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The BPZ Pizza Place

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Brad: As much as I want to babe. I don’t feel like popping a Viagra right now. Not really up for it you know what I mean. I mean I can get you a prostitute or something. Besides you’d probably like that better.

Danielle smiles as she hands Brad the phone. Brad sighs as he calls up their weekly prostitute Hector. Danielle looks at Brad and smiles as once again Brad is allowing another man to fuck his wife as he really is a cuck. The cameras then cut away as we cut to a local diner.



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For me this is the most impressive diary on the forums, wrestling related or not, Bob. You've done a great job of keeping stories progressing while having them loosely tie together to make a great season finale. There is a sense of continuity and humour which makes this diary fun to enjoy and simple to immerse yourself in. Fantastic job Bob!

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Wait, so the camera crew just watched all of this happen? On a more serious note Bob that was one of the best things I have read on the forums. I am pissed off at the lack of ending but that shows you have done a good job and kept us interested for Season 2, which I cannot Wait for

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Throughout my time here, many people have started diaries that have nothing to do with wrestling like this but they don't ever seem to stick to it. However, you have and you've created one of the best, if not the best diary at the moment. I loved the first season, the evolution of characters and relationships panned out well and remained interesting throughout. I'm looking forward to the next season and finally finding out what me and Bashka could possibly be doing.

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BPZ Pizza Season 2 Episode 3


The episode kicks off as we see Brenden back in Sameer’s apartment. He seems to be alone however as Sameer is nowhere to be seen. He is just sitting there watching another painful 76ers game as they are once again getting blown out. This time by the Charlotte Hornets. Brenden sits on the couch a bit upset as we hear a knock on the front door. 


Brenden gets up a bit confused as he has no clue who would be knocking this late at night. Sameer was gonna be out for the rest of the night as he had picked up a night shift at the local Walmart to bring in some cash. Brenden looks through the peephole and Sheri is standing there masquara staining her face as she has clearly been crying. Why would she come and see Sameer though, why him out of everyone?


Brenden: What the hell? Is that Sheri, she does not look in good shape.

Brenden quickly opens the door as Sheri looks at him in shock. No one in the Pizza Place has seen Brenden for a while now as Sheri just looks at him confused. The feeling is mutual as Brenden looks at Sheri with the masquara pouring down her face, her hair frizzy and over the place, and she keeps grabbing at her shoulder for some reason.


Sheridan: Brenden, what are you doing here? I was expecting to see Sameer, is he home?

Brenden shakes his head no as they two just look at each other confused, both in rough shape, both in their own ways. Brenden motions for her to come in as the two sit on the couch as the two begin to talk about what is going on here and why they are both at Sameer’s.


Brenden: Well I was not really expecting company tonight but I guess now that you’re here you deserve an answer on why I kind of disappeared from all of you. So yeah me and Keeley got into a fight earlier this week about some feminism bullshit so I am chilling with Sameer for a few days and lying low for a bit. I am letting the tension between me and Keeley cool off for now at least. 

Sheridan looks at him and grins a bit as she is a bit of a femisnisnt herself but she decides it is not worth the argument as she lets it slide. Sheridan then takes a look around the apartment as it is a bit of a mess. She then eventually begins to talk.


Sheridan: Well I guess I should tell you why I am here then. So I know that you’re not a big fan of office romance but me and Sameer have been talking for a while and things are actually going pretty good. Now I know I am engaged to Ropati at the moment but to be honest I don’t think he is the one. Sameer he, he is just different. Sameer is nice to me, and I think that he genuinely cares about me. Where Ropati honestly only thinks of me as a toy, if he did not have all of that money believe me I would be long gone by now. So yeah I know that Sameer is friends with you and this is probably a bit weird to hear but I am just telling you what’s going on.

Brenden looks at her a bit shocked but he smiles. That goes away pretty quick though as Brenden looks a bit upset as he looks at Sheridan once again. He looks at the masquara all down her face and how she keeps grabbing her shoulder over and over.


Brenden: Okay listen Sheridan, I want you to be honest with me. Before you came here, did...did Ropati hurt you? Is this the one who did this to you?

Sheridan begins to cry as Brenden pulls her close as she rests her head on his chest. Sheridan continues to cry for a fair bit of time before she eventually begins to get some words out, as she talks about what happened between her and Ropati earlier that night.


