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WWF/WWE - All Stars

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WWE/WWF- All Stars

The time has come, the time where legends rise once again, and the current talent show what they’re worth in a plethora of dream matches against the all time greats.

RAW, SmackDown, 205 Live have all had a major roster shake-up, time to reveal them. (NXT's roster will remain the same)


The Rosters





Hulk Hogan

Seth Rollins

The Rock

Brock Lesnar

André The Giant

AJ Styles

Ted DiBiase

Baron Corbin

Ric Flair

Drew McIntyre


Braun Strowman


Bray Wyatt

Ricky Steamboat

Rey Mysterio

Mr Perfect



Samoa Joe

Jake Roberts

Sami Zayn

King Kong Bundy

The Miz

Kurt Angle



Becky Lynch

Trish Stratus

Alexa Bliss


Nikki Cross

Alundra Blayze

Sasha Banks

Beth Phoenix


Wendi Richter



The Revival

The Dudley Boyz

The OC


The Usos





Seth Rollins



AJ Styles



Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman



Becky Lynch








Kofi Kingston

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Roman Reigns

Macho Man Randy Savage

Daniel Bryan

The Undertaker

Kevin Owens

Shawn Michaels


Bret Hart



Randy Orton

Triple H

Shinsuke Nakamura




Finn Balor

Mick Foley/Mankind/Dude Love/Cactus Jack

Aleister Black

Dusty Rhodes

Buddy Murphy

Eddie Guerrero






Charlotte Flair

Fabulous Moolah




Stacy Kiebler

Kairi Sane


The Legion of Doom

The New Day

Rock ‘N’ Roll Express

Heavy Machinery

New Age Outlaws




Kofi Kingston



Shinsuke Nakamura



The New Day












Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger

Drew Gulak

Dynamite Kid

Tony Nese

Shinjiro Otani

Akira Tozawa

Owen Hart

Oney Lorcan

Brian Pillman

Humberto Carrilo

Billy Kidman

Chad Gable

Juventud Guerrera

Jack Gallagher

Shane ‘Hurricane’ Helms




Jushin 'Thunder' Liger





Brand-free Championships



Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross



Drew Gulak


This will constantly be updated so that it's up to date.



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31st August 2019

Jim Ross, Corey Graves & Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler welcome the audience to this edition of SmackDown Live; coming from the city of Los Angeles, California. Ross hypes up the main event of the night, which will be WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, teaming up with Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart to take on the team of Yokozuna and the first ever unannounced debut… Which will be revealed later on in the night.




A graphic is shown on the screen, hyping up new General Managers for all 3 brands: NXT, SmackDown, and Monday Night RAW




Ali vs Buddy Murphy

Image result for mustafa ali gifImage result for buddy murphy gif


The fans went wild for this fast paced, action packed opener between two cruiserweight all-stars, no surprise there. These two guys gave it their all in this phenomenal wrestling bout, they went back and forth with them one upping each other with every big high flying move they did. Murphy did come out of this one victorious after hitting a Murphy’s Law onto Mustafa after countering the 054 Splash, this match lasted a whopping 25 minutes! Both men looked like stars and Mr Dave Meltzer from the WON agrees, as he gives this match a whole 4 ¼ stars.




Roman Reigns’ Backstage Segment

Image result for roman reigns backstage gif


Roman Reigns is walking backstage, only to bump into the one and only, Stone Cold Steve Austin; the two men start talking.

Image result for steve austin gif


Roman: “Hey Steve, I heard that you might know something about what happened to me a few weeks ago, maybe you could help me sort this shit out.”


Austin: “I really wish I could help you, but unfortunately I don’t know anything about this attempted murder, maybe you should go talk to someone else about it, I really don’t have the time or patience, I’ve got a match coming up.”


Roman: “I’m sure you have something to do with this, I saw you there when it happened, walking down the hall as if nothing was going on, so tell me, who did you see.”


Austin: “I’m fucking telling you jackass. I wasn’t there, must’ve been some other bald guy, now get out of my sight puppy; I’ve already told you I have a match tonight, and I don’t want you ruining it.”

Roman: “Who are you talking to like that? I run this yard, and you’re not gonna take over just because you’re returning. SmackDown is my house, and you’re not gonna change that. How about we settle this in a match next week, me and you, Roman and Steve, dream match of the century, then we’ll really see who the jackass is.”


Roman and Austin stare each other down, fortunately without coming to blows.




Cactus Jack vs Elias

Image result for cactus jack gifImage result for elias gif


Elias cuts a singing promo before the match.


Elias: “Hello I am Elias. And honestly, I’m not going to play a song today, I’m just going to sit here and rant about this delusional idea that Mr McMahon came up with; to hire all of these ‘legends’ because ratings are dropping, when the simple enough solution to that is to just produce a quality product. Now, excuse my temper, but I lied, I will play a song for you, just this once-”


Cactus Jack interrupts, and the match begins. The fans start to go absolutely wild for Jack, as he dominates the match with multiple strikes and bodyslams. The crowd absolutely loved the beatdown, they started chanting “We want tables!” and that’s exactly what happened; they got tables. Jack got the table, and hit a piledriver on Elias through it, and then pinned him to get the 1 2 3.


After the match Shane McMahon came out to confront Cactus Jack, only to be met with a huge Double Arm DDT from the insane one.




Aleister Black promo

Image result for aleister black gif


After his multiple wins over the past few months, Aleister Black shows up on the titantron after being M.I.A for a couple of weeks, and it looks like he has a message to send to someone.


