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WWE: Back to Brands w/ Bob and Meko

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Breaking News!!!

WWE make huge announcement as they are bringing back the brand split and getting rid of the very unpopular wildcard rule. Fans around the world are overjoyed as many feel this is a strong step in the right direction for the company as we have seen other companies start to rise as they declined. Will this be able to help the WWE get back to its glory days or will it just fizzle out after a bit of hope like the company has done many times before.

Vince McMahon announced that the company has hired two young promising bookers by the names Meko and Bob to help push the company forward. The two men have also already announced their general managers as Edge will join Bob in running Monday Night Raw and Christian will join Meko in running Tuesday Night Smackdown.

This comes shortly after hiring Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff for this job. But it seems Vince has had a change of heart as he goes with some younger minds to help improve the company. Paul and Eric have no issue with this they say as it seems they will just be moved into different high up roles in the company.

It was also announced there will be a draft between the two brands as they look to clean the slate and get a fresh start with brand new rosters and faces on each brand. It also seems most of the titles have been vacated as this really is a new WWE that we are all about to see.


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Monday Night Raw


It is July 29th and welcome to Monday Night Raw as we are live from Little Rock, Arkansas. We are set for the so called fresh start for the WWE. WIth only a few weeks till Summerslam it comes at a weird time but should be interesting to see how the WWE builds a new card in such a short time. Tonight is the start of a new age in WWE and everyone seems very excited for it.


The Show kicks off as we see the new General Manager of Monday Night Raw Edge make his way to the ring with a mic in his hand as the crowd cheers. Edge seems overjoyed to be back in the WWE and the crowd seem excited to see him.


“Thank you all so much. But tonight is the start of something much bigger than just a legend returning it is a fresh start, a clean slate. WWE has acknowledged that they have not been putting on the best content for all of you as of late but that all changes right here and right now.” Edge says as he pauses and the crowd cheers.

“Tonight though you will see the new rosters we drafted last night begin to mold. As every superstar who appears on RAW will be exclusive to Raw as the same goes for Smackdown Live. For Raw though we have to establish some new champions this new roster shake up has moved superstars around so we don’t have all of our previous champions. So tonight we will have a United States Championship Battle Royal along with a Fatal Fourway Match to establish a New Raw Womens Champion.” Edge says as the crowd cheers as they get to watch some new champions be crowned here tonight.

“We will also see 2 qualifing matches to establish what teams will compete for the Raw Tag Team Championships at Summerslam. We will see Daniel Bryan and Rowan take on Heavy Machinery and The Usos take on the reuniting Breezango.” Edge says as we then hear some familiar music play as the crowd goes crazy.

It’s the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman by his side. They make their way to the ring as Heyman grabs a mic and begins to talk.


“Ladies and gentlemen. I am the advocate for the Reigning, Defending, Undisputed, Universal Champion Brock Lesnar! Now I come out here because it seems our new general manager seems to have forgotten to mention the biggest asset this company has in Brock Lesnar. You seem to have forgotten your very own Universal Champion and I have to say I am disappointed. It’s not something that I would have done. So Mr. General Manager my client needs an opponent for Summerslam who is it going to be?” Paul says as Edge goes to answer but then we hear some music go off as the crowd is going wild.

It’s John Cena! The crowd is going crazy, we see him make his way to the ring as he seems to have his eyes set on the Universal Championship. He grabs a mic and begins to talk.


“I’m back and this time I ain’t leaving anytime soon. This is my home and I will be here as long as I am welcome. I look around this ring and I see men that I have battled it out with throughout my entire career. So why not do it one more time Brock? Me and you one on one for that Universal Championship.” Cena says but as soon as he goes to talk again we hear another song hit as it seems we have another person with their eyes on the title.

It’s Roman Reigns! He makes his way down to the ring and without even saying a word punches Brock in the mouth and a brawl erupts. Cena and Reigns work together as they throw Brock out of the ring and then stare each other down.


“You know what I have an idea. It will be John Cena vs Roman Reigns in tonight's main event with the winner going on to face Brock Lesnar at Summerslam.” Edge says as the crowd erupts as they get to see Cena vs Reigns in tonight's main event.



We cut backstage as we see Braun Stroman in the locker room. He seems to be getting ready for a match when we see gas starts to fill the room. Braun tries to get out but the door is shut. Braun eventually passes out. We then see the gas fade away and the door opens as it’s the Fiend! The Fiend drags Braun out of the locker room as the camera fades to black with the sound of Bray Wyatt’s laughter being heard.



We cut back to the ring as we are set to crown a new United States Champion as we see 10 men in the ring in; The Miz, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, EC3, Robert Roode, Dolph Ziggler, Mojo Rawley, The Big Show, Apollo Crews, and Cedric Alexander.

Match 1- United States Championship Match:

10 Man Battle Royal


We would see Dolph Ziggler win the United States Championship as he would win by eliminating the Miz after a low blow. The final 3 were Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, and The Miz. Randy Orton would eliminate 4 men from this match including Mojo Rawley, Cedric Alexander, The Big Show, and Rey Mysterio. Dolph wins the title but it is a tainted win.



We cut backstage to see Samoa Joe with Charly Caruso. As he has a huge grin on his face.


“Joe rumors are coming out that you were one of the highest draft picks for RAW last night, how do you feel about that?” Charly says as Joe rubs his hands and smiles.

“Finally we have some smart people running this show. I am the top guy in this company and everybody knows it. I just watched a man in Dolph Ziggler who is washed up and no good win the United States Title. Fitting since most of these people are the same way tonight. But I am coming for the title Dolph so be ready because I am coming not just for your title but to put your ass to sleep Dolph and I will be more than happy to do the same to anyone who gets in my way.” Joe says as he then walks off and we cut back to the ring.


Match 2- The Usos vs Breezango


In a solid match The Usos defeated Breezango after Jey Uso beat Fandango with a superkick. The Usos now move on to face either Daniel Bryan and Rowan or Heavy Machinery at Summerslam for the Raw Tag Team Championships.



We cut backstage to see R-Truth with Carmella as Truth seems to have dressed up as Carmella. Truth is able to go on both brands at the moment as he holds to 24/7 Championship which because of the 24/7 rules the champion must appear on both shows. If Truth loses his championship though he is a Raw Exclusive Superstar.


“Carmella I dressed up as you so the other guys can’t get me. It’s like my mama always side a man who hits a woman is gonna get a whoopin. With me being the WWE 48/7 European Television Hardocre Champion I need to take every precaution I can. But I have you by my side thank god.” Truth says as he looks around to make sure no one is coming.

“About that Truth because of this draft I am exclusive to Raw now which means I can’t come to Smackdown with you. So I can help you out here on RAW but you’re on your own for Smackdown. Now I have a match I have to head to so I will see you later.” Carmella says as she walks off leaving Truth alone as he looks confused.

“Mella what about the wildcard thing? Oh wait dang they killed that. Well 48/7 7/11 Universal Championship it looks like it’s just you and me.” Truth says as we cut to a commercial break. 


We cut back from commercial to see 4 women in the ring as we see Bayley, Alexa Bliss, Naomi, and Mandy Rose in the ring accompanied by Sonya Deville. One of these women are gonna be crowned the Raw Womens Champion here tonight who will step up and win the title match.


Match 3- Raw Womens Championship Match:

Alexa Bliss vs Bayley vs Naomi vs Mandy Rose w/ Sonya Deville

In a solid match, Alexa Bliss became the new Raw Womens Champion after pinning Naomi. Mandy Rose hit Naomi with a huge knee and looked as if she was going to win the match when Alexa threw Mandy out of the ring and stole the victory. Mandy and Sonya were clearly upset after the match as they watched Alexa Bliss hold the Raw Womens Title high.



We would then see Heavy Machinery and Bryan and Rowan make their separate entrances as it is time to see who will take on the Usos to become the Raw Tag Team Champions at Summerslam. Both teams are deserving of it but only one team can win.


Match 3- Bryan and Rowan vs Heavy Machinery

In the end it was Bryan and Rowan picking up the victory as Daniel Bryan pinning Tucker after hitting him with a running knee. Daniel Bryan and Rowan look to become the planets champions once again at Summerslam when they take on the Usos.



As Bryan and Rowan head backstage we would see Elias come out and sit on a stool at the top of the ramp. Guitar in hand and ready to sing. He begins to talk.


“You know what no you don’t deserve to hear Elias sing. You people are not good enough for me. Come to think of it why is the WWE wasting it’s time in Arkansas why not go to a real place where people that are actually important live.” Elias says as he is met with thunderous boos from the crowd but he just laughs it off.

