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Manchester’s Numero Uno

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The spot light hits the entrance way in Manchester as  the theme of the Deadman's hand plays, but nobody comes out onto stage instead on the titantron Blade appears sitting in a room with a poker table live via satellite

Blade, "Do you know who I am? I am a former NXT Champion, former BPZ European Champion, former BPZ Intercontinental champion, former BPZ Premium Champion, the 2019 Carnage Scramble winner the man who exterminated Buddy Ace at the Power Trip Cup Event and one half of the Deadman's hand. Now lets get down to business, look who all showed up. Well not me because I couldn't be asked to show up here in Manchester since that isn't the location of where it matters and that will be at London for BPZ King of the ring.

Now I was sitting at home scrolling through things to watch and saw on BPZ TV that you all were running your mouths.  For that second I saw that I nearly feel to sleep just watching you guys go at it. I mean we have the failed group of the SSW club and the group of retirees who are past their prime exchanging words with the former group.  Like who even is giving you all the TV time to come out here? 

Nobody wants to see the SSW club, and nobody asked for them to come out, so you can sure bet nobody cares what you guys have to say.  So you guys claim Alex Costa attack Bulldozer?  And? Who cares?  Nobody in the SSW club if they were attacked anyone would care. You guys are nobodies.  If the SSW Club disbanded right now the amount of people depressed by that are just those members of the SSW club who haven't left it yet.  And there is the United Nations a group of legends that are nearly just like the SSW club."

Blade pauses and sits forward towards the camera

Blade, "I did the breakdown for the United Nations, the retirees and looking at this group of legends and I just have to shake my head in disappointment.  I mean there are so many legends in BPZ and you three are at the bottom of the pool of legends that are in BPZ.  If you were a team of Bashka, Neb, and Bailey, then yeah you guys could be a formidable team but the thing is, you guys are the legends that is just like the SSW Club and that means nobody cares about any of you.  You are the lowest legends there are, the only reason two of you are legends because you guys have been here longer then others and the other is Brad."

Blade points at the camera to point at the ring

Blade "None of you have what it takes to be a winning tag team.  You guys have numbers but with your bigger teams you lack in what actually matters and that is a drive and the will to get the job done.  That's what Kieron and I will do at King of the Ring, get the job done and become the number one contenders to the BPZ Tag Team Championship!  The Deadman's hand is going to win.  The SSW Club is going to go back to being the nobodies they are, Alex and Raven are going to finally see what real BPZ competition is like.  Then the United Nations can go back into retirement.

We hold the cards, and well you  guys are all..."

Blade then lightly kicks a trash bin to get his message across

Blade,  "Is that message clear? While you are all that you will soon all know who are the Deadman's hand."

Blade stops and the theme plays again.

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However right after Blade stopped talking a new theme song began playing with only some words playing saying the King to the World in English, Japanese and Portuguese


A Man comes out wearing only a towel over his head and wearing just his wrestling trunks before stopping at some point of the music on the ramp and with some fans in the arena recognizing the chant they sing "KAZE NI NARE".

As the music stops the man removes the towel to reveal the former NXT Champion Alex Costa who no one has seen since the 1st round of the Power Trip Cup.

Costa who has been sitting on top of the ramp looks on at the SSW Club and the UN in the ring with some special disdain especially at the SSW Club as he begins to talk

Alex Costa: I think everyone is here is wondering where and how I have been since my loss two weeks ago to Nate.

Crowd Cheers

You know at first I was angry and pissed because I thought once again I had lost because certain people didn't allow me to win, but then I realized something. I and only I am to blame for my recent streak of losses.

Everybody in the ring and the arena are wondering Alex's point

See I allowed myself to grow soft, I allowed myself to not be that ruthless competitor that conquered the wrestling scene all over the world. I felt under the same issue my tag team partner felt when he decided to align himself with that nobody loser over there Points at Bulldozer and his washed up has been talenteless excuse of a former IC Champion! Points at Josh with both men feeling angry

Now before you all ask did I really ran over Bulldozer? The answer is unfortunatly in my case no, even though I would have loved to be the one to do it and save the Boss from having to pay that excuse of a wannabe wrestler money. But don't worry "Bulldozer" if that is even your name, by the time me and Raven are done with you in the match next week you will be beaten up so badly you gonna wish whoever ran over you ended your career right there and then.

