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BPZ Tag team Summit

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Finally, the last team on everyone's lips enters the room, with Raven and Alex Costa walking onto the stage. Raven's NXT championship is clasped tightly in his hands, but as the duo enter, Raven turns his championship over to Alex. Alex then takes his seat and Raven approaches the podium, acting as the spokesperson for their team. The reporters bombard the Brit with questions, but the NXT champion simply holds up his hand, refusing to talk until the chatters quiets down. The reporters and fans quiet down, allowing the NXT champion to speak.


I'm not here to answer some silly questions. For the past month, I've been preparing for the most physically stressful and taxing night of my entire career. Not only do I have to defend my NXT title in another battle royal, but Alex and I must also overcome three teams at King of the Ring. The only reason I'm here instead of training with my partner is because I have some things to get off of my chest.

First off, no, I'm not spreading myself too thin. It amuses me that men like James Knight think I can't handle the pressure. I'd like to remind everyone that I toppled Bob Sparks and KENJI in the same match. I'm more than capable of getting the job done when the deck is stacked. When I walk into King of the Ring, the lovely British crowd will see their hometown hero compete in two grueling matches, and walk away victorious in both. That brings me to my second point...The tag team titles.

Raven turns his attention to his former tag team partner, Bulldozer.

Bulldozer, the man who nearly ruined my career before it even began...I don't care if you see me as a friend. You are nothing more than an obstacle to me. An embarassing stain on my career that I'm lucky to have recovered from. I didn't team with Alex because he tricked me, I teamed with Alex because he's a partner I can count on to get the job done. When you and I teamed together, you lost us a match against Royal Flush, the most embarrassing loss of my career. I may not have run you over, Bulldozer, but at King of the Ring, I will end your career. And as for your partner, who isn't even here tonight...I still owe him a beating from PTC Finals. At King of the Ring, I'll end this charade of a faction once and for all.

Then, there's the United Nations. A trio too cowardly to act as a true two-man tag team. A trio that talks big about their national pride, but who haven't been relevant in months. For how long all three of you lads have been here, I'm the only one walking into this match with championship gold around my waist. The momentum is all on my side, and I can't wait to show what British Strong Style is all about at King of the Ring, where I prove that the United Kingdom is the top country in this world.

And finally, we have Deadman's Hand...Or rather, half of Deadman's Hand. Kieron seemed to tuck his tail and hide when KENJI embarrassed him in the King of the Ring tournament. Regardless, though, it's funny to me that Blade called this summit, considering his MO this month has been talking sh*t behind everyone's backs without having the balls to step up to them. Now he calls this summit where everyone's here, face to face, and he sits back and lets the rest of his opponents speak instead. Joh was spot-on when he said you're an underachiever, an egoist and a suck-up, but he missed a few. Coward. Disappointment. And most importantly...Bailey's Bitch. It's a joke that you think you're worthy of facing the Big Ballers when you lack a pair of your own. The only team worthy of challenging the washed-up has-been and his meal ticket at Emergence are me and Alex, the only team capable of leading this company into the future.

Raven then leaves the podium and takes a seat next to his tag team partner, taking his NXT championship back and grasping it tightly once again.

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Blade sits back in the chair at the table and pulls a microphone from the table after each with at least one member team made their appearance

Blade, "So each of you showed up,  maybe I was wrong or maybe you guys are as foolish as I though each of your teams were.I was just asked why would I have this summit if I thought my competition is inferior, well that is simple to get a look at who I am facing.  I am giving you all the chance I didn't give Buddy Ace to get a chance to look at your opponent and see what you are up against  This is great time to look at each team.  You know a good team is like a good plan.  Each team trying to pull off the heist of the century and get to those tag titles and take them from the champions at Emergence. But the thing is when you get to the job you have a few things you must do.  

Step One is to execute the plan, meaning you get your team together and make sure it is solid enough to get to the champions getting through the competition that is in your way.  You find yourself a tag partner and you work your  way to the big match.  You see your competition and you build up your team accordingly.   You all see that, I mean why else would you all stick together.  You each highlight your strengths, or and your weaknesses  

Step Two, prepare for the plan to fall apart.  You see in BPZ teams fall apart or not all the members can lead up to the matches with the best that they possible can.  So it is almost an certain that some teams will not just deliver and just fall apart when the big challenge  comes.  Like now we are heading into a big tag match like this one.  There are multiple things that fall apart.  I mean something unexpected could happen like a member of your team gets hurt.  Or just fails to show up.  Or just you guys just aren't ready for the big match up when that final week comes.

Step Three, Scrap the old plan and adapt to the new  situation. Basically  when the  team fails to meet the challenge you have two things you can do, you either scrap the team and move on.  Or you Adapt.  Brad, you and the United Nations should remember the biggest legendary group of BPZ in Evolution the last few years their biggest sayings you adapt or you perish.  Now I see that and I took that saying and my team has adapted, and all you guys now are going to perish. 

