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War Between Worlds

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Both respective companys of NJPW and WWE have come to terms to work together and bring eachother to international Success. Tonight is drafting day.



Finn Balor




Aleister Black


Will Ospreay


Johnny Gargano


Kevin Owens


Drew Mcintyre


Seth Rollins


Kenny Omega


Becky Lynch


Jay White




Street Profits


The OC


The Fiend


Dolph Ziggler


Ember Moon


Tomasso Ciampa


Sasha Banks


Kota Ibushi


Jimmy Havoc


Katsuyori Shibata


Dragon Lee


Jay Lethal


Lio Rush


Randy Orton


Bobby Roode


New Day


Brock Lesnar


Pentagon JR


The Usos


Jason Jordan


Chris Jericho


Velveteen Dream


Darby Allin






Roman Reigns




Luke Harper




Adam Page


Marty Scrull


Jeff Hardy


Hiroki Goto


Joey Janella


The Undertaker


Matt Sydal




Cm Punk




Kazuchika Okada


Jon Moxley


Tetsuya Naito


Adam Cole


Tomhiro Ishii


Buddy Murphy


Daniel Bryan




Pete Dunne


Lance Archer


Mustafa Ali


Tyler Bate


Undisputed Era


Trent Seven




Jack Gallagher


Shingo Takagi






Drew Gulak


Shinsuke Nakumaura


Taigi Ishimori 


Roppongi 3K


Brian Cage


Tony Nese


Bobby Lashley


Alex Shelley




The Revival


Chad Gable


Young Bucks


Hiroshi Tanahashi


Cedric Alexander


Juice Robinson




Toru Yano




Jeff Cobb


Brit Arm Brawlers




Hiromu Takahashi


Chase Owens


Minoru Suzuki


Togi Makabe


Matt Riddle


Trevor Lee


The Rascalz




John Morrison


WWE Champions






NJPW Champions






Junior Heavyweight Championship: Vacant


6 Man Never Open weight Championship: Vacant






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New Japan Pro Wrestling

NJPW kicks off in strange fashion, as rather than beginning with a match, NJPW begins with the sight of Yuji Nagata in the middle of the ring.


Nagata begins by thanking the New Japan fans for their support for the company over its long, tumultuous history. Nagata says that no company loves pure wrestling more than New Japan, and they are happy to lead this war against WWE if it means the best wrestling in the world can flourish once more. Nagata then announces that New Japan will operate under a weekly model to counter WWE, airing their shows at the same time as RAW every week, and PPV's will be bi-monthly. However, Nagata announces in more somber news that the winner of the G1 Climax, Kota Ibushi, was made an offer he simply couldn't refuse by WWE. Not only that, but runner-up Jay White has also jumped ship. The IWGP World title match at Wrestle Kingdom will now have to be changed, but Nagata has been trusted to tell everyone what New Japan's plan is to make up for it. Beginning tonight, and lasting over the next two months, New Japan will see another G1 Climax! The A Block matches will be filled with beloved New Japan superstars, while the B Block will be filled with surprise signings that have chosen to side with New Japan in this war. Nagata thanks the fans, apologizes for the promo and promises that this won't become common, and hopes they enjoy the next two months of amazing wrestling.


G1 Climax A Block match: Toru Yano VS Juice Robinson


Kicking off this night of G1 action, we see Juice Robinson start out of the gate hot with a victory over Toru Yano, hitting the Pulp Friction in a shade over five minutes to score the win and the first two points of this G1 Climax. Though the road will only get tougher from here for Juice, wins like this are exactly what he needs if he wants to win a G1 this early in his young career.


G1 Climax B Block match: ??? VS ???

As Nagata said at the beginning of the show, the B Block is filled with surprise signings and new superstars, with the audience having no idea who will show up in this tournament. The first participant of the B Block is revealed to be...


