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Gunner Flynn

War Between Worlds

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New Japan Pro Wrestling

G1 Climax Round 3

G1 Climax B Block: Sami Callihan VS Bobby Lashley


New Japan Pro Wrestling kicks off hot tonight as G1 action continues. First out is the Destroyer, Lashley, so far winless in the G1. Out next, we see the new leader of Bullet Club. Sami Callihan enters, flanked not only by the rest of oVe, but also by Chase Owens and the Junior Heavyweight tag champions Taiji Ishimori and El Phantasmo. In a match very similar to last week, filled to the brim with distractions and general chaos, Sami Callihan is able to put Lashley away with a Cactus Driver, scoring two more points and leaving Lashley pointless so far. This new union between oVe and Bullet Club is already paying dividends, and Callihan being at 4 points this early makes him a scary threat for the rest of this tournament.



G1 Climax A Block: Jeff Cobb VS Lance Archer


A Block actions begins with a battle between the two largest men in the block, as Jeff Cobb takes on Lance Archer. In a brutally physical bout, Jeff Cobb would score another 2 points in this tournament, picking up the win with a Tour of the Islands on the still winless Lance Archer. Jeff Cobb now sits at four points, and he very well could be a dark horse to take this tournament if he keeps up performances like this.



G1 Climax B Block: Daniel Bryan VS Matt Riddle


B Block action continues with Daniel Bryan VS Matt Riddle. Bryan is looking to get back on the winning ways after a disappointing loss to Callihan last week, and Matt Riddle looks to score his first win in the G1. Ultimately, Matt Riddle would score the upset, putting away Bryan with a Bro-Mission. Both Riddle and Bryan now sit at 2 points, and with a huge win over Daniel Bryan, Matt Riddle might have found the momentum he needs to win this tournament.


After the match, Bryan would look at the crowd. The New Japan audience still cheers for the Yes Man, but Bryan's mood is still clearly down after the disappointing loss. Bryan dejectedly leaves the ring, him now losing two straight matches after a huge win in his NJPW debut.


G1 Climax A Block: Toru Yano VS Kazuchika Okada


The next bout of A Block action showcases a clash between Chaos members, as Toru Yano takes on IWGP Heavyweight champion, Kazuchika Okada. Despite being stablemates, neither man holds back, with Yano turning up his antics to an 11 for this bout. Ultimately, Okada's disappointing loss last week would follow with another tonight, as Yano catches him by surprise with a roll-up. Toru Yano scores the victory over Okada, and embarrassingly for the IWGP Heavyweight champion, they now end round three of G1 action tied at two points each. 


G1 Climax B Block: Johnny Puro VS WALTER


The B Block continues as Johnny Puro takes on WALTER, the former of which currently winless against the latter's thus far undefeated streak. Ultimately, tonight would be more of the same, as Puro would suffer another disappointing loss, with WALTER picking up the victory off a powerbomb. WALTER now sits at 6 points in this G1, with Puro left at 0, and if Puro wants any hope of winning the G1, he needs to get his act together, as the magic number for G1's is usually 12. Meanwhile, WALTER has been nothing but impressive so far and if he can keep this up, the G1 will be his for the taking.



G1 Climax A Block: Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Juice Robinson


The third A Block match of tonight's proceedings continues with Juice Robinson taking on the Ace of New Japan. Interestingly enough, though Tanahashi would be the favorite on paper, he enters this match winless while Juice sits at the maximum possible four points. In a fantastic match, Tanahashi's downward spiral continues, falling to a Pulp Friction from Juice. Robinson now sits at 6 points, still the block leader of this G1, while Tanahashi hasn't managed to pick up a single win yet.



G1 Climax B Block: Pete Dunne VS Christopher Daniels


Tonight's fourth B Block match kicks off, and for the third match in a row, we see a man who hasn't lost a single match face someone desperate to score a victory in their third G1 bout. Much like the other two matches with this set-up, the so-far undefeated competitor picks up the win again, as Pete Dunne is able to put away Christopher Daniels with a Bitter End. Pete Dunne and WALTER both lead the B Block with 6 points, and Daniels continues to sit at the bottom of the block alongside Johnny Puro with none.



G1 Climax A Block: Tetsuya Naito VS Zack Sabre Jr.


In the fourth A Block match of the night, Two competitors with a win each, one over Okada and the other over Tanahashi respectively, collide to see who can capitalize on this momentum. Ultimately, Naito would come one step closer to his destiny of winning the G1 and holding both the IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental titles, putting ZSJ away with a Destino. Naito now sits at four points, with ZSJ at two, his momentum from beating Hiroshi Tanahashi all but gone at this point.



G1 Climax B Block: Shinsuke Nakamura VS Brian Cage


In the final B Block match tonight, we see two men who are thus far undefeated in Brian Cage and Shinsuke Nakamura tangle, with only one able to continue their streak after tonight. In a great match with the crowd firmly behind Nakamura, Brian Cage would score the surprising victory over Nakamura, pinning him with a Weapon X. Brian Cage now sits at six points, while Nakamura now has four and has suffered his first loss since returning.



G1 Climax A Block: Tomohiro Ishii VS Jon Moxley


In the final match of the night, we see another two stars, currently undefeated in this G1, and a rematch from one of the best matches in this year's earlier G1. On this occasion, Tomohiro Ishii is able to avenge his previous loss to Moxley, putting him away with a Brainbuster. Tomohiro Ishii remains undefeated in this G1, with Moxley remaining at four points.


Ishii then grabs a microphone and thanks the fans. He simply says that he's tired of being the sentimental favorite each year, and that this year, he won't just concern himself with having the best matches of the tournament. This year, he promises that he's going to win, and nobody will stand in his way this year. After Ishii says this, New Japan wishes the audience a good night as the current G1 standings are shown.


Current standings:

A Block:

6 points: Tomohiro Ishii, Juice Robinson.

4 points: Jeff Cobb, Tetsuya Naito, Jon Moxley.

2 points: Kazuchika Okada, Toru Yano, Zack Sabre Jr.

0 points: Lance Archer, Hiroshi Tanahashi.


B Block: 

6 points: Pete Dunne, WALTER, Brian Cage.

4 points: Shinsuke Nakamura, Sami Callihan.

2 points: Matt Riddle, Daniel Bryan.

0 points: Christopher Daniels, Johnny Puro, Bobby Lashley.

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Oh I’m loving this diary, what a show Storm. Shingo vs Havoc will be a certainly interesting title feud and if we are getting a Ciampa vs Gargano vs Rollins match then I can’t wait. I’m interested to see what you have planned for White and Omega after their big victories and if we are going to get a rematch between Sasha and Becky but overall Storm I can’t wait for more

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Welcome to the aftermath of Vengeance. What a show we had last night, the first PPV of this Company War. And we did very well. But the action never ends, we continue with a great show here tonight. First off we have Gargano here to address what happened last night.


A smile set on Gargano's face even after the events that occured last night. Gargano enters the ring, the roar of the crowd is existent. 

Gargano begins to speak about what happened last night. Last night Ciampa destroyed Gargano, showing where his allies stand. And last night after all the chaos dusted away, Gargano demanded a rematch, on one condition. He gets Ciampa aswell, so at Hell in a Cell, it will be Ciampa vs Gargano vs Rollins for the Universal Championship. What an announcment to start off the show!

Ospreay vs Jimmy Havoc

See the source image

First up is the man that lost to Shingo Takagi last night. Will Ospreay, he is looking for a win here tonight to fill some redemption. Wont be easy as he will be going against the man who will face Shingo at Hell in a Cell, Jimmy Havoc.

See the source image

Next up is Jimmy Havoc. A man of sick actions, and little talk. He will show us that tonight as he goes one on one with Will Ospreay.