Black: “Where have I been? Ask yourself that question, I went from punishing my opponents, to sitting in this dark room. What went wrong? No one wants to pick a fight anymore? Well then… I’ll pick the fight, but who against? There’s a multitude of superstars back there, which one will it be today… Shinsuke Nakamura, the Intercontinental Champion in the flesh; I am calling you out, a challenge per say. I want you to answer this challenge, show me if you’re really a man, accept this challenge by knocking on my door.”


Someone then knocks on Aleister’s door


Black: “So fast? I am thoroughly impressed, well let’s make a date, Clash of Champions, one on one, the Anti Hero taking on the King of Strong Style. Oh boy am I excited for this one; now for the time being, let’s kick back, relax, and think about what you’ve gotten yourself into Mr. Nakamura. Just have a deep think about this situation, think, think, think.”


The screen fades to black as Aleister menacingly smiles.




Backstage interview with Dude Love

Image result for dude love gif 

Kayla Braxton: “Welcome back Dude! It feels great to bring the power of boogie back to the WWE, and how do you feel about this amazing return here tonight to SmackDown Live?”


Dude Love: “Y’know, it feels good, real good, but there’s just one thing on my mind right now. I think it’s time to finally call out this man, and believe me and my dancing knees, I’ve wanted to call out this man for a long, long time. And now, since he’s returned alongside me and many other WWE legends; I think that now is my chance… So Cactus Jack! I’m not going to hesitate any longer, I want you, I want you, I want… You.


Dude Love abruptly leaves, leaving Kayla and the WWE audience wondering about what they just witnessed.




R-Truth’s 24/7 Open Challenge

Image result for r truth 24/7 gif


As announced last week (before this diary begun sorry) R-Truth gets ready for the first episode of his open challenge. To his surprise, no one answers, until…

Image result for mankind gif


OH MY GOD! MANKIND COMES UP FROM BEHIND! HE ROLLS TRUTH UP TO BECOME THE NEW 24/7 CHAMPION! The former champ R-Truth looks in horror as Mankind walks up the ramp with the title, with the latter not knowing what’s about to come up behind him.

Image result for drake maverick gif

Because he just lost that title instantly to the undrafted Drake Maverick. Drake runs away with the title, he runs far, far way, so no one can catch him.




Kofi Kingston & Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart vs Yokozuna & ???

Image result for kofi kingston gifImage result for bret hart gifImage result for yokozuna gif


To the fans disappointment, Yokozuna came out by himself, which means there was no unannounced debut, but even without a partner, Yokozuna could still hold his own for quite a while in this match, dominating both Hart and Kingston for a good 6 minutes, despite their double team efforts. Once the babyface duo started picking up steam, the ‘unannounced debut’ finally arrived. 


Image result for randy orton rko kofi kingston gif


It was just Randy Orton, who hit a quick RKO on Kingston and let Yokozuna get the win after 9 whole minutes. After the match Orton beat down Kingston some more, and held up the WWE Championship above his head, clearly implying that he will be challenging Kofi for the title at Clash of Champions.






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Wow! What an episode Amai. I'm definitely loving the original idea of having the best from the WWF era and the best from the WWE era. These storylines are very interesting so far and I can't wait to see what you do in the future!

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17th September 2019


Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness and Gorilla Monsoon welcome the audience to this episode of 205 Live, they take the audience over the matches that will be happening tonight. The first one being Jack Gallagher & Oney Lorcan taking on the team of Juventud Guerrera & Billy Kidman. The second match, which is also the main event of the night, will be Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger taking on Drew Gulak for the Cruiserweight Championship.

Backstage interview with Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak

Image result for drew gulak gif


Sarah Schreiber: “Drew, it has just been announced that you are facing Jushin Liger for your Cruiserweight Title later tonight, what are your thoughts on this-”


Drew Gulak: “Listen here Sarah, everyone’s already said it, so I’ll make this short and sweet, I don’t care who these legends are, and I don’t care what they’re here for, but one thing is for certain: I will make each and every single one of them tap out, and I will be your reigning, defending, undisputed Cruiserweight Champion of the world! Drew…. Gulak…”


Gulak leaves as he is about to prepare for his huge match later on tonight.




Jack Gallagher & Oney Lorcan vs Juventud Guerrera & Billy Kidman

Image result for jack gallagher gifImage result for oney lorcan gifImage result for juventud guerrera gifImage result for billy kidman gif

The fans were very much behind the WCW high flying duo of Juventud & Kidman, and they didn’t disappoint, the fans were dazzled with all of the technical and high flying moves coming from both teams, and in the end, it was Kidman who picked up the win for his team by hitting a fantastic Shooting Star Press from the top rope onto Oney Lorcan after 14 minutes of non-stop action. After the match Jack Gallagher picked up a microphone.

Gallagher: Well, what do I say apart from; well done, you outwrestled us, and you proved what the legends are all about. But that’s not the reason I took this microphone, the real thing I wanted to say was this-”


Gallagher starts attacking Kidman & Guerrera, and Lorcan shortly follows up with a few huge strikes of his own, the two continue the assault on the former WCW Cruiserweight legends before security drags them away.




Promo package hyping up a match for next week’s episode of 205

Image result for tony nese gifImage result for dynamite kid gif

A video is shown on the titantron, showing off the main event for next week. Which will be Tony Nese taking on a British Cruiserweight Legend: Dynamite Kid. The fans pop as they see that the Dynamite Kid will be back in action next week.




