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Toxik’s Dream match write ups

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Hello everyone this first post will be just more so be announcing this new diary I will be starting very soon however the exact time frame i’m not too sure when it will start with the first write up but I do hope you all enjoy them, now as for the term dream match I will be using that term semi loosely as some matches may not exactly fit the term dream match as it’s commonly used but rest assured those kinds of matches will also be posted and the first one that i’ll post here will most likely be Stone Cold Steve Austin vs John Cena.

Also feel free to suggest any matches you would like to see posted here also with that since it would be near impossible to know every wrestler and what kind of character they played or what styles they used I do ask you be open to answering questions occasionally if I am unaware of them so that I can do my best to represent them in here but with all of that said I hope you all enjoy these write ups in the future and until then goodbye for now.

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My dream matches for your dream matches list are 

Cedrick Alexander vs Ricochet 

Ali vs Ricochet 

Ricochet vs Buddy Murphy 

Velveteen Dream vs Drew McIntyre

Johnny Gargano vs Aj Styles 

Johnny Gargano vs John Cena 

Johnny Gargano vs Drew McIntyre 

Johnny Gargano vs HBK 

Johnny Gargano vs Ali 

Johnny Gargano vs Buddy Murphy 

Johnny Gargano vs Cedrick Alexander 

Cedrick Alexander vs Finn Bálor 

Cedrick Alexander vs John Cena 

Cedrick Alexander vs Velveteen Dream

Ali vs Seth Rollins 

Cedrick Alexander vs Seth Rollins 

Seth Rollins vs Johnny Gargano 

Adam Cole vs Seth Rollins 

Adam Cole vs Finn Bálor 

Adam Cole vs Drew McIntyre 

Adam Cole vs Chad Gable 

Adam Cole vs Tommsaio Cimpa

Aj Styles vs Adam Cole

Drew McIntyre vs Aj Styles those are my dream matches that I’d love to see because if there gonna be done do it the right way and let us enjoy them please make these happen.

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Hello everyone after a few days of taking in suggestions and looking at all the matches currently on the list, which is a lot so thanks for all of the suggestions.


I have come to the decision the first match will be Stone Cold Steve Austin vs John Cena so please predict who you think will win 

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The following match is scheduled for one fall and takes two of WWE’s biggest names of all time and forces them to battle it out in what can only be described as a dream match so without further delay let’s get started Stone Cold Steve Austin vs John Cena. 

Making his way to the ring first is Stone Cold Steve Austin as his theme song blast throughout the arena. 


Next making his way to the ring we have John Cena. 




The bell rings and the match begins as both men walk to the center of the ring and start this match with show of respect as they give each other a handshake, however Steve Austin doesn’t let go and pulls Cena in and almost hits the stunner right from the start but Cena manages to shove him off at the last second. 

The match then progresses with both men locking up for a test of strength however both men break even making it clear neither man will have the strength advantage in this bout, however Cena would then shove Steve Austin when he least expected causing him to take a few steps back as Cena would then land a shoulder tackle dropping Steve Austin.

Cena would then get to work throwing rights and lefts to Steve Austin every time he would try to get back up however as Cena goes for another right hand Steve Austin would block it and hit a left handed punch to the gut of Cena causing Cena to take two steps backwards as Steve Austin would rise to his feet and deck Cena right in the mouth with a right hand.

Steve Austin would then keep up the punches as Cena gets backed up into the corner as Steve Austin is just going to town with punch after punch.

However the referee would then separate the two as he begins to check on Cena who would then charge Steve Austin from the corner and hit him with another shoulder tackle however this time Steve Austin would get up quicker only to be met with yet another shoulder tackle by Cena who would then pick Steve Austin up and slam him down hard with a back suplex and then would go for the five knuckle shuffle however after Cena bounces off the ropes Steve Austin would quickly get back to his feet and drop Cena with a Lou thez press as he just rains down punches onto Cena before getting back up and throwing his hands in the air causing the fans to explode with cheers!