“Ok you guys all do you and just like everyone one of you should do. I am going to leave Arkansas right now and never come back. See ya wouldn't wanna be ya.” Elias says as he laughs and walks backstage.


As Elias heads backstage we see John Cena and Roman Reigns make their way down to the ring as it is time for our main event. This match will determine who will challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at Summerslam.


In a great match, Roman Reigns defeated John Cena after hitting him with a spear. Cena looked like he was going to win this match but Roman was able to get out of an AA and hit Cena with the spear. It looks like it will be Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar once again at summerslam for the Universal Championship. Can Reigns finally take down Brock?


After the match we see Cena walking up the ramp clearly upset that he was unable to win this match. But as Cena turns to face the crowd he is attacked from behind! It’s Finn Balor!

The crowd is shocked as this is a side of Finn we haven't seen before. Why is he attacking Cena? Finn seems ruthless as he dropkicks Cena off the stage then hits him with a coup de grace. Cena looks hurt. The camera cuts to Finn who has a huge grin on his face as the crowd boos. Finn the poses on the top of the ramp as RAW goes off air.



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Tuesday Night SmackDown Live



The July 30 edition of SmackDown Live begins with the new General Manager, Christian, appearing to a raucous reception. 


"It's been a while since I've heard that..." Christian says, then chuckles. "Man, it feels good to be back here. I'd love to give a long speech about how much I missed this ring and being in front of all you people, but this isn't about me. Meko placed me in charge of General Management of SmackDown because he knew I'd be a figure of authority that people would respect. My job is to keep the ship running while he puts together the cards behind the scenes...So if the show sucks, don't blame me, okay? The audience chuckles at his comment, overjoyed to see Captain Charisma back on their screens.

"Now, let's get down to brass tacks. Meko made the executive decision that all championships are to be vacated, as he wants a true fresh start. SummerSlam's right around the corner, as we only have two shows before the Biggest Party of the Summer, so we can't afford to waste time. He's decided all championships will find their new homes at the PPV, and the next two weeks will be dedicated to finding the competitors worthy of competing for the titles."

Before Christian can continue, he's interrupted by a familiar sound...



Out enters former WWE champion, Kofi Kingston, flanked by former SmackDown tag team champions, Big E and Xavier Woods, the New Day. "Christian!" Xavier Woods begins gleefully. "Christian, it's so wonderful to see you again! I do wish the circumstances were better, though..." Big E picks up where Woods stops. "Yes, Christian, you see...As happy as we are that you're the new boss around here, and that we don't have to deal with Shane McMahon anymore...We're sad that the New Day's championship gold had to be casualties in this fresh start."

Christian stops E there and says "You're right, Big E. It's not fair that you've had to lose the titles all three of you worked so hard to get. That's why Meko's decided the three of you are already guaranteed a spot in your respective title matches at SummerSlam. Kofi, your opponent for the WWE championship will be decided in tonight's main event, while the SmackDown tag team titles will be determined in a 15 team battle royal at SummerSlam! The first team to be officially entered in the match, Big E and Xavier Woods. Sound good to you three?"

The three members of the New Day look at each other before simultaneously saying "Acceptable," drawing laughs from the audience and from Christian. The trio then make their way to the back, satisfied. However, Christian's not finished yet, picking up the microphone again. "Those aren't the only titles we need to decide, though...Meko's made it clear that he wants to give every woman on SmackDown the opportunity to become champion, as he's fed up with the division being controlled only by a handful of competitors. At SummerSlam, the SmackDown women's title will be decided in a fatal four-way match, with the participants being decided in four qualifying matches, comprising the entire SmackDown women's division. The first of these matches will happen...Right now!"

Christian's music then plays as he exits to the back, taking one last look at the ring before he does, clearly overjoyed to be back in WWE.


Match 1: Liv Morgan VS Becky Lynch


In a very quick match, Becky Lynch makes Liv Morgan submit to the Dis-Arm-Her. The Man looks to reclaim her SmackDown women's championship and will receive that opportunity at SummerSlam.


As Christian enters his new office, he's immediately met by the IIconics. Peyton and Billie question why they aren't involved in any SmackDown women's title qualifiers, and Christian tells them that Meko needs them to focus on something more important. At SummerSlam, there will be a women's tag title match, and he needs The IIconic's to represent SmackDown and bring the titles home to the blue brand. Plus, Christian would like to get an early victory over his friend, Edge. Billie and Peyton's moods completely change, overjoyed at the news that they're gonna be women's tag champions again.


Match 2: Heath Slater VS Buddy Murphy


In a decent match, Buddy Murphy wins his SmackDown debut with a Murphy's Law. After the match, Murphy grabs a microphone and says he's glad to finally be on SmackDown after being absent for months. He says he's tired of being overlooked and demands a shot for a championship right now. After he says this, Christian comes out and says he received word from Meko, who said he was impressed by Murphy's efforts. He's been a massive fan of 205 Live for years and is glad to finally be able to give guys like Murphy the spotlight they deserve. Christian concludes by saying that Buddy will compete for the Intercontinental championship at SummerSlam, and his opponent will be announced next week.


Match 3: Kairi Sane VS Sarah Logan


In a good match, Kairi Sane picks up the victory over Sarah Logan with an In-Sane Elbow. After the match, Becky Lynch and Kairi Sane stare each other down, with half of the SmackDown women's title match at SummerSlam now set in stone.


In the final segment before tonight's main event, R-Truth is called into Christian's office for some kind of meeting. "Christian! Great to see a fellow European champion in charge!" Truth says. "You were never...You know what, whatever. Truth, I'm glad to see you here. I gotta say, it's always eaten me up inside that I'll never get to compete in another match...Never get to win another title...But I had an idea, and I need your help." Truth nods, and Christian continues. "You see, Truth, I need to...WAIT, THERE'S A SPIDER IN YOUR HAIR!" Truth then begins frantically messing with his hair to get rid of the spider. As he's distracted, a referee enters the office, and Christian quickly rolls up Truth for a three count! Christian is the new 24/7 Champion! Christian then sits back down in his GM chair with the title in his arms. "Now Truth, I lied about the spider, but if you try to pin me, you're fired." Truth responds by saying "Oh, I don't mess with fire, Mr. Bossman." Christian is about to correct him, but he lets it go, then telling Truth to leave and lock the door behind him, which Truth does. Christian has now given himself one final title reign in his illustrious career.


Main event: ???

The main event of SmackDown is officially announced as a six-pack challenge to determine the man who will face Kofi Kingston at SummerSlam! The six men are revealed to be none other than...


Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Cesaro. In an incredible match that dazzles the audience, it would be Drew McIntyre who scores the victory with a Claymore to Sami Zayn. The WWE championship match at SummerSlam is now set, and it will be Drew McIntyre VS Kofi Kingston for the WWE championship. Drew McIntyre celebrates as SmackDown draws to a close.


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Monday Night Raw


Its August 5th and tonight is the last Raw before Summerslam live from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Tonight we look to finalize some of RAW’s matches for Summerslam as we will see a contract signing for the Universal Championship match between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. We will also find out who will represent RAW in the Womens Tag Team TItle Match at Summerslam. This all goes down tonight on Monday Night Raw.


Before we get to RAW we see a video package play paying Tribute to Harley Race who passed away last Thursday.


We then ring the bell 10 times to honor Harley Race.


We kick off Monday Night Raw as we hear John Cena’s music hit as he makes his way down to the ring. Cena looks a bit beat up after last week when Finn Balor attacked him after his long and grueling #1 Contenders match against Roman Reigns.


“Last week a man that I thought I respected in Finn Balor attacked me last week. Well Finn you just made the biggest mistake of your life, you just pissed off John Cena. Trust me when I say this I have not lost it, I am still a bad bad man and I have proven that over the years to everyone in the back and to everyone out here.” Cena says as he pauses for a second as is about to continue but we hear Finn Balor’s music play as he makes his way down to the ring.


“John we get it okay. You have been a great. You ran this place for a long time. But know John your time is up. The future has come and you are no longer needed. Why are you still here? Is it because everywhere else in your life you can’t seem to be successful. I mean let’s go through the list John, Hollywood didn't really let you in did it. Nothing more than a supporting role. You write some rubbish books, oh and oh yeah how’s your love life John? How many marriages do you need to fall through to get it through your mind. That you should just give up.” Balor says as we see Cena get in his face but Balor just laughs as Cena starts talking.

“You know what Balor at least I have been successful in something. You get here in the WWE and you have been a bust nothing more than hype. You wanna talk about how the future is passing me by. Well if the future is here all I have to say is that the future has to go through me. Because I am the face that runs the place, the franchise, I am John freaking Cena---.” Cena says as Balor then begins to talk interrupting Cena.

