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Meko750 (Raven)

C-Verse Local to Global/0000 Challenge

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In 2016, wrestling in the CornellVerse is booming. Juggernaut companies such as United States Pro Wrestling, South of the Border Pro Wrestling and Pride Glory Honor Wrestling rule the roost, with wrestling never more prevalent and far-reaching than it is now. However, there is one man by the name of Domino who looks to shake the foundations of the wrestling industry to its very core. The man formerly known as Mr. MPWF, the company he once owned that was forced to shut down in 2014, looks to try once again at making a successful wrestling company, and at the beginning of 2016, Domino finally decided to open his new wrestling promotion: Lucha Underground. Will Domino succeed in his goal to create the largest wrestling promotion in the world, or will he taste the bitter taste of failure once more?





Note: The 0000 Challenge is where you begin with no money, no popularity, no prestige and no momentum, basically making it a harder version of a Local to Global. However, the best way to begin this challenge is basically the same, so I'll mostly refer to it as a Local to Global for simplicity's sake. I also won't give a rundown of every single show, as this will basically just be a highlight of the journey from Local to Global. I know the CornellVerse is one that many aren't familiar with, but I hope to make it entertaining for anyone who chooses to follow along. I'm also very open to suggestions with this, as it's basically a blank slate mod we can do pretty much anything with.

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As Domino starts his company, he realizes his most important goal right now is to create financial stability. As such, Domino starts by creating an alliance known as "The Uprising." Domino forms this alliance with every company from local to regional that will agree to join, where talent trades are allowed between all members and, most importantly, all money earned by the companies are distributed equally to each company, ensuring Domino will receive some sort of financial influx every month.




Now with his finances a bit more secured, Domino opts to begin signing talent. He chooses to only hire four stars, as he only needs to have two matches in a show to appeal to his audience. Domino elects to hire the four youngest, cheapest wrestlers he can find, already based in Mexico. Though they are untested, they have enough talent to produce matches that will increase Lucha Underground's popularity, and they have all the potential in the world to be integral members of the brand for years to come.



Samael the Accuser

Samael the Accuser.PNG



Velvet Suarez

Velvet Suarez.PNG


For the next eight months, Lucha Underground would showcase matches only involving these four stars, with the referee duties filled by whatever competitor isn't competing that night. The two faces are Velvet and Samael, while Martyr and Screamer act as the heels. It's amateurish, but it's cheap and it gets the word out about the company little by little, increasing the popularity and ability of these four wrestlers with every passing show. Although Domino's months would start off in the red, after having Lucha Underground take a month-long hiatus in March, the company would begin to see profit, consistently making an income all the way up to Week 2 of August. Rather than running shows in front of a handful of people, Lucha Underground would consistently be able to fill Bar Juarez, an arena of 300 people. By Week 2 of August, Lucha Underground makes the first big leap, officially raising to Small.

However, this increase comes with a small caveat. Now that Lucha Underground attracts a wider audience than ever before, Domino can't afford to only run shows with his four competitors. Not only that, but Lucha Underground must now face the threat of regional battles, which they will unquestionably lose each month and harm their popularity gains more. Furthermore, Lucha Underground will have to increase their production values, forcing them to pay even more money to maintain a proper image. How will Domino combat these new restrictions on his company?

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Small (August-November)

Now that Domino has raised to small, his company is expected to hire more talent. Though he still doesn't sign a referee, he does decide to pick up 12 more superstars to help fill out the numbers. He looks to the other Mexican promotions for stars to sign, as well as some lower level talent.


Boriken Love Machine Jr.

Boriken Love Machine Jr.PNG

Crazy Miguel

Crazy Miguel.PNG

Doctor O'Haire

Doctor O'Haire.PNG

El Luchador Valiente

El Luchador Valiente.PNG

El Mitico Jr.

El Mitico Jr.PNG

Latin Lion Jr.

Latin Lion Jr.PNG

Maribel Mercado

Maribel Mercado.PNG



Domino would also sign Concepcion Gomez, Cristobal Pardo, Nomad and El Medico, but all four of these competitors would be released by the end of the year due to toxic backstage behavior.



When Domino announced these new signees, Velvet Suarez, Samael the Accuser, Martyr and Screamer would be given one final showcase match as the landscape of Lucha Underground changes. Velvet would team with Samael against Martyr and Screamer, but near the end of the bout, Samael would turn on his friend and help Martyr and Screamer pick up the victory. The three men would then christen their union "The Disciples of Death." Velvet Suarez would seek revenge on her former friend and longtime rivals, and she would seek this opportunity in a company-wide tournament.