The match begins with a lockup. The strength advantage seems to go to Havoc. As he pushes Ospreay into the corner, and striking him with his right fist right to the jaw. Ospreay comes back with a superkick, taking Havoc down to one knee. He hits him with a huge knee strike. Havoc goes for the pin...1..2... but a kick out by Ospreay at 2. Havoc begins to become very frustrated.


Havoc doesnt let Ospreay breathe though, as he picks him up and launches him into the corner. Ospreay falls down from exhaustion. Havoc backs up into the corner and calls for him to get up, going for a knee strike, but Ospreay getting out of the way just in time. havoc then goes to the ropes, looking for a clothesline, but Ospreay hits a combo of a backflip/side kick.

See the source image

Ospreay would head to the top rope,looking for a shooting star press, but Havoc would get up in time and stop him at the top. He goes up and hits a superplex! He would go for the pin..1....2.. but a kick out by Ospreay. He would pick him up and hit a Acid Rainmaker.

See the source image

Havoc goes for the pinfall..1....2.....3.... He gets a big win here tonight. And looks ahead to the future, against Shingo at Hell In a Cell.

"I told you so"

See the source image

We cut to a recording earlier today. Kenny Omega, shut up Dolph Ziggler last night. And now what is next for Omega? Tonight he adresses that. He went on to say that he wants an actual challenge now. And who would give him more of a challenge than a living legend in Shibata. Wait what?! Omega vs Shibata will it happen, stay tuned.

Kevin Owens vs Bobby Roode

See the source image

A man who we haven't seen in over a month. Kevin Owens is here to prove something, and that is how much he is worth to WWE. And tonight he gets to prove that against Bobby Roode.

See the source image

We have not seen Bobby Roode at all. So this a chance to show how good he is. Can he beat Owens tonight? Lets go and find out.

The match begins with a lockup, the strength advantage seems to go to Kevin Owens. As he pushes him away, Roode feeling disrespected. He steps up and gets in the face of Owens. A staredown is matched for a few moments before both step away. Roode goes to the ropes and runs for a clothesline but is met with a pop up powerbomb.


He goes for the pinfall..1..2....3.... Damn thats it, a pretty easy win here for Owens. And he cements himself as a very valuable source for WWE. 

A New Order


As we return from commercial break, we cut backstage to the Raw Womens Champion, Becky Lynch. She talks about last night, how it was one of her toughest challenges to date. She had to dig down deep, and even put her life on the line. But she is not done with Banks just yet, she wants her at Hell In a Cell! Will Banks accept?

A Return

See the source image

As reported by TMZ, Jason Jordan has finally been cleared after almost two years of being on the shelves. He enters the ring, with a slight grin on his face. He goes on about how he missed all of this. But its time to get back to doing what he does best, wrestling. So at Hell In a Cell he will be holding a open challenge. Who will answer?

Kenta vs Kota Ibushi

See the source image

First up is Kenta, in recent weeks he has had some very dirty tatics. That has not gone unnoticed from management and the fans. Tonight, he goes on one one against Kota Ibushi once again, cane he get the win this time around?

See the source image

A loved man, here in the WWE very early on. He looks to get some more wins here in the WWE, and step up on top of that so called ladder of success.

The match begins with a lockup, the strength advantage seems to go to Kenta, as he hits a strike on the jaw of Ibushi. Ibushi is stunned, steps back and hits a strike of his own. Both men fall down to their knees simultaneously. Kota goes over to the ropes and goes for a dropkick, but Ibushi jumps up and hits one of his own.

See the source image

He picks him up and sends him into the corner. Proceeding to strike with a running forearm. Kota gets back up and hits Kenta with a superkick. He now heads to the top rope, and goes for a phoenix splash, but noone is home as Kenta gets out of the way just in time. Kenta goes to pick him up, but Kota reverses and hits a Bastard Driver.

See the source image

He goes for the pinfall..1...2... but a kick out by Kenta. But Ibushi doesn't let him breathe as he gets straight up and connects with the Kamigoye.

See the source image

He goes for the pin..1...2....3... A big win for Ibushi here tonight, as he defeats Kenta. After the match Kenta would celebrate, picking up Kenta and asking for a handshake. Kenta would slap it away and hit a Gts. He would then go to the outside, grabbing a chair and placing it on the head of Ibushi. Right before he would go to break his neck, Shibata would run to the ring and stop Kenta, taking Kenta to the outside.

See the source image

Contract Signing

See the source image

It is time for the Universal Championship Contract Signing for Hell In a Cell. It will be Rollins vs Ciampa vs Gargano inside the Hell in a Cell structure. Gargano makes his way to the ring, with a smile on his face as always.

Ciampa's music hits, but moments pass and no Ciampa in sight. But then static begins to play across the arena, the titantron turns on, showing a few years back when DIY was in their prime.

See the source image

Gargano is infuriated, before Rollins music hits, he enters the ring. Trying to calm down the situation down, before Gargano would hit a superkick on the champion and hold the World Title over Rollins to end the show. 

See the source image


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New Japan Pro Wrestling

G1 Climax Round 4

G1 Climax B Block: Christopher Daniels VS WALTER


Tonight's edition of New Japan Pro Wrestling begins with still undefeated block leader WALTER facing the winless Christopher Daniels. Though Daniels would put up another valiant effort, he simply couldn't overcome the Ring General on this night, falling to a Powerbomb from WALTER. With this win, WALTER moves to eight points, and as the other block leaders Brian Cage and Pete Dune face each other later tonight, WALTER will be one of the two men with eight points in the B Block by the end of the night. Christopher Daniels still sits at zero points, and at this point, his hopes of winning the G1 are all but dashed.



G1 Climax A Block: Toru Yano VS Lance Archer


The first match of A Block action takes place between the still winless Lance Archer and Toru Yano, who scored two points in a huge shock victory against Kazuchika Okada. Finally, Lance Archer would turn his G1 fortunes around, putting Yano away with an EBD Claw. Archer finally scores a win this G1, and he and Yano now both sit at two points with five matches remaining.


G1 Climax B Block: Sami Callihan VS Shinsuke Nakamura


The next match in B Block action takes place between returning hero Shinsuke Nakamura, who suffered his first loss to Brian Cage last week and now sits at four points, and Sami Callihan, the new leader of Bullet Club, also at four points and currently on a roll. Just as it seems Nakamura has victory in sight, setting up for a Kinshasa, we would once again witness the interference of oVe, with Jake Crist distracting Red Shoes Unno just long enough for Madman Fulton to pull Callihan out of the line of fire. Nakamura would fight off Fulton, but Dave Crist would follow with a low blow to Nakamura. oVe would disappear after this, with Jake Crist's distraction lasting just long enough for Dave and Fulton to disappear under the ring, and Callihan would follow with a Cactus Driver and the subsequent pinfall. Nakamura remains at four points and Sami Callihan now sits at an impressive six points. The new Bullet Club leader celebrates with oVe as the New Japan crowd rains the boos down on Callihan.



G1 Climax A Block: Jeff Cobb VS Hiroshi Tanahashi


A Block action continues as Jeff Cobb looks to continue his impressive roll against the winless Hiroshi Tanahashi. Ultimately, the Ace of New Japan would suffer yet another disappointing loss, falling to a Tour of the Islands from Cobb. Tanahashi still sits at the bottom of the A Block without a single point, and Jeff Cobb moves to six points. Tanahashi's hopes at winning the G1 have been all but dashed at this point, but Jeff Cobb might be the guy to watch out for this G1, having been nothing short of impressive so far.