“You know what John everywhere I go there someone who calls themselves the man. But guess what happens. I show up beat them and take their spot--.” Balor says before Cena interrupts him.

“You want me one on one then fine. Me vs you 1 on 1 at Summerslam.” Cena says as Balor shakes his head yes as the crowd cheers as it looks like we will see Balor vs Cena at Summerslam. We then see Balor slap Cena before rolling out of the ring and heading backstage. We then see Raw head to commercial with Cena in the ring.


We see the Raw Womens Champion Alexa Bliss backstage as she is arriving at the building.


We see Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose come out of nowhere and attack her! We see Sonya smash her threw a car window as Mandy then stands over her laughing. Then they walk away but Mandy walks back over and grabs Alexa by the hair.

“Oh Alexa, by the way I spoke with Edge earlier and it is going to be me and you one on one for that Raw Title at Summerslam.” Mandy says as she slams Alexa’s head to the ground and laughs as Mandy and Sonya then walk off.



Match 1- EC3 vs Mojo Rawley

We then cut to the ring as we are set for singles action between EC3 and Mojo Rawley.

ks-wtuPnFllLJEFOwF73oNJftlMaO_buKGXJkslK          chqqewtXfpzKxhb2SpsZym1lYGiK2SWtGzCBEame    hqy5CLDNO0NVjLEDF_WwrPDs_soN2iOx_MeQTpwJ

We would see EC3 beat Mojo Rawley in a very short match after hitting him with a one percenter. We would see EC3 pick up a win here as he looks to get some momentum going as he has not really had any going for a while. But will this fresh start give us a new EC3.



We cut backstage to see Edge in his office with Ryder and Hawkins as they are laughing as we then see Ryder and Hawkins walk out and Edge begins talking.


“Sorry I was just catching up with some old friends. Now though it’s time to get down to business.” We then see Edge pull out a clipboard and put on some glasses. 

“Okay. Lettuce. Chicken. Hot Pockets. Oh wait wrong clipboard sorry that was my shopping list. Let’s see here which one is it. No that’s my daughter Lyrics softball lineup for Thursday’s game. Nope not that one either, there it is Raw News here we go. Okay sorry about that I am a busy man you know got things to do.” Edge says as he reads through the list.

“Okay well first things first the United States Championship Match at Summerslam we will have three matches to decide the men in that match as we will have, The Miz vs Cedric Alexander, Apollo Crews vs Samoa Joe, and in the main event it will be Rey Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler for the United States Title, the winner defending it at Summerslam.” Edge says as he smiles and gives the camera a thumbs up.

“Next yes it will be Alexa Bliss vs Mandy Rose at Summerslam for the Raw Womens Title. Now I do not support the actions of Mandy earlier so because of that I am going to have Sonya Deville barred from ringside. As it will be you and Alexa one on one will no interference.” Edge says as he takes his finger and goes down the list as we hear a knock at the door.

“Oh yes come in. I almost forgot this, this is something I am very proud of.” Edge says as he smiles as we see Charlotte and Lacey Evans walk in both confused.

“You two I am going to be pairing your talents together as I am choosing you to take on the Iconics for the Womens Tag Team Titles at Summerslam. So get to know each other over the next few days because I need you two to bring the titles back to the A show Monday Night Raw.” Edge says as the two women seem pleased with the decision and walk out together.


“Okay I think that is it so know we will get on with the show as I think we have a match about to start so production team cut to the ring.” Edge says as we then see the camera cut to the ring.


Match 2- The Miz vs Cedric Alexander

     EGqxZC9D3EsKWyTCorRhpHzsqCepziCS74bxPych             C4l1DKhpVKbQIHFVnwwlm61OiDnyP71awC9cDA_Wi6Xyg3wRYT28oCQ5Y3EJ8TdqU38xI4pr4Fl_SM4L

In a solid match we saw The Miz beat Cedric Alexander after hitting him with a skull crushing finale. Cedric looked good in this match though as the Miz barely won this one with both men giving it everything that they had. But the Miz ultimately came out on top here.



We then would cut backstage as we would see the Usos in the locker room as they begin talking.


“Know it the Usos vs Rowan and Bryan for the Raw Tag Team Titles at Summerslam.” Jimmy says as we see the two brothers begin exchanging lines.

“I mean they a good team and all but we the Usos best tag team in the game like damn.” Jey says as we then see Jimmy begin to talk.

“You see Bryan and Rowan just started but The Usos have had this place on lock for a while now.” Jimmy says as we then see Jey talk.

“Like can we get some better competition soon. Like we run through these teams like we in the middle of winter and we the snow plow.” Jey says as Jimmy laughs but begins talking.

“So Bryan and Rowan after we beat you and become 7 team champs we gonna be the best team of this century.” Jimmy says as he looks at Jey.

“Bryan and Rowan welcome to the Usos penitentiary.” They both say as they then walk off camera hyped for their match at Summerslam.


Match 3- Apollo Crews vs Samoa Joe


In a solid match, Samoa Joe defeated Apollo Crews with a Coquina Clutch. Crews came out strong in this match catching Jor off guard but Joe would bounce back quickly and dominate the rest of the match. Joe moves on to the triple threat match at Summerslam for the U.S Title.



We then cut to a video and it’s the Firefly Funhouse! We see Bray Wyatt with a hard hat on as he seems to be rebuilding the fun house as it has been vandalized a bit.


“Oh hello there, all of my fire files! Today is going to be a marvelous day. You see I have some tidying up to do because some very mean people made a really big mess when I was not here.” Bray Wyatt says as he hammers in some nails.

“You see usually the fiend protects this place and all of our friends against these mean people but he was busy with other things. But it’s all okay now because I have made a new friend I would like to introduce to you all now. Some of you might already know him. But trust me this a new and better version of him. He is also a musician” Bray says as he walks over to the door as we see Braun Stroman sitting next to it very smiley and cheery with a cello.


“You see Braun here is a really nice guy. But he doesn't like bullies and meanies. So when the fiend is out we need someone to protect this place. So Braun is our newest friend here so can all of you fireflies give Braun a Firefly Funhouse Welcome.” Bray says as we hear Children saying hi Braun in the background.

“Now I know that Braun lost something that was taken away by some meanies a while back even though he could have kept it and Braun would very much like it back. So we are going to get it back for our buddy Braun.” Bray says as he gives Braun a hug as we hear kids in the background saying yay as Bray smiles.

“Well it looks like we are almost out of time here. But I think we had a great day here today. So my fireflies remember this I will always light the way and all you have to do is let me in.” Bray says as him and Braun wave goodbye as the show ends.



Match 4- United States Title Match:

Dolph Ziggler vs Rey Mysterio


In a nice match, Rey Mysterio beat Dolph Ziggler to win the United States Championship. Rey wins this match and wins the title and gets a match at Summerslam. It will be Rey vs Miz vs Joe and Summerslam for the United States Championship. We then cut to commercial.



As we cut back from commercial we see Edge in the ring as we are set for the contract signing for the Universal Championship Match at Summerslam. It will be Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar in a Wrestlemania Rematch at for the title once again.

We hear Roman Reigns music hit as he makes his way to the ring.He signs the contract as we then see him grab a mic as he begins to talk.


“Edge, I don’t even know why we are doing this because let’s face it we don’t even know if Brock is gonna show up. The Universal Champion should be here every not deciding if the paycheck is worth it that week. The Universal Champion should be someone who works their ass off week in and week out, a guy who wants to be here.” Reigns says as we then hear Brock Lesnar's music play as he makes his way to the ring with Paul Heyman by his side.


“Ladies and Gentlemen, I am--”. Heyman begins to talk before Roman Reigns interrupts him. Meanwhile Brock signs the contract.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. We get it Paul you say the same thing everytime you come to this ring. It’s time for some change Paul with this fresh start it is time for a fresh start for the Universal Championship and it starts with me beating your ass Brock and winning that title around your waist.” Roman says as he points at Brocks title, but Brock just laughs it off.

“Here is the thing Big Dog, you say this is your world but guess what this is Brock Lesnar’s world and there is no one and I mean no one who can defeat Brock Lesnar right now. Let me take you back to Wrestlemania Roman, Brock Lesnar beat your ass. Hell Summerslam last year Brock beat your ass and will once again this Sunday.” Paul says as Brock Lesnar laughs at Roman.

“Edge it’s time for you to head out of this ring. Cause I need to slay the beast right here, right now.” Roman says as he throws his chair at Brock and jumps over the table at him and Edge exits the ring.

