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I Can't Odd

Impact Wrestling 2015

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Image result for impact wrestling 2015


I've reached 2015 in my TEW 2010 save where I'm attempting to drag Impact upwards to National even if it's a dream that seems impossible to reach. I'm fairly bad at TEW so I'm really just learning how to play here as this is my first ever save I've been playing.


Current Champions:

TNA World Heavyweight Champion - Bobby Roode

TNA Knockout's Champion - Gail Kim

TNA World Tag Team Champions - The Wolves

TNA X Division Champion - Austin Aries

TNA Television Champion - Hernandez


PPV Schedule:

Jan - Genesis

Feb - Against All Odds

Mar - Lockdown

 Apr - Unbreakable

May - Sacrifice

Jun - Slammiversary

Jul - Victory Road

Aug - Hard Justice

Sep - No Surrender

Oct - Bound For Glory

Nov - Turning Point 

Dec - Final Resolution



ROSTER (wrestlers):


Alex Silva

Angelina Love

Austin Aries

Bobby Lashley

Bobby Roode




Bully Ray

Chris Melendez

Crazzy Steve

Davey Richards


Eddie Edwards 

Eric Young


Gail Kim

Garrett Bischoff




James Storm

Jay Bradley

Jessie Godderz

Joseph Park

Kenny King


Kurt Angle

Lei'd Tapa

Madison Rayne



Mr. Anderson



Rampage Jackson

Robbie E

Rockstar Spud

Samoa Joe

Samuel Shaw


Shark Boy

Taryn Terrell

The Freak

Tigre Uno

Tommy End

Velvet Sky

Wes Brisco





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It's an interesting period of Impact. Looking back through the years following 2015 the company underwent so many talent changes very quickly and ownership changes that the history got pretty insane. You've got Hardy/Willow before the Broken era, Crazzy Steve pre-alliance with Rosemary & Abyss. Rampage Jackson who by all accounts was a flop during his time in the company. Sanada pre-NJPW and before losing Angle, Joe, Roode ect. You're both in a rebuilding stage and a stage of keeping the company consistently afloat. Looking forward to seeing how you book the company.

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Looking at this roster I must say that it's pretty damn good. You have the outright stars like Hardy, Lashley, EC3, Bully Ray, Bobby Roode, Angle, Joe, Aries but you also have some nice hidden gems in there and one that stands out to me is Tommy End who we know is very good in current time. Always like seeing an Impact Wrestling save so I'll definitely keep an eye out for this. Keep it up Odd, looking forward to more 

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Current Rivalries:

Bobby Roode vs James Storm

Roode and Storm have been feuding for the past 2 months over the World Championship. Roode managed to cheat his way to a title defense at One Night Only in November but Roode managed to get a rematch at Final Resolution, where he won by count out but did not win the championship due to champion's advantage. Storm believes he can beat Roode but Roode says he won't give Storm any more title shots.


Bully Ray vs Joseph Park

For a little over a month, Bully Ray has continued to attack Joseph Park. His reasoning is that he wants to draw Abyss out, as Joseph Park is worthless in his eyes. Joseph claims that Abyss is gone for good, but it hasn't stopped Bully's quest yet.


Austin Aries vs Hernandez

Austin Aries has claimed to be the best champion in Impact but Hernandez took offense to that. Aries has since then called the Television Championship worthless. Hernandez wants to prove Aries wrong.


Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky

Velvet Sky wants a one on one match against Gail Kim for the Knockout's Championship. They have faced before in a 2 on 1 handicap and a triple threat for the championship but now she wants a fair chance. Gail Kim has treated her like a joke and embarrassed her since. 


Gunner vs MVP

Gunner has had a fair amount of success in these past 2 months and it has clearly gone to his head. Gunner had mocked MVP for his failed attempt at winning X Division Championship. MVP snapped and attacked Gunner after he heard enough. The next week Gunner would attack MVP after a match to get even but later that night MVP distracted Gunner and caused him to lose in the main event. Gunner has started a vicious cycle that he hopes to end permanently soon.