Daniel Bryan! Daniel Bryan has arrived in New Japan! Bryan is the first participant of the B Block, and the crowd is thunderous for the debut of the Yes Man. After the reaction has cooled a bit, his opponent is revealed to be...


Bobby Lashley! Another ex-WWE stalwart, but one the crowd reacts noticeably less fondly to. In a great match that showcases Bobby Lashley's incredible power and Bryan's technical wrestling expertise, Daniel Bryan picks up the massive victory with a Knee Plus to Bobby Lashley. Daniel Bryan scores an early two points in the G1, and the crowd is raucous for his presence in New Japan.


G1 Climax A Block match: Jon Moxley VS Lance Archer


In the second A Block match of the night, NJPW US champion Jon Moxley faces Suzuki-Gun's Lance Archer, who finished in the last G1 at the bottom with only 6 points. His luck would not fare much better this time, as Moxley starts his G1 hot by putting Archer away with a Death Rider.


G1 Climax B Block match: ??? VS ???


In the second B Block match of the night, the NJPW audience eagerly awaits the next new signees announced to stay with New Japan in this war with WWE. The anticipation grows stronger, and the audience is soon met by the sound of the New World Symphony. That can only mean one thing...


WALTER. WALTER slowly saunters out to the ring, the New Japan audience eagerly chanting his name alongside the New World Symphony, and WALTER calmly awaits his opponent, who is revealed to be...


Sami Callihan! The former Impact star has joined the war against his former employers, and is WALTER's opponent for tonight's G1 match-up! In a rough and tumble bout, with both men brawling as only they know how, WALTER is able to eke out the victory over the madman, Sami Callihan. WALTER scores two points in this match, and his debut in NJPW is a resounding success.


G1 Climax A Block match: Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Zack Sabre Jr.



Next up in A block action, we see the Ace of New Japan, Hiroshi Tanahashi, take on the other Suzuki-Gun member in this tournament, Zack Sabre Jr. In the first big upset of the tournament, ZSJ is able to pick up the huge victory over Tanahashi, forcing him to submit to an Octopus Stretch. ZSJ scores two points in this first round match, and surprisingly, Tanahashi's G1 starts with an unsuccessful opening round match.


G1 Climax B Block match: ??? VS ???


After Tanahashi's surprising loss, the New Japan audience prepares itself for even more shock and excitement, as we see the next match in the B Block. This time, the audience is greeted by...


Johnny Impact! However, rather than coming to the ring like the other debuting stars did tonight, Johnny immediately runs to the announce table, cockily introducing himself as the savior of New Japan, the new leader in the war against WWE...Johnny Puro. The newly named Johnny Puro's smug demeanor is present in every aspect of his entrance, and the audience begins to boo the debuting star, but this is changed to excitement when his opponent is revealed...


Brian Cage! The former Impact world champion is here! Puro's face tells the whole story of shock, but Cage's face bleeds with determination and excitement for this fight. In a fantastic match between two men with well-documented history, Cage is able to put away Puro with a Weapon X, scoring two points in the process.


G1 Climax A Block match: Jeff Cobb VS Kazuchika Okada



In the fourth A Block match of the night, Jeff Cobb faces the current IWGP Heavyweight champion who came inches away from victory in the earlier G1, Kazuchika Okada. In a great match, Okada is able to overcome his stronger opponent, putting Cobb away with a Rainmaker. Much like last G1, Okada starts off the tournament hot with two points to his name, and as always, he's a heavy favorite to win the whole thing.


G1 Climax B Block match: ??? VS ???


After the ring has cleared from another impressive Okada win, the G1 powers on with the debut of another former WWE star...


Pete Dunne! The leader of British Strong Style is bringing British strong style to New Japan! The audience is electric, though if Dunne felt the same way, you could never tell by his face. Dunne calmly awaits his opponent, who is revealed to be...

Matt Riddle! The King of Bros is here! Another ex-WWE stalwart, and you already know this match is destined to be a technical wrestling classic. In an excellent match, Pete Dunne is barely able to draw the submission from Matt Riddle, scoring two points in a successful debut.