Roman is pummeling Brock with punch after punch but Brock picks Roman up and F5’s him through the table in the center of the ring. Brock continues his dominance over Roman Reigns tonight but will it be the same story at Summerslam. We see Brock and Heyman stand over Reigns as the last RAW goes before Summerslam.



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Tuesday Night SmackDown Live



SmackDown kicks off with Christian, holding his 24/7 championship, in the middle of the ring. "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to SmackDown!" Christian says. "I'll keep this quick, since the locker room's probably gonna come after me for my 24/7 title soon." Christian then directs the audience's attention to the large titantron. "These are the teams that will compete for the SmackDown tag team titles at SummerSlam in the 15 team battle royal. We have The New Day, The Hardy Boys, The Club, The Revival, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik of the Lucha House Party, The Singh Brothers, The Colons, The Authors of Pain, The Viking Raiders, The Ascension, and the return of former tag teams Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin, Kalisto and Sin Cara, Aleister Black and Ricochet, Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater, and finally, Sheamus and Cesaro." As Christian says The Bar, the lower card of the SmackDown roster begins to rush the ring, and Christian disappears with his 24/7 title through the crowd.


Match 1- Asuka VS Ruby Riott


In a great match, Asuka puts Ruby away with an Asuka lock. Asuka now joins Becky Lynch and Kairi Sane in the SmackDown women's title four-way, with the final qualifier being between Ember Moon and Nikki Cross later tonight.


SmackDown then cuts backstage to see the IIconic's. "Aw, Charlotte and Lacey Evans are RAW's representatives for the women's tag title match." Peyton says. Billie then follows up "How cute. Two ladies who've never teamed together acting like they can beat the best women's tag team in the WWE." "Well Charlotte and Lacey, you may be good, but you'll never be...ICONIC!" Peyton and Billie make their Iconic pose as the segment ends.


Match 2 - Mustafa Ali VS Rusev (IC title qualifier)


In a fantastic match, we learn who Buddy Murphy will face for the Intercontinental title at SummerSlam when Mustafa Ali takes on Rusev. Surprisingly, it is actually Ali who picks up the victory, ekeing out the victory over the Bulgarian Brute off an 054.

After the match, as Ali is celebrating, Buddy Murphy attacks him fron behind and lays him out with a Murphy's law. At SummerSlam, one of these two men will become Intercontinental champion, and Buddy Murphy has sent the first shot in this war.


SmackDown then cuts backstage to Christian's office, now padlocked to avoid the roster. He gets a phone call from what we can assume is his secretary, saying that Seth Rollins wants in to talk about something. Christian is initially reluctant, but his secretary insists that Rollins has no interest in the 24/7 title. Christian then opens the door, and Seth Rollins enters. "Hey, Christian. I wanted to ask about SummerSlam." Christian responds with "Seth, I'm sorry, but Drew won the six-pack challenge. I can't place you in the WWE title match." "I know, Christian, that's not what I was asking. I've done the math, and right now, RAW has five exclusive matches to SmackDown's four. I think I have an idea for a match we could do to even those odds." Christian considers what Seth says, then asks "What did you have in mind?" Rollins simply says "I want AJ Styles." Christian smiles and says, "I think we can arrange that." Both men shake hands as the segment ends.hqSvDHFTWj4e_DE6T6Tcv5Z_LQP-7wXytH1AJkxS

Match 3 -Nikki Cross VS Ember Moon


In a great match, Ember Moon defeats Nikki Cross after Cross got herself disqualified by refusing to stop attacking when Moon was in the ropes. Though it wasn't the victory she was hoping for, Moon will move to the fatal four-way. 

After the match, Becky Lynch, Asuka and Kairi Sane enter the ring at separate intervals, showing us the stage we can expect to see at SummerSlam. Which of these four women will walk away SmackDown women's champion?


In the final backstage segment of the night, Christian runs down the match card for SmackDown's side of SummerSlam. First, he announces Becky Lynch VS Asuka VS Kairi Sane VS Ember Moon for the SmackDown women's title. Then, is the SmackDown tag team title battle royal. Then, Buddy Murphy VS Mustafa Ali. Next is AJ Styles VS Seth Rollins. Finally, he announces the WWE title match, Drew McIntyre VS Kofi Kingston. As well as this, the IIconic's face Charlotte and Lacey Evans for the women's tag team titles. Christian wishes everyone on SmackDown the best of luck and fully expects the blue brand to put on a better show than RAW. In one final warm-up for SummerSlam, we will see AJ Styles and Drew McIntyre VS Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins right now!


Main event: Drew McIntyre/AJ Styles VS Seth Rollins/Kofi Kingston



In a fantastic match, Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins score the win over Drew McIntyre and AJ Styles when Kofi Kingston pinned AJ Styles with Trouble in Paradise. Rollins and Kofi celebrate as the show comes to a close, but will the same result occur at SummerSlam?

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2019 Summerslam Match Card

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Battle Royal: The New Day, The Hardy Boys, The Club, The Revival, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik, The Singh Brothers, The Colons, The Authors of Pain, The Viking Raiders, The Ascension, Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin, Kalisto and Sin Cara, Aleister Black and Ricochet, Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater, and The Bar

AJ Styles vs Seth Rollins 

Raw Womens Championship Match: Alexa Bliss vs Mandy Rose 

United States Championship Triple Threat Match: The Miz vs Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio 

John Cena vs Finn Balor

Smackdown Womens Championship Fatal Four Way: Becky Lynch vs Kairi Sane vs Asuka vs Ember Moon 

RAW Tag Team Title Match: Bryan and Rowan vs The Usos 

Intercontinental Championship Match: Buddy Murphy vs Mustafa Ali 

Womens Tag Team Title Match: IIconics vs Flair and Evans

WWE Championship Match:Kofi Kingston vs Drew Mcintyre 

Universal Championship Match: Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns

(Leave your predictions down below: 11 in Total)


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AJ Styles vs Seth Rollins 

Raw Womens Championship Match: Alexa Bliss vs Mandy Rose 

United States Championship Triple Threat Match: The Miz vs Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio 

John Cena vs Finn Balor

Smackdown Womens Championship Fatal Four Way: Becky Lynch vs Kairi Sane vs Asuka vs Ember Moon 

RAW Tag Team Title Match: Bryan and Rowan vs The Usos 

Intercontinental Championship Match: Buddy Murphy vs Mustafa Ali 

Womens Tag Team Title Match: IIconics vs Flair and Evans

WWE Championship Match:Kofi Kingston vs Drew Mcintyre 

Universal Championship Match: Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns

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AJ Styles vs Seth Rollins 
Raw Womens Championship Match: Alexa Bliss vs Mandy Rose 
United States Championship Triple Threat Match: The Miz vs Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio 
John Cena vs Finn Balor
Smackdown Womens Championship Fatal Four Way: Becky Lynch vs Kairi Sane vs Asuka vs Ember Moon 
RAW Tag Team Title Match: Bryan and Rowan vs The Usos 
Intercontinental Championship Match: Buddy Murphy vs Mustafa Ali 
Womens Tag Team Title Match: IIconics vs Flair and Evans
WWE Championship Match: Kofi Kingston vs Drew Mcintyre 
Universal Championship Match: Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns

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Summerslam 2019

We are set for Summerslam here tonight as we are live from Toronto, Canada in the Scotiabank Arena. We have an excellent card put together for you all tonight so sit back, grab a snack, and enjoy the show. As Summerslam kicks off and a night that will go down in WWE history begins.


The show kicks off in an unexpected way as Shane McMahon’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. We have not seen Shane since the change of personal and fresh start for the WWE but it still seems the WWE universe is not a fan of Shane O'mac as he gets showered with thunderous boos and chants of disapproval.


Shane stands in the ring with a mic as he waits for the crowd to calm down a bit. He then smiles as he begins talking.

“Well I know I am the best in the world but in seems like you have all missed me a whole lot. I mean guys, it's only been two weeks.” Shane says as he once again get showered with boos from the crowd. Shane seems to be having fun with this although we can the crowd is clearly not happy as they were hyped up to see some action right off the bat.

“Well you know I will keep this short and sweet for you all. Because one, I would rather go to a real country like the United States of America and not be stuck in some cold frozen wasteland like Canada. Second, I have so many better things to do than have to deal with all of you peasants.” Shane says as he laughs and once again gets showered with boos.

“I mean did you really think that you could have Summerslam without the best in the world? We can’t have a show like this without the top guy in the company on the card.” Shane says as the crowd starts chanting CM Punk but Shane just looks disappointed in them as he continues.