However as Steve Austin turns around Cena is already back up to his feet and and scoops Steve Austin up and hits an Attitude Adjustment!


Cena then goes for the pin…. 1 ….. 2 …. and NO Steve Austin kicks out at two, Cena however wouldn’t waste any time and pick Steve Austin back up only to be met with a punch right to the face from Steve Austin causing Cena to back up into the corner again as Steve  Austin would then walk back towards him to follow up but Cena would then snap back with punches of his own before tosses Steve Austin into the corner as Cena would then back up to get a running start and go for a running splash in the corner however Steve Austin would then move out of the way causing Cena to go face first into the turnbuckle.


Then as Cena would turn around in a daze Steve Austin would follow up with a Stone Stunner!


Steve Austin would then go for the pin… 1…. 2… 3-NO Cena kicks out at two and three quarters as the fans in the arena begin to chant “ this is awesome “ and “ fight forever “ however it quickly becomes clear that both men are starting tire greatly from this match as they are pushing themselves to their absolute limits.


Then as Steve Austin would pick Cena back up Cena would then headbutt him causing him to stagger back as Cena then continues with a barrage of punches eventually getting Steve Austin backed up into the corner for a second time as Cena would then use his strength to pick Steve Austin up and put him on top of turnbuckle.


Cena would then go for a super attitude adjustment however Steve Austin would fight out of it and tackle Cena off the top as both men crash off the top! 


Then as both men are getting back up Steve Austin quickly follows up with yet another Stone Cold Stunner! 


Steve Austin would then crawl and drape one arm across the chest of Cena for the pin… 1… 2… 3 and this match has come to an end as Steve Austin slowly makes his way back up to his feet in celebration as his theme song begins to play yet again. 

[ next match will be The Undertaker vs Sting so please leave your predictions for that ] 


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It is time ladies and gentlemen for that match you have all been waiting for.


For tonight two legends will clash, two icons of the business will do battle.


But that isn’t all ladies and gentlemen as the match will be none other than Hell In A Cell here and the grandest stage of them all Wrestlemania!


Now introducing first from Death Valley he is the phenomenon, he is the deadman, he is The Undertaker! 



Next up is a legend in his own right and many refer to him as the heart and soul of WCW he is the man called Sting! 





Now we are ready to get this match underway as both men then circle the ring keeping their eyes locked on each other before locking up however Undertaker is quickly able to out power Sting and shove him down as Sting then rolls to the outside as Undertaker follows only to be hit in the face with a bat as Sting rises back to his feet!


Sting then follows up by slamming Undertaker face first into the steel wall of the Hell In A Cell structure and then the ring post as Undertaker drops to his hands and knees clearly reeling from this quick and brutal onslaught.


However Sting doesn’t give Undertaker any time to recover as he uses his foot to push up and hold Undertaker’s right leg against the steel wall as he just wails on it with his bat as Undertaker screams out in pain!


Sting then follows up by kicking Undertaker down onto his back and begins to use the bat to choke Undertaker!!!


Sting then follows up yet again by setting Undertaker up for a Scorpion death drop in a position where Undertaker’s head would go straight into the apron however he is able to fight out of it and toss Sting into the steel wall!


Now it’s The Undertaker who is in control and Sting who is reeling as Undertaker slowly lumps over to Sting and slams him face first into the Steel steps 5 times in a row! 


Now Undertaker follows up by grabbing the throat of Sting and despite Sting struggling to break free and only halfway succeeding gets thrown into the steel wall yet again however this time it give way and falls off!


Undertaker then gives pursuit however Sting starts to kick away at the right leg of Undertaker while on his back which drops Undertaker to one knee as Sting then rolls onto his hands and knees and crawls to the barricade using it get back to his feet however Undertaker has also managed to get back to his feet after getting some life back into his right leg however Sting seems one step ahead as he grabs a nearby chair and swings for the fences and connects with Undertaker’s right leg yet again as this time the deadman falls down onto his side in agony.


