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Eric Shun


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On the carnage after the quarter finals of the King Of The Ring tournament, we would have a hectic show. Lots of promos about people who won their matches and more build up to the King Of The Ring payperview. We knew the two semi-final matchups for the tournament. Hans against Natedog and Julius against George AK. The later semi-final being probably the most anticipated. As it had been a very long time since Julius has lost and George had just picked up an amazing victory, and was a clear fan favourite for the tournament. 

As suddenly just before the end of the show, the biggest pop of the night would be for George AK. As his theme would be blasted throughout the arena. To a chorus of "George-A-K" chants from the crowd. This was the hottest he had been in his career after he pinned the man who had never been pinned before, Arius. George would salute the fans as per usual and hand out high fives on his way down to the ring. 

"Wow. What a night, what a moment. One step closer, one more challenge completed. A tough challenge, a hard one where I was engulfed by fear, pain and forced to show every ounce of endurance that I could. And what did I do. I dug deep, I showed the world who I am, I showed everyone else left in the tournament who I am. I squeezed every pound of endurance I had in me out, I fought through everything. And I came out victorious. I proved to you all what I wanted to the entire time. And to be honest, I couldn't be prouder. This started as a joke, saying how I was going to win the whole damn tournament like every basic superstar in the back would do. But then, every win I have gained since then has given me power. The first round match was the warm-up, a tight match but a match I won. Making me even more determined. Up next the unbeaten man, Arius. And in the toughest match of my three year career here I won once more. I am the man now. I have the power, determination and the ambition. I need this, this is my food and my drink. I can safely say right now to all of you guys in attendance and watching on your televisions sets around the world. I will not stop and I can not stop until you see me with the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship on my shoulder. Where everytime I come out you will see a border underneath me saying "BPZ World Heavyweight Champion" everytime you load up BPZ.com and go on the champions page you will see me first. That is what I am going to make happen. My dream, the dream of all of my fans around the world. To see me with the strap on my shoulder. So I will not stop working as hard as I can until I make that dream a reality. And now, we have a new obstacle in the way of my greatness."

"So, let me address this obstacle. Julius. Everyone knows you, respects you and values what you do here and what you have done. But I am not gonna sit back and let you try and run through this tournament. I will fight and I will come out on top. There is a difference between us, one very different to the one you would think. 2 Down to to go? Emotional, very. It's the same story with me though, except im going to get through all four matches. You must not be very good at maths, because last time I checked two plus one equals three. You won two matches against people who were chucked in last minute to make up the numbers. And now you are going to fall to the very best man in this tournament. The same old shit over and over again here isn't it. The amount of times I have heard a veteran say exactly what you said about me. Im washed up, I was talented back in 2017, I'm this, I'm that. WELL I AM STILL BEATING YOU THIS WEEKEND YOU PIECE OF SHIT!"

At this point the fans in the arena would cheer and continue their George-A-K chants.

“The same thing over and over. Keep regurgitating it. In fact, does anyone else in the back wanna come out and do the same promo that has been done on me consistently for a year. You have no points Julius, you are backed up to the wall. Doing the exact same as Arius did. Bring up your achievements, my past, my experience. But I will tell you the same thing I told him. On the night none of that matters. It will be me and you. No past no nothing. And at the end of the match, you will be knocked out on the ground. My hand will be raised and I will be declared the winner, and I will advance to the finals of the King Of The Ring tournament 2019. So Julius, you don’t phase me, you don’t scare me or any of that. I am prepared. I am ready. I guess the real question here is, are you?”

On these last words, George would drop the mic and chuckle down the lens of the camera. Before applauding the fans and leaving the ring. Taking his sweet time as he walked up the ramp onto the stage. Where once again he would salute the fans before disappearing behind the curtain.

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