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BPZ KOTR Quarter Finals - George AK Vs Arius

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We return from a break, seeing a panning shot of the surroundings of the Greek streets as the main event of the evening is being prepared. Arius, the only man in BPZ to not have been pinned, The Revenant, against George AK, the self proclaimed Eighth Wonder Of The World. One of these two men will be eliminated tonight, and the other will go to the semi-finals of the King Of The Ring tournament. Who will win? Who will lose? Nobody has a clue.

Here comes Arius. Surrounded, protected by his ghouls, 2 either side of him as he walks down to the ring. Slowly, methodically mentally preparing himself for this match. Oh wait! Thats not one of his ghouls its George AK! His opponent!

George attacks Arius from behind, with a double axe handle to the back of the head. As they approach the ring now, George still beating down Arius. As now Arius scrambles onto the apron. The barrage continues. What is George looking for now.


Oh my lord! A piledriver onto the apron. The kiss of death from George, thats his old finishing move that was retired because of how dangerous it was, Arius could be done already and this match has only just begun. George rolls Arius into the ring and goes for the cover. 1,2, WHAT. Somehow Arius lifts his shoulder, how is he even conscious! George is shocked. George hits the ropes, looks to come back for an elbow drop but Arius dodges and gets right back up to his feet. George, second chance opportunity now. Caught by Arius, who slowly lifts George up!


Devastating move from Arius! Oh lord. Both men are down, Arius is lying flat whilst George is curled around the bottom rope. You can already tell the tone of this match. As George finally rolls to the outside for a breather. But he won’t get much of one, as Arius comes in with the suicide dive! Taking out George AK, down onto the concrete floor. Both of these men are sending a statement out right now. As Arius rolls George into the ring this time. Who gets up onto one knee. Arius though from behind german suplex! George gets right up, superkick from Arius! Clothesline in return from George as both men collapse to the ground.


What a match this has been so far! Arius looks to take it though, as he crawls across and gets his arm over George, 1,2, OH! What, how did he even manage to kick out, I thought for sure that would be it. But Arius, looks fired up as he helps George to his feet. And goes for a stiff strike but George dodges, a kick to the midsection on Arius! And is he going for it! Disintegration!


Cover from George, surely he has the match won! 1,2 NO! Again, what a great show of resilience from Arius, having the power and determination to kick out once again! George is pulling out all the stops and Arius looks like he has all the answers right now. But still George continues.  As he looks to help up - inside cradle! Arius could steal it! No, George escapes at two. So close yet so far from Arius. Both men up right away, as they circle each other in the ring both waiting for the other to make the first move. Which they both do!


Oh my! Look at this, Arius gets the advantage though as he forces George back. Arius charges but George trips up Arius who ends up on the mat.  And I think George has seen an opportunity here. What is he going for now?


What! How do you even describe that, George, pin on Arius. 1,2, HOW ON EARTH! He managed to escape again! This match is just pure pain back and forth. I mean look at George, surely he is thinking to himself about what else he can even do! He drags himself back up, but Arius is already up!


Arius! What a move, he transitions right into the cover. 1,2,NO! Another kick out from George. How is this match still going on. Arius is in shock, you can tell from his body language. As he is just letting George get back up now, no wait! Arius charges, so does George! Running knee from George! Arius is down. Black Out from George!


Cover. 1...2...3! Wait no! Arius somehow got out, how on earth. George is in the zone though, as he gets Arius up and sends him to the ropes with an irish whip. Arius ducks underneath the elbow from George. Before it is Arius whos elbow is blocked. Hold the phone, George is rolling Arius up 1...2...3! He got him off of the role-up.

He did it! Arius has been pinned for the first time ever in BPZ! The crowd is in shock. They got behind George as a joke, but now he has knocked out joint favourite Arius! What a way to end tonights show. George AK moves on to face Julius in the semi-finals of the BPZ King Of The Ring 2019. As he celebrates in the ring. Before extending his hand out to Arius, who would slap it away. Before the show would go off air.

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