Kurt Angle vs EC3

In recent weeks EC3 has taken to targeting Kurt Angle in promos and mocking the legend, calling him old and washed up. Angle has heard him loud and clear and he isn't pleased at all. Angle is looking to put the young up and comer in his place.


Mr. Anderson vs Willow

Anderson and Willow have had a couple encounters in recent weeks with the two showing clear hostility towards one another. It may be only a matter of time before this develops into something more. 


Samoa Joe vs Magnus

The problem between these two men is simple: both want to be recognized as the best technical wrestler in the company. Magnus has hounded Joe ever since Joe said he was the best in an interview with Tenay, with the intent of outdoing Joe.


The Wolves vs Team GutCheck (Alex Silva & Samuel Shaw)

The Wolves have been good Tag Team Champions but as The Wolves have defended their belts another team was slowly racking up wins and has now staked their claim to the Tag Team Championships. Silva and Shaw are hungry and will do anything to win the Tag Team Championships.

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Can't say I ever thought of doing a 2015 Impact diary, defiantly not a high point for the company but with these rivalries it looks like you're going to be doing great stuff, I'm hoping this diary kicks off soon and brings us some fresh content because I always like the diaries you do. Samoa Joe and Mangus is probably my most interesting feud out of these, with Roode and Storm being a close second. I'd like to see who you sign to add to the roster, and what you do with this going forward. Keep up the good work! 

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I'm looking forward to a TNA diary, haven't seen a TNA Diary in a long time since Julius did last year, hopefully you can do better than he did before and make it good. Kurt vs EC3 looks very good, James vs Bobby is interesting due to Beer Money and Willow vs Mr Anderson just sounds good. 

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I'm very excited to see a 2015 Impact diary  which is a switch up from the normal diaries. I can't wait to see what you do with some of my favourite wrestlers such as the Wolves, Aries and Willow. Potentially a Willow vs Broken Hardy rivalry? Could the Wolves vs MCMG be on the books in the near future?

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(So Xplosion is marked as a B show so I just sorta use it as an experimental show and book lots of lower card people to do whatever the heck. I don’t advance any main storylines here or anything. If you have tips on any other things to do for B shows let me know. Also not sure if I should be doing pre/post show matches, I figured it would be good to book as most as possible but not sure if that’s smart.)


Week 1, January 2015 








DJZ celebrated afterwards by mocking the crowd.


Main Show:


A fifteen minute video package covering star’s performances in 2014 plays.


After the video package, Eric Young and Knux have a verbal battle in the ring which caused an impromptu match.











Post Show:





(This was tied for my second worst show yet. Yes, I have done worse. I promise usually my shows are better...if only by like 5 points. But yeah this is what Xplosion is for me, just meaningless. Might do some Xplosion exclusive storylines for the low tier guys to build momentum and actually give a reason to have segments.)



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Week 1, January 2015

Image result for tna impact


Pre Show:




Main Show:

Magnus opens the show by coming out to the ring and saying that he could beat Eric Young faster than Samoa Joe did last week because Joe is a sloppy, second rate wrestler. 


After the match, Magnus brags about how he was successful in backing up his claim.


Gunner cuts a promo on MVP, saying that MVP has made a huge mistake by making an enemy of him.


Bobby Roode is out in the ring and reiterates that James Storm will not be getting any more World Championship matches. After saying this, Dixie Carter comes and books a 6 man elimination number one contender's match for tonight's main event between Willow, Mr. Anderson, Bobby Lashley, Kurt Angle, EC3, and James Storm!


Kenny King claims that 2015 will be his year in a promo.


Velvet Sky is in the ring but before she ends up being jumped by Gail Kim, whom poses over Velvet with the Knockout's Championship. 

Bully Ray is being interviewed by Mike Tenay and all is going well until Joseph Park shows up and attacks Bully Ray, getting one back on Bully Ray.

Hernandez announces an open challenge for the TNA Television Title and X Division Champion Austin Aries answers it!


(I'm not gonna lie, I accidentally booked this match backward cuz I thought the loser thing was for the final elimination but it works.)



That was actually my best show yet!


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