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Maasa walks out onto the stage having his head down shaking it looking a little “disappointing” in what Julius has displayed here and is looking like he is going to confront him about this. Five seconds later, he decides to walk up into to the ring and stare down Julius face to face, man to man.

“Julius, Julius, Julius oh how far have you come, from winning the world title to stomping ants to build yourself back up from losing that very title I just spoke about a moment. You wanted to win right? You disrespect your opponents you insult them and back it up in a match thats the routine. You take us NXT, US and IC performers lightly but you don’t the talent of what we got here you just go where please and just think that your getting away this. I am here to stand up for the talented and future champion that are among that done want to come forward and confront so I will do it myself. What I think about you when I see is a big lie that you live by I am the best... sorry but your just a flop that came here to lay waste to what we are creating. You are the intercontinental champion well who have you defeated in the KOTR that proves you tough and brooding. Heres the list Dikey and Marker not bad you faced a guy that is a NXT thra... filler and a clown congrats you met mediocre how bout you face the cream of the crop, Arius, Bob, Hans and the man you’ll be facing next George.”

”I am going to be honest you have made a flawless run the last 18 months have been incredible for your career and legacy in BPZ but how long will that you have a constantly evolving division on your heels gaining on you every single. You have just met your weakness you met your cap of what you can do, what I really want to see is what can you beat, I mean your talking like you own the place so lets put up against Sameer and lets see what happens. When you go silent the rest will be waiting for there opportunity I know I am waiting for mine but your just handed opportunity left and right in every division you go to.”

Julius looks away at the crowd for a moment.

“You have never been crucified like this before, if I am talking to you look me in my damn eyes! You are a grown man taking this like it is your first time. I want you to feel this in your heart and accept and than may you leave so lets go. You think that you can walk all over us like we are nothing we are a movement and when you get that in your sick sorry head than will understand what we are. Julius you don’t see clear you see a blur of reality and you build off that creating a fantasy where you and only you can live and survive so I would recommend you get glasses and come to me when you have them.“

Maasa waits for a response from Julius.

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