Sheridan: We..we went out for a few drinks at the local bar like we do every friday night you know. But something was different tonight...he was angry. We got home and he started calling me awful things and he started to throw things. He then grabbed my arm and I tried to pull away but he pulled on my arm not letting me away from him. I heard my shoulder pop and that is when I started to cry. He kept yelling and I fell to the ground he then dragged me to the bedroom…

Brenden then cuts Sheridan off as he can’t bear to hear anymore. Brenden and Sheri just hug for a while as Sheri is bawling her eyes out and we see some tears even roll down Brenden’s face as he can’t even imagine someone he is that close to being hurt like that.


Brenden: Sheri, I am so sorry that asshole did that to you. I might have something that helps soothe your pain though. It has always helped me out a bit, well we can’t tell any of the staff about that but me and Sameer do this all the time and it makes for a great time. Really makes you forget about the bad shit if you know what I mean.

We see Brenden reach into a cabinet in the kitchen and pull out a bong. Sheridan looks at him and smiles. The two then take turns as we see both of their moods lifted a bit but everything changes when Brenden leans in and kisses Sheridan! Sheridan though doesn't push him away instead she pulls him closer. The two would begin to make out on the couch but Brenden would stop for a second as he thinks about what he is doing.


Brenden would look over at the wall as he sees a picture of Sameer on the wall but instead of stopping he takes off his shirt as the two head off to Sameer’s bedroom. Brenden and Sheridan would spend the rest of the night in that room with Sheridan leaving before Sameer came home in the morning. Everything would seem normal too, well until the secret was spilled but Keeley who ended up finding out later on.


As the cameras cut away we suddenly see Brenden wake up in his prison bed covered in sweat and extremely stressed out. Brenden would just lay there staring at the ceiling thinking about what he did that night and thinking about what would have happened if he never answered that door? Would he still have a friend in Sameer? Would his wife still be alive and happy? The cameras then cut away as Brenden is left with his thoughts.


We hear a school bell ring as we see Arrow walking in the hallways heading to his first class. He is not alone though as he is walking with Paris. The two are holding hands as it seems for the first time ever the kids at school are noticing them. The kids though are giving them dirty looks as they head to class. Arrow gets a bit upset by this but as he looks over at Paris she is just laughing.


Arrow: You seem to be in a good mood for 7:30 in the morning, what’s so funny?

Paris looks at Arrow as she smiles, Arrow smiles back as it seems like Arrow is finally enjoying his time in High School. At least for the first time in a long time. Arrow clenches on to Paris’ hand a bit more and it is clear why as we see Icon, Akki, and Mikey walking toward them.


Paris: Don’t worry about them Arrow. They aren't going to do anything to you here. Plus I don’t think they want Julius coming after them anytime soon. Well then again I am first in line in kicking all 3 of their asses if they come after you again.

Arrow smiles as he doesn't even notice that the cliq walked past him without saying a word. Arrow looks a bit shocked as him and Arrow keep on walking around the hallways of the school. Arrow and Paris would kiss before he dropped her off for her art class as he would head off to math in what has been a great start to his day. The cameras then cut away as we cut to later in the day as the Pizza Place is close to opening.



We cut to inside the Pizza Place as we see the staff sitting there as Bailey has called a meeting before the shop opens. Bailey looks to be changing things up a bit as he the staff seems to be a bit confused by this as they don’t really hold meetings. Well up until the incident at least.


Bailey: Well I'm gonna be straight up with you all. Brenden let a lot of shit slide when he was in charge here with all this drama bullshit. Well guess what we are going to change that. So if you have an issue come to me and we will handle it together. We are a family here and we are going to be that way for as long as I am in charge. So get to know your co workers cause shit around here is going to change. And it is going to change for the better. 


We then see the staff look around at eachitget as Bailey walks back to the kitchen. Everyone seems to be handling this well. Well until the camera cuts over to Bart. We just seem him looking out the window. He just stares off into the distance as he was unaware of everything that Bailey had said.


We then cut to later in the day as the Pizza Place is now open. We see Sheridan serving tables alone. Well that is till Sameer walks out and helps her. This time though he did not volunteer as Bailey forced him to. Sameer clearly doesn't look happy as Sheridan walks up to him with a grin.