After Domino announced these new signees, he would waste no time creating a company-wide single-elimination tournament encompassing the entire roster, the winner having the honor of being crowned the first ever Lucha Underground world champion. Throughout the tournament, Velvet Suarez would manage to eliminate both Martyr and Screamer from the brackets, earning a spot in the semi-finals. Alongside her is Samael the Accuser, who is set for a massive match with his former friend in their semi-final bout. On the other side of the bracket, Boriken Love Machine Jr has wowed the audience with his incredible ability, and he seems to be a man that Domino can build the company around. Boriken's semi-final bout comes against the dastardly Latin Lion Jr, a man who has shown his will to do whatever it takes to win. This tournament is set to conclude at Ultima Lucha, a show set on the final Sunday of December and the largest show in the company's history.

As this large tournament goes on, tag team action has filled out the undercard of Lucha Underground, with the duos of Sunburst and El Luchador Valiente and The Disciples of Death standing out in particular. Domino announces on October's final episode of Lucha Underground that next month will see the Lucha Underground world title tournament take a month long pause, as the next month will see new talent come in to kick off a company-wide trios tournament. All talent on the roster will be involved, as well as some new signees that will be announced. 


With this makeshift roster at his side, Lucha Underground is growing slowly, but steadily. Money is consistently coming in and now the show can reliably sell out Bar Juarez's 300 person venue. However, Domino looks to shoot for glory as quickly as he can, and these new signees look to be his ticket to the top. Is Domino biting off more than he can chew? Will these new signees prove to be the key to Lucha Underground's rise to Regional, or will they lead Lucha Underground to an early demise?

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What I like about the Cornell Verse is the hilarious gimmicks and characters it has involved. The Doctor and the Clown are examples of this, it's sort of like WWF in the 80's and 90's where everyone had a gimmick and I think it's great. I think the roster is looking great thus far. Looking forward to the journey of going Global

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Small (November-December, end of 2016)

As November begins for Lucha Underground, Domino makes an incredibly risky decision regarding the future of Lucha Underground. Domino wishes to ensure a balanced female presence on Lucha Underground, but he recognizes how few luchadoras are in the world compared to their male counterparts. Ultimately, in hopes to help grow his company as quickly as possible, Domino decides to sign eight women to his roster, these eight women being the best luchadoras he can afford. Though they run roughly $1,000 an appearance each, Domino looks to ensure all eight of them as Lucha Underground mainstays and hopes their higher popularity will help Lucha Underground grow out of small and become regional as quickly as possible.


Aguila Azul Celeste

Aguila Azul Celeste.PNG

Electric Dreamer

Electric Dreamer.PNG

Estrella Blanca

Estrella Blanca.PNG

Mystery Pink

Mystery Pink.PNG

Pinky Perez

Pinky Perez.PNG

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy.PNG

Purple Viper

Purple Viper.PNG

Queen Amazon

Queen Amazon.PNG



As the Lucha Underground world title tournament has taken a brief hiatus for the trios tournament in the month of November, the now 24 members of the Lucha Underground roster would pair off into eight teams. Boriken Love Machine Jr would team with El Mitico and Velvet Suarez, falling to the Disciples of Death in their match, the DoD getting a huge mental victory over Velvet Suarez before she faces Samael the Accuser. Aguila Azul Celeste, Electric Dreamer and Estrella Blanca would form a trio to combat Latin Lion Jr, Nomad and Cristobal Pardo, scoring the victory. After the match, Lion would turn on his partners, with the Disciples of Death joining in the attack. They place Pardo and Nomad in caskets and carry them off, never to be seen again in Lucha Underground. Mystery Pink, Pinky Perez and Purple Viper would face the trio of Doctor O'Haire, Crazy Miguel and El Medico, overcoming the strange trio in their Lucha Underground debut. After the match, Doctor O'Haire would assault El Medico. Crazy Miguel would try to calm down his partner, but O'Haire would lay him out with a steel chair before breaking Medico's arm, writing Medico out of Lucha Underground. Finally, Poison Ivy, Sunburst and El Luchador Valiente would overcome Queen Amazon, Maribel Mercado and Concepcion Gomez. Amazon and Mercado would assault Gomez after the match, signifying their union and writing Gomez out of Lucha Underground, leaving the overall roster at 20. In the semi-finals, which took place in December, Aguila, Dreamer and Blanca would defeat the Disciples of Death, while Pink, Pinky and Purple would overcome Ivy, Sunburst and Valiente. Domino announces that these two trios would compete at Ultima Lucha for the right to become the first ever trios champions.

When December rolls around, the Lucha Underground world title tournament continues in full force. The first match is the bout between Velvet Suarez and Samael the Accuser, in which Samael would eke out the victory. The second semi-final bout is between Boriken Love Machine Jr and Latin Lion Jr, who recently aligned with the Disciples of Death during the trios tournament. Boriken would prove to be superior on this night, setting the Ultima Lucha main event as Boriken Love Machine Jr VS Samael the Accuser for the Lucha Underground world title.