Crowd cheers as they clearly don't like Bulldozer

And as for you Josh. You really think Sameer and Bailey give a crap about you? The only reason they have mentioned you at all is to talk of how embarrassing it is with so much great talent in this company that you are even allowed to sniff that World Hevyweight Championship. Face it old man, you are past your prime and it's embarassing how you dragging yourself with a bunch of talentless nobodies even my eleven year old niece could kick there asses.

The Crowd laughes and so does some of the UN

Also if you are really Manchester's number one than boy oh boy Manchester must really suck.

But enough about you nobodies, let me address the real competition here. The United Nations. 3 of the best legends in this business. Now I could go on and on about all of your accomplishments or why they don't matter but honestly that's been so overdone and well even though your jokes about the Jobber Gang over there were funny. I want you three to realize one thing. I am a very dangerous man and me and my partner Raven we got losing nothing to lose here. We going to do anything we need to win this match even if it means putting you all on the shelf permanently. 

Crowd Boos

Of course now you boo but then again we are in Italy and well everyone knows the Italians haven't accomplished anything of note in the last decade or so other than be news for how dirty there cities are.

Crowd Boos even harder as they chant Angelo's name

But enough about that, let's talk about the last time in this match, the Deadman's Hand.

Now Blade you really like to blabber a lot about what you accomplised don't you? While yes it's impressive what you accomplished and you remember it, you seem to think we are already in England. While yes that will be true when we get to King of the Ring proper we are actually in bloody Milan. So Strike One for you, you don't know Geography.

But besides that don't worry I know what real competition is yet I have already faced some of the best competition and you know what? I LOVED IT! So please Mister Blade and Mr Kieron, bring it on! I wanna fight you, much like I wanna fight those three gentlemen in the ring. And as for you two little pieces of cosplayers, you will know what real pain is soon.

Because we are ICHIBAN! Costa and Raven soon to be your Tag Team Champions of the world!

Alex's music plays off again as he walks off but not before giving a murderous look to SSW Club and then a nod of respect to the UN.

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After Alex and Meko make their exit off the stage after leaving their message, Bulldozer takes to the microphone, anger written on his face. He goes to say something, only to be booted in the face by Monda, sending Bulldozer out of the ring onto the ground as United Nations starts fighting with Josh and Deadman's Hand as the crowd erupts from the action. Joh takes Blade into the corner with a tackle as Monda and Epic are duking it out in the other corner and Josh and Angelo trade shots in the middle of the ring. Joh shoulder tackles Blade once into the corner before running off the ropes and hits a jumping dropkick to the arm of Blade, using enough force to send him over the top rope onto the floor below. Epic started to chop away at the chest of Monda before turning around and seeing Joh. He starts taunting Job as Monda pulls something from his pocket and swings Epic around and smashes what is shown to be a can of a liquid drink over his head, sending him down and rolling out of the ring. Monda shrugs and opens the cap and drinks from the can as he leans into the corner as Josh rakes Angelo in the eye, getting loud boos from the crowd, who then runs off the ropes but gets a nasty clothesline that flips Josh inside out which gets a loud reaction from the crowd. Josh pushes himself up slowly, dazed from the shot before Angelo runs over and clothesline Josh out of the ring for a louder reaction. 

Untied Nations is standing tall in the ring as the crowd is loudly chanting "SÌ!" at the sight. Bulldozer made it to his feet and runs inside the ring. He goes to blindside Joh but Monda tripped him, causing Bulldozer to fall face first. Angelo, Joh, and Monda surrounded Bulldozer as the crowd is still chanting "SÌ!" And Angelo looks around before raising his arm up, pointing at the turnbuckle, which gets a loud reaction. While Angelo goes to the top rope, Joh picks up Bulldozer and gets him in a German Suplex Position, but Monda runs off the ropes and hits a nasty big boot to Bulldozer that sends him back easier with the German Suplex, which Joh quickly rolls out of the way as Angelo drops the big elbow on Bulldozer.


United Nations stands tall tonight, but the real question remains, can they continue this? Or will someone knock them a peg?

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