G1 Climax B Block: Matt Riddle VS Bobby Lashley


In the third B Block match of the night, we see two former MMA stalwarts collide between Matt Riddle and Bobby Lashley. Lashley enters this match still winless in his New Japan career, as Matt Riddle looks to continue his momentum after a huge victory over Daniel Bryan last week. Ultimately, Lashley would get caught off guard by the King of Bros, who would catch him via roll-up off of Lashley's Spear.


After the match, Matt Riddle would celebrate, now sitting at four points to Lashley's zero. However, the celebration wouldn't last long as Bobby Lashley attacked Riddle after the match. After four straight losses, Lashley has had enough and is releasing all his frustration on Matt Riddle. The rest of the New Japan locker room would soon break up the brawl before it got too out of hand. Lashley still remains winless in G1 action, but after this attack, the remainder of the G1 field will now have to prepare to face a very angry Lashley.


G1 Climax A Block: Juice Robinson VS Tomohiro Ishii


After the brawl between Lashley and Riddle has dissipated, A Block action would continue with Juice Robinson and Tomohiro Ishii. Both men enter this match undefeated in this G1 so far, each sitting at six points each, and they look to end tonight as the sole leader of the A Block. In a grueling and physical bout, Tomohiro Ishii would continue his impressive streak in G1 action this year, putting away Juice Robinson with a Brainbuster. Ishii now sits atop the block at eight points, while Juice Robinson remains at six. Ishii has been incredibly impressive this G1, and it seems that this could be the year where the Stone Pitbull finally stamps his ticket to an IWGP Heavyweight title match.



G1 Climax B Block: Daniel Bryan VS Johnny Puro


In the fourth match of B Block action, we see two men who desperately need to turn their G1's around collide, as the currently winless Johnny Puro faces Daniel Bryan, whose only victory so far was his first match in the G1. Ultimately, Puro would tie up the score with Bryan, putting him away with Starship Pain. Puro finally scores two points, his first victory in his New Japan career, and Bryan now sits at a three-loss streak.


After the match, Bryan would look at the New Japan audience, clearly unhappy about his G1 performance so far. They would continue to cheer the Yes Man, but Bryan would not react this time, just continuing to stand dissatisfied in the ring. Red Shoes would try to usher Bryan out of the ring so the G1 can continue, but Bryan would push him down in a fit of rage, shocking the New Japan audience. Bryan would immediately apologize to Red Shoes and help him back up before finally leaving the ring and the arena, but it's clear that these losses are taking their toll on Bryan.


G1 Climax A Block: Kazuchika Okada VS Zack Sabre Jr.


In the fourth A Block match, Zack Sabre Jr. takes on IWGP Heavyweight champion Kazuchika Okada, with both men currently sitting at two points. Though both ZSJ and Okada started off the tournament hot with victories over Hiroshi Tanahashi and Jeff Cobb respectively, but they have stalled since, without a single victory to their name. Ultimately, the IWGP Heavyweight champion would pick up the victory tonight, putting ZSJ away with the Rainmaker and breaking even so far in G1 action. Though Okada's tournament hasn't been as successful as he would've liked so far, Okada's now back on the winning ways, and continues his quest to be the first IWGP champion to win the G1 since 2000.



G1 Climax B Block: Brian Cage VS Pete Dunne


In the final B Block match of the night, we see two of the three men who lead the B Block battle it out, with only one man able to end tonight at eight points. Pete Dunne and Brian Cage collide in a highly physical bout, and the bout would be won by Brian Cage with a Weapon X. Brian Cage now sits at eight points, and next week, he faces WALTER, the other B Block leader. Brian Cage and WALTER will battle it out next week in a bout to determine who will sit atop the B Block with ten points.



G1 Climax A Block: Tetsuya Naito VS Jon Moxley


Finally, we reach tonight's main event, a champion VS champion encounter between US champion Jon Moxley and Intercontinental champion Tetsuya Naito. Moxley and Naito both enter this match with four points each, and Naito also looks to avenge his loss to Moxley in the G1 from earlier this year. Ultimately, Naito would score that redemption, putting away Moxley with a Destino and ending tonight at six points.


After the match, gets on the microphone and says he's disappointed he let the G1 slip through his fingers earlier this year. He promises that won't happen again this year, as New Japan has given him another chance and he refuses to let it go to waste. New Japan then signs off for the night, thanking the fans, and displays the current block standings.


Current standings:

A Block:

8 points: Tomohiro Ishii.

6 points: Juice Robinson, Jeff Cobb, Tetsuya Naito.

4 points: Jon Moxley, Kazuchika Okada.

2 points: Lance Archer, Toru Yano, Zack Sabre Jr.

0 points: Hiroshi Tanahashi.


B Block: 

8 points: WALTER, Brian Cage.

6 points: Pete Dunne, Sami Callihan.

4 points: Shinsuke Nakamura, Matt Riddle.

2 points: Johnny Puro, Daniel Bryan.

0 points: Christopher Daniels, Bobby Lashley.

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New Japan Pro Wrestling

G1 Special PPV: Round 5

G1 Climax A Block: Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Toru Yano


Tonight's edition of New Japan Pro Wrestling begins kicks off with A Block action, as the Ace of New Japan, Hiroshi Tanahashi, looks to rectify his current zero point total against perpetual spoiler, Toru Yano. Yano currently sits at two points, a single victory over Kazuchika Okada to his name. Ultimately, Tanahashi would finally get back on the winning track, putting Yano away with a High Fly Flow. Tanahashi has finally scored two points in the G1, and though his odds of victory are drastically low at this stage of the tournament, Tanahashi now looks to produce a G1 effort worthy of an Ace.



G1 Climax B Block: Johnny Puro VS Bobby Lashley


Last week, Johnny Puro scored his first victory of the G1 over Daniel Bryan, sitting now at two points. Also last week saw the fourth consecutive loss of Bobby Lashley, this time to Matt Riddle, a loss that would make the Destroyer flip and attack Riddle after the match. Puro now faces an angry, and unquestionably more dangerous, Lashley. Ultimately, despite an impressive effort from Puro, there would simply be no stopping Lashley tonight, as Puro falls to a vicious spear. Lashley has finally scored two points and his first victory in New Japan, and though it might be too little too late for Lashley at this stage of the tournament, one can be certain he will make the rest of the field feel his wrath.



G1 Climax A Block: Tomohiro Ishii VS Jeff Cobb


In a clash between two of the largest competitors of the A Block, the Stone Pitbull looks to continue his impressive streak against a similarly impressive Jeff Cobb. Ishii currently sits at a perfect eight points, while Cobb trails close behind with six. However, Cobb would not tie up the score tonight, as the Stone Pitbull puts him away with a Brainbuster. Tomohiro Ishii now sits at an incredible ten points, a perfect G1 so far, and as the current and sole A Block leader, this year's G1 seems like it's Ishii's for the taking.



G1 Climax B Block: Sami Callihan VS Matt Riddle


In the second B Block match of the night, Sami Callihan looks to continue his string of victories against the King of Bros, Matt Riddle. Sami sits at an impressive six points, all of which can be attributed to the aid of the Bullet Club, to which Sami Callihan has taken control of as their new leader. On the other hand, Matt Riddle has had an impressive set of victories over the last two weeks, now sitting at four points, and he could be a dark horse to win the entire G1 if he can keep up this momentum. Ultimately, despite the interference of Bullet Club, Matt Riddle would score another victory over Callihan, catching him off guard with an armbar and forcing the Bullet Club leader to tap. Matt Riddle has ended Sami Callihan's recent string of victories, with both men now sitting at six points a piece.



