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Wow I won against all the odds. Really loving this diary, Ropati vs Julius is going to be a great first feud for the TV Title, and I hope to see a rematch between Sameer and Arius (btw what was the rating for that match?.) Meanwhile big wins for me, Bash and Prince as well and I can’t wait for more of this amazing diary 

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Name: Necce

Weight: 6’4

Height: 225

Nickname: The Antichrist

 Signatures: Delirium Trigger (Electric Chair German Suplex), Sling Blade, Necce Effect (Even Flow DDT)

Finishers: Death From Above (Springboard DDT), Begotten (Swinging Reverse STO into a DDT) Antichrist Revolution (Lifting Single Underhook DDT)

Hometown: Lawtell, Louisiana 

 Attire: Jeans, Converse, Punk Rock T-Shirt

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Name: Ark Universe

Weight: 5'8

Height: 195

Nickname: The Enigma

 Signatures: 8-Bit Knee(Ripcord Knee OR Running Knee Strike), Big Bang Attack(Jackie Chan(Angleico's move,Look it up)

Finishers: Wheel of Fate(Twist of Fate), Graviton Bomb(Swanton Bomb), Black Hole(Kneebar)

 Attire: Black with  red spiderweb tights, during entrance has a red jacket that reads "To weird to live, to rare to die" on the back

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