Sheridan: Hey, Sameer glad you could help out. I know things between us aren't great but I'm glad you are still willing to help me out.

Sameer looks at her as he looks pissed off. Sameer just looks at her as he begins to let Sheri know how he truly feels once again.


Sameer: Listen I didn't come out here because I wanted to ok. Lets get that straight. Bailey made me come out here because of his anti drama campaign he has going on. I would be happy to sit in the back and watch you struggle. Cause you know what you deserve to struggle you hoe. This is why Ropati beats you and you'll never be more than a one night stand to not only Brenden but to me as well.

Sheridan just looks at Sameer as we see some tears start to roll down her face as she looks like she is about to break down again. She then storms off as she goes back to waiting tables. Sameer stands there but this time he seems to be feeling a bit regretful of what he said. The cameras then cut away as Sameer is looking at Sheridan almost in a blank stare before he focuses back up and walks off.



We then cut to the First Class Express as we see them driving around. The night is almost over as they only have one delivery left. Hans though looks at the delivery address and is confused. 


Hans: BiC I don't know if this is the right address. It takes us down to the cemetery. You think this is some sort of prank or something by the guys in the kitchen.

BiC then looks over at Hans and the address and sees what he is talking about. He looks at Hans who is scared as he just smiles. He then begins to talk as Hans looks a bit surprised at Hans being so calm about this.

BiC: Nah we good. Look Bailey said he didn't want none of that drama going around the workplace anymore. So this has got to be real. If we see anything fishy from the distance we will just drive past alright. Everything will be alright.


We see Hans and BiC keep driving for a bit as they eventually come near the graveyard. They look for a bit as they eventually see a cross burning in the back. Hans and BiC just look at each other as they keep driving.

Hans: Well I never knew the KKK were fans of Pizza…

As Hans and BiC drive off we see the cameras zoom into toward the cross as we see a group of men sitting under it. Toxik is with them!


Toxik: Sorry about the wait guys, the Pizza should be here soon. Just hope youre ready to kill the ones who deliver it.

The cameras then cut away as we cut away as we slowly fade away from the burning cross that is alone their is the pitch black of the graveyard. A bit of a weird night for the Pizza Place but then again is there every really a normal night at BPZ Pizza?


We cut to a new scene that we haven't seen before we are in Julius’ home as he seems to be in his attic. Julius is digging around looking for something. Julius pushes a box over frustrated as he looks back and taped to the bottom of the box is a picture. Well a part of a picture. He takes a look at the ripped picture as we see a young girl with an arm around her shoulder. We can’t see who the guy in the photo is but we can assume it’s Julius. Julius smiles as he looks at the photo and then looks up. It seems as if Julius is thinking about something serious and he seems to be very excited because of it. Julius then walks off as the cameras cut to the Pizza Place.



We cut back to the Pizza Place as everyone is heading home. Sameer is about to head out the front door when he hears Bailey call from behind him. Sameer turns around a bit annoyed as he has had a long day but Bailey's his friend and boss at the moment so he listens to him.


Bailey: Sameer hold up I need to talk to you for a second. Come on, let’s go and talk in the back. Just like old times alright.

Bailey and Sameer walk to the back as we see them step into the phones room as they enter the room Sameer sees Sheridan and immediately tries to turn around but Bailey stops him as Sameer is clearly upset. He sits down as Bailey sits in the doorway looking down on the two of them.

Bailey: Listen I know that things between you two have not been great as of late. With Sheri being a bit of a hoe and you Sameer not gonna lie being a bit of a dick. Now I don’t care if you two don’t get along outside of work. But when you two are here I need you two on the same page okay. Cause I got guys like Arrow and Toxik who need a good example to follow. 


Sameer looks at Bailey as he has a annoyed grin on his face. Bailey looks back at him with a stern look as he is tired of the bullshit between the two of them. Bailey though takes it another step as he talks once again.

Bailey: Now Sameer, I know Sheridan has already apologized to you multiple times only to get shut down and attacked by you. But I am not allowing that tonight. Sameer I want you to apologize to Sheridan right now!

Sameer looks at Sheridan and Bailey as he just laughs. He realizes that he is not going to get home anytime soon if he doesn't so he ends up sucking it up as he begins to talk.


Sameer: Sheri, I know I have been hard on you lately and for that I am sorry. I wish that you had not done what you did but I understand that we can’t change the past. 