You see I said my tag team partner was going to be  here a bit later and I wasn't lying.  I just didn't say who that tag partner was going to be.  You see Kieron couldn't make it to King of the ring as his first round match up left him a bit gone. But my partner that will be facing you all at King of the ring is something else.  Some might see him as a prodigy right now.  He shares a similar accolade as I do as we both now have beaten Buddy Ace in the last month or so.  This guy has stepped up and shocked the world in the King of the Ring Tournament making it all the way to the semi finals, and took Julius to his very limit.  So for this introduction I give you George AK!

Blade drops the microphone on the table and lets his tag team partner come out

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Suddenly JoshsNow appears and the reporters applaud his entrance. He wastes no time walking through the middle before jumping onto the raised platform where everyone is sitting and standing opposite George and Blades table. He puts his elbows on the table and goes face to face with his arch nemesis, George

You have made the biggest mistake of your life. For 18 months I have desired to get me and you in the same ring. I petitioned to do it at BPZMania but you got injured. I challenged you at SummerSlam and you disappeared. Now you openly come out to face me? When we get into that ring, you will realise I don’t care about the other people in this match, I am going to hurt you.

Like you hurt me when you attacked me on the ramp at December to Dismember 2017. When you beat me at Night of Legends 2018. When you blindsided me with a crutch after I lost to Flynn at World at War 2018. Did you think it was painful when I threw you down a flight of stairs which injured you for a year? It’s going to be nothing compared to the beating I will give you at KOTR. 

Thank you George for giving me this opportunity. I am going to make you suffer. I didn’t think my day was going to get any better after I received the great news that Boris Johnson was our new Prime Minister but somehow George you have topped it

And next to you is Blade. I don’t need to say much about Blade, there isn’t much to say. His claim to fame is holding a title that no longer exists and having only 3 words in his vocabulary, nobodies, rookies and retirees. You know what Blade 2 of those 3 words apply to you and let’s face it, you’re no rookie

He begins to move down the table, first stopping at United Nations table and looking at all 3 men

Joh, I was going to start with you first but with that stupid Irish accent of yours I have no idea what you said. I knew the Irish were stupid, I mean the fact you’re happy to stay in the EU shows that, but I didn’t know that you would be stupid enough Joh to join the United Nations.

And as for you Brad, I mean Nanovirus, I mean. Yeah I think the movie Split sums it up perfectly.

And that concludes the United Nations oh Monda. Completely forgot about this old timer. But doesn’t everyone Monda. I can’t remember a storyline you were in where you were one of the main focuses. When you feuded with Bailey about being his brother it was never about you and Bailey, it was always about Bailey and Ross. And even here you’re the one member no one can remember. Go back to celebrating like the US Women have won the actual World Cup and stop appearing here Monda because no one notices any different when you’re not here 

Josh now walks to the next podium, containing Raven and Alex Costa. He smiles at them slightly weirdly before backing away

It is taking a lot of self control right now Alex for me to not to grab your neck you psychopath. You ran over a man whilst talking to the President of your country. Just because we don’t have video evidence of you doing it doesn’t mean squat. We all know you did it You seem to have a large vendetta against my club but I was surprised to see you deal with it in such a cowardice way. You’re lucky George is in this match because now it’s only going to be Bulldozer caving your head in during the match rather than both of us. 

As for Raven. A man who doesn’t appreciate the star I turned him into. He went from being a nobody when he arrived to being NXT Champion and he still doesn’t thank me. In fact I find it almost ironic Raven. You’ve won the NXT Championship yet all you can keep bringing up is how you beat me. I’m honoured Raven you think so highly of me that beating me is a career highlight. But we all know why it’s a career highlight. You beat me with a small package, it was a fluke, and when you see SSW Club as Tag Team Champions in 3 weeks time Raven you will finally understand your mistake

Josh now walks past where his Tag partner is sat and Josh shakes his hand, smiling widely

Talk about saving the best to last. One half of the soon to be Tag Team Champions, Bulldozer. The doctors didn’t think Bulldozer could walk again. He was back within 2 weeks because he is the epitome of the word “determination.” I couldn’t have anyone better as my Tag partner. I love ya Doza.

Josh, having gone through all 7 of the other men in the match, stands at the podium in the middle of everyone 

Well I notice no one in the 3 others teams has answered 1 question from a reporter at a press conference, and I won’t insult reporters like this in my home country. I’m here to answer any questions 

Suddenly a siren goes off and the reporters look confused. Josh awkwardly laughs to himself before pulling the mic closer

Oops, I guess I rambled on too long. That siren indicates no more questions to be asked. It’s time for all of us to leave

The clearly disappointed reporters leave as the 4 Tag Teams, accompanied by security, do the same. The camera turns to black as the 4 Tag Teams stare each other down for the last time before KOTR

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