Backstage segment featuring Drake Maverick and The Hurricane

Image result for drake maverick gifImage result for the hurricane wwe gif

Drake Maverick is seen running down the hallway with his newly won 24/7 Championship, he then bumps into The Hurricane.


Drake: “Oh my god! It’s the Hurricane! Thank god I found you, listen here now, I need some help hiding with my precious baby here, and a superhero like you is the perfect fit to help me, please can you just do something, I’m in a massive rush, they’ll be here any time soon!”


Hurricane: “A rush you’re in? Maybe, the Hurricane can help you, after all, I am a superhero!”


Drake: “Yes, yes I know you’re a superhero, but that’s besides the point, can you just help me hide with this title? I seriously have no time to be wasting right now… Look, just please help me, and we can both carry on with our wonderful days.”


Hurricane: “Fine, I shall help you, just follow me and I will show you the way to the light, after all, I am a superhero!”


The Hurricane then opens up a container, and as Drake is about to go in-


HURRICANE ROLLS DRAKE UP! HURRICANE IS THE NEW 24/7 CHAMPION! He then throws Drake into the container, and locks it shut, so that Drake can’t get out!


Hurricane: Now! Back to my superhero ways!




Cruiserweight Championship Match

Image result for drew gulak gifImage result for jushin liger gif

Drew Gulak (C) vs Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger


The fans were very excited for this dream match, and for very good reason too, these two men put on a fantastic technical masterclass, and everyone, including the commentators, the crowd, and even Vince McMahon himself, loved this match, and after a solid 21 minutes of nothing but pure technical wrestling, Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger shocked the world by pinning Drew Gulak after a devastating Liger Bomb on the outside of the ring, before throwing him back in and hitting another earth-shattering Liger Bomb to become the first ever legend to win a championship in the new era of WWE.


Gulak then picks up a microphone.


Drew: “Jushin, you may have won this time! But I’m not finished with you! At Clash of Champions, I will show you what a real cruiserweight is all about! I will show you-”

Image result for the hurricane wwe gif


But he is interrupted by The Hurricane who is being chased around the ring by many other cruiserweights (and R-Truth and Cactus Jack), he then bumps into Gulak who rolls him up to win the 24/7 Title! Gulak runs away with the title to close off the show!





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17th September 2019


Michael Cole, Gordon Solie & Renee Young welcome the audience to Monday Night RAW, in the city of Dallas, Texas. Solie announces that the United States Championship contract signing between AJ Styles & Hulk Hogan will take place later on tonight. He also hypes up one of the matches for tonight’s show, which will be the Universal Champion Seth Rollins taking on Baron Corbin in a non-title match.




Sami Zayn vs Jake Roberts

Image result for sami zayn gifImage result for jake roberts gif


These two clash again in a rematch from last week, this time both men take the match a little bit slower, especially so that Jake doesn’t lose a surprise roll up by Zayn or possibly another Helluva Kick. The two men go back and forth with many big strikes and slams, and just as the fans thought it was over with a DDT from Roberts; Zayn counters it again to roll up Jake up for the 1..2..3. Zayn is the winner once again, and the fans boo the hell out of him, once again, but this time he grabs a mic after the match.

Zayn: “Listen here jackasses! You can boo me all you like, but the only reason you do that is because none of you can handle the truth! You can’t handle that I’m better than this old sack of shit! Oh no, I said a curse word, what am I going to do now? Just get over it you pile of pathetic people, life isn’t a fairytale, not everything goes as you want it to, you never know what’s coming around the corner. And this is exactly what came around this time! I squashed your childhood hero! Thank you very much!”

Sami drops the mic and heads backstage to another flurry of boos from the fans, as he bows down on the entrance ramp and cheerfully skips off to the backstage area.




Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse

Image result for bray wyatt gif


The intro to the Firefly Funhouse intro plays, and Bray Wyatt is seen hiding under the table, he then begins to speak.

Bray: “Shhh! Be very, very quiet. Everyone in the funhouse is asleep, and we really don’t want to wake them up, otherwise there will be some very serious consequences!”

Bray raises his head a little bit and knocks the table over! The rest of the funhouse wakes up, and they are not happy with Bray!

Bray: “Yowie wowie! Sorry guys, I really rudely interrupted your time of rest, I guess I’m going to have to face the consequences now.”

Rambling Rabbit: “It’s nothing Bray! It’s time to wake up anyway, the fans are probably waiting to see us! Where are they anyway? I can’t see any of them!”

Wyatt looks at Rambling Rabbit, and points to the screen

Bray: “Look, they’re right there, and they’re all watching you, and I’m sure they’re extremely happy that you let me off without any sort of punishment; and believe me, I am too, I thought I was in a huge pickle after waking you and the rest of the funhouse crew up, and I am extremely grateful that you’re letting me go free. Once again, thank you!”

Rambling Rabbit: “It’s all cool Bray! Anyway, I gotta go do some uhhh, some, uhh, rabbit things, so I’ll see ya later!”

Bray: “Well bye then Rabbit!”

Rambling Rabbit leaves the screen, and Bray is looking towards the camera.