However Sting isn’t done as he places Undertaker’s right leg in the chair then proceeds to lock in the Scorpion deathlock!!!


Undertaker is now absolutely yelling out in pain as this could break his leg at any second however he manages to reach over and grab a shake the announce table enough for a monitor to fall off that he quickly grabs and smashes into the back of Stings head forcing him to let go of the hold as Undertaker then rolls over onto his back and take the chair off his leg before taking a moment to recover.


Undertaker then would use the steel wall to get back up to his feet as he tries to slap some feeling back into his right leg however Sting is back up and charges him however he sees this and manages to use the steel wall to move to the side making Sting bounce right off the wall stunning him as Undertaker wills himself up the wall and onto the roof of the Hell In A Cell structure however Sting quickly follows him up.


However Undertaker quickly takes notice and throws some punches and lands them right in the face of Sting just as he reaches the top nearly causing him to fall however Sting would then manage to catch Undertaker’s fist to block the next punch and pulls himself up to the top.


However Undertaker would catch Sting with a massive chokeslam right into the steel roof that leaves a dent in the shape of Sting’s body and Undertaker would fall into the cover… 1… 2… 3-NO Sting somehow manages to kick out 


Now it appears the lights have gone out and when they come back on Undertaker manages to make his way back to his feet however Sting is standing behind him and nails him with a Scorpion Deathdrop!




Sting then follows with a pin attempt and gets a count of 1… 2… 3-WHAT Undertaker kicks out at 2.9!


Sting however isn’t giving up and immediately sets him up for a Tombstone Piledriver but Undertaker manages to reverse it and has Sting set up for the Tombstone now and nails it!




Undertaker then goes for the pin after crossing both of Sting’s arms across his chest 1… 2… 3-OH MY GOD Sting kicks out yet again this time at 2.9 as well and is starting to stir.


However before Sting can rally Undertaker throws him off the top and Sting crashes through the announce table!




Now after checking Sting who is out cold the referee calls for the end of the match as Sting can no longer continue meaning Undertaker is your winner as he does his iconic pose on the top of the cell.



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Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Wrestlemania 36 and it is time for our opening match between Stone Cold Steve Austin vs CM Punk and here comes the first man now.

As CM Punk marches down to the ring the crowd is going insane since this is his first match back since coming back to WWE, but now here comes his opponent. 

Once again the crowd goes absolutely mental as this is also this man’s first match in WWE in years now as both men are in the ring staring each other down as the bell rings to start this one as Stone Cold walks up and holds out his hand to shake CM Punk’s hand which Punk accepts however this was all a ruse as Stone Cold pulls him into a Stone Cold Stunner to start this match and quickly goes for the pin 1...2…NO Punk kicks out but what a way to start this match 


Now Steve picks Punk up but Punk quickly scopes Steve up onto his shoulders and nails the GTS and falls into the cover 1….2….NO now it’s Steve Austin’s turn to kick out of a surprise finishing move as we aren’t even a minute into this match and both men have already hit their best shots as both men stare at each other in disbelief as the crowd isn’t holding back any cheers. 

Both men then roll out of the ring and grab weapons as we seemed to have forgotten to mention this is a no Disqualification match as Punk grabs a kendo stick and Steve Austin grabs a steel chair as both men get into ring again and Punk swings first but Steve Austin blocks the kendo stick with his chair knocking the kendo stick out of CM Punk’s hand as he then swings it at Punk’s head but he dodges but only barely and then grabs the kendo stick again and nails Steve Austin in the back with it as he drops the chair and falls to the mat in pain as Punk drops his weapon before placing Steve Austin’s head inside the chair then locks in the Anaconda Vice while Steve Austin’s head is inside the chair!!!

While Steve Austin refuses to tap out he does eventually pass out meaning CM Punk is your winner.


[ I know this was supposed to be Styles vs Gargano but to be honest I forgot to come up with spots for it so I made this in the meantime I hope you guys don’t mind ] 

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