“So since you people are not at all grateful for my appearance, let’s just wrap this up. Greg Hamilton you know how this goes.” We see Shane pose in the ring as Greg Hamilton gets up from his chair and begins to talk. 

“And the BEST IN THE WOOORLLLDDD---”. Greg is interrupted though by a theme we have not heard in a while as the crowd is going insane and everyone in the arena is in utter disbelief.



CM Punk is here, back in the WWE. The Arena starts chanting CM Punk as Punk smiles on the top of the ramp soaking it all in. Shane stands in the middle of the ring petrified as he is in utter shock. CM Punk has returned to the WWE in a shocking move.

Punk makes his way down to the ring as he steps in the ring with Shane and gets right in his face. Shane though smiles as he puts out his hand for Punk to shake as Punk laughs. 

Punk spits in the face of Shane as he picks him up and hits him with a GTS! Shane is out cold as Punk stands over him in the middle of the ring. As the crowd is still chanting CM Punk.


Punk then walks backstage as Summerslam is off to a hot start with the shocking return of CM Punk hyping the crowd up more than anything else could have. What a start to Summerslam, if that is how we are starting it the rest of the show is going to be great.




In a chaotic bout that showcased the immense depth of the SmackDown tag title scene, it would be the newly reunited team of Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal who would score the victory, winning the match by eliminating the New Day last. Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal are your new SmackDown tag team champions.






In a fantastic match, AJ Styles would pick up the victory over Seth Rollins after interference from Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. After the match, AJ would celebrate with The Good Brothers, seemingly reforming The Club once more.





In a solid match, Alexa Bliss defeated Mandy Rose with a Twisted Bliss. Both women looked good in this match though as they were both able to get a lot of offense in but it was Alexa picking up the victory as she was just the better women here tonight.





In a good match, Samoa Joe defeated Rey Mysterio and The Miz after he made Mysterio tap out to the Coquina Clutch. During the match we also saw Dolph Ziggler come in and attack The Miz with a steel chair. Joe dominated most of this match though as he seemed to be more driven and ruthless than ever before. Samoa Joe is your new United States Champion.






In a great match, Finn Balor defeated John Cena after beating him with a Coup De Grace. Cena dominated this match early but Finn was able to chip away at Cena throughout the match eventually gaining control toward the end of the match allowing Finn to pick up the win. This has shown that this new side to Finn Balor is something special. 




In a high-octane bout showcasing the best the women’s division has to offer, Becky Lynch picks up the victory with a Dis-Arm-Her on Ember Moon. Becky Lynch wins the SmackDown women’s title.
After the match, before Becky can celebrate, she’s suddenly attacked from behind by the returning Sasha Banks! Banks arrive to a thunderous reaction, locking Becky in the Banks Statement. After security breaks then up, Sasha holds up the SmackDown women’s title, making her intentions clear.




In a nice match, Bryan and Rowan defeated the Usos after Bryan beat Jey Uso with a running knee. Both teams looked pretty good here as the Usos are definitely one of WWE’s top tag teams and that showed here tonight. But it was not enough as Bryan and Rowan were able to pick up the victory here at Summerslam and become New Raw Tag Team Champions.

After the match we would see the lights go out as Bryan and Rowan were celebrating on top of the ramp as they were heading backstage. When the lights came back on though we would see Bryan and Rowan layed out as The Fiend and Braun Stroman stood over them holding the Raw Tag Team Championships. It seems Bray and Braun want the tag team titles as they would then drop the titles and head backstage as medical personal check on Bryan and Rowan.





In a fantastic match, the two former 205 Live standouts dazzle the crowd, with Mustafa Ali ekeing out the victory with an 054. Mustafa Ali wins the Intercontinental title.

After the match, Ali, tries to shake Buddy’s hand. Buddy considers it, egged on the crowd, but before he can decide, both men are attacked by Lars Sullivan! Ali and Buddy are too spent to fight off Sullivan, and both are laid out by a Freak Accident.


24/7 Championship Segment

SummerSlam then cuts backstage, where we see Edge and Christian talking about the show. “Okay, but how crazy was CM Punk’s return? Did you know that was gonna happen?” Edge asks.

Christian responds  “No idea, man. I’ve never heard a reaction that loud. I’m actually kinda jealous.” 

“Kinda reminds me of when I returned at the Royal Rumble…” 

“Yeah, and then lost at WrestleMania.”Christian says, a tad annoyed.

“Heh heh, don’t be jealous, Christian. I’ve just always been the more successful one. Probably why I was chosen to run RAW and not the secondary brand.”

“You know, Edge, I have the 24/7 title. We can prove which one of us is better right now.”

Edge and Christian then have a tense staredown. It looks like they’re about to fight, but then they laugh and share a hug.

“Man, can you imagine how lame that’d be?” Edge says. “Us having a match in 2019? Who are we, Shane McMahon?”

As the two friends laugh, neither of them notice R-Truth and Carmella coming up from behind with a referee. Truth rolls Christian up, the referee counts three, and Truth runs away, with Carmella following with the 24/7 title. Christian stands up furious, but Edge just laughs at him.

“TRUTH! I told you I’d fire you if you did that!” Christian yells.

“You can’t fire him, dude, he’s on my roster.” Edge says as he laughs, and the segment closes with Edge laughing at Christian, seething with anger at Truth taking his 24/7 title back.





In a solid match, Flair and Evans would pick up the win over the IIconics when Charlotte Flair made Billie Kay tap out to the Figure Four Leg Lock. The IIconics looked good in this match though as their experience as a tag team really showed. But Charlotte Flair was the X-Factor in this match allowing her and Lacey to bring the Womens Tag Titles to Raw.





In a great match, Drew McIntyre puts Kofi Kingston away with a Claymore, winning the WWE championship. After the match, as Drew McIntyre celebrates, Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal join him in the ring. The three men laugh and mockingly strum guitars, harkening back to their 3MB days, before raising their titles in unison.





In a great match, Brock Lesnar defeated Roman Reigns once again as hit him with a series of F5s. Roman came out of the gate hot but Brock caught Reigns off guard with a series of suplexes. Brock would then dominate the rest of the match as Reigns seemed to be caught completely off guard. Brock retains his title once again as he looks unstoppable.


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Monday Night Raw


It’s August 12th the night after Summerslam and Raw is live from Toronto, Canada. Last night we saw the return of CM Punk as he is scheduled to make an appearance on Raw tonight. We will also see the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar tonight after retaining his title against Roman Reigns last night. We have a big night planned so let’s get right into it.


The show kicks off as we see Brock Lesnar come out with his Universal Championship around his waist and Paul Heyman by his side. Brock Lesnar has a big smirk on his face as the crowd showers him in thunderous boos.


The two men make their way to the ring as Paul Heyman grabs a mic and begins to talk. “Ladies and gentlemen my name is Paul Heyman and I am the advocate for the; reigning, defending, undisputed, universal champion, Brock Lesnar. The man who once again put down the big dog and proved why he is the greatest WWE wrestler to ever exist in this company. Brock Lesnar stands above all the rest and there is no doubt.”

Paul pauses for a second as the crowd begins to chant CM Punk. Paul seems to encourage it though as he smiles and holds his mic to the audience.


“Believe me Punk is a great competitor but he is nothing compared to the beast Brock Lesnar. Now there are many great competitors in the company like John Cena, Roman Reigns, and CM Punk. But all of those competitors have one thing in common, they have all fallen victim to Brock Lesnar. Because Brock is on his own level and nobody in the back can touch him.”

Paul stops again as he laughs and continues.

“But with that being said Brock Lesnar needs and opponent for Clash of Champions. So we've thought about this a lot and honestly let’s make this an open challenge. Any of you who want to take on the beast for the Universal Championship and Clash of Champions come out here and take it.” Paul says as we see Brock lay the Universal Championship down and waits for someone to answer the challenge.

Paul and Brock wait for about 30 seconds but no one answers the call. Paul just laughs as he begins to talk again.

“ I mean I know you’re scared of Brock Lesnar but---.” Paul is interrupted as we see Randy Orton come out of nowhere and RKO Brock Lesnar.


Heyman sits in the corner as Randy Orton holds the Universal Championship up high as it seems we know who wants to challenge Brock Lesnar at Clash of Champions. As we then cut to a commercial break with Randy standing over Brock with the Universal Championship.


We cut back from commercial to see EC3 in the ring with Rey Mysterio as we are set for a match it seems with both men looking to gain momentum after some recent loses.

