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Breakdown: The Deadman's Hand

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The titantron comes up instead of Blade coming out to the Switzerland crowd, the titantron comes up with the sign, live via satellite as Blade appears sitting back in a chair on the titantron

Blade, "Do you all know who I am? I am a former NXT Champion, former BPZ European Champion, former BPZ Intercontinental champion, former BPZ Premium Champion, the 2019 Carnage Scramble winner the man who exterminated Buddy Ace at the Power Trip Cup Event and one half of the Deadman's hand. Yes I am not there live tonight, we know why, so lets get to the final breakdown before King of the ring.  One team left and that is my team the Deadman's hand.

Now I have broke down every team and I will do the same to my own. Let's get to it"

Blade pulls out a list of name and they are different they are playing cards he places the first name Kieron Black

Blade, "Let's start with my tag team partner Kieron Black.  Now yes he has certainly has had his ups and downs in BPZ, having more loses then wins but look at the work he has put in BPZ.    Kieron Black is a former BPZ Premium Champion just like I am he captured the Premium championship.  One of the on again and off again titles that has seen some of the most changing divisions in BPZ.  Beasts, and Kings alike have been in this division looking to put their name into the list of champions.  Kieron got himself into that division and took that title. 

Kieron Black is also a former  United States champion. Now here is the thing, that is the only title that I failed to get and can never go after again.  Yet Kieron Black my tag team partner capture that red white and blue championship and made it his.  Getting the job done and taking the title that I failed to get during my time in that division. He did that.

He has been in multiple high profile matches, he was a former degenerate, a former member of Decay.  Teams that people consider unsuccessful but look at what he ended up doing in the long runs.  We made our impact our own way.  Kieron made and marked his way into every division he could.  Now going into King of the ring he will do the same.  Even if he doesn't even try, he is still better then everyone else of the other teams.  He isn't a member of the failing SSW club, isn't a rookie of the duo who are way over their heads, and aren't teamed up with a bunch of retirees.   I mean who can't be Brad?  Kieron can get that job done and he will at King of the Ring. But he wont be alone in this match up. as it is a tag team match up and it takes two to  make a team so that leads to the next person of the Deadman's hand."

Blade then puts down the next card with his name on it.

Blade, "And now myself, now I can list off my accomplishment's like I did when I started each breakdown.  But lets look at those moment.

Im a Former NXT champion, back when NXT champion came and went there was the greatest NXT division class all of its own.  July 2015 started the NXT division and made the bar of standards the division setting higher then any other champions and people trying challenge for that championship.  We brought it to a whole different level. Before myself we have had Flynn, then myself, then Slim. We all raised that championship to a level that the other championship could never have done it.   The first champion Brad, was just only the first person but the title has turned into something far better after he lost it.    Next was my BPZ European Championship Reign as Hollow.  A title mind you that nobody can ever win again.  Either you were or you will never be that champion.  It had some of the greatest names as champion. Flynn, Slim, Razor, Necce and myself.  The first champion is another retiree in Monda, but look who held the title after him.  Those names and look what they accomplished since then Flynn, Slim and Necce they rose about everyone else.  I went ahead and went on to create the reign of madness to create what Hollow was as I took the championship from one of its toughest champions from Slim

Now we have my Intercontinental title reign, do I even need to go through the linage of that championship of all who have held that? Ranging from Bailey, to  Flynn, Slim, Bashka, and many others of the top guys in BPZ have held this championship that I myself held  Taking the title once again after Slim, I won it and put my name in the history as Hollow when I took the championship.   My final championship so far before we get to Emergence 2019 is my BPZ Premium championship Reign.  The prize that I fought for almost as long as I have for the tag championships.  The Premium championship.  I talked about this when I said Kieron' title reign, but the man I took the title from turned into  the member of the Kingdom that held the universal title.  Echo Wilson.  I beat and crushed him after as Hollow I competed against Julius in the first opening of the Unsanctioned Zone.  Beaten and battered I beat Echo Wilson and took the Premium Championship home. 

My latest accomplishment isn't really one but I will say it was fun to do.  Remember the Power Trip Cup.  A certain Buddy Ace was destroyed after a month of warnings of what  I would do to him and he was exterminated.  Now I say I am going to destroy these lesser tag team jokes and go on to face the champions at Emergence."

Blade moves the cards to the center of the table then kicks the trashcan over the names of the past spill Breakdown episodes spill out

Blade, "It will be that easy at King of the ring to take out the other three teams. The SSW club, Alex and Raven, The United Nations, there names were placed where they belong, and I knocked over the bin just like I will do when I knock over each team in this fatal four way match.  It is easy because I know what  I might do, and what needs to be done.  Im not a rookie who is over my head and I am not past my prime as a retiree.  I know what I need to do to win  and I am more then able to do it.  Kieron and I are going to wipe the floor with the tag teams and get our shot at the champions."

Blade's camera doesn't go dark instead he get up and moves towards the camera

Blade, "Now this is the last breakdown before King of the ring but not my last message.  You see, I will be at the next shows next week but I am going to call for a BPZ Tag Team Summit. Before someone thinks too much of it not it isn't an open challenge.  I am going to be there in person much like a Press Conference but I will show BPZ what the really number one contenders of this tag division truly look like.  See you next week."

Blade pushes the camera and it goes dark as Blade's message ends the Breakdown series as Blade gets ready to appear next week on BPZ TV.


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