G1 Climax A Block match: Tetsuya Naito VS Tomohiro Ishii



In the final A block match of the night, we see a champion VS champion match-up as perpetual tournament favorite Tetsuya Naito takes on sentimental favorite Tomohiro Ishii. In a hard-hitting bout, Ishii is able to eke out the victory over Naito, hitting him with a Brainbuster and scoring the upset. Ishii kicks off the G1 with a great victory, and one has to wonder if this is finally the Stone Pitbull's year.


G1 Climax B Block match: ??? VS ???


In tonight's main event, the New Japan crowd excitedly awaits the final two men who will be announced for New Japan's roster. The first of these men is one of the greatest wrestlers ever to not be signed to WWE...


Christopher Daniels! Daniels has joined the war against the company that never thought he was good enough for the big leagues, and he looks to prove them wrong. The audience is buzzing hard over the debut of Daniels, but they would be utterly floored by the return of...


SHINSUKE NAKAMURA! The former New Japan stalwart has returned! The audience is electric at the return of Nakamura in tonight's main event! In an incredible bout that encapsulates the audience, Nakamura shows his return to form with a victory over Daniels, putting him away with a Kinshasa and scoring two points in his New Japan return. 

After the match, Shinsuke grabs a microphone and thanks the fans, apologizing for his move to WWE that he wholeheartedly regrets. He says he's happy to be back home where he belongs, and he's ready to bring WWE to its knees.


Current G1 standings:

A Block:

2 points: Tomohiro Ishii, Juice Robinson, Jon Moxley, Kazuchika Okada, Zack Sabre Jr.

0 points: Toru Yano, Tetsuya Naito, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Lance Archer, Jeff Cobb.


B Block:

2 points: Daniel Bryan, Brian Cage, Pete Dunne, WALTER, Shinsuke Nakamura.

0 points: Sami Callihan, Matt Riddle, Christopher Daniels, Johnny Puro, Bobby Lashley

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NJPW G1 Schedule

After the massive announcement that the G1 would be re-run to account for Kota Ibushi and Jay White's departure, New Japan took to their website to announce the rest of the schedule for the G1.

Week 1:

A Block: Tomohiro Ishii VS Tetsuya Naito, Toru Yano VS Juice Robinson, Lance Archer VS Jon Moxley, Kazuchika Okada VS Jeff Cobb, Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Zack Sabre Jr.

B Block: Daniel Bryan VS Bobby Lashley, Brian Cage VS Johnny Puro, Pete Dunne VS Matt Riddle, WALTER VS Sami Callihan, Christopher Daniels VS Shinsuke Nakamura.

Week 2:

A Block: Jeff Cobb VS Toru Yano, Jon Moxley VS Hiroshi Tanahashi, Juice Robinson VS Lance Archer, Tetsuya Naito VS Kazuchika Okada, Tomohiro Ishii VS Zack Sabre Jr.

B Block: Christopher Daniels VS Brian Cage, Sami Callihan VS Daniel Bryan, Matt Riddle VS WALTER, Johnny Puro VS Pete Dunne, Bobby Lashley VS Shinsuke Nakamura.

Week 3:

A Block: Tomohiro Ishii VS Jon Moxley, Lance Archer VS Jeff Cobb, Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Juice Robinson, Toru Yano VS Kazuchika Okada, Tetsuya Naito VS Zack Sabre Jr.

B Block: Daniel Bryan VS Matt Riddle, Pete Dunne VS Christopher Daniels, WALTER VS Johnny Puro, Brian Cage VS Shinsuke Nakamura, Bobby Lashley VS Sami Callihan.

Week 4:

A Block: Juice Robinson VS Tomohiro Ishii, Jon Moxley VS Tetsuya Naito, Jeff Cobb VS Hiroshi Tanahashi, Toru Yano VS Lance Archer, Kazuchika Okada VS Zack Sabre Jr.

