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Continuing What Got Started

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After listening to George and the surprise entrance of Sameer and his words Blade picks up the microphone.

Blade, "Glad to see you Sameer, you say I will never be the face of BPZ?  Good, I wont be the face, because I don't want to be the face of BPZ.  I want to break the face of BPZ into pieces.  You talk down how I list off my accomplishments, and you think it is embarrassing? Wow it is really going to be embarrassing after emergence when I ask everyone who I am, and list off that I am one half of the NEW BPZ tag team champions.  Or at least for you it would.  You make the point that you will still be champion if you lose, but you will still have in record that you were defeated by a man you think is embarrassing, and the man who took your first title away from you already.

You see, you want to try and keep me down, but the thing is it is different.  This isn't 2015, this isn't even BPZmania 4 when you stole the money in the bank from me this will be Emergence when you will be beat at.  See I am not alone this time when I take you on I have my partner here and he has beaten you.  That was at King of the Ring. Now you are going to be facing him again at Emergence and you will lose to him again.  And he will be holding that other title you hold that you have very little respect for."

Blade stands up and kicks his chair over and then turns back to face towards Sameer

Blade, "You have such little regard for the tag titles don't you.  Calling them the titles that nobody cares about? The title at the bottom of the card?  Now, how am I not surprised, oh right it is what I have been saying since we started you and Brenden are the biggest mistakes of the tag division to have ever happened.   You both don't give a damn about this division, you both have been trying to kill the division ever since holding the titles.  You have defended those titles against jokes almost every time now.  The Saviors tried to save the titles, but you two couldn't just stay away when you were beat.  You had to come back and try and kill the tag division yet again.  The Royal Flush came close to doing what the Saviors did, but we of the Deadman's hand will finish what both teams started and finally put a stop to the Big ballers title reign.

 It is a real shame to see the person at the top of BPZ giving no regard for the one thing that is and was the biggest thing going on at King of the ring.  Your title match with Bailey wasn't the talked about match was it.  And you hate that don't you?  You finally won the big title and yet nobody is talking about the world title are they?  It was your big moment and yet the match for a contenders match for the title was one of the biggest talked matches there was from King of the ring.   People talk about more then the your big match.  The undisputed championship, the Intercontinental championship, even the NXT title was more talked about then your big title defense.  You were talked about though, but only for losing your Premium Championship. Yet the bottom of the card as you call it match up was bigger then your first title defense.  

After Emergence the tag titles will once again be talked about as finally they are free and in the hands of a team that is bringing the titles back to where they should be.  At the top of BPZ, and in the hands of the Deadman's Hand."

Blade then was about to hand George the microphone back but talks it back

Blade, "Glad you came out here, as much like the first ever BPZ Tag team Summit, we get to see our competition going into the big event.  Might want to take notes from that, as the last teams we got a look at who stepped up as competition.  End of the day, your fate is the same as the SSW Club and the United Nations.  Back to you George."

Blade tosses the microphone back to George now done with the microphone.

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As the attention is thrown back in the direction of George, everyone is eagerly anticipating what he has to say. George stands up, and raises his BPZ Premium Championship high above his head whilst staring at Sameer. He keeps it high above his head as he begins to speak.

"Your right Sameer, I didn't expect to see you here. And I don't give a sh*t that your here either. I am so much greater than you are and so much greater than you will ever be. So right now as you try to scramble around in your brain to think of something to say in response to my tag team partner. Let me throw in a few more thoughts. How did it feel Sameer? Laying on the canvas after I dug my knee into your skull. Being slammed against the turnbuckles when I made you disintegrate. Oh and how did it feel when I then went to pin you. 1...2...3. And I became the Premium Champion. Because personally, I enjoyed it so much. But obviously I am not you so I don't know how you felt. But, however you did feel remember that feeling. As on Sunday that is how you will feel again. Deadmans Hand will end your reign. And I will smile the entire time. I will be happy that it is over because you deserve nothing."

"To be honest I thought I had shut up the biggest ass kisser around when I beat you at King Of The Ring. That is all you are after all, the only reason you have any success is because you sit down all day kissing Brendens ass. When he is out of the equation you are a pathetic excuse for a wrestler. And when he is involved you are cowards. Ladies and gent watching live around the world I am going to let you in on a secret. Brenden and Sameer didn't even want to defend their tag team title at Emergence because they wanted to become the longest reigning title holders despite doing no work at all. The world champion ladies and gentlemen, who lost to a guy who had only been wrestling for 2 months after recuperating from being an alcoholic. Every loss you take pains you Sameer. And I can see that plain as day. You can try to cower behind your lame excuses. You can try and hide but I will find you. I am a better wrestler than you are, I am a better person that you are. Get that into your head Sameer."

"True facts eh. Thats what you say everything you say is. You question whether I watch the programme. Well do you? How the f*ck are you my first notable victory. When right here in the middle of this ring I became the first ever man to pin Arius one on one. An achievement that I guarantee you will never ever accomplish in your life. So laugh at me now, all you want to. But I have took round 1 and we will take round 2. Continue throwing out your lame excuses. And being the little b*tch that you are. All that will do is make our victory sweeter."

On these words George would drop the mic and start walking to the back with Blade by his side. The two being serenaded by their theme song as they went. Drawing the segment to a close.

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