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What three games would you be willing to play forever?

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Inspired by a recent Scott the Woz video. If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring three games with you to play for as long as you're isolated from society, what games would you bring? Yes the scenario is flawed because you'll need electricity, consoles ect but lets just look over that for now as i ask what three games would you toss in your suitcase in preparation for years of solitude?  

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I'd need my wrestling fix so I'd have to say Smackdown VS Raw 2007. Could play that game forever with the GM Mode all day and the season mode is pretty good as well. Football Manager 2019 because I like football, have been playing this game a lot recently and have a slight FM addiction. GTA V would probably be another one. I play it sometimes when I'm bored and it's just fun because you can go around doing whatever you want basically. 

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Pokemon Platinum

Image result for Pokemon Platinum

Out of a massive game franchise that I whole-heartedly adore beyond every other game franchise, Pokemon Platinum is the only game amongst them that I can play over and over without getting burnt out on it. A combination of nostalgia and appreciation of it's improvements over Diamond and Pearl makes me adore this game. 

The faster game screens and expanded pokedex to include all of the new Generation 4 evolutions is a huge part of why Platinum is more playable, granting the player a lot more choices for their team (Diamond and Pearl were notoriously short on Fire-type options).

The tweaked story to be about Giratina, including the Distortion World never gets old, so Platinum is my definitive Pokemon Game.


Enter the Gungeon

Image result for Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is a procedurally generated, dungeon crawling, twin stick shooter that is the gift that keeps on giving. Bursting at the seems with a stupid amount of weapons and items that can do pretty much anything you can think of. It brings different playable characters, hidden stories, events and rewards, loads of different enemies and great boss fights, I cannot sing the praises of this game enough. Every time I play this game, I find something new. Whether that be a new enemy type, unlocking a new gun or just finding something different to do in the lower levels of the dungeon. 

I'm a huge fan of it's weird, pun-filled theme and aesthetic, everything is a gun-ified version of Dungeons and Dragons. Love it and can play this game forever.


Shovel Knight

Image result for shovel knight Specter campaign

Image result for shovel knight king of cards

If I was trapped on an  Island with 3 games, I would need to bring my favourite platformer. With shades of Megman from it's retro art style and soundtrack, Shovel Knight is absolutely phenomenal. A classic-feeling story with hilarious dialog, really crisp and satisfying gameplay, and a rich world of characters to interact with. Especially the bosses, The Court of No Quarter. They're so good, that three of them got their own campaigns. Just having the bosses as the protagonists of their own stories is something really awesome that isn't seen much in games.

I always find myself going back and playing all the Shovel Knight campaigns again and again (And listen to it's soundtrack for eternity). Can't wait for the King Knight DLC to be released, and this would definitely be a game I could play forever.

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Minecraft - Always new stuff being added on and the multiplayer aspect would never get old

TEW (probably 2020) - Same reason, there's always new things to try out and new scenarios to run

Pokemon Platinum - Not sure why everyone is picking it, but it is just such a calming and relaxing game (especially the beginning) that never gets old no matter how many times I play it

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Just for the fact that it is my favourite video game of all time: GTA San Andreas

I would definitely need to take a wrestling game with me and I would choose WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 due to not only nostalgia but the creative modes can also sustain me if I use my creativity.

For the third one, I could not really think of one so I looked at the comments and I would agree with everyone that said Rocket League because every Soccar match is different & entertaining which will entertain me for a while and that is without mentioning Hoops, Rumble, etc.

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It's gotta be three games that can keep me interested, three games that I enjoy playing, and won't get old after awhile. So one of them is definitely NBA 2k16, I loved that game and is the best of the new generation console. Another game has to be Madden 25, in my opinion it's the best new generation madden game and will go down as one of the best. And lastly, it comes down to 3 options: Minecraft, Fortnite, or SvR '07. Simply because the season mode and GM mode are amazing, I'd go with SvR 07. So my games would be Madden 25, NBA 2k16, and SvR '07, with Minecraft as a close 4th.

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  • GTA V - This game has been round for nearly 6 years and is still up there with some of the most popular games right now and that just goes to show how much content there is to explore, the story has some replay value along with online being a lot of fun if you’re with friends.
  • Minecraft A game that has come back into popularity lately and one that has so much to do. Online is fun if you do the right game mode, survival can be fun if all goes well and creative just has so many possibilities, along with the games constant updates make it just fresh.
  • FIFA 19 - I was unsure which one to go with last, so I’ll just go with the one I purchase every year and that’s FIFA. There’s nothing quite like facing your friends on FIFA and the competitiveness that sparks from you when you’re winning or losing, it’s just a lot of fun.

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