Sameer then looks up to Bailey as Bailey nods. He then moves out of the way as Sameer leaves. Sheridan stands up as she looks at Sameer as he leaves as she seemed to be excepting some sort of hug or something. Bailey laughs at her as the two finish closing up the shop as the camera cuts away to a new scene.


We cut to about 30 minutes later as Sheridan and Bailey have finally finished closing the shop and are now making their way out as we see none other than Ropati waiting in the parking lot for Sheridan and he once again does not look happy. 


Ropati: What the hell Sheridan? Why took you so goddamn long? I’m just trying to give you this dick but you took two goddamn hours than usual. And you know what I am going to do because of this. It’s going to be a long night for you.

Bailey looks at Sheridan as he tells her to go back inside. Sheridan does as Ropati is furious and walks up to Bailey on the porch and gets in his face.


Ropati: You got a problem bro. You trying to take my girl or something. Cause if you are I am gonna kick your ass right here right now.

Bailey looks at Ropati and laughs as he clearly is not afraid of Ropati. Bailey then looks back at Ropati smiling at him. Bailey then begins to talk as Roapti spits on him.


Bailey: Listen you piece of shit. You beat your girl and you spit in my face. You started something your weak ass cant handle. You might as well bend over now.

Bailey then punches Ropati in the gut over and over backing him up as Ropati goes to answer with a punch but Bailey keeps beating him down. Ropati is pissed as he is swinging wild. Barely begins to talk to Ropati as he is swinging.


Bailey: C’mon man I thought you were better than this. Oh wait this is just with women right?

Ropati has heard enough as he goes to punch Bailey but Bailey ducks and Suplexes Ropati through the Pizza Place’s front window. We hear Sheridan scream in the background as Bailey hops through the broken window and continues to pummel away on Ropati. Bailey eventually stops as he stops once more.


Bailey: If you ever touch her again I will fucking kill you. You hear me!

Bailey then slams Ropati’s head on the floor knocking him out cold. Bailey gets up and looks at Sheridan before walking off. Sheridan sits there speechless as the episode comes to an end. Another episode of BPZ Pizza in the books and we still have some much we don't know.




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BPZ Pizza Season 2 Episode 4


Another Episode of BPZ Pizza kicks off as we see Bailey sitting across a table from Flynn. Bailey is not in handcuffs as they seem to just be talking. They are in the interrogation room as Flynn begins to speak as Bailey looks at him taking a sip of his coffee. 


Flynn: Ok Mr. Bailey, let me get this straight you beat up a drunk man last night who we have identified under the name Ropati. Now Ropati has been here before on a couple accounts of domestic abuse but I never got to lock him up. Well, thanks to you I now can cause it looks like Ms. Sheridan is going to follow through with the charges this time. Now though for the charges that Ropati made against you for assault, well those as of now don’t exist. You’re welcome.

Bailey looks at Flynn and smiles as he is going to suffer no consequence for beating Ropati’s ass the other night. Bailey and Flynn then shake hands as Bailey begins to talk.


Bailey: Hey no problem my guy. Any guy who beats his wife deserves to get his ass beat. So in my eyes Ropati just got what was coming to him. I hope you can come over to the Pizza Place sometime would mean alot to the staff and I.

Flynn looks at Bailey and rolls his eyes as he escorts him out of the room as they walk off. Bailey lifted of any charges he had from last night. Where as Ropati is getting locked up finally as he will no longer be able to beat and harass Sheridan.


We cut to the Jail as we see Brenden and Slim sitting in the cafeteria as it is around noon and they are eating. Brenden and Slim has grown to be good friends over the past few days. As it seems like they have someone who has their back which both seem to be grateful for. We then see Brenden begin to talk as Slim continues to eat.


Brenden: So Reggie told me a rumor we are getting a new guy tomorrow, you think Wallace is gonna ruin him too? Don’t need another Brad accident.

Slim just laughs as he continues eating some chilli. Brenden looks around as he sees Wallace taking up an entire bench as Brad sits across from him. Brad looks afraid as he wants to sit anywhere else but Wallace has turned Brad into his bitch. 

Brenden: Well to me I think Brad is all Wallace ever wanted. You know Brad was not even able to fuck his wife in the real world. A few of my co-workers ended up cucking him. Brad can never catch a break can he? Espeically with his sex life.