B Block: Johnny Puro VS Daniel Bryan, Matt Riddle VS Bobby Lashley, Sami Callihan VS Shinsuke Nakamura, Christopher Daniels VS WALTER, Brian Cage VS Pete Dunne.

Week 5:

A Block: Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Toru Yano, Kazuchika Okada VS Lance Archer, Tomohiro Ishii VS Jeff Cobb, Tetsuya Naito VS Juice Robinson, Jon Moxley VS Zack Sabre Jr.

B Block: WALTER VS Brian Cage, Shinsuke Nakamura VS Pete Dunne, Daniel Bryan VS Christopher Daniels, Bobby Lashley VS Johnny Puro, Sami Callihan VS Matt Riddle.

Week 6:

A Block: Jon Moxley VS Kazuchika Okada, Jeff Cobb VS Tetsuya Naito, Toru Yano VS Tomohiro Ishii, Lance Archer VS Hiroshi Tanahashi, Juice Robinson VS Zack Sabre Jr.

B Block: Matt Riddle VS Shinsuke Nakamura, Johnny Puro VS Sami Callihan, Christopher Daniels VS Bobby Lashley, Brian Cage VS Daniel Bryan, Pete Dunne VS WALTER.

Week 7:

A Block: Kazuchika Okada VS Hiroshi Tanahashi, Tomohiro Ishii VS Lance Archer, Tetsuya Naito VS Toru Yano, Jon Moxley VS Juice Robinson, Jeff Cobb VS Zack Sabre Jr. 

B Block: Shinsuke Nakamura VS WALTER, Daniel Bryan VS Pete Dunne, Bobby Lashley VS Brian Cage, Sami Callihan VS Christopher Daniels, Matt Riddle VS Johnny Puro.

Week 8:

A Block: Jeff Cobb VS Jon Moxley, Juice Robinson VS Kazuchika Okada, Lance Archer VS Tetsuya Naito, Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Tomohiro Ishii, Toru Yano VS Zack Sabre Jr.

B Block: Christopher Daniels VS Matt Riddle, Johnny Puro VS Shinsuke Nakamura, Brian Cage VS Sami Callihan, Pete Dunne VS Bobby Lashley, WALTER VS Daniel Bryan.

G1 Special:

A Block: Juice Robinson VS Jeff Cobb, Jon Moxley VS Toru Yano, Kazuchika Okada VS Tomohiro Ishii, Tetsuya Naito VS Hiroshi Tanahashi, Lance Archer VS Zack Sabre Jr.

B Block: Sami Callihan VS Pete Dunne, Bobby Lashley VS WALTER, Shinsuke Nakamura VS Daniel Bryan, Matt Riddle VS Brian Cage, Johnny Puro VS Christopher Daniels.

Main event: A Block winner VS B Block winner

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Welcome to Monday Night Raw, last week  we witnessed a fantastic beginning to the G1 Climax 29! Now it is time to see if Raw can top that off, it will be a challenge.


We start the show off with Kenny Omega in the ring getting ready to state his proclaim for his future plans here in WWE. He goes on to say how he had a wonderful match against Dolph Ziggler last week but he wants more. He wants to prove more and he can do just that at Vengeance.


Dolph Ziggler answers the call, not looking anywhere else other than Kenny Omega. Showing no emotion, he enters the ring and the two have a staredown. A couple of moments later, Ziggler pulls away and says "Can I help you". He then exits the ring, and heads backstage. 

Kenta vs Ricochet


This will be the return of KENTA in the WWE. He left early this year but he looks to get back to where he was before his departure. But it will not be easy, as he will go one on one with Ibushi.


Coming to the ring is one of the best in Japan. But he looks to branch out to America and the biggest promotion in the country, WWE. What a match this will be, gonna be a very stiff contest, who will come out on top?