G1 Climax A Block: Kazuchika Okada VS Lance Archer


The third A Block match of the night showcases the IWGP heavyweight champion, Kazuchika Okada, taking on Lance Archer. Okada sits at a surprisingly low four points, having dropped matches to both Naito and Yano, while Archer's only victory of the G1 so far came last week against Yano. Ultimately, the woes continue to pile up for Archer, as he falls to a Rainmaker from the IWGP champion. Okada now has six points to his name, only two victories behind block leader Tomohiro Ishii, and if we've learned one thing about Okada, it's to never count out the Rainmaker.



G1 Climax B Block: Daniel Bryan VS Christopher Daniels


The third match of B Block action showcases the still winless Christopher Daniels compete against Daniel Bryan, a must win match for Daniels at this stage of the tournament if he has any hope of overtaking block leaders WALTER and Brian Cage. Daniel Bryan enters this match at only two points, a disappointing total after his electric New Japan debut. In a fantastic bout, Christopher Daniels pulls off what must be considered an upset, putting Bryan away with the Best Moonsault Ever.


Daniels celebrates his first victory in New Japan, his G1 hopes not quite dashed yet, but Daniel Bryan is livid, now tied with Daniels and Johnny Puro as the joint bottom of the B Block. Daniels tries to shake Bryan's hand, and at first Bryan accepts, but he then puts down Daniels with a vicious headbutt! Bryan then locks Daniels in the Yes Lock before being pried away by the rest of the New Japan locker room. After four straight losses and his G1 seemingly going up in smoke, Daniel Bryan has finally snapped, and he leaves the arena with the New Japan crowd showering him in boos.



G1 Climax A Block: Jon Moxley VS Zack Sabre Jr.


The fourth A Block of the night showcases two competitors with hot starts in the G1 who have slowed down in recent weeks. ZSJ began his tournament with a victory over Tanahashi before dropping three straight, while Moxley scored two early wins before losing his last two matches. That trend would continue for Moxley, as ZSJ manages to snap his recent losing streak with an Ocropus Stretch on Moxley, forcing the Death Rider to submit. ZSJ and Moxley now both sit at four points. ZSJ has finally turned his woes around in this G1, with victory still very possible for the Brit, while Moxley desperately needs to turn things around. However, he will face a possibly insurmountable task next week in the form of Kazuchika Okada.



G1 Climax B Block: Shinsuke Nakamura VS Pete Dunne


The fourth B Block match of the night takes place between two of the most impressive and highly physical competitors in the block, as Pete Dunne, currently seated at six points, looks to avenge his first New Japan loss last week against Brian Cage here. He takes on Shinsuke Nakamura, the returning hero who has plateaued a bit since coming back, now sitting at four points in as many matches. Ultimately, Nakamura would get back on the winning track with a victory tonight, putting away Dunne with a Kinshasa. Nakamura and Dunne now both sit at six points, and if anyone has any hopes of stopping current block leaders WALTER and Brian Cage, these two might have the best chance of doing so.



G1 Climax A Block: Tetsuya Naito VS Juice Robinson


The final A Block match of the night sees Intercontinental champion Tetsuya Naito take on Juice Robinson, both men now sitting at six points. In a hard-hitting slugfest of a match, Naito is able to put away Juice with a Destino, securing eight points and placing him right behind block leader Tomohiro Ishii, the man who gave him his first loss in the tournament. Naito's goal of becoming the first man to hold the IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental titles at the same time continues, and if he can keep up this impressive streak of wins, this might be the year Naito finally pulls it off.



G1 Climax B Block: WALTER VS Brian Cage


In tonight's main event, we learn which B Block competitor will remain undefeated in their New Japan tenure and lead the B Block halfway through the tournament. Thus far, the massive WALTER and Brian Cage have fought off all challengers, sitting at the maximum eight points possible so far in the G1. In a hard-hitting clash, WALTER would continue his undefeated streak by putting away Brian Cage with a powerbomb, becoming the first competitor in the B Block to score 10 points, an effort only matched by Tomohiro Ishii in the A Block so far.


After the match, WALTER would grab a microphone and announce that he's been able to exert his will over every single promotion he's signed with, and New Japan will be no different. Halfway through the G1 and he remains undefeated, and this will not change in the second half. WALTER then exits as New Japan signs off for the night, showing the standings of the G1 so far.


Current standings:

A Block:

10 points: Tomohiro Ishii.

8 points: Tetsuya Naito.

6 points: Juice Robinson, Jeff Cobb, Kazuchika Okada.

4 points: Jon Moxley, Zack Sabre Jr.

2 points: Lance Archer, Toru Yano, Hiroshi Tanahashi.


B Block: 

10 points: WALTER.

8 points: Brian Cage.

6 points: Pete Dunne, Sami Callihan, Shinsuke Nakamura, Matt Riddle.

4 points: None.

2 points: Johnny Puro, Daniel Bryan, Christopher Daniels, Bobby Lashley.

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Welcome to Monday Night Raw, we have a stacked card as usual here tonight. But before we start our opening match, our Universal Champion has a few things to say.


We head backstage, where we are met with Seth Rollins. Staring into the void, trying to calm his nerves. He goes on about how this triple threat match would put anybody else on the edge of their seat, holding onto their championship ever so tightly. But I am one of the best in the world for a reason and at Hell In a Cell, I prove just that. 


Kenny Omega vs Kota Ibushi



After an impressive win against PAC at Vengeance. And a callout to Shibata being totally ignored hes here to fight tonight. But not just anyone, his former Golden Lovers' partner in Kota Ibushi.


Next up is Kota Ibushi. A man who hasnt had the most friendships since arriving in WWE. And rather has been very hated here. He sets his sights on his best friend, can he get a much needed win here tonight?

The match begins with a classic lockup, Kenny Omega seeming to have the edge when it comes to strength. As he pushes Ibushi into the corner. He presumes to back up and goes for a running lariat, but Ibushi gets out of the way just in time, he continues, as he goes for a clothesline but Omega reverses with a big uranage.


Omega goes for the pinfall...1...2... but a kick out by Ibushi just before 3. Omega continues the attack, with multiple stomps to the skull. Now picking him up, looking for a clothesline of his own, but Ibushi counters and hits a huge lariat, Omega turning inside out.


Ibushi heads to the top rope, looking for a phoenix splash it seems and connects. He goes for the pin...1...2.... but a kick out by Omega at the count of 2. As Ibushi looks to go for a Kamigoye, his legs are taken out of the ring. Oh what the hell?! Its Kenta, it seems as if Kenta is not over this bitter grudge he has against Ibushi. He goes to get a chair, but Shibata is running to the ring. Shibata enters the ring and takes out Omega with a huge clothesline. Kenta takes the chair and smashes Ibushi's skull against it. As Omega and Ibushi are laid out, Ibushi and Shibata walk off grinning at the chaos.


The camera pans back to inside the ring. As Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega are both getting up after that nasty attack. Kota Ibushi calls for a hug, but Omega pushes him away. The crowd cheering them both on. As Omega looks throughout the crowd, he gives in as they both embrace the hug.



Shingo vs Bobby Roode


As we return from commercial break, Bobby Roode is already in the ring posing. He had a pathetic loss against Kevin Owens last week, can he redeem himself here tonight?

Animated GIF

Next up is the Intercontinental Champion, Shingo Takagi. He has been a complete mad man since debuting, and I dont see that ending anytime soon. But Havoc has been destructive, so who knows?

The Match is about to begin, but out of nowhere, a masked man jumps over the barricade and strikes Shingo with a barbed wire baseball bat. What the hell?! He takes the mask off, and it appereas to be Jimmy Havoc! He picks up Shingo and tosses him out of the ring. A bloody mess, Shingo is cant make it up to his feet. Havoc grabs a microphone and begins to speak.


