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Broken trust

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[ the music of Bulldozer starts playing as the crowds erupt into cheers however no one comes out leaving the crowd confused and concerned for him 

However a different song then starts up peaking the crowd’s interest ]

[ as a man walks out onto the stage holding a selfie stick and it’s Bulldozer! As he then walks down to the ring but stops at the ramp to take a selfie with some fans and then does a pose on the apron 


and he is wearing dazzling silver and beautiful cyan blue then he pulls a microphone out of his silver jacket 

First let me start by saying thanks for the warm welcome, and second from this day forth I shall no longer use the ring name Bulldozer but instead from now on I shall be called Mirage, and last but most definitely not least Josh. 

The Man now known as Mirage starts to get a bit emotional as you can clearly hear the emotions coming from his voice with a mix of anger but mostly sadness 

Josh you... You turned your back on me!

And honestly Josh that’s far worse than you getting George to run me over but with all that said I want to thank you Josh, because you see all of this ugly business has made me realize what true beauty is and that’s the support of these people so I shall from now on embrace that as well let’s face it Josh Frankenstein is far prettier than you so on a battle of beauty I have you outmatched easily however you want to say that I ruined your career?

Well let me tell you how I see it and that’s yes a career was being ruined in our partnership but it wasn’t yours see Josh you’ve already accomplished great things here in BPZ while I haven’t and you were just holding me back because you saw my talent and you wanted to try and use it to further your own career just like you did with George and Julius before me well guess what Josh you messed up throwing me aside like some pile of garbage because let’s face it myself and SSW Club is the only thing that’s made you relevant since Julius was your protege and you say you want a career vs career match at Summerslam?

Well I say you’re on and I say we take it one step higher let’s make it a no DQ match as well so if you’re game Josh be a man about this and let’s do this because now you aren’t just facing me but your facing me and my loyal fans or as I shall refer to them as my pretties because they are far better and worthy of my trust than you Josh so whenever you’re ready show your ugly face and spew whatever garbage you want because i’m coming for you and once I get to you, well you know what they say about karma. 

[ Mirage then stands in the ring as the fans cheer loudly for him and chant “ cheer if you hate Joshua Scott “

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The American crowd react with boos as the familiar voice of JoshsNow is heard as he suddenly enters, standing on the ramp with a mic


I mean, it’s like you are putting out stupid promos on purpose Bulldozer. That’s the only explanation. No sorry Mirage. How could I forget such a smooth name change as Bulldozer to Mirage

The crowd are chanting “cheer if you hate Josh Scott” and Josh looks at them weirdly

What is that chant? Cheer if you hate Josh Scott? That is possibly the worst chant I have ever heard. At least I’m the great country of England our chants are creative

The crowd carry on to boo, or cheer, loudly as Josh makes his way to the ring, before he begins to speak, this time addressing the man he had run over 


Mirage. Seriously. Is this some sort of joke to you? Now it amuses me that you put yourself on the same level as George and Julius because Mirage you have been here for 5 months now and done nothing. You’ve never held a title and you’ve lost every match you’ve been in. In 5 months that traitor Julius was already a 2x NXT Champion, in a stable with Slim, Echo Wilson and Bart and 10x the wrestler you are ever going to be

Now you have come out here and proved me right. I said you were self obsessed and believed you were already a star and you came out here and proved it. You come out here taking selfies and claim I’m not beautiful. Well I don’t give a damn about how I look Mirage, and neither should you. This isn’t some beauty contest this is professional wrestling and it is clear you aren’t cut out for it

Now luckily for you Mirage, the powers that be have told Gary that we can’t have a Career vs Career match, so I’ve decided to end your career another way. I can’t end your career honestly I will injure you so badly you can’t walk again. You want a No DQ match no Mirage that isn’t enough. You see, at SummerSlam, I will be the      


The crowd erupt in excitement as Josh makes the stipulation official for SummerSlam. The two stare off head to head as Josh drops the mic, an interesting SummerSlam match set in stone, Josh vs Mirage in a Last Man Standing match


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[ Mirage then shushes Joshua Scott with his selfie stick which causes the crowd to erupt with cheers then Mirage lifts the mic up to his lips yet again ] 

Are you done yet? 

Yes, good because you’re right, well only half right yes i’ve been here for 5 months and i’ve lost every single match i’ve been in and yes Julius made all of those accomplishments in the same amount of time but here’s the thing i’m not like Julius and nor do I have any desire to be like him. 

For you see Josh I wanted to be like you because the one thing you neglected to mention is that you came to me to be my mentor not the other way around, now with that being said I accepted because I foolishly thought you could help elevate me but I was only half right as well. 

Because well I made the mistake of fighting with you rather than against you a mistake I will right at Summerslam when I walk out as the winner and last man standing. 

[ Mirage then takes a moment to walk around the ring as the crowd cheer for him and begin to chant “ Mirage is beautiful “ as Mirage would then take this time to pose up on the apron yet again letting the fans take pictures of him  ] 


[ Mirage then rolls back up into the ring and turns to face Josh ] 

See Josh the thing is I accepted your offer to be my mentor because I wanted to be what you already are, and that’s a legend in the business and I thought who better to teach me how to become a legend in this business than someone who is already a legend. 

Now however I realize that was a mistake, I should have focused on myself and these people not turned a blind eye to them and join an ugly piece of garbage like yourself. 

But you know what Josh it’s ok at Summerslam I will fix that mistake and finally notch a win here in BPZ because of one simple reason it’s not just my name i’ve changed it’s myself, you see we spent many months together learned a lot about each other like our strengths and weaknesses but the thing is by changing myself i’ve taken that from you while I still know all about you because at Summerslam it won’t be a God’s Ultimate blast that puts you down for the count it shall be something far more beautiful. 

[ Mirage would then roll out of the ring and walk over to some fans in the front row giving them a warm smile and even autographs some BPZ merch and wraps up with a big group selfie before raising the mic to his lips on last time as he looks in the ring at his now former friend Josh ] 

Oh and in regards to your comments about my ego, yes I was very egotistical back as Bulldozer... now however this is confidence because with the support of my pretties I am completely confident In the success that shall come in the near future for not just me but my pretties, so until next time see you around Mr.Ugly 

[ Mirage then walks off towards the backstage area as the fans chant “ Mr.Ugly “ at Josh as Mirage’s new theme music plays out over the loudspeakers ] 

OOC: thanks to Arius for making this ^ very helpful and very much appreciated 

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