Bray: “You know, I really am a man of my word, and I am truly grateful that my good friend Rambling Rabbit let me off with such a devious crime. But there are some people that don’t do that, there are some people who just take things for granted, like thieves would, and that’s really not nice. I would never do something like that; but The Fiend. The Fiend is a completely different creature, he takes things when he wants, and where he wants, he doesn’t have any manners at all, and that’s something Finn Balor had to learn the hard way, unfortunately. But now, the question is, who’s next? Who’s next for The Fiend?... Bye now!”

The segment closes off with a cheerful Bray Wyatt waving at the camera



Drew McIntyre vs Ricky Steamboat

Image result for drew mcintyre gifImage result for ricky steamboat gif


This was a standard David vs Goliath bout, with McIntyre dominating for a good portion of the match, with Steamboat getting only a few strikes in, until around 6 minutes; when Steamboat started getting more and more fired up, and starting to hit even more big moves, including dropkicks, diving moves and bodyslams. And by the 10 minute mark Steamboat tried to hit his finisher from the top rope, only to be met with a catching Claymore Kick, which finished Ricky off and gave Drew the victory.




Miz TV with Baron Corbin

Image result for miz tv gifImage result for baron corbin gif


The Miz: “Well Baron, welcome to Miz TV-”

Baron Corbin: “Why don’t you shut up and let me speak? Who’s the guest here? Me or you; it’s me, now why don’t you stay quiet and let me talk about what I want to talk about, just because you’re the host of this little show doesn’t mean you can just interrupt your guests like that, understood?”

The Miz: “Well, I was just going to ask for your thoughts about your big match against Rollins tonight but if you say so-”

Baron Corbin: “If you want my thoughts on Rollins then I’ll give you my thoughts on Rollins! You don’t have to butt into everything like that just because you’re the host and you have ‘authority’ over this show! All you are is a pushover, nothing more, nothing less! A simple pushover!”

The Miz: “Baron I really don’t know why you’re speaking in such a manner, I’m just asking you a simple question and you’re completely rebounding it back at me, if you continue like this I’m going to have you escorted out of here by security”

Baron stands up out of his chair and looks down on The Miz, who is still sat down smirking at Corbin.

Baron Corbin: “Listen here you little punk, I’ll tell you what I think of Rollins; I think he’s a pushover, just like you, he’s not championship material, I am. I will defeat him in tonight’s main event and I will go onto Clash of Champions and pin Seth Rollins for the 3 count, and I will be your new Universal Champion of the world! And then, I’ll come back to you with my title, and beat the hell out of you too!”

The Miz gets out of his chair, and looks at Baron Corbin in a frustrated manner

The Miz: “Just leave. Leave before you cause any more trouble around here.”

Baron Corbin: “Fine, I will leave, as you tell me”

But before leaving Corbin plants The Miz with a huge End of Days, to the annoyance of the fans.




The Revival vs Demolition

Image result for the revival gifImage result for demolition wwe gif


In a great dream match, both teams looked very strong here, with The Revival specialising in technical skill over the much bigger Ax & Smash of Demolition; while the latter used more big striking moves to brutalise Dash & Dawson, and it definitely paid off as The Revival were fairly beaten down and weak around the 11 minute mark, which left them wide open to a Demolition Decapitation. Demolition wins, making The Revival look like chumps after their big win against The Usos last week.




Backstage interview with Baron Corbin

Image result for baron corbin gif


Charly Caruso: “Baron, please explain your actions against The Miz earlier tonight, what was the reasoning behind it?”

Baron Corbin: “Do I really need to explain myself? Did you not see what that little jackass was doing? He was confronting me, he was interrupting me; I was just teaching him a little lesson about respect, and next week, I’ll teach him a much bigger lesson, when me and him go one on one on the big stage. But now, I have something much bigger to put my mind towards: Seth Rollins, once I pin him tonight, I have an instant shot at the Universal Championship at Clash of Champions. Then, I will pin Seth Rollins again at Clash of Champions to become the undisputed Universal Champion. Oh how life is good.

Baron leaves to prepare for his upcoming match with Seth Rollins.




Contract Signing between Hulk Hogan & AJ Styles

Image result for hulk hogan gifImage result for aj styles gif


The two men are already in the ring, AJ is accompanied by his stable members: Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, and he signs the contract instantly, and picks up the microphone.

AJ Styles: “Hurry up old man! We don’t have all day, just sign the damn contract and we can get this over with, I have things to do too you know!”

Hogan puts the pen to the paper, but then puts the pen down without signing the contract

Hulk Hogan: “And why should I listen to you brother? All you’ve done is cause havoc and you expect me to take orders from you? Well listen here brother! No one tells me to do anything! I’ll sign this piece of paper whenever I damn want, and you’re not going to tell me when to do it!”

Hogan signs the contract and throws the pen at Styles, and looks at him with a smirk on his face.

AJ Styles: “So is that how you want to play? Really, well then catch this!”

AJ and The OC start assaulting Hogan, and AJ hits a Styles Clash and a Phenomenal Forearm, and raises the title above his head and grabs the mic again.

AJ Styles: “Maybe next time, you’ll think a bit smarter before trying to cross me and my boys!”

The OC leave the ring, sending a message to Hulk Hogan and the WWE universe, as well as making the United States Championship match at Clash of Champions official.




