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Who Attacked Bulldozer Part 8: 5 Clues You Missed

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We see Gary Green sipping a coffee in a coffee shop, sat at a 2 person table with the other seat empty. Next to him is a briefcase which he is holding tightly. Around him there are lots of people sat down mindlessly looking at their phones. Gary is about to get his out but puts it away when he sees the man he is sitting with walk through the entrance. Josh enters and sits down opposite Gary. Before they are able to say a word, a waiter comes up 

Waiter: What drinks do you want 

Gary: I already have a drink thanks

Waiter: And What will you have

Josh: I don’t want any of the rubbish American coffee, I want good old British tea. 

Waiter: Erm, will a Blackberry Mojito Green tea do?

Josh: No I just want tea

Waiter: Just Green tea?

Josh: Normal, English tea. 

Waiter: Herbal Tea?


Green: He will have the Earl Grey

Waiter: Alright, I will be back in a minute 

Josh: Cheers Gary, but why have you bought me here to this awful shop where everyone is on their stupid technology. What’s in the bag?

Green: My laptop

Josh: Seriously Gary. We don’t need technology

Gary: Well I’ve got something to show you about Who Attacked Bulldozer

Josh: Ah Yes you did figure out it was George congrats. But I was very careful to make sure it was hard for you to figure out

Gary: Well actually I’ve got something to show you. On my laptop I’ve got a presentation to show you called Top 5 Clues You Totally Missed in Who Attacked Bulldozer which are the Clues you gave away. Let’s put on some music whilst I get this presentation set up

The familiar music of Who Attacked Bulldozer begins to play as we don’t see any montages, we just see Gary getting out his computer and turning on a presentation as Josh’s Earl Grey tea arrives. 

Gary: Alright, here we go, Number 1 - THE EDITED FOOTAGE

In Part 1 I, Gary managed to whittle it down to 10 (which included George) based on CCTV footage and downloaded that footage onto Josh’s tablet. Yet in Part 2, George claims he isn’t at the show. And when I later checked Josh’s tablet, I saw that George wasn't on the footage, leaving me to believe I must have been imagining. However it turns out I was right, with Josh obviously editing the footage to keep his friend safe. It’s not as much of a clue when you’re watching it, but looking back it explains that I am not that incompetent


In Part 5, I asked Josh when he dropped his tablet and he told me and Bruce Willis that 


The video was posted on Saturday 13th July, so 2 Wednesdays ago would have been the 3rd July - the 3 year anniversary of George joining BPZ

Again it isn’t an obvious clue until you look back but once you realise it was George’s anniversary party it may have raised a few eyebrows to the many that believed Josh and George were arch enemies


In Part 5.5, Ryan Red discovers the identity of the attacker and tells me, but as I tried to phone Josh, someone (we now know it was George) bumped into me, taking my credit cards which meant I couldn’t access the tube station. When I discovered I returned to my car, only to see it had been set on fire. Of course, one BPZ superstar has a reputation for arson and that is George, who is notorious after he burnt down a pub to try kill Prince and Karico in August 2017. It seems a leopard never changes his spots and it is fairly obvious the only person to burn a car would have been George


In Part 4, Gary uses hypnosis to discover a lot from Bulldozer, which includes the personalised registration plate of the car - GA8 WOTW. Of course we now learn that the culprit was “The 8th Wonder of the World” GeorgeAK, the car reg becomes obvious. G for George, A for AK, 8 for 8th, W for Wonder, O for Of, T for The and W for Wonder. George AK 8th Wonder of the World. But all those clues aren’t obvious to decipher but the final clue is very obvious 


In Part 1, Josh immediately tells us who it was when he says


”Well I mean it’s clearly George.” Whilst I and many others believed that was the case because Josh wanted to blame his arch nemesis, it turns out Josh was actually telling us who the attacker was. The attacker was George and the only other person to know that was Josh, who told us himself at the very start of the series 

Gary finishes and looks up at Josh triumphantly, only to find Josh asleep

Green: Were you not paying attention 

Josh: Oh sorry I wasn’t sleeping I was meditating. I think that waiter served me herbal tea. But when I was meditating I began planning. You see I have a match in 4 weeks against Mirage at SummerSlam but I also face FD in just a weeks time. And that is an FD Rules match. And as much as I need to focus on Mirage, I have to focus on facing another former partner soon. You see, I face FD at Emergence and then Gary, me and you get to fly to Orlando and holiday for 2 weeks

Green: I can’t wait to meet Mickey Mouse!

Josh: Yes. But for the next week I have to put Mirage behind me. The only way to beat FD is to go dark myself. And I will do that in the next week. This herbal tea has helped me a lot. Thanks for bringing me here for whatever reason Gary. I’ve got to Go concentrate on FD now

Green: But the clues

Josh steps up and leaves the cafe before Gary puts his laptop in his bag and leaves, the theme music of the series playing one last time as it is probably best if this series isn’t milked any further. The coffee shop turns silent as the screen turns to dark

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