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"Wake up"

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George keeps the confused look on his face until the titantron becomes blank. Then he starts laughing and pointing at the titantron. He asks for a microphone from the ringside crew, and whilst waiting throws the local talent over the top rope. When he gets the microphone he composes himself and starts to talk.

"Really? This is your leader. This is the guy to win King Of The Ring. Julius, grow up. Do yourself a favour for once, open your eyes, see the bigger picture. Or run away again. I mean, you could have just come out and spoke to me face to face. Instead. What did you do? You've shown your true colours. Whilst I was out here beating up more people, you were busy hiding backstage so you could send a cute little message to me. But, then you couldn't even stick around to talk to me now? King Of The Ring 2019 semi-finalist by the way guys. What a pussy. Way to contradict yourself completely. Great talk, inspiring really. But, wow. I expect better. It is almost like you haven't seen me before. You can question me as much as you want but I will answer you all the time. And do you want to know why that is. It is because I am the very best wrestler in this damn company, I am the one that one day everyone will look up to. Meanwhile, yourself. You will be the one that fell off. You are the bust at the start of the draft, I am Kobe Bryant with the 13th pick. You will be working at Taco Bell, and I will be owning Taco Bell."

"Sure, you have won more than me, you have done more than me. But, whatever you have won I have not been included in. You have never gone through the test of facing me. You beat a few lazy idiots who can't tell their ass from their elbow. You beat the BPZ equivalent to Eugene a few times and now you think that you are the big guy around here. Meanwhile, I am beating guys you have never beat in your life. Pinning guys who you have never pinned. Lets talk about your fatal flaw, the one guy, the one mountain peak you could never quite reach. Arius. You tried and tried and tried. And you lost! You lost! You lost! Meanwhile me, my first ever time one on one against him and I made it look easy. I put him down for three, I showed my class and in doing so, I showed everyone why I am the rightful winner of the King Of The Ring tournament this year. Me. Not you, not Hans and not that Irish idiot Natedog. And this weekend, I will win. I told Arius I would and I am telling you too. So, keep filling your bag with confidence. Keep being arrogant, obnoxious and hypocritical. Please do, but when the pressure is on, and the lights are beaming down. When the cameras are on us and we have the full attention of the world. We will see who prevails, we will see who comes out on top. And it is a 99% certainty that it will be me."

"Now, real quickly before I go I do have some other things to talk about. Don't worry, it is not bad. I just wanna introduce a new chant to you guys. Stand up, loud and proud. 'George is gonna kill youuuuu'."

The crowd would join in with the chant. Getting louder and louder as George beckoned them to continue.

"Julius, you hear this. This is the opinion of the people, they are telling you what is going to happen this weekend. You better listen, or I will make you."

George would then stop talking and start making his way to the back, as the chanting from the crowd continued. Julius or George, who would win.

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