Match 1- EC3 vs Rey Mysterio


In a bout that surprised many of fans EC3 defeated Rey Mysterio after hitting him with a One Percenter. EC3 dominated most of the match as Rey could not keep up it seemed. EC3 really shined here and looks to be gaining some momentum.



We would then cut backstage to see the Raw Tag Team Champions Bryan and Rowan. They don’t seem happy though as they were attacked last night after their match.


“Last night as my friend Rowan and I here were celebrating our title victory we were viciously assaulted by The Fiend and Braun Stroman. Now it is very clear to me that they want an opportunity at these titles but guess what you don’t deserve a shot at these titles. Rowan and I earned these titles and we are not just gonna let some blues clues wannabes take it away from us. So Bray and Braun have fun with your little children show because Rowan and I have some real stuff to get done.” Bryan says as the two men then hurry off after we see the lights flicker a little.


We then cut to the ring as we see Samoa Joe in the ring with the United States Championship over his shoulder and a mic in his hand. As he begins to talk.


“I am gonna keep this short and sweet. It seems like tonight is a night of open challenges and I have a title that has been known for its open challenges. So why not have one right now. So if anyone back there wants to get there beaten down come out here and be my guest.” Joe says as he waits for sometime to come down to the ring and it’s Zack Ryder.

Match 2- United States Championship:

Samoa Joe vs Zack Ryder


In a short match Samoa Joe defeated Zack Ryder after making him tap to the coquina clutch. Joe dominated here as he had full control throughout the matchup. Joe retains his United States Championship as he continues to dominate everyone in his path. We would then cut to commercial as Joe celebrates his victory in the ring.



We cut back to commercial as it is time for Miz TV. We see Miz in the ring as he begins to talk.


“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the most must see show in WWE history. Welcome to Miz TV. Now last night we had Summerslam and yours truly was screwed out of the United States Championship by that sorry bust Dolph Ziggler. Now usually I would be upset but the past is in the past and to be honest Ziggler is not worth my time.” Miz says as he laughs for a bit and the crowd cheers. Miz then continues to talk.

“Now let’s get this show going as I have a very special guest for this show. A man who also was unsuccessful at Summerslam but is here to talk about his future none other than John Cena!” Miz says as the crowd cheers as John Cena makes his way to the ring. Cena then sits down with a mic as the Miz begins to talk.


“Now John I know we have had our differences in the past. But I will admit I have made some mistakes but now I have changed and I do respect you. I hope that you feel the same.” The Miz says as the two men shake hands as they have seemed to bury the hatchet.

“But let’s talk about what next for John Cena. I have been told you have a challenge for someone in the back?” The Miz says as we then see Cena begin to talk.

“Yes. I John Cena have a proposition. So---.” Cena is interrupted as we hear Finn Balor’s music play as he makes his way to the ring with a mic.


“What the hell is this Miz? Did he win his match last night, no I did. So if you’re interviewing anyone it should be me. Not a washed up loser like John Cena.” Balor says as Cena gets in his face. But Miz gets in the middle of them before they begin to brawl. We then see Dolph Ziggler make his way to the ring as he immediately clocks the Miz as the men begin to brawl.


We see The Miz and Ziggler exchanging blows on the outside as Cena is pummeling away on Balor in the middle of the ring.

We then see Edge appear on stage as the locker room runs out and breaks up the brawl holding the 4 men back. We then see Edge get a mic and talk.


“You four want to fight fine. In tonight's Main Event it will be John Cena and The Miz vs Finn Balor and Dolph Ziggler in an extreme rules tag team match.” Edge says as we then cut to a commercial break as the Miz and Cena are being escorted backstage.


We cut back from commercial as it is time for a number one contenders match for the Raw Womens Title between Bayley, Carmella, Mickie James, and Mandy Rose.

Match 3- Raw Womens #1 Contenders Match:

Bayley vs Carmella vs Mickie James vs Mandy Rose w/ Sonya Deville


In a solid match Mickie James defeated Carmella after pinning her with a quick roll up. This is a big win for Mickie as she gets a shot at the Raw Womens Championship. Mickie celebrates in the ring as the crowd is shocked as no one expected Mickie to pick up the win here.



As the women head backstage we hear music we have not heard on Raw in a long time as CM Punk makes his way to the ring as the crowd erupts.


Punk stands in the middle of the ring as he soaks in the CM Punk chants from the crowd. Punk grabs a mic as the crowd dies down a bit.

“I’m back! And boy oh boy does it seem like you missed me. Now I bet you are all wondering why did I come back? After everything I went through, after everything I said, why did I do it?” Punk says as he pauses as the crowd cheers once again.

“Now the answer to that was quite simple. I came back because what WWE was putting out there was complete and utter garbage. I came back to make this fun again. I came back to keep this company from going under and to save it from being overtaken by this new company AEW.” CM Punk says as the crowd starts to chant AEW.


“Yeah, I know you guys love it but trust me when I say WWE will be the better company going forward and why will it be? WWE will survive and thrive because it has the best in the world, no not Shane McMahon. WWE has CM Punk.” CM Punk says as he then walks backstage as the crowd cheers as Punk is officially part of the WWE and Monday Night RAW. We then cut back to commercial as it is almost time for the main event.


Match 4- John Cena and The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler and Finn Balor


In an excellent match John Cena and The Miz defeated Finn Balor and Dolph Ziggler after John Cena pinned Doplh Ziggler after hitting him with an Attitude Adjustment. After the match though Balor and Ziggler would lay out Cena and the Miz. As Raw goes off air Balor and Ziggler would celebrate in as Cena and Miz are laid out in the ring.


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Tuesday Night SmackDown Live



The August 13 edition of SmackDown Live begins with General Manager and former 24/7 champion, Christian, already in the ring. "Welcome to SmackDown, ladies and gentlemen! I'm not gonna waste any time, since I need to work on some...Business with R-Truth. In five weeks, we will see the return of the greatest tournament in WWE history, the King of the Ring!" The audience cheers at the announcement, and Christian continues. "Yeah, it's pretty great. That's not all, though, as we will also see the debut of the Queen of the Ring tournament!" The audience cheers again, with a grin painting Christian's face. "These two tournament's will take place on both brands over the next four weeks, with both culminating at the King of the Ring PPV. RAW will have eight participants for each tournament, and SmackDown will fill the other side of the bracket, with both tournaments ending in a RAW VS SmackDown bout. Good luck to all the competitors in King of the Ring, and I'm fully expecting SmackDown to take home both crowns." Christian leaves, with the audience electric at the massive announcement.



Match 1: Buddy Murphy VS Andrade (KOTR qualifier)

In a fantastic match, Andrade beats Buddy Murphy after Lars Sullivan interferes and distracts Buddy. Andrade has now qualified for King of the Ring. After the match, Lars continues attacking Buddy, but Mustafa Ali runs out to save his former opponent. Unfortunately, Lars is too powerful and is able to fight him off, laying out the Intercontinental champion.


SmackDown then cuts backstage to the New Day. 


"Well, it appears there's a new trio on the block here on SmackDown." Big E remarks. "Jinder and Slater got lucky enough to win a battle royal, and Drew caught out boy Kofi off guard. Now they think they run this show or something." Xavier says, then does an exaggerated laugh. "Listen, 3MB. Y'all may have gotten lucky at SummerSlam, but that's not gonna last. Kofi says, then continues. "When you started off in WWE, you guys failed at every turn. Now that you're back, we're supposed to believe you'll change that. The New Day has been the most consistently strong trio in the WWE for years now, and we're not gonna let some air-guitaring nobodies take our place at the top of this brand. We've already talked to Christian, and he's agreed to give us a shot at the tag titles and the WWE championship at King of the Ring." 



Match 2: Becky Lynch VS Sarah Logan


In a quick match, Becky Lynch forces Sarah Logan to submit to a Dis-Arm-Her. After the match, Becky Lynch calls out Sasha Banks for cowardly attacking her after her match. However, Sasha Banks doesn't appear, and she is met by Christian, who tells Becky that Sasha isn't here tonight. Becky then vows if Sasha shows her face here again, she will get her arm ripped off. Becky then leaves the ring in a fit and exits the arena.


Before Christian can make it back to his office, he's met by The IIconics. They say they've seen the bracket for the Queen of the Ring and complain about not being included. Christian tells them that he figured they didn't want to be involved and would rather focus on the tag titles, but they insist they can do both. Christian listens and decides to give them a chance. If they can win their match tonight, they will both be placed into the Queen of the Ring tournament, and also have a chance against Charlotte and Lacey Evans. The IIconics celebrate, but Christian calms them down, telling them they will have to face Asuka and Kairi Sane to do it, and that match is right now. The IIconics complain at first, but Christian tells them they need to get to their match, and they exit to the ring in a fit of rage.