The match begins with both men staring down eachother. Kenta then runs and strikes Kota with a huge forearm in the corner. Kota goes crashing down to the canvas, but Kenta doesnt give him any time to breath as he locks in a Boston Crab. Kota Ibushi thriving in pain, but after a couple of minutes gets to the ropes, relief shown upon the face of Ibushi. Both men get up, Kenta irish whips kota into the corner, and goes for another forearm, but Kota gets out of the way just in time and hits Kenta with a dropkick. He heads to the top rope and goes for a moonsault, Kenta gets out of the way but Kota doesnt give up by going for the moonsault again and connecting this time.


He goes for the pinfall....1.....2.... but a kick out by Kenta. Ibushi cant believe it, with a shocked look upon his face. Kenta is able to recover while Ibushi is distracted and sweeps the legs of Ibushi. Kenta looks down at the wounded Ibushi and and goes for a jumping stomp but thinks twice, and just kicks Ibushi's skull in a disrespectful manner.


Kenta begins to smirk at what he has done, he heads to the corner. Calling for Ibushi to get up, he waits for him to do so and goes for a running knee but Ibushi ducks under and grabs Kenta and hits a german suplex. Ibushi then proceeds to head to the corner and call for the Kamigoye.


Ibushi connects with the Kamigoye! He proceeds for the pin...1....2.....3....... What a win for this man, a big win here. But a tough loss for Kenta. Ibushi celebrates his win, but wait, Kenta is up. They both stare eachother down before Ibushi walks off but Kenta grabs Ibushi and hits a Gts!


After an amazing match and a show of respect by both men, Kenta goes ahead and does this. Absolutely sickening!


We return from commercial break, as a vignette showing Will Ospreay entering the arena earlier today. Will Ospreay would look up and say two words. "Intercontinental Championship".

Pac vs Dragon Lee


Here is a man who left WWE in 2018, but looks to return to his original form of reckoning. But he will have some tough competition in Dragon Lee. 


Coming to the ring now is Dragon Lee! He lost his IWGP JR Heavieweight Championship to Ospreay back in June but they are now both in the WWE. Tonight he looks to have an impressive WWE debut against Pac. 

The match begins with both men starting off with a lockup, the strengh factor seems to go to Pac. But that surely isnt a surprise. Lee tramples to the corner, as Pac backs up and runs for a big forearm and connects. Pac then irish whips Lee into the ropes, he comes back and Pac goes for a hurricanrana but Lee is able to stay on his feet!


Damn that was just insane, both men have a staredown for a few moments before, Pac laying a straight jab to Lee's nose. Lee recovers quickly and hits his own jab, Pac stunned for a bit but then hits a superkick. Lee counters with a hurricanrana, Pac landing straight onto his neck. Thins not looking good for Pac on his return night to the WWE. Lee trys to pick up Pac, but the dead weight is to much for him, he trys to pick him up again but Pac lures him, and goes for a rollup...1....2.... a kick out by Lee. Pac gets up quickly and goes for a dead weight german suplex.


Pac bridges up for the pinfall...1....2..... but a kick out by Lee. The shocked look on Pac's face explains it all. He heads up to the top rope and goes for the red arrow and connects.


He now goes for the pinfall...1.....2.....3..... Pac gets a very deserved but hard fought battle victory here against Dragon Lee. He celebrates his win here tonight before being interrupted by a man we havent seen in 5 months, Tomasso Ciampa. He waves at Pac and then walks away.



We return from yet another commercial break, where we cut to backstage. Last week Becky Lynch laid out a challenge to "The Boss" Sasha Banks at Vengeance in 2 weeks. Banks stands there for a moment before, grabbing her vintage sunglasses, lifting them up and placing them on her eyes. Only meaning one thing.

Jay White vs Ricochet


Jay Whites gets set for one on one action here tonight against a shining star in Ricochet. This is Jay White's debut in WWE, so he is looking for a big impact here tonight.


As Jay White stands in the center of the ring, awaiting the arrival of Ricochet, a vignette appears. A man standing the opposite way of the camera, someone we haven't seen for ages, its PRINCE PUMA! 

