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My Progress Chapter 92: Entertaining Friends Review

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I went to a PROGRESS show on Sunday in Manchester, Chapter 92: Entertaining Friends. It was an incredible show that introduced me to some new stars.

Pre Show: Soner Duson vs Luke Jacobs. Rating: C - A fun way to kick off the show as both showed their skill

The show opened with some of Jim Smallman's brilliant stand up, where he mocked a man who hadn't gone to the show as well as mocking several audience members who were there for the first time. Brilliant way to start the show

M1: LJ Clearly beat Chuck Mambo. Rating: B - A brilliant match. Mambo is an excellent wrestler and Clearly looks like one for the future, his Canadian Destroyer finisher is out of this world

After this, the ref Luchapas I believe his name to be, tried a lucha entry into the match but ended up landing on his stomach

M2: Holidead beat Lana Austin. Rating C - It is always fun to see Lana Austin but it was a shame this match was so one sided in favour of Holidead

M3: Jordan Devlin beat Connor Mills. Rating B. A fast paced technical contest where Devlin showed how good he was, whilst Mills showed a lot of potential

M4: Jonathan Gresham beat Eddie Kingston. Rating: B. With this being Kingstons last year in wrestling it was an honour to finally see him live. This match was a comedy match that was done brilliantly, showcasing both talents abilities and in the end Gresham won via countout. After the match, Kingston cut a promo he claimed "I'm not supposed to be saying all this" and he went on to verbally destroy CCK, referring to them as "the skinny one" and "the one that's always injured" before promising to confront all 3 of CCK with his homies, which I interpreted to be LAX

Following the break and another Smallman routine we got M5: Trent Seven beat Paul Robinson: Rating A - An insane match. Paul cleared most of the seating section by throwing Seven into chairs and jumping onto Seven, and after numerous near falls it was Seven that came out on top

M6: Do Not Resuscitate beat More Than Hype. Rating: D. The very definition of a cool down match, the best parts were the two teams amazing theme songs. Not a terrible match but nothing in comparison to what we have already seen

M7: WALTER beat Ilya Dragunov to retain the PROGRESS World Championship: Rating: A*. There was a genuine belief among the crowd that we were gonna see a title change and I was one of the minority of the 700 in attendance that were cheering for WALTER. In the most hard hitting match Ive ever seen and one of the best matches I have ever seen, WALTER reigned victorious

Overall I would give the show a rating of a B-. A great show.

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