Seth Rollins vs Baron Corbin

Image result for seth rollins gifImage result for baron corbin gif


These guys took this match slow, locking each other with many rest holds, and hitting slow, methodical strikes on each other. After about 5 minutes of action, the pace started to pick up, Rollins threw Corbin to the outside and hit three consecutive suicide dives, and the champion began to dominate. Then after another 5 minutes of domination, Corbin got in control, and after that the two guys started to go back and forth in a fairly decent match, as you’d expect from Corbin. Then as Rollins was about to go for the curb stomp-

Image result for ted dibiase gif

Ted DiBiase is here! He’s coming to distract Rollins! Baron rolls Rollins up to pick up the win! Baron is going to face Rollins for the Universal Championship at Clash of Champions! Ted then comes into the ring and starts assaulting Rollins along with Baron; it was all going very smooth for the duo until-

Image result for braun strowman gif

Braun comes to save the day once again! The other half of the RAW Tag Team Champions is here to save Seth Rollins! He fights both Corbin and Ted off, and the Tag Champs stand tall to end the show!




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Episode 5


Jim Ross, Corey Graves & Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler welcome the audience to this edition of SmackDown Live; coming from the city of Boston, Massachusetts. They hype up the main event of the night, which will be The Viper, Randy Orton, who will take on Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart, which will surely be a showstopper on this great night of action.


General Manager Reveal

Image result for eric bischoff gif

Eric Bischoff comes out, to the surprise of the fans, he is the General Manager of the blue brand, he is greeted with a great sign of appraisal from the WWE Universe, he comes into the ring, and picks up the mic, and even before he started talking, the fans were still going wild for him, but eventually they slowed down with the cheers, and let Bischoff speak.

Eric: “I’m baaack! Damn it feels good to be here, as the General Manager of the A show, the show that makes the WWE what it is today, and I say that with pride, I am happy to see this brand succeed, and I will take this brand to all new heights now that I’m in charge, and since I'm in charge, let’s get one thing straight. This is supposed to be the land of opportunity, but for the past few years I have not seen that, but now, now, it’s going to be all different; because I will make sure that every single damn person on this roster will get an opportunity, I will make sure that every damn WRESTLER will actually get to wrestle. Yeah I said it, W R E S T L E R, not superstar, these guys are professional wrestlers, and let’s keep it that way. This is a wrestling show, not a soap opera! So, speaking of opportunities, why don’t we give 5 men an opportunity to face Shinsuke Nakamura for the Intercontinental Championship, right here, right now!”

Eric smiles as the fans start cheering again, he begins to speak again.

 Eric: “You’re probably wondering who will be in this match though, now, let me reveal. First of all, the champ: The King of Strong Style, Shinsuke Nakamura! Now his challengers, we have Andrade, Ali, Dusty Rhodes, Eddie Guerrero and Buddy Murphy! You can thank me later for this one!

Eric leaves, and the contestants in the match start to come out one by one.


6 Man Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Championship

Image result for andrade gifImage result for dusty rhodes gifImage result for shinsuke nakamura gifImage result for eddie guerrero gifImage result for buddy murphy gifImage result for mustafa ali gif


The match kicks off and it’s complete mayhem in the match, all 6 men are going after each other, and Ali is the first man to be eliminated by Murphy, continuing their feud after last week’s phenomenal match. Dusty is out next, eliminated by Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas. There are 4 men left, and they start brawling to the cheers of the fans. Andrade is eliminated by Guerrero, who is then eliminated by Murphy. There are now 2 men left, Murphy, and the champ, Shinsuke Nakamura. The two put on a wrestling clinic, and fight for another 6 minutes, before Nakamura throws Murphy out, to retain his championship. He celebrates before Aleister Black shows up on the screen.

Image result for aleister black gif

Black: “Congratulations champ, you must’ve seen my challenge from last week, hopefully it gave you time to think, now what will your answer be, is it a yes, or a no. Maybe I’ll still give you some time to wonder. Just have a deep think about this situation… Think, think, think."

Black disappears from the screen, and Shinsuke leaves the ring as the camera cuts out, getting ready for the next scene.


24/7 Title Backstage Segment

Image result for drew gulak gif

Drew Gulak is seen walking into the catering area, with the 24/7 Championship around his waist, he is about to pick something to eat, until he looks next to him, there he is, Drew Gulak’s worst nightmare: 

Image result for r truth gif

R-Truth is standing next to him, and he looks hungry for that 24/7 Title. Gulak tries to run, but R-Truth rolls him up, the ref comes down, 1..2..3! R-Truth is the 24/7 Champion once again! Truth tries to get away, but Gulak catches him as he is about to escape. Gulak puts Truth in the Gu-Lock, and R-Truth taps! Gulak is 24/7 Champion! He quickly retreats from the catering section, and runs into the locker room to hide, where he is greeted by none other than Dude Love! 

Image result for dude love gif

Gulak tries to get out but it’s no use, Dude Love has already rolled him up! 1..2..3! Dude Love is the new 24/7 Champion! The title has changed 3 times in the past 5 minutes! Dude Love leaves the locker room with a huge grin on his face, but-

HOLY SHIT! R-TRUTH HAS BEEN WAITING BEHIND THE DOOR! He rolls Dude Love up for the 1..2..3! R-Truth is champ once again! He begins to run away but Drew catches him again! Roll up! 1..2..3! Drew Gulak is now a 3 time 24/7 Champion! He runs away before Truth & Dude Love even know what’s going on! The two sit there in confusion as the camera cuts out to the next scene.


Backstage interview with WWE Champion Kofi Kingston

Image result for kofi kingston backstage gif

Kayla Braxton: “Kofi, last week you were brutally attacked by Randy Orton, and it seemed like he was issuing you a challenge after your match was over, what do you have to say about that?”