Slim looks at Brenden as he spits out his food at even the thought of Brad’s sex life. Brenden laughs as Slim looks at him and gets up walking away as he seems to have lost his appetite. Brenden can be seen laughing before the cameras cutaway.



We cut to the Pizza Place for the first time today as we see Arius chopping up some onions and we there are no tears to be seen. Arius seems annoyed as we hear a phone ringing in the background. Arius then stops cutting onions and walks over to the phone room to see what is going on. 


As Arius enters the room we see Bart just staring at the phone, not having a reaction to it as he just looks at it with a blank stare. Bart seems to be in deep thought as he seems to be losing his mind a bit since the incident. Arius just looks at him confused as Bart seems to be taking the worst of it. Why though? He didn’t lose anyone that important to him and he had to harm to him. What could be putting him into that state?


Arius: Hey man, you should probably get back to work. Bailey has been super strict about staying on task lately so I would start taking calls.

Bart shakes his head as he looks at Arius as he comes to his senses. Bart then looks around the room almost forgetting where he was. Bart then looks at Arius and nods his head as he begins to talk.

Bart: Oh...yeah. I’ll get on it. Thanks.

Bart then picks up the phone as he goes to answer it but doesn't say a word. Arius looks at him with a confused look but he also looks like he feels bad. Arius then walks away as the cameras cut to a new scene.



With a rainy day at the Pizza Place the night is shutting down a bit early as we see Sameer and Bailey sweeping up in the kitchen. We see Sameer pull Bailey aside as there is something he wants to talk to Bailey about.


Sameer: Yo so I saw that you beat that bitch Ropati down the other day. Thanks for that. He’s lucky you got to him before me though. I don’t know if I would have stopped.

Bailey looks at Sameer and smiles as he pats him on the shoulder before walking past him as he goes to sweep again. But Sameer says something that makes him stop.


Sameer: Hey Bailey, you think I still got a shot with Sheri?

Bailey looks at him as he is a bit confused but then seems to understand it. Bailey then walk over to Sameer coming close enough so no one else could hear.

Bailey: Yeah kid, you got a shot. Just don’t do what Ropati did or I myself will come to your house and beat your ass.

Sameer smiles as Bailey nods at him and walks off leaving Sameer alone as he seems to be in a much better mood than he had as of late. Maybe it’s that Bailey is in charge now or maybe it has something to do with his relationship with Sheridan.



We cut outside as we see Sheridan sending on the front porch as most of the staff has gone home. As Sheridan is sitting there just taking a moment to relax, we see a car pull up as Paris walks out. We then see Arrow run out as the two hug and kiss as Sheridan watches on. Arrow and Paris seem to be truly in love as of right now.


Sheridan watches as they drive off. She then begins to cry as she remembers all of her past relationships and how she managed to fuck all of them up. Maybe if she had not slept with Brenden Sameer might not be upset with her. Maybe if she never went to that apartment that night her and Brenden would not have such an awkward relationship. Maybe she could have supported Ropati more and got him through his issues. Then again thought maybe Sheri was never the problem maybe Sheri was just always stuck as the victim. The cameras then cut away later in the day as we cut away from the Pizza Place.



We then cut to a bit later as we see Julius driving home but he has taken a different route as we see him looking at his GPS as if he is looking for something. We see him look over and slow down as he drives past a house as we see a women in the front yard. She looks over at Julius and looks shocked we hear here start to speak to Julius.


Woman: Oh my god, Julius? Is that really you? I thought…

We then see Julius speed away before we hear what the woman has to say. Julius is sweating as we see him speed away. Clearly Julius has some sort of past woman. But who is she and what does she have to do with Julius? The cameras cutaway as Julius looks as if he has seen a ghost. 


In our final scene of the day we cut to Ropati and Sheridan’s house as Sheridan is sitting there alone in the dark. She is sitting on here coach as a faint light shines on her face from the outside porch light. Sheridan sits there thinking to herself in the dark.


We then see Sheridan pick up a bottle of Vodka and start drinking. The very thing that hurt her so much before is helping her cope with it. She cries as she drinks it as she just wants to stop feeling the pain of her own life. She continues to drink, chug after chug until the entire bottle is gone. Sheridan then goes to stand up and walk to her bed but she passes out falling to the floor as the