As the world title scene is set between Boriken and Samael, the Disciples of Death continue their feud with Velvet Suarez in the meantime. Velvet attempts to enlist the aid of Doctor O'Haire, and he seems to accept, but this proves to be a trap with O'Haire attacking Velvet. The rest of the Disciples of Death attempt to join in the assault, but they are fended off by Crazy Miguel, Poison Ivy, Sunburst and Valiente.

As these tournaments and feuds are happening, Queen Amazon and Maribel Mercado would align with Mystery Pink, Pinky Perez and Purple Viper, recognizing their value and worth as the faces of Lucha Underground and looking to  be the focal point of the company. The five women would christen their union The Upper Class. Boriken and El Mitico Jr would offer back-up to Celeste, Dreamer and Blanca, recognizing they could use support as The Upper Class would potentially utilize cheap tactics in their trios title match. They would form the fourth stable of Lucha Underground, Los Luchadores.




Los Luchadores.PNG

The Outcasts.PNG


The Upper Class.PNG

The Disciples of Death.PNG


Ultima Lucha:

Domino's decision to sign the talent he does causes financial issues, with him regularly losing money each month. Though still in the green, Domino needs to grow more in popularity to counter the money loss. Thankfully, by the end of the year, Lucha Underground is popular enough to sell more tickets than Bar Juarez can hold. Domino decides that Ultima Lucha will be Lucha Underground's final hurrah to Bar Juarez before they begin booking larger arenas. The event would be successful, hitting an impressive 44, and resulting in the crowning of the inaugural trios champions, Mystery Pink, Pinky Perez and Purple Viper, as well as the inaugural Lucha Underground world champion, Boriken Love Machine Jr.


Now, as Lucha Underground enters 2017, the financial struggles might be catching up to Domino a bit. Though Lucha Underground currently has $11,592 dollars in the bank, Domino is losing money every month despite the extra financial boost from his alliance. 2017 will prove to be a make or break year for the company, and will Domino's risk of bringing in bigger name talent this early in the company's lifetime prove to be a mistake? Will Lucha Underground be able to continue their impressive rise thus far? Can Domino bring Lucha Underground up to regional by the end of 2017, or will Domino's make-or-break business tactics prove to cause Lucha Underground's early demise?

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Small (2017)

New year, new digs for Lucha Underground! After officially outgrowing Bar Juarez, Lucha Underground finds themselves large enough to book Palacio de Lucha, though they're still a ways off from selling out. However, Domino's decision to hire the eight best luchadoras in the world is starting to come back and bite him, with him now losing about a thousand dollars a month. With this in mind, Domino decides the next year will be dedicated to a round robin tournament comprising the entire roster known as the L1. Two blocks filled by ten competitors each, with one match per block happening on each show. This allows Domino to only book four superstars on any given show, as well as giving him an easy booking plan that will fill the calendar all the way to December. Unfortunately, this leads to morale issues, with members of the roster unhappy at only competing once a month. Domino decides this is a necessary evil, as he needs to ensure financial stability first and foremost.



As already stated, the L1 tournament is the big tournament and the focal point of Lucha Underground for the next year. The blocks are separated as such:

A Block: Aguila Azul Celeste, El Luchador Valiente, Electric Dreamer, Estrella Blanca, Martyr, Mystery Pink, Pinky Perez, Purple Viper, Screamer, Sunburst.

B Block: Boriken Love Machine Jr, Crazy Miguel, Doctor O'Haire, El Mitico Jr, Latin Lion Jr, Maribel Mercado, Poison Ivy, Queen Amazon, Samael the Accuser, Velvet Suarez.

The blocks would end with Queen Amazon, Boriken Love Machine Jr, Aguila Azul Celeste and Mystery Pink all going undefeated until the final bout of round robin play. Boriken would face Amazon and lose, suffering his first loss in the company, and Celeste would upset Mystery Pink and score the victory. This led to Celeste VS Amazon for the winner of the inaugural L1, a match that would be won by Amazon. By virtue of this victory, Amazon will now face Boriken at Ultima Lucha Dos for the world title.

As the L1 happened, the trios champions, Mystery Pink, Pinky Perez and Purple Viper, would continue their issues with Celeste, Blanca and Dreamer, even going as far as to attack them before their matches. Due to this, it was decided that Celeste, Blanca and Dreamer would have another shot at the trios titles at Ultima Lucha Dos.

Velvet Suarez was unable to get revenge on Samael the Accuser last year, but her issues with her former friend are far from over, with them often attacking each other during the L1. Now, they compete at Ultima Lucha Dos in a grudge match. Who will come out on top of this vicious feud?

In a similar story to Velvet and Samael, Doctor O'Haire turned on his friend, Crazy Miguel, to join up with the Disciples of Death. At Ultima Lucha Dos, Miguel finally has his chance at revenge.