Kofi: “Well Kayla, I think that Orton should feel ashamed of himself for blindsiding me like that and costing me the victory. And guess what, I will accept his challenge, and at Clash of Champions, I will show him what a real champion is like, I will step up to him, face to face, and I will beat the living hell out of him. I will show him that a real man doesn’t have to attack from behind, I will show him that a real champion, is a man who can beat his opponent clean, not have to get a cheap shot to pick up the win. And after I’m done, I will spit in his face, since he disrespected me, I will disrespect him back. I will absolutely-”

Image result for randy orton backstage rko gif

Randy Orton comes out from behind and hits Kofi with a huge RKO! He starts beating down the champ until security come and break it all up, Orton is heard yelling “Stupid!” as he is being pulled away by WWE officials, who then go to check up on Kofi to see if he is ok; who is then stretchered out to close the scene off.


Batista vs Finn Balor

Image result for batista gif]Image result for finn balor gif

This was a very intense David vs Goliath bout, with Batista dominating the very early minutes of the match, tossing Balor around like a ragdoll. But then, then Balor got his fighting spirit back, and he started to bite back, hitting Batista with a few strong grapple moves, before finally taking the big man down with a huge dropkick. The fans were all over it, cheering for Balor, while booing the big man Batista. But after around 11 minutes of solid in ring action, Batista planted Balor with a huge Batista Bomb to pick up the victory.

Batista then picks up a mic and starts talking.

Batista: “Is that all this brand has? No, you can’t be serious, I want a challenge, right here, right now!”

Image result for daniel bryan & rowan gif

To Batista’s surprise, Daniel Bryan comes out! Accompanied by the first new signing to SmackDown, Erick Rowan. Batista stares the two down, but before they could come to any blows-

Image result for roman reigns gif

The Big Dog is here to save Batista! Clearly these two are going to be allies from now on! Both teams stare each other down, but no brawling occurs.


Backstage segment with Shane McMahon & Elias

Image result for shane mcmahon gifImage result for elias gif

Elias & Shane are seen in the locker room, discussing their game plan about how to defeat Cactus Jack.

Shane: “I honestly do not know what to do with this guy, he’s absolutely crazy, last week, he assaulted me for absolutely no reason at all, just because I came out doesn’t mean that I was going to attack him, I wasn’t even going to touch the guy!”

Elias: “I couldn’t tell you, maybe we should just stay out of his business, maybe that will help us out a bit here, just leave it for a few weeks so he forgets about us. Then we get our revenge and beat the crap out of him when he’s not looking, it’s a great plan and I’m sure it will work.”

Shane: “Maybe you’re right, but I don’t think we’ll be able to get away with it that easily… Wait! Maybe you and him can have another match, a no disqualification match this time around!”

Elias: “Shane, I really don’t think that this is a good idea, like did you not see what he did last week, the guy is nuts!”

Shane: “It will all be fine, just you wait and see, I have got this entire thing all figured out”

The scene closes off to an ad break as Shane & Elias leave the locker room after they’ve finished their conversation.


Randy Orton vs Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart

Image result for randy orton gifImage result for bret hart gif

Bret Hart is waiting in the ring, and as Randy Orton is making his entrance-

Image result for trouble in paradise gif

KOFI KINGSTON IS HERE! Kofi hits Orton with a huge Trouble in Paradise, the two begin to brawl, the fans are going crazy for these two, they cause absolute chaos in the crowd section! Hitting each other with lefts and rights, closed hand punches to the head! This is more personal than anyone would’ve ever anticipated; neither man is giving up, they will brawl forever at this rate! Bret Hart is still waiting in the ring for his match-

Image result for yokozuna gif

But he is assaulted by Yokozuna! Yokozuna attacks Bret Hart, there is an absolute riot here on SmackDown Live! No one wants to give in! Kofi & Orton take their brawl into the ring, and all 4 men are now inside the squared circle, brawling to their heart’s content! Yokozuna & Orton are thrown out by the babyfaces and Kingston hits them with a huge dive! 

Hart & Kingston are celebrating in the ring as a rematch from the last show is announced for the next episode of SmackDown. The show then comes to a close as the babyfaces stand tall in the ring.




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Episode 6


Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness and Gorilla Monsoon welcome the audience to this edition of 205 Live, which comes to you from the city of Boston, Massachusetts. The main event of tonight’s show will be Dynamite Kid taking on Tony Nese, as advertised on the last week of 205 Live. They also announce that a rematch will take place at Clash of Champions, when Drew Gulak takes on Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger for the Cruiserweight Championship!




Jack Gallagher vs Juventud Guerrera

image.jpegImage result for juventud guerrera gif


After the events that took place last week, everyone knew that this was going to be a bitter brawl, neither of these two were going to go easy on each other, and they certainly showed it, as Juventud broke away from his traditional high flying style, and went for more a brawling style to contrast Gallagher’s technical wrestling. They went back and forth for about 15 minutes, until Gallagher hit his signature corner dropkick to pick up the win after last week’s loss. After the match he goes to pick up a microphone, just like he did last week.

Gallagher: “Didn’t expect that one, did you Juve? Well guess what, this isn’t all, because next week, my good friend Oney Lorcan will show your little friend a thing or two about what it’s like to step into the ring with a bruiser, then you may have some regrets about your decision of returning here to the WWE, the land of the cruiserweights, where you just don’t belong.”