Jimmy Havoc: You know I am so sick and tired of watching a so called champion think he runs this joint. Look at me, I dont look like the face of the WWE, do i give a damn? Hell NO! And at Hell In a Cell I want Shingo Takagi to feel the agony i feel everyday, and i promise you will one way or another. Inside a Hell In a Cell! 


A life without Wrestling


Cameras pan backstage. Where our own James North meets up with a returning Jason Jordan to see how he is feeling for his return match at Hell in a Cell. 

Jason Jordan: Hey man, I have been gone from my home for almost 2 years now. Im so glad to be back but you know it has been very hard adjusting. So many new faces in the locker room, I have teared up seeing familiar faces and that ring once again, I wont lie. But im looking to the future, and whoever wants to step up to the challenge come and do so because im ready.


A Tough Loss


Last month, Sasha Banks lost her chance on becoming Raw Womens Champion once again. As a double countout pursued after Becky Lynch took to the air off a ladder and took both her and Banks out through the announce table. Now Banks wants redemption.

Sasha Banks: I am hurt, I wont lie. I wish I could be standing here as Womens Champion right now. But I simply am not, but im not done with Becky. I am not finished with showing that I am the better woman here. So at Hell In a Cell i challenge Becky Lynch to a one on one match for the Raw Womens Championship. And if there is another countout, it does not end there I want to make sure that doesnt happen again. So Becky, No DQ!

Becky's music strikes. She marches down to the ring, a serious look on her face, one that we havent seen in a very long time. 



Becky Lynch: Sasha, your on! For one reason and one reason only. I am going to shut you the hell up for good. And when you are lying down, with your arse beaten, you wont be the last one laughing will you?





Johnny Gargano vs Ricochet

See the source image

It is now Main event time! Johnny Gargano vs Ricochet. Johnny wants to prove to Ciampa that he has what it takes to be in the main event of Hell In a Cell. With this win here tonight.

See the source image


Ricochet, as happy as ever. Which i dont understand, quite frankly he has nothing to be happy about. He has had one match since this NJPW vs WWE War and lost it. But lets get on with it.

The match begins with a lockup, the strength advantage seems to go to ricochet. As he pushes Gargano back into the corner. Gargano pushes Ricochet this time, as he falls down to one knee, Gargano connects with a superkick. He goes back to the corner, calling for Ricochet to get up for another superkick it seems. But Ricochet kips up, springboards for a moonsault, but is caught with a mid-air superkick.

See the source image

Gargano goes for the pinfall..1....2..... almost a three count but a kick out by Gargano at legit the last second. Ricochet cant believe it, as he picks up Ricochet once again, Gargano hits him with a forearm, as they both make their way to opposite ends of the ring, hits a springboard moonsault, landing at the same time. What a spectacle!

See the source image

As they both get up Ricochet gets up, and hits a superkick. Going for the pin..1...2.... but what the hell?!!! Ciampa stomps on the skull of Ricochet. Both Ciampa and Gargano smile so sadistic and go to each corner. And stike with the Meet in the Middle! Has DIY reformed?  


The show ends with both men hugging on the ground. See you all at Hell in a Cell!


Hell In a Cell

Jason Jordan vs ???

Golden Lovers vs Takeover

Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch (C) NO DQ

Jimmy Havoc vs Shingo Takagi (C) Hell In a Cell

Kevin Owens vs Pac vs Dolph Ziggler

Seth Rollins (C) vs Tomasso Ciampa vs Johnny Gargano Hell in a Cell


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Jason Jordan vs ???: The Fiend

Golden Lovers vs Takeover: Golden Lovers

Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch (C) NO DQ: Sasha Banks

Jimmy Havoc vs Shingo Takagi (C) Hell In a Cell: Jimmy Havoc

Kevin Owens vs Pac vs Dolph Ziggler: Pac

Seth Rollins (C) vs Tomasso Ciampa vs Johnny Gargano Hell in a Cell: Tomasso Ciampa

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New Japan Pro Wrestling

G1 Climax Round 6

G1 Climax B Block: Christopher Daniels VS Bobby Lashley


NJPW kicks off hot tonight as we see two competitors recently on the upswing look to continue their momentum. Daniels and Lashley both sit at two points each, with the loser of this match guaranteed to be eliminated from the G1 finals. Ultimately, Christopher Daniels would be the first man eliminated from G1 contention, falling to a spear from Lashley. Though he only sits at four points, Lashley's hopes of victory for the entire G1 haven't quite been dashed, and with his recent change in attitude and aggression, he just might be able to pull it off.




G1 Climax A Block: Tomohiro Ishii VS Toru Yano


The first match of the A Block sees one of the two men still unbeaten in this G1, Tomohiro Ishii, take on perpetual spoiler, Toru Yano. The Sublime Master thief has been relatively quiet this G1, though he did manage a single victory over Okada, while the NEVER Openweight champion has been unstoppable so far. Ultimately, Ishii's run of victories would come to an end tonight, with Yano catching him with a surprise roll-up off a Brainbuster attempt. Yano now sits at four points, his G1 hopes barely, remaining alive, while Ishii's undefeated streak comes to and end, the Stone Pitbull still seated at ten points.




G1 Climax B Block: Johnny Puro VS Sami Callihan


In the second match of the B Block tonight, Sami Callihan, currently seated at six points, takes on Johnny Puro, who has only scored two points thus far. Surprisingly, Puro would score the victory tonight, catching Callihan with a low blow and rolling up the Bullet Club leader before they could interfere. Puro now moves to four points, with Callihan remaining at six. Though neither man is in prime position to win the G1, their hopes of victory haven't been totally dashed yet.



G1 Climax A Block: Juice Robinson VS Zack Sabre Jr.


The second match of A Block action sees Juice Robinson take on Zack Sabre Jr. Juice has had a good G1 so far, now sitting at six out of ten possible points. ZSJ, on the other hand, only sits at four points, but those two victories came over the likes of Jon Moxley and Hiroshi Tanahashi, the former of which happening last week. Ultimately, ZSJ would tie up the score against Juice, forcing him to submit to an Octopus Stretch. ZSJ now sits at six points, he could be a dark horse to make a late comeback this tournament.



G1 Climax B Block: Matt Riddle VS Shinsuke Nakamura


The third B Block match of the night sees returning hero Shinsuke Nakamura battle the King of Bros, Matt Riddle. Riddle's been impressive in recent weeks, scoring three straight victories to reach six points, while Nakamura's hot start has sputtered with recent losses. Both men currently find themselves at six points, but on this night, Riddle would fall to a Kinshasa from Nakamura, who now finds himself at eight points. Nakamura is a heavy favorite to make a late comeback this G1, assuming anyone can topple WALTER, but Riddle's hopes of G1 victory aren't yet over, despite the disheartening loss on this night.



G1 Climax A Block: Jeff Cobb VS Tetsuya Naito


The third A Block match of the night sees Intercontinental champion Tetsuya Naito face Jeff Cobb. Though Cobb has been impressive, sitting at six points, he dropped his match last week against block leader Tomohiro Ishii, while Naito has been on a roll with four straight victories. Ultimately, Naito's roll would continue, as he makes up the ground he lost to Ishii night one, putting Cobb away with a Destino. Cobb's chances of G1 victory are still alive, but the journey has just been made that much harder by Tetsuya Naito, who now sits at the top of the A Block, tied with Tomohiro Ishii at ten points. However, Naito's first match in the G1 this year was a loss to Ishii, meaning the Stone Pitbull would win the block if it comes down to a point tie. Naito can't rest easy yet, as he must still score at least one point over Ishii by the end of the A Block to earn a spot in the finals.



