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Slim looks to the stage, with no music, no one emerging from the stage, as he shakes his head, with a sadistic smirk, as he picks up the microphone from the mat, holding Ropati's face onto the steel chair as he begins to speak into the microphone.

You see Bashka, for who he really is. A coward, a man who only carries about himself, and Ropati, I truly do hope you see what I've taught you today. In this business, in this lifestyle, all you have is yourself, you do what's best for you, and you say screw whoever else it hurts. Because the way I got to the top was stepping over everyone, and you wanna know why, Ropati? I was better than everyone else. I see that same fire you, I see that animal waiting to be let out. Hopefully, you'll learn from this mistake, my friend.

Slim slams the microphone into the back of Ropati's head, as Ropati lays out cold onto the mat, as Slim rolls up his sleeves, moving his neck from side-to-side, loosening it before he moves Ropati with his foot, as the kiwi begins to stir, pushing himself up with the mat, before...

Image result for curb stomp on a chair gif

Slim stomps Ropati's head onto the chair! Slim stands over the fallen superstar, as medics get into the ring to check on Ropati, who has began bleeding, staining the mat red. Slim smirks, as the crowd boos, before he gets out of the ring, leaving as he walks up the ramp, spreading his arms out at the top of the stage, his message clear, that Slim will not take anymore disrespect from anyone...

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