Gallagher stares down a beaten Juventud Guerrera, before throwing the mic down onto the floor, and leaving the ring.




Shinjiro Otani vs Local Talent 

Image result for shinjiro otani


This was a very fast paced squash match, the fans were absolutely dazzled at how fast everything happened, if anyone blinked, they missed something exciting. Otani was running circles around the poor lad, making him look like an absolute tool, before finally finishing him off with a devastating King Cobra Hold in about 3 minutes, making the young talent tap out in seconds. Truly showing the dominance of the former WCW Cruiserweight Champion. And solidifying him as a top dog here in 205 Live.




Backstage interview with The Hurricane

Image result for the hurricane wwe gif

Sarah Schreiber: “Well, obviously you lost your 24/7 Championship last week, and after trying to pursue the title for some time now, do you feel like you’ve finally given up on trying to capture the title?”

Hurricane: “All I have to say to that is… Never say never, maybe I will try and go for the 24/7 Championship, maybe I won’t; I may just start setting my sights on the Cruiserweight Title, a more prestigious prize here on 205 Live, but you never know, maybe the champion will walk right past me and I can just roll him up and finally get that green piece of heaven back, but it’s all fine. Now, The Hurricane must go back to his superhero duties, I shall catch you later!”

As The Hurricane is about to walk off, the 24/7 Champion Drew Gulak walks by; the champ doesn’t notice The Hurricane as he walks past, possibly in a hurry. Hurricane sneaks up behind Gulak, and rolls him up! 1..2..3! The Hurricane is the new 24/7 Champion! He runs away with the title, and it seems like the rest of the locker room have caught on, as at least 20 members of the WWE roster come running down, chasing The Hurricane, all trying to become the 24/7 Champion, but the Resident Superhero is nowhere to be seen, he has disappeared in a heartbeat.




Vignette promoting Owen Hart

Image result for owen hart gif

A vignette is shown on the titantron, a few words pop up, reading “The King of Harts”, it was him, one of the most underrated workers of all time: Owen Hart was making a return to the squared circle of the WWE, the fans were getting hyped as the vignette showed a GOAT performer destroying his opponents with ease, with the final words showing “Coming in 2 weeks time”. The fans erupted as Owen Hart was making his return, on the edition of 205 after Clash of Champions, and they couldn’t wait, and neither could we.




Dynamite Kid vs Tony Nese

Image result for dynamite kid gifImage result for tony nese gif

This was a very good match, both men gave it their all in front of the Boston crowd, who had already been tired out from a whole night of action, including SmackDown Live. But Dynamite and Nese just had something in them that kept the fans watching throughout the entire contest. They were constantly one-upping each other, with each flip, strike, and technical manouver better than the last. It got to a point where it looked like it was never going to stop, with “fight forever” chants completely filling up the arena as the two men battled in one of the biggest matches of either of their careers, but after almost 30 minutes of solid in ring action, the match came to a close when Tony Nese hit his signature 450 Splash, to shock the world and pin the Dynamite Kid clean in the middle of the ring.

And just as Tony Nese is going to celebrate-

Image result for the hurricane wwe gif

Oh god! It’s The Hurricane, he’s being chased by many members of the locker room, just like he was last week! The 24/7 Champion enters the ring,

Image result for drew gulak gulock gif

and is met by Drew Gulak! Who had jumped over the barricade moments earlier; Gulak grabs Hurricane, and locks the Gu-Lock in on the 24/7 Champion… He taps! Gulak is 4 Time 24/7 Champion! Gulak stares down with Tony Nese as the locker room chase comes to a halt, then Gulak leaves the ring, completely stopping the rampage that happened just a few minutes ago. He stands tall at the ramp, holding up the 24/7 Championship, to close off the show.







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Episode 7


Michael Cole, Gordon Solie & Renee Young welcome the audience to Monday Night RAW, in the city of Dallas, Texas. Solie announces that the United States Championship contract signing between AJ Styles & Hulk Hogan will take place later on tonight. He also hypes up one of the matches for tonight’s show, which will be the Universal Champion Seth Rollins taking on Baron Corbin in a non-title match.




Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse

Image result for firefly funhouse

The intro to the Funhouse plays, and Bray Wyatt is sat on an old rocking chair, reading a book; he then notices the camera, jumps up in shock, and speaks.

Bray: “Oh my heebie jeebies! You scared me! I’m just sitting here reading this fantastic book about a cult leader from the woods who created his own family and then proceeded to take over the world by storm! I wonder what sort of maniac would ever think of a stupid idea of that; does he really think he has the whole world in his hands? What a stupid, stupid man. Anyway, I should probably stop reading, and talk to you guys for a few minutes while I still have the time, and I honestly don’t have a lot of it-”

Rambling Rabbit then appears out of nowhere, but before he can even start to speak, Wyatt picks him up and throws him away, with the sound of a window crashing being heard right after.

Bray: “Come on Rabbit, you know it’s rude to interrupt people while they’re speaking, I thought I taught you better than that. Now back to what I was saying… Oh yes! Talking to you guys; honestly, sometimes I feel a bit lonely, like people don’t really want to listen to me, or don’t want me to exist at all and that really saddens me; I’m a human being too, just like all of you… 

But him, he’s not a human being… The Fiend doesn’t care about feelings, all he cares about is pain, and agony, and destruction, and that’s not very nice of him…

But I’m not like that, I’m just a friendly neighbourhood Bray Wyatt doing his friendly neighbourhood job of entertaining you guys and contributing towards society to make it better!