Match 3: The Kabuki Warriors VS The IIconics (QOTR qualifier)


In a great match, The Kabuki Warriors beat The IIconics when Kairi Sane put Billie Kay away with an In-Sane Elbow. After the match, Christian announces that Kairi and Asuka will now face Charlotte and Lacey for the women's tag titles at King of the Ring. However, they also have a spot in Queen of the Ring, and their first match is against...Each other next week. Asuka and Kairi look at each other and shake hands in response, certain that they can remain friends.


In the final segment before tonight's main event, we see R-Truth outside the SmackDown women's locker room, carrying the 24/7 championship. "Heh heh, Christian can never find me in here...Maybe this is where Carmella's been hiding these past few weeks, I never see her on SmackDown..." The segment ends with Truth entering the locker room.


Match 4: Bobby Lashley VS Baron Corbin (KOTR qualifier)


In tonight's main event, we see Bobby Lashley knock off Baron Corbin with a spear. Lashley now fills the final spot in the SmackDown side of King of the Ring, and SmackDown ends with him celebrating.

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Monday Night Raw


It is August 19th and we are live with Monday Night RAW. After the announcement of the King of the Ring Tournament last week on Smackdown we see 2 matches from the King of the Ring Tournament and 2 matches from the Queen of the Ring Tournament take place tonight. We will also hear from Randy Orton and Mickie James who are challenging for the Universal and Raw Womens Championship at the King of the Ring PPV. We have a big night planned for Monday Night Raw so let’s get right into it.


We kick off the show as we see Randy Orton make his way to the ring. Randy made a statement last week as he hit the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar with an RKO. It was announced on WWE.com that Randy Orton would challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at the King of the Ring PPV. We see Randy grab a mic as he begins to talk.


“Last week I showed Brock Lesnar that the Universal Championship he has around his waist. Well I showed him that, that championship is in danger. Cause you see there is a man, a viper, an apex predator who has got his eye on that title. Now soon enough that title is going to be around my waist cause you see Brock Lesnar made the mistake of giving Randy Orton the opportunity to strike, the opportunity to hit him with the most devastating move in WWE the RKO.” Randy Orton says as the crowd says RKO with him.

“Now I have been in the ring with Brock before and I will admit Brock beat me. He beat me down in this ring and busted me open. But you see, this is a new Randy Orton. And Brock Lesnar is not the man he used to be. Brock calls himself the beast yet he is losing like guys to Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania. Brock has lost his edge and well me I have only gotten better. I have taken my experience with Brock and learned from it. So Brock at the King of the Ring PPV. Be prepared to lose the most important thing in your life. Now I am not talked about your ugly and disappointing kids and I am definitely talking about that hoe you call a wife. I am talking about the Universal Championship. So Brock I’ll see you around, just bring that title with you.” Randy Orton says as he then heads backstage as we cut to commercial.


We come back to commercial as we see Sonya Deville in the ring with Carmella. This is one of two QOTR Round 1 Tournament matches we have tonight. The winner will move on to the second round which will take place in two weeks time.

Match 1- Sonya Deville vs Carmella


In a solid match Sonya Deville defeated Carmella after Mandy Rose interfered allowing Deville to pin Carmella with a quick roll up. Deville moves on to the second round now as she moves one step closer to becoming the first ever Queen of the Ring.



As Sonya and Mandy head backstage celebrating the victory we see RAW cut to a video. It’s the Firefly Funhouse. We see Bray Wyatt and Braun Stroman sitting at a table playing cards as the look at the camera as Bray starts talking.


“Hello my fireflies, I am glad you are here because I have so much to talk to you about. You see Braun and I here were just playing a game of war. War is a very fun game. Now me I always win, Braun is not very good a war.” Bray says as we see Braun shake his head no as we hear children laughing in the background.

“War can be simple yet complicated at the same time. You see back in the day people would be respectful in war they would line up and it was very proper. Now though people hide and are more strategic. But you see you can’t hide forever because the enemy will always find a way in.” Bray says as Braun shakes his head yes agreeing with Bray.

“So there is a war in the WWE right now but one side is refusing to fight. You see the Fiend and the Black Sheep really want a tag team title match at the King of the Ring PPV but Daniel Bryan and Rowan seem to be afraid. So since they won’t make the match. I am going to ask the RAW general manager Edge. I am asking on behalf of the Fiend. You see Edge the Fiend would be very upset with you if you don’t make this match happen. The Fiend is not somebody you want to be enemies with. So Edge I will let you decide, I hope you chose wisely though.” Bray says as him and Braun then laugh at the camera.

“So that is all for today my fireflies. I will leave you with this. I will always light the way for each and everyone of you. All you have to do is let me in.” Bray says as the camera then fades away as the show ends as Bray and Braun go back to playing cards.



We then cut back to the arena as we are set for a KOTR Round 1 matchup as we will see EC3 take on R-Truth. Both men would love to win this matchup as it could propel their careers to another level. Both look to move to the second round but only one can win tonight.

Match 2- EC3 vs R-Truth


In a solid match, EC3 defeated R-Truth after hitting him with a One Percenter. EC3 looked really good here as he moves on to the second round. EC3 could go far in this tournament if he can keep putting on performances like this. R-Truth does not seem upset though as he can now just focus on the 24/7 title.



We then cut backstage as we see the WWE Womens Tag Team Champions, Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans. They both have big smirks on their faces as Charlotte begins to talk.


“You are all looking at the royalty of WWE. We are you Womens Tag Team Champions and trust me when I say it is going to stay that way for a while. Lacey and I are just to good. There is no one on this roster that can even compare to us. Now Smackdown is giving us some new competition in the Kabuki Warriors. I mean when I look I that team I see Asuka a women that I made tap out on the grandest stage of all Wrestlemania. When I made her tap I made her irrelevant when I ended her winning streak I ended her career. For the other women Kairi Sane I mean I don’t even know who that is so she will just fall victim just like every other woman has.” Charlotte says as she woos and Lacey starts talking.

“I don’t even know why we are being forced to compete. All this is going to do is push us higher and make the rest of the card look bad. It’s just sad when I look at the roster. It’s just a bunch of women who don’t know how to act and how to compete. There are only two women in this company who do and you are looking at them. So when we face off against the Kabuki Warriors expect nothing more as Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans run through the Kabuki Warriors.” Lacey Evans says as both women then walk off together with their titles.


We cut back to the ring as it is time for our second Round 1 Queen of the Ring matchup as we see Bayley and Naomi in the ring. Both these women could win this tournament as they both are very talented and former champions. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top in this Queen of the RIng first round matchup.

Match 3- Bayley vs Naomi


In a great match Bayley defeated Naomi after hitting her with a Bayley to Belly. Both women looked great here as they both got in huge amounts of offense. Bayley will have a week to rest next week as she will get ready for her second round matchup in the QOTR Tournament.



We cut to RAW General Managers Edge’s office as it seems he has some announcements for us here tonight. Edge is wearing glasses and has a clipboard as he begins to talk.


“Okay, I hope you all are enjoying RAW so far but right now we have some business to handle. So let’s get right too I have the right clipboard this time so that is a good start. Okay for my first announcement The Fiend and Braun are getting the RAW Tag Team Championship Match at the King of the Ring PPV. Also we will see a 6 man elimination match for the United States Championship at the King of the Ring PPV. It will be the champion Samoa Joe, against CM Punk, John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Finn Balor, and The Miz. Also I would like to state the RAW is going to dominate the King of the Ring PPV winning both tournaments and retaining the Womens Tag Team Titles. So Christian, be prepared to be disappointed once again. I will see all of you people again soon I am sure so enjoy the rest of the show.” Edge says as the camera then fades to black.


We cut back to the ring as it is time for the main event. We will see once again a KOTR First Round Matchup as Roman Reigns will take on Shinsuke Nakamura. Two men who would have most likely faced off in the finals but instead got matched up against each other in the first round.

Match 4- Roman Reigns vs Shinsuke Nakamura


In an excellent match. Roman Reigns defeated Shinsuke Nakamura after hitting him with a huge spear. Roman Reigns moves on to the second round after a long and hard fought match. Reigns is a favorite to win this tournament now we will just have to wait and see if he can get the job done. Raw then goes off air as Roman Reigns celebrates his victory in the ring.



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Tuesday Night SmackDown Live


On this August 20 edition of SmackDown, we will house two QOTR matches and two KOTR matches. SmackDown's gonna start off hot tonight and waste no time, as we start with the first Queen of the Ring match right now!