As all this happened, Sunburst and El Luchador Valiente had a dismal run in the L1. Both of the two men's victories came over Martyr and Screamer, causing those two members of the Disciples of Death to attack them after their matches. Now, Sunburst and Valiente look to get their revenge in the match type they're most comfortable in: Tag team action. Which of these two teams prevail at Ultima Lucha Dos?

Finally, the four stables of Lucha Underground all have one member without a match for the card. As such, Domino has decided to introduce a new title to Lucha Underground: the Gift of the Gods title. The holder of this belt must defend the title like a normal championship, but at any given time, with one week's notice, they can cash in the title for a world championship match. The four superstars selected would be Maribel Mercado of the Upper Class, El Mitico Jr of Los Luchadores, Poison Ivy of The Outcasts, and Latin Lion Jr of the Disciples of Death. Who will have the honor of being the first Gift of the Gods champion?


Ultima Lucha Dos:

By December, Lucha Underground is once again booming, making roughly 10,000 dollars a month consistently and growing rapidly. As Ultima Lucha Dos rolls around, Lucha Underground finally grows to regional. Though Domino must now spend more money to improve production value, the money he makes is more than enough to cover it, and Domino finally decides it's time to sign a referee to a full-time contract rather than relying on roster members to fill in. Domino is no longer limited to two matches a card with a referee at his disposal, and Ultima Lucha Dos is the first show to feel the effects of the increased production values. Ultima Lucha Dos.PNG

Ultima Lucha Dos proved to be a resounding success, scoring a 58 rating overall and bringing in 2,000 people, an all time company high. Though in kayfabe, times have never been darker for Lucha Underground, as a company, the future has never been brighter. However, the requirements for reaching Cult status are much harder, with Domino now being forced to reach 47 importance in two regions. Domino can no longer run shows in only Northern Mexico, where his most consistent cash flow comes in. Will Domino be able to keep up this momentum, or will the requirements of growing his popularity in a new region sink his ship?

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Regional (January 2018-April 2018)

After two successful years for the company, Domino finally encounters what might be his largest threat to company growth and financial stability: Multiple area growth. Although Domino's made Lucha Underground a small success in Northern Mexico, he must now reach 47 importance in both Northern Mexico and another area of Mexico. Domino decides his best course of action is to break into West Central Mexico. To do this, Domino runs three shows in West Central every month, with one in Northern Mexico to keep financial stability. At the beginning of January, he has about $100,000 saved, but by the end of April, it's dipped to $84,000. Domino decides that he wants to reintroduce the L1 for next year, but he wants to hold a new event for Lucha Underground before he brings back the tournament. As such, Domino introduces the idea of Aztec Warfare, a 20-man match where two competitors start the match, then another enters every minute until all 20 competitors have entered. Eliminations occur via pinfall and submission, and the winner walks away with the Lucha Underground championship. As April's new big event, Domino hopes this will help Lucha Underground gain popularity and money down the line.



After winning the Lucha Underground championship, Queen Amazon leads her stable of the other champions in Lucha Underground. However, even though Maribel Mercado has managed to defend the Gift of the Gods title and prevent an unforeseen title opportunity against Amazon, Mystery Pink, Pinky Perez and Purple Viper aren't so lucky, losing matches to El Mitico, Aguila Azul Celeste, Electric Dreamer and Estrella Blanca. Amazon gives them one last chance to prove themselves, as they have to defend the trios titles at Aztec Warfare, and if they lose, they will leave the Upper Class. Ultimately, Pink, Perez and Viper lose the trios titles to Celeste, Dreamer and Blanca. However, rather than being exiled from the Upper Class, Amazon and Mercado would join the Disciples of Death, as Samael the Accuser, Screamer and Martyr helped Amazon retain the title at Aztec Warfare.

During this time, Latin Lion Jr and Doctor O'Haire left the Disciples of Death due to their recent failures as a stable, and after picking up a victory over Screamer and Martyr, they would join the Upper Class after Aztec Warfare, offering support to the former trios champions.

Other than this, El Mitico has been on the rise, scoring massive victories and officially being considered a main eventer. On the other hand, Boriken Love Machine Jr has had the opposite luck, failing to score big victories and falling to upper midcard status.


By the end of April, Lucha Underground has reached 31 importance in Northern Mexico and 20 in West Central. Domino plans to implement the L1 tournament over the next year of Lucha Underground again, but with the added caveat of four more shows per month. He plans to run eight shows a month spread across two "brands" for L1 season, with four in Northern Mexico and four in West Central each month. Domino understands this could potentially bleed money, but it's a risk he's willing to take, as he still looks to reach Global as fast as he possibly can. Will Domino's ambition be his downfall at such a pivotal moment of his company's lifespan?

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