G1 Climax B Block: WALTER VS Pete Dunne


The second to last B Block match of the night sees WALTER look to continue his undefeated streak against an old foe, Pete Dunne. Though WALTER leads the B Block at ten points, Dunne started his G1 in similar position before dropping two straight matches. In a brutal, hard-hitting bout, Pete Dunne would score redemption for his previous failings against the Ring General, putting him away with a Bitter End. Pete Dunne now sits at eight points, but perhaps more importantly, WALTER has suffered his first loss in New Japan and remains at ten points, a fact that the rest of the B Block must breathe a sigh of relief knowing.



G1 Climax A Block: Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Lance Archer


The penultimate A Block match of the night sees two men with only two points to their name battle it out, with this match guaranteed to eliminate at least one man from G1 Finals contention. Ultimately, the Ace of New Japan would put away the muscle of Suzuki-Gun, finishing off Archer with a High Fly Flow. Tanahashi now sits at four points, his G1 just barely remaining alive, while Archer's chances of being in the finals have officially ended.



G1 Climax B Block: Brian Cage VS Daniel Bryan


In the final B Block match of the night, we see Daniel Bryan take on Brian Cage. Last week, Brian Cage's undefeated streak in NJPW would be ended by WALTER, and Daniel Bryan would suffer his fourth straight loss in this G1, totally snapping after the match and attacking Christopher Daniels. Daniel Bryan enters this match with two points, but a newfound aggression, the New Japan audience now booing the Yes Man. Ultimately, Daniel Bryan would finally end his losing streak, putting away Brian Cage with a Knee Plus and giving the machine his second straight loss. Bryan may only sit at four points, but his hopes of winning the G1 remain barely alive with that victory. Bryan celebrates as the New Japan audience showers him with boos.



G1 Climax A Block: Jon Moxley VS Kazuchika Okada


Finally, in tonight's main event, we see IWGP heavyweight champion Kazuchika Okada, thus far relatively quiet this tournament with only six points to his name, take on the United States champion, Death Rider, Jon Moxley, who now sits at only four points after three straight losses. In a fantastic match, Moxley would pull off what must be considered an upset, putting away Okada with a Death Rider and securing himself six points in this G1.


After the match, Moxley promises the New Japan crowd that he will make this comeback and run the gauntlet, because if Okada couldn't beat him tonight, nobody can. New Japan then signs off for the night, showing the current G1 standings.


Current standings:

A Block:

10 points: Tomohiro Ishii, Tetsuya Naito.

8 points: None.

6 points: Juice Robinson, Jeff Cobb, Kazuchika Okada, Jon Moxley, Zack Sabre Jr.

4 points: Toru Yano, Hiroshi Tanahashi.

2 points: Lance Archer.


B Block: 

10 points: WALTER.

8 points: Pete Dunne, Shinsuke Nakamura, Brian Cage.

6 points: Sami Callihan, Matt Riddle.

4 points: Johnny Puro, Daniel Bryan, Bobby Lashley.

2 points: Christopher Daniels.

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[b ][I]Welcome to WWE Hell In a Cell. We have a stacked card here tonight. But tonight we are starting off the show with a complete banger. [/b[/I]


As the Cell Lowers, the crowd becomes more engaged. Enemies by Shinedown hits the PA System, signaling “War Engaged”.





A man of very few words, but so many cruel actions over the years. He made his presence known in WWE, and tonight these two animals are locked inside this demonic structure.


Next up is the WWE Intercontinental Champion. Shingo Takagi. He has truly made his presence known, and has been a great champion, so far. Tonight he steps up to Jimmy Havoc inside Hell In A Cell. What a clash this shall be.  


The match begins with the two having a stare down for a few moments. Before Shingo would spit in Havoc’s face. Not a very intelligent tactic by Shingo right there. Havoc comes right after him with a shot to the gut, taking Shingo down to one knee. As he’s hurt, Havoc takes it to the outside and greats a steel chair. Striking him multiple times to the spine.


This is one sick man. Isn’t he? Havoc continues the attack to the skull. He throws the chair outside to the cell. As he goes for he pinfall...1...2…. but a kick out by Shingo at the last second. Havoc goes to pick him up but Shingo gets up quickly and hits a heavy punch to Havoc’s skull.


Havoc drops down to one knee before popping back up with a big lariat. Sending Shingo down right, headfirst to the canvas. Havoc, stalks the body, and stomps right on Shingo’s skull. He heads to the top rope and connects with a double foot stomp. Then proceeds to pick him up for a Death Valley Driver.


Havoc goes for the pinfall...1...2…. but a kick out by Shingo at 2. Shingo gets up and picks up Havoc for the Last Falconry.


Shingo goes for the pinfall.. will this be it? 1..2...3


As Shingo celebrates with his Intercontinental Championship, a familiar theme song strikes.


As Ospreay makes his intentions known loud and clear, the screen fades to black. [B/]




Tonight Jason Jordan makes his long awaited return. But who is the mystery opponent that has been so desired to make his appearance.[B/] [I/]


What the hell? We have seen many vignettes gesturing the debut of this man. But I don’t think r could have expected the menace of a man he truly is. [B/] [I/]


The match begins, with The Fiend staring Jordan down. Before grabbing him for a Sister Abigail![B/] 


The Fiend goes for the pinfall very early in this matchup. That could be it just like that. 1..2...3 A impactful win by The Fiend here. [B/]


As The Fiend destroys Jason Jordan here tonight. A mental attack seems to enter his mind. As he feels out until the screen fades to black once again. [B/] [I/]



This match, you can say has been under the radar. Here is one man who truly needs this win here tonight though. He had only won one match since the start of this revamp of WWE. [B/] [I/]


Next up is a man we know very well in PAC. He has been extremely successful in his time back in WWE thus far. Let’s see if he can keep it up. [B/] [I/]


And finally, this man truly is “The Showoff. But can he show that here tonight? 


The match begins with all three men in their separate corners. Ziggler goes after Owens but is sent down, face first to the canvas. He picks up Ziggler quickly and connects with a Stunner. [B\]


Owens goes for the pinfall...1….2… but PAC breaks it up just in time. He picks up Ziggler and throws him to the outside. But Owens attacks him from behind, sending him down to one knee. Ziggler rushes back into the ring, connecting with a super kick, nailing Owens chin. PAC grabs Ziggler very quickly and hits a German Suplex. [B/]


PAC goes for the pinfall...1..2 but a kick out by Ziggler. Owens runs in and connects with a pop up- Sit out Powerbomb. [B/]


Owens goes for the pinfall...1...2….3….. Kevin Owens, gets a much needed win here tonight. [B/]






It is finally time. For the match we have all been waiting for all night. [B/] [I/]


Next up is The Golden Lovers. These two truly have the ideal friendship. And work do well together. Can they get that big win tonight or fall in defeat?