Match 1: Asuka VS Kairi Sane


In a fantastic match between the two tag team partners, Asuka scores the victory over Sane with an Asuka Lock. After the match, Asuka and Kairi shake hands and hug, with Kairi wishing Asuka luck in her future rounds.


SmackDown then cuts backstage to the women's locker room. Hidden inside one of the lockers emerges R-Truth, 24/7 championship in hands. As Truth exits, Liv Morgan sees him and screams. "Hey, it's okay, Carmella, it's just me." Truth says. "I've been looking for your everywhere, why haven't you been on SmackDown?" Liv responds by saying "I'm not Carmella, Truth, I'm...Never mind. Why are you here? This is the women's locker room." Truth tells her "I've been hiding here since SummerSlam. Christian threatened to fire me if I took my title back." Liv tells Truth "You know he can't fire you, right? You're a RAW superstar, he doesn't have that power." Truth responds "I know, Carmella, but better safe than sorry. I don't play around when it comes to fire." Liv shakes her head and says "I'm not even gonna get into everything wrong with what you just said...Look, Sarah, Ruby and I have a secret room we go to when we want to get away from the other girls, you can hide their for now, okay? Just be quiet about it." Truth nods along and Liv guides him to their secret room as the segment ends.


Match 2: Mustafa Ali VS Sami Zayn


In his first match on SmackDown since winning the Intercontinental title, Mustafa Ali beats Sami Zayn, moving to the next round of the King of the Ring tournament. Mustafa will now face the winner of tonight's main event between Andrade and Rusev. The Intercontinental champion celebrates, but before he can truly enjoy the moment, he's attacked again by Lars Sullivan! Sullivan lays out the Intercontinental champion again, and it seems like Lars' goal is becoming clear.



SmackDown then cuts backstage to 3MB, with WWE champion Drew McIntyre taking center frame, flanked by the SmackDown tag team champions. "Well, New Day's managed to get their chance at their titles back." Drew says, then continues. "It's funny they think the result will be any different from before. I've already beaten Kofi once, I can easily do it again at King of the Ring. I know 3MB wasn't successful our first go around, but now that all three of us are better, stronger competitors, our control over SmackDown will go unimpeded this time. We know exactly how successful the New Day have been...But they've never faced a threat like us before."


Match 3: Ember Moon VS Ruby Riott


In a great match, Ember Moon picks up the victory over Ruby Riott. She will now move to the next round of Queen of the Ring, and she will face her former rival, Asuka, in two weeks. Can Ember overcome this demon from her past?


SmackDown then cuts backstage to Christian's office for the final segment of the night. "So I've thought long and hard about this recent Sasha Banks debacle, and as much as Becky wants to face Sasha at Queen of the Ring, it's not fair for Sasha to just come back and get a title match. Sasha Banks will come back, but it will be part of the Queen of the Ring tournament next week, and based on her performance in the tournament, we will determine if she's worthy of a title match. We have a whole roster of deserving women in the back that all have as much of a claim to a title shot as Sasha Banks, and this decision will be made with all their interests in mind."


Main event: Andrade VS Rusev


In an incredible main event, Andrade scores the victory over Rusev after interference from Zelina Vega. SmackDown ends with Andrade celebrating his victory, now looking forward to his next King of the Ring match with Intercontinental champion Mustafa Ali in two weeks.

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Monday Night RAW


It is August 26th and we are live with Monday Night RAW. Tonight we continue both the Queen of the RIng and King of the Ring Tournaments. We look to finish the first round of the Tournaments tonight. Next week will see the second round go down. But we will also see Brock Lesnar and CM Punk tonight. We will also hear from the number one contender for the Raw Womens Championship Mickie James. Also we will hear from the United States Champion Samoa Joe we have a big night planned so let's get right into it.


RAW kicks off as we see Brock Lesnar make his way to the ring with Paul Heyman. Last week we saw Randy Orton insult the Beast and his family as he looks to take Brocks title. Now we will see the Brock’s response to this as he will be going one on one with Randy Orton at the King of the Ring Pay Per View Event. Paul Heyman begins to talk.


“Ladies and Gentlemen--.” Paul Heyman goes to say his usual intro but Brock grabs the mic as Heyman looks shocked along with the crowd. As we usually don’t see Lesnar talk but he now has the mic as he begins to talk.

“Randy listen here bitch. You want me to cave your head in again cause believe me I have no problem in doing so. You see I love to hurt people, especially people who wrong me and Randy guess what you got on my bad side. Now you already know what my bad side looks like Randy but this time I am not going to stop. So tell your wife Kim actually I will do it. Kim enjoy the final days with your husband because after King of the Ring he ain’t coming home and that I can promise you.” Brock then hands the mic to Paul as Paul is laughing.


“Now ladies and gentlemen that is not a prediction, everyone that is a spoiler.” Heyman says as the two then exit the ring and head backstage.


We are now set for our first match of the night. It is a Round 1 KOTR match between Elias and Robert Roode. The winner moves one step closer to becoming to becoming King of the Ring. Will it be Robert Roode or Elias moving on to the second round?

Match 1- Elias vs Robert Roode


In a solid match Robert Roode defeated Elias after hitting him with a Glorious DDT. Robert Roode picks up a big win here as he moves on to the second round and becomes one step closer to becoming king of the ring.



We then cut backstage as we see Mickie James. Mickie James is with Charly Caruso as Charly begins to talk.


“Mickie you’re coming off a big win a 2 weeks ago granting you a Raw Womens Championship match at the King of the Ring Pay Per View. Now many aren't giving you much of a chance to win this match, what do you have to say about that?” Charly says as we see Mickie a bit upset as she begins to talk.

“I am one of the most experienced and decorated Women in this company. To say I have no chance to win this match is just plain stupid. I’ve been good friends with Alexa in the past and with that I know how she acts and what she thinks. So when I win and become your new RAW womens champion be prepared to eat your words.” Mickie says as she then storms off furious.


We then cut back to the ring as we are set for the first of two QOTR matches tonight we see Natalya in the ring with Dana Brooke. Both women would benefit greatly from picking up a win in this tournament. Only one can though so let’s see who will move on.

Match 2- Natalya vs Dana Brooke


In a solid match, Natalya defeated Dana Brooke after making her tap out to the sharpshooter. Natalya picks up a big win here moving on to the second round and moving one step closer to becoming the first ever Queen of the Ring.



We then cut backstage to see the Raw Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan and Rowan. They seem a bit on edge and a bit annoyed as Bryan begins to talk.


“Last week our general manager Edge made a huge error. You see he decided to give in to the Fiend. Edge just showed Rowan and I how fickle he really is. I mean he is just like all of you. You allow others to push you around everyday of your lives. Rowan and I we are smarter than that though. We are not afraid of these Firefly Weirdos. Now we do acknowledge that they are very powerful tag team. A force to be reckoned with some would say. But they are not the best. We are the best. That is an indisputable fact because we are your tag team champions and it will stay that way as we end this fear of the Fiend and Braun!” Bryan and Rowan then walk off making their message clear to the WWE Universe.


We then cut back to the ring as are set for our second Queen of the Ring matchup as Mandy Rose will face to returning Nia Jax. Rose looks a bit afraid of Jax but this is a big match for her so she must face her fears if she wants to move on to the next round.

Match 3- Nia Jax vs Mandy Rose


In a short match Nia Jax defeated Mandy Rose after she hit her with a leg drop. Nia looked dominant here as Mandy did not stand a chance. Nia looks to continue her dominance in the second round as she looks to become the first ever Queen of the Ring.



We cut backstage as we see CM Punk brawling with Samoa Joe backstage! Both men are going at it as both want the United States Title. We have seen these two women exchange blows online and it looks like it has boiled over here tonight. Both men cannot seem to get the advantage before we see Joe throw Punk through a car window!

Joe wipes the sweat of his face as we see him look down at Punk who is bloody and beat up. Joe then laughs as he watches medical personal check on Punk. Joe walks off proud and more confident than ever as he has shown his dominance here tonight.



It is time for our main event as we have another King of the Ring match as Rey Mysterio will take on the returning Big Show. Big Show has not been seen in a while but looks in phenomenal shape. Which man will pick up the win here and move on to the second round.

Match 4- Big Show vs Rey Mysterio


In a great match, The Big Show defeated Rey Mysterio after hitting him with a huge knockout punch. Mysterio looked to have the match won as he went for a frog splash but Show popped up and hit his finish instead. Show moves on to the second round now as he becomes one step closer to becoming King of the Ring. We see Show celebrate in the ring as RAW goes off air.



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