The match begins with a stare down by both men, the crowd hyped up after the return of Prince Puma. Jay white trys to drown out the fans support but is not able to, Puma drives White out of the ring, and follows up with a senton flip over the corner.


Both men make their way to their feet and enter the ring simultaneously. Both get up to their feet, not letting their eyes off eachother, Ricochet goes for a superkick but White ducks and connected with the Bladerunner.


He goes for a cover...1....2.....3.... Jay White gets a quick win here tonight. After the match he would grab a microphone. He would state that he has come to WWE for two things, the exposure and the WWE championship. So he wanted as much exposure as one man can get, so at Vengeance he challenged AJ Styles. Will Styles accept?


Last Week, Johnny Gargano would defeat Will Ospreay to get the chance to face Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship at Vengeance. So tonight is the contract signing for that classic in 2 weeks.


Seth Rollins comes inside the ring, staring at Gargano, no fun and games for Seth any longer. Both men sign their contracts, but there is one condition. As Seth explains, this match will be a a 3 stages of hell match! The crowd are ecstatic, the show ends with both men having a staredown.


This week (Njpw or WWE)



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Great diary both of you. I will review ICONs show for now. Everything on the show had a purpose Storm and you fit a lot in there. Omega vs Ziggler in a rematch will be interesting, I personally thought you were going in the direction of Omega vs Shibata but I guess you’re probably saving that for another time. Gargano vs Rollins, Banks vs Lynch and Ospreay vs the IC Champ will be good too. I’m also interested in what develops between Ciampa and PAC, White and Styles and Ibushi and KENTA and I am excited for more Storm

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New Japan Pro Wrestling

G1 Climax Round 2

G1 Climax B Block: Sami Callihan VS Daniel Bryan


The second round of the G1 kicks off hot tonight, as Daniel Bryan looks to continue his momentum from last week's victory against Sami Callihan. It appears Bryan has Callihan lined up for a Knee Plus, the move that won him last week's match, but just before he can land the maneuver, oVe attacks! As Jake and Dave Crist distract referee Red Shoes Unno, Madman Fulton would lay out Bryan with a spear. After this interference, Unno throws the stable out, but Callihan makes the cover. However, Bryan is still able to kick out! Callihan looks to go for a Cactus Driver on Bryan's surgically repaired neck, but Bryan reverses into a Yes Lock!


Just as it seems that Callihan will be forced to tap out, even more interference would show up, this time in the form of El Phantasmo, Taiji Ishimori and Chase Owens! As Owens has the referee distracted, Ishimori and ELP would blast Bryan with stereo superkicks. They leave the ring before Unno can notice anything, and this gives Callihan an opportunity. Callihan flashes his signature taunt and lands a vicious Cactus Driver on Bryan.


Callihan makes the cover, and he pins Daniel Bryan! Callihan has scored two points and gives Bryan an early loss in his G1. After the match, Callihan is joined by Taiji Ishimori, ELP, Chase Owens, as well as oVe, who return from the back. All seven men flash the "Too Sweet" sign synonymous with Bullet Club, and the message is made very clear. Despite Jay White having left the promotion, Bullet Club is still in full force, now with Sami Callihan at the helm.


G1 Climax A Block: Jeff Cobb VS Toru Yano


In the first A Block encounter of the night, and as a slight breather from the chaos we just witnessed, Jeff Cobb is able to overcome the Sublime Master Thief, putting away Yano with a Tour of the Islands and scoring his first two points of the G1.



G1 Climax B Block: Brian Cage VS Christopher Daniels


In tonight's second B Block contest, Christopher Daniels looks to avenge his loss last week against the mighty Brian Cage. Ultimately, Daniels' luck would not turn on this night, with The Machine putting him away with a Weapon X.