The match begins with a lockup by Omega to Kenta. The strength advantage seems to go to Omega. As he reversed into a push into the corner. He goes to tag in Ibushi, as he runs in for a running forearm into the corner. He grabs him and goes for a gut kick. [B/]


Ibushi goes for the pinfall… could this be it? 1...2… but at the last second Shibata breaks it up. Omega runs in and takes Shibata out of the ring, along with himself with a clothesline over the ropes. Omega gets back up and gets tagged in by Ibushi. Shibata gets up aswell, who is tagged in. Omega and Shibata both have a staredown for a few moments. Before ducking and connecting with a Dragon Rush. [B/]


What a counter by Omega! Omega goes to pick up Shibata once more, but Shibata reverses with a crucial headbutt. [B/]


What a headbutt by Shibata. He is now busted open from the impact of the shot. What the hell?! But Omega pops right up and gets in the face of Shibata and grabs him for the One Winged Angel. [B/]


He goes for the pinfall...1...2….3 The Golden Lovers get this much needed win. [B/] [I/]


A big win for these two. Sad loss for Takeover though. What is next for these two teams? [B/] [I/]




Now it is time for the rematch we have all been looking forward to. Lynch vs Banks II for the Raw Women’s Championship. [B/] [I/]


Next up is the current Raw Women’s Champion Who will most likely go through hell and back tonight against Banks. Here comes Becky Lynch! [B/] [I/]


The match begins, with the crowd getting hyped for this match before it has even begun. They both slowly move closer to eachother. [B/]


Lynch is fired up! Sasha, is a bit stunned by this enthusiasm by her opponent.  Banks goes for a running forearm but Lynch ducks and connects with a German suplex. What a counter by the champion. She goes for the quick pin...1...2 but a kick out at 2 by Banks. Lynch picks her up quickly, and goes to throw her over the top rope. But Sasha reverses, and throws her to the outside. She calls for Becky to get up and explodes with a suicide dive! [B/]


Banks doesn’t waste anytime, as she picks up Lynch and throws her back into the ring. As she goes for the cover...1….2 but a kick out by Lynch at the last second. Sasha picks her up and hits a vintage slap. [B/]


Becky is shocked with these act of disrespect shown by Banks. Sasha goes for another slap, but Becky ducks and goes for an exploded right to the canvas there.[B/]


Becky goes for the pinfall once more...1..2 but a kick out by Sasha at the last second. Becky goes to pick her up but Sasha ducks under and connects with a backstabbed, transitioning into the Banks Statement. [B/]


Can Becky get to the ropes in time? It seems not, as Becky hangs on for a few moments before Lynch taps out. We have a new Raw Women’s Champion. [B/]


A new champion has been crowned. What does this mean for Becky Lynch? Who will step up to the champion? [B/] [I/]



It is finally Main Event Time. What a night this has lead up to. And this surely is going to make all these fans in this arena very happy going home. [B/] [I/] 



All three men are striving to be the best. Can they show that tonight or burn to the ground in trying to do so? [B/]


The match begins with all three men having a staredown for a few moments. Before Ciampa would go straight after Rollins, signaling for Gargano to do the same. They send him into the corner, as Gargano backs up and goes for a running forearm but Rollins gets out fo the way just in time and sends Ciampa out of the ring. He now focuses on Gargano, as he goes for a super kick but Gargano ducks under but his leg gives out. As he is on both knees he is hit with a Curb stomp very early on in this match. [B/] 


Rollins goes for the pinfall...1...2… but Ciampa breaks it up. Ciampa picks up Rollins and hits him with a big lariat. Taking Rollins down to the canvas. Gargano would slap Ciampa, his mouthpiece coming out, Gargano grabbing it and throwing it out. Proceeding with a superkick. [B/]


Gargano goes for the pinfall before the lights would dim. A message heard around the arena. “The Dark Side Arrives”. [B/]


As the lights turn back on, Gargano is payed out, blood pouring from his mouth. As Rollins goes for the cover...1...2...3 [B/]



Rollins retains the Universal Championship tonight. What is next for his title reign? [B/]

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We start off the show, with cutting to an exclusive interview backstage with PAC. After a tough loss, against Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens. He speaks his mind tonight.


PAC: I am so sick of this crap. I work my ass off every night, what do I get? NOTHING! I need something, something to summit my legacy in this company. What is that? I am not quite sure yet, but I will make sure at WarGames that my mission is fulfilled.


Dolph Ziggler vs Kota Ibushi


Our opening match we get ready for. An interesting matchup here, as Dolph Ziggler will go one on against Kota Ibushi. A sad loss for him, just 24 hours ago, eating the pin by Kevin Owens. If he can get this win over Ibushi tonight, that will help him loads. 



Next up is Kota Ibushi, he was able to pick up a huge win over Takeover with his buddy Kenny Omega. Last night, at Hell In A Cell. Can he keep the momentum up, or fall into the losing column? 


The match begins with a lockup. The strength advantage seems to go to Dolph Ziggler, as he pushes him into the corner. He backs up, and goes for a big splash, but Ibushi gets out of the way just in time. Zigger’s jaw hits the turnbuckle, dropping down to one knee in pain. Ibushi ford for a shining wizard, but Ziggler ducks under and hits a dropkick.



A perfect dropkick is connected, as Ibushi falls down to the canvas, Ziggler goes for the pin. 1...2.. but a kick out by Ibushi at 2. Ziggler goes to pick him up once again but, Ibushi ducks under and grabs Ziggler from the back and hits a German suplex. 



And Ziggler is stunned! His eyes rolled right back into his head. Ibushi not letting him get any breath back, as he grabs both arms and goes for a Kamigoye.



He goes for the pin...1...2...3 And that is it! A big win for Kota Ibushi here tonight. What is next for the Golden Lovers?




Chris Jericho vs Dragon Lee


We now get ready for our next, two guys we have not seen a lot of here in WWE as of late. Can Jericho get that first win or will he fail miserably? 


Next up is Dragon Lee. A man of very few words, but speechless actions. Can he get this win tonight? And gain some much needed momentum.


The match begins with a lockup, was t seems the strength is even as both men push eachother away. A staredown is matched for a few moments. Before both stepping away, Lee then goes for a hurricanrana and connects. He goes from ripe and back and connects with a huge knee.



A knee strike, takes Jericho right down to his knee. Lee takes advantage of this, as he goes for one more knee strike. But Jericho rolls under, going for a rollup. 1...2 but a kick out by Lee at 2. That was almost it, a very close call for Dragon Lee. As Lee, slowly makes his way to his feet, he is met with a codebreaker.




Jericho goes for the pin...1….2...3 and that is it, ring the bell. A big win for Chris Jericho. Let’s not be surprised if we see way more of this man in the near future. 




A Interview With The Champion



As we return from commercial break, we are met with the Intercontinental Champion, Shingo Takagi. A little less than 24 hours ago, he won a brutal Hell In A Cell match against Jimmy Havoc. Before Shingo could speak he would be interrupted by a familiar foe. 



Kushida: Hello, Hello friend. I am here, to challenge you for your title. I am here to prove why Kushida is a top prospect and should not be overlooked, so at WarGames I want Shingo Takagi vs Kushida 1v1! 


Sasha Banks VS Ember Moon



The women’s division has been really great to watch and evolve as time has gone by. As we begin to evolve, we see new women arrive. This will be the first time we see Ember Moon perform and how exciting this will be! 



Next up is the Raw Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks. She went through hell last night with Becky Lynch. But in the end, made “The Irish Lass Kicker” tap out. 


The match begins with a usual lockup, the strength advantage seems to go to Ember Moon. As she pushes Banks down to the canvas. Ember looks to pick her up, but Sasha slaps the taste out of her mouth. A shocked look appears on the face of Moon as she strikes worth a hurricanrana.




A hurricane is just what Moon needed to shift the tide of this match. Banks pushes back to the corner, as Moon notices she goes for a running forearm but no one is home. As Banks moves out of the way just in time. As Banks reaches her feet, she grabs a wounded Moon and throws her out of the ring. Proceeding, to call for a somersault senton.




Banks really wants this one, doesn’t she? Pulling out all the stops for the victory here tonight. She picks up Moon and throws her back inside the ring. Then locking in the Banks Statement, a few moments later Moon has no choice but to tap out. 



A great win for Banks. Moon surely brought the fight to Sasha. Could this be a future match for the title next time around?


A Proclamation 


Jay White: I am here tonight, to address a proclamation of mine. I haven’t proven much since arriving in WWE. And it’s time to change that fact. So at WarGames I challenge, Kenny Omega.