But the Fiend, he doesn’t care about society, he doesn’t want anyone to feel entertained, only threatened by his very presence. Just like Finn Balor was, but who will be next to feel the wrath of the monster that is the Fiend. I guess it’s only him that can choose. Whoever he does choose though, is in serious hell.


The outro plays and RAW moves on to the next scene.




Jake Roberts vs Sami Zayn - No Holds Barred Match

Image result for jake robertsimage.jpeg


The time has come, the trilogy is at the end, and these two waste no time going at each other, brawling in the middle of the ring, huge strikes back and forth, Roberts on top for a long while, he then brings a chair into the mix, the fans go crazy as these two men fight it out with many different weapons, these two men are putting on an absolute brawling slobberknocker. No one is giving an inch, but a surprise low blow takes Zayn out! Leaving him open for a huge DDT onto a chair! 1..2..3! Roberts has got his revenge after 2 weeks of straight losses! 

After the match he walks to the outside of the ring, and picks up the infamous bag, he enters the ring once again, and lets Damien loose all over Sami Zayn, this is just adding insult to injury! Zayn doesn’t deserve this kind of torture! But Roberts leaves the snake there, watching on as Zayn tries to struggle out of the grasp of the reptile. But it’s no use, eventually Roberts picks the snake back up after Sami is knocked unconscious, he then walks backstage, laughing as he has finally received his vengeance.




Backstage Confrontation between Rollins & Corbin

Image result for seth rollinsimage.jpeg

Corbin is seen walking backstage, before bumping into Seth Rollins; the Universal Champion doesn’t look happy after his loss to Corbin that occurred last week in shocking fashion at the hands of Ted DiBiase.

Seth Rollins: “I just wanted to let you know, now that I see you for the first time since last week: your little win last week was just a fluke, if it wasn’t for DiBiase you wouldn’t have been in the title match at Clash of Champions. You know it, I know it, everyone in the audience knows it, and most of all, Ted knows it. He wants to set you up, I hope you’re not dumb enough to fall into his million dollar trap. I’m just looking out for you man.”

Baron Corbin: “How about you shut up for just a second, you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors between me and Ted, we’ve formed an alliance that no one can break, and I assure you that with the help of my friend Ted, I will become the new Universal Champion come Clash of Champions. Then we’ll see who’s setting who up. Now get out of my way, I’ve got business to sort out.”

Seth Rollins: “We definitely will see who’s getting set up. Well, we’ll see each other tonight, and this time you won’t be so lucky.”

Corbin doesn’t say anything, just barges past Seth as the Universal Champ watches on with disgust.




Becky Lynch vs Nikki Cross


The first women’s match since the draft started off with a bang, both women gave it their all to produce the best debut women’s match possible and they certainly delivered; with Nikki being a tough opponent for the Women’s Champ throughout the bout. But in the end it was Becky who picked up the win after locking in the Dis-Arm-Her after around 14 minutes of action to win the Women’s match since the invention of All-Stars. Becky then picked up a microphone after the match was over.

Becky Lynch: “Three weeks in and this is the first time women are in action? It’s time for that to change, and next week, we will blow the roof off the house one more time, when I have an open challenge for this prized title of mine! See you all next week!”

The crowd cheer as Becky walks off, celebrating her win.




Backstage interview with Gallows & Anderson


Charly Caruso: “So, it seems like you guys are going to be challenging for the RAW Tag Team titles at Clash of Champions, how does it feel to be going up against such a team like the Universal Champ and the Monster Among Men?”

Karl Anderson: “You really think we’re phased by those two nerds? We know for a fact that they can’t work functionally as a team, once they step into that squared circle with us, they will fall apart like little snowflakes, that’s just how the cookie crumbles.”

Luke Gallows: “Damn right it is Karl, we’re not going to let ourselves be defeated by a group of silly little n- n- NERDS!”

Karl Anderson: “No we certainly are not, we are going to defeat Strowman and Rollins and reclaim our gold on the night that champions are made, let’s go now Luke, let’s go exterminate some nerds.”

Luke and Karl walk away, laughing with confidence ahead of CoC.




Baron Corbin & Ted DiBiase vs Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman

image.jpegimage.jpegImage result for seth rollinsimage.jpeg

This match kicked off slow, with Baron Corbin keeping control for most of the time against Seth Rollins with rest holds and slow, methodical strikes. DiBiase did the same, they weren’t going to let Rollins pick up the pace any time soon. But one slip-up by Corbin may have cost them the match as Rollins picked the pace up fast, going on an absolute rampage with many high flying, high speed moves. Strowman was no different, absolutely charging through both DiBiase and Corbin to the appraisal of the fans. But then Corbin gets back in control, beating the Universal Champ down with huge strikes, but then he sets up for the End of Days…


The Miz! He’s here, looking for his revenge after Corbin’s assault last week, Corbin tries to go after Miz but gets rolled up by Rollins! 1..2.. Kickout by Corbin; the big guy then hits a blind tag as he heads outside and goes after the Miz, who he then chases around for a few minutes. Rollins doesn’t know this, and gets rolled up by DiBiase! 1..2..3! DiBiase has pinned the champ and has been inserted into the title match at Clash of Champions! Rollins, Corbin, Strowman and even Miz are all in complete and utter shock! Corbin and DiBiase then walk off to close of the show as everyone else is stood in the middle of the ring, completely stunned after what had just happened.







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