G1 Climax A Block: Juice Robinson VS Lance Archer


In a hard hitting bout, Juice Robinson is able to eke out the victory against Lance Archer, hitting the giant with a Pulp Friction and scoring another two points. Juice is currently the block leader with four points, and Archer is still winless.



G1 Climax B Block: Johnny Puro VS Pete Dunne


In the third B Block bout of the night, Johnny Puro attempts to avenge his loss last week against Pete Dunne. Ultimately, Puro's luck would not turn around on this night, as Pete Dunne would pick up another 2 points by pinning Puro with the Bitter End.



G1 Climax A Block: Tomohiro Ishii VS Zack Sabre Jr.


In a Wrestle Kingdom rematch, two men who won their matches collide once more. On this occasion, Ishii would get the better of ZSJ, putting him away with a Brainbuster and scoring another two points. 



G1 Climax B Block: Matt Riddle VS WALTER


In a stiff, hard-hitting war, WALTER continues his impressive showings in New Japan by putting away the King of Bros with a Powerbomb. WALTER moves to 4 points, with Riddle still winless, and so far, one has to think WALTER could be a favorite to win the whole G1.



G1 Climax A Block: Jon Moxley VS Hiroshi Tanahashi


In the second-to-last A Block match of the night, the Ace of New Japan faces the hottest star New Japan had seen in years before the war with WWE began, Jon Mixley. Ultimately, after a crushing loss last week to ZSJ, Tana's woes continue with a crushing failure to Jon Moxley. Moxley moves to four points, while surprisingly, Tanahashi remains winless in the G1 so far.



G1 Climax B Block: Bobby Lashley VS Shinsuke Nakamura


For the final B Block match of the night, returning hero Shinsuke Nakamura takes on Bobby Lashley. Bobby Lashley puts up a mighty effort, but ultimately, he falls to a Kinshasa, remaining winless as Nakamura moves to an early 4 points.



G1 Climax A Block: Tetsuya Naito VS Kazuchika Okada


Finally, we reach tonight's main event, as Testuya Naito challenges IWGP champion Kazuchika Okada. Though Naito fell to Ishii in the opening round, he looks to overcome Okada, in the hopes of earning an IWGP championship match and becoming the first ever IWGP World and Intercontinental champion. Ultimately, Naito would pull off the surprise victory over Okada, putting away the Rainmaker with a Destino.


After the match, Naito would get on the microphone and tell Okada that he has his chance to become double champion yet again, and he promises not to waste it. After Naito's promo concludes, the current G1 standings are shown, as New Japan wishes everyone a good night.


Current standings:


A Block:

4 points: Tomohiro Ishii, Jon Moxley, Juice Robinson.

2 points: Kazuchika Okada, Testuya Naito, Jeff Cobb, Zack Sabre Jr.

0 points: Toru Yano, Lance Archer, Hiroshi Tanahashi.


B Block: 

4 points: WALTER, Pete Dunne, Shinsuke Nakamura, Brian Cage

2 points: Daniel Bryan, Sami Callihan

0 points: Bobby Lashley, Matt Riddle, Christopher Daniels, Johnny Puro

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I love the whole idea of having another G1 and it’s quite entertaining reading. Personally I am hoping for Pete Dunne/WALTER winning the tournament but I also liked how you mixed TNA and NJPW a bit by having Callahan become the leader of this new Bullet Club. I am excited to see who You feud them with and I am excited for more Meko

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Welcome back to Monday night Raw. The war between WWE and Njpw continues, lets get this show on the road!


We open up the show tonight with Kenny Omega. A man that challenged Dolph Ziggler to a one on one encounter at Vengeance. But couldn't get a straight answer out of the man. Tonight he looks for a answer, will he get one?


Will we get the answer we want? We find out right now, Dolph Ziggler walks down the ramp and enters the ring. Both men have a staredown for a few moments. Before Ziggler says "Your on". At vengeance it will be Kenny Omega vs Dolph Ziggler.

Jimmy Havoc vs AJ Styles


Jimmy Havoc enters the arena, looking past all the members of the WWE Universe, not having any of it, lets them know just what he thinks of them with two middle fingers in sight. 


Next up we have a man who is a legend in the business. AJ Styles, but he will not have an easy fight here tonight, as he will go one on one with Jimmy Havoc.

The match begins with the two performers having a staredown. After a few moments, they both back away simultaneously. They now lock up, the strength factor seems to go to Havoc, as he pushes Styles back to the corner. Havoc goes over to the corner and continues the attack, taking him down to the ropes. He grabs a stapler and places it on Styles' nose.

Image result for jimmy havoc gif

This sick fuck, the lengths he will go to torture an opponent of his. Agony shown on Styles' face, not knowing what to think of this matter. Styles backs up to the corner, but awaits a forearm from Havoc. He brings styles up to the top rope but is met with a brainbuster of his own.

Image result for aj styles gif

Styles goes for the pin...1...2.... but a kick out by Havoc at the last second. Styles cant believe it, as shown upon his face. Styles picks up Havoc and hits the Styles Clash..1....2.... but what is this?! Jay White breaks up the pin. He picks up styles and hits the Blade Runner. Sending a message for their match this Sunday at Vengeance. 

See the source image

Its My Time

See the source image

The camera cuts backstage, where Becky Lynch is getting ready for her match at Vengeance. She looks straight into the camera and says the following, Banks your not me, and you never will be, At vengeance you will be another victim to my title reign.

PAC vs Cody

See the source image

This is going to be an amazing match. Cody has returned to the WWE for the first time since his departure in 2016. But it will not be an easy return, as he will face PAC.

See the source image

This man has been insane since his return to WWE. But as the same with Cody, this will not be an easy challenge. It will be an epic battle.

The match begins with a lockup, the strength advantage seems to go to PAC. He pushes Cody back to the corner, he backs up and hits a running forearm. He grabs cody and tosses him down to the canvas, heading to the top rope. Looking for the Red Arrow early in the match here but Cody exits the ring, as the smart performer he is. PAC follows him to the outside, Cody runs back into the ring, followed by PAC but is met with a sliding dropkick. Cody looks down to PAC and lays down a middle finger.

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PAC furious, gets up and strikes Cody with a superkick. He heads to the top rope calling for the Red Arrow and connects! 

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He goes for the pinfall..1....2....3....  PAC gets a big win here tonight leading into Vengeance. Where he will go one on one with Ciampa. 

A one time proposition


Earlier tonight, Becky Lynch would respond to Banks' actions last week. So Sasha is out here tonight for a propistion. She states that she wants a no holds barred match so she can destroy Becky for the coward she is. Will she accept, we find out this Sunday.

Will Ospreay vs Seth Rollins


This match is an interesting one, Ospreay will go one on one against Shingo Takagi for the Vacant Intercontinental Championship. And on the other side of this encounter, Seth Rollins will go one on one with Johnny Gargano for the Universal Championship.


Next up we have the Universal Champion, Seth Rollins. He will go one on one with Johnny Gargano this Sunday. Which that should be a classic.

The match begins with the usual lockup, the strength advantage seems to go to Seth Rollins. As he pushes Ospreay down to the canvas. Ospreay looks conflicted, gets up relatively quickly. Ospreay goes for a running attack, but Rollins throws ospreay over the ropes. Rollins follows him out there, Ospreay jumps over him and onto the top rope. Rollins continues to go for a hurricanrana  but Ospreay lands on his feet.


Rollins looks astonished, he gets up quickly, and goes for a superkick and connects. Ospreay stands on his feet, and hits a superkick of his own, before Rollins hits another one of his own. Ospreay dropping down to his knees and being hit with a curbstomp.


He goes for the pin..1.....2....3..... Seth Rollins with a tough win here. What a match, but wait... Gargano comes over the barricade and hits a superkick! Gargano stands over Rollins.


WWE Vengeance









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