Seth Rollins vs Ricochet


First up is Ricochet. A man who has been trying to branch out here in the wrestling world. Tonight is his chance against the Universal Champion, Seth Rollins.



A vignette plays of Rollins having a crisis it seems. When the vignette turns off and the lights turn on Ricochet is nowhere to be seen. But only one force is there, THE FIEND. 





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Brilliant show Storm. Rollins vs Fiend will be an awesome rivalry and so far War Games is going to be awesome, I see PAC having a  big match there. The women’s division is certainly interesting and I am interested to see who gets the next shot at the belt, Becky, Ember, someone else, Becky and Ember? Kushida vs Shingo will be great, as will Omega vs White and I’m interested to see how Ibushi falls into that feud. Meanwhile it was also great to see Jericho win, I hope you use him to his fullest potential. Great show Storm

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New Japan Pro Wrestling

G1 Climax Round 7

G1 Climax B Block: Christopher Daniels VS Sami Callihan


NJPW kicks off hot tonight as Sami Callihan looks to finally break six points, while Christopher Daniels attempts to prove his worth, despite knowingly being eliminated from G1 contention. Daniels may only play spoiler in the G1 from this point forward, but he refuses to be an easy victory for anyone he has left to face. Daniels is able to eke out a shocking victory over Callihan, putting him away with the Best Moonsault Ever after managing to outwit the invading Bullet Club. Callihan will remain at six points, his hopes of winning the G1 all but over at this point, and Christopher Daniels picks up a huge moral victory tonight, despite already being out of G1 contention.



G1 Climax A Block: Toru Yano VS Tetsuya Naito


After finally tying block leader Tomohiro Ishii, Tetsuya Naito looks to score the victory that would give him the edge over the Stone Pitbull in the G1. However, he faces Toru Yano tonight, who upset Naito in their last meeting in the G1 Climax. Ultimately, lightning would strike twice for the Sublime Master Thief, rolling up Naito and scoring six points in the G1. Naito will not gain any ground over Ishii tonight, and he must hope that the Stone Pitbull meets a similar fate later tonight, while Toru Yano remains just barely in G1 contention.



G1 Climax B Block: Matt Riddle VS Johnny Puro


The second match of B Block action sees two men who desperately need a win, as they have little room for error if they want to win the G1 left. Johnny Puro sits at only four points, with Matt Riddle at six, and if Puro loses tonight, his G1 officially ends. Ultimately, Puro keeps the hope alive, putting away Riddle with a Starship Pain and moving up to six points, sitting tied with the King of Bros. Puro celebrates to the chagrin of the New Japan audience, and his hopes of winning the G1 haven't quite ended.



G1 Climax A Block: Jeff Cobb VS Zack Sabre Jr.


The second match of A Block action sees a similar scenario as last match, with two men desperately in need of a victory. Jeff Cobb started off hot, scoring an early six points, while ZSJ has been racking up upset victories over the likes of Hiroshi Tanahashi and Jon Moxley. Ultimately, Jeff Cobb would get back on the winning ways, putting ZSJ with the Tour of the Islands. Cobb now moves to eight points, just two behind block leaders Tetsuya Naito and Tomohiro Ishii, while ZSJ sits at six, his hopes of G1 victory hanging by a thread.



G1 Climax B Block: Bobby Lashley VS Brian Cage


In the third B Block match of the night, Brian Cage looks to get back on his winning ways, sitting only one victory behind block leader WALTER. However, he faces Bobby Lashley, who despite only sitting at four points, has been a force to be reckoned with recently, and might be Cage's scariest opponent yet. Ultimately, despite an impressive effort from Cage, Lashley would continue his winning ways, putting away The Machine with a Spear. Brian Cage's recent woes continue, while Lashley manages to rack up another victory, now sitting at six. Although Lashley's hopes of G1 victory are all but lost, if anyone can make the comeback happen, Lashley is a strong contender to do so.



G1 Climax A Block: Jon Moxley VS Juice Robinson


The third A Block match of the night sees Jon Moxley and Juice Robinson rekindle their rivalry, currently tied at one apiece. Robinson and Moxley both sit at one win apiece and six points each, making tonight's match that much more important to both men. Ultimately, the United States champion would score the victory over his rival, putting Juice away with a Death Rider. Moxley now sits at eight points, just behind block leaders Naito and Ishii, while Juice Robinson's hopes of winning the G1 might have just disappeared before his eyes.



G1 Climax B Block: Daniel Bryan VS Pete Dunne


The fourth B Block match of the night sees Daniel Bryan look to complete the comeback, facing the Bruiserweight, Pete Dunne. Dunne started this G1 with an impressive start, but stalled. However, last weeks victory against the formerly undefeated WALTER might have put him back on the winning track, but he has to overcome Daniel Bryan to continue that momentum. Ultimately, Daniel Bryan would not be denied on this night, putting Dunne away with the Knee Plus and moving up to six points. Daniel Bryan still sits dangerously close to elimination territory, as if WALTER scores a single point from now on, he will be eliminated, but this victory over Dunne is an impressive showing of the new Daniel Bryan, the New Japan audience raining the boos down on the former Yes Man at his victory.


G1 Climax A Block: Tomohiro Ishii VS Lance Archer


The penultimate A Block match of the night sees the A Block leader face the man in last place, as the NEVER Openweight champion Tomohiro Ishii faces Lance Archer. Though Archer is eliminated from any chance of winning the G1, a victory over current favorite to win the entire G1 would be massive. Ultimately, Ishii would fall for the second week in a row, as Lance Archer puts him away with an EBD Claw. Archer successfully plays spoiler on this night, and the rest of the block must breathe a sigh of relief at Ishii's failure tonight.



G1 Climax B Block: Shinsuke Nakamura VS WALTER


The final B Block match of the night sees returning hero Shinsuke Nakamura look to tie the block leader and score 10 points alongside the Ring General. The two B Block favorites clash in a hard hitting bout, with both men not looking to give an inch, but ultimately, WALTER's woes would continue, as Shinsuke Nakamura would fell the Ring General with a Kinshasa. Shinsuke Nakamura now sits tied with WALTER at ten points, the only men in the B Block to have double digits, and at this point, it's hard to believe that anyone can knock Nakamura off his perch.



G1 Climax A Block: Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Kazuchika Okada


Finally, New Japan concludes with the Ace of New Japan taking on the IWGP Heavyweight champion. This rivalry is the stuff of legends, and after a disappointing loss to Okada in their last G1 meeting, the first time they've ever reached a conclusive ending in a G1 match, Tanahashi looks for redemption. Unfortunately, redemption would not come on this night, as Tanahashi would fall to a Rainmaker. With this loss, Okada moves up to eight points, only one victory behind the block leaders, while Tanahashi's G1 has officially come to an end.


After the match, Okada would grab a microphone and thank the New Japan fans for their support over these last few months. He says that seeing all this new talent come in while so many established members of the roster left for the competition has been heartbreaking, but he's happy that he can still count on the Ace of New Japan to stick around with him to lead this brand. Okada thanks Tanahashi for the match they had tonight, and Okada vows to be the first IWGP champion to win the G1 in nearly two decades. Okada thanks the fans again, and New Japan signs off, displaying the current G1 standings.


Current standings:

A Block:

10 points: Tomohiro Ishii, Tetsuya Naito.

8 points: Jeff Cobb, Kazuchika Okada, Jon Moxley.

6 points: Juice Robinson, Toru Yano, Zack Sabre Jr.

4 points: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Lance Archer.


B Block: 

10 points: WALTER, Shinsuke Nakamura.

8 points: Pete Dunne, Brian Cage.

6 points: Sami Callihan, Matt Riddle, Johnny Puro, Daniel Bryan, Bobby Lashley.

4 points: Christopher Daniels.

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