations may chance depending on potential feedback from the participants of the tournament.

Once more I'd like to stress if an acceptable team hasn't been submitted when the seven day deadline expires you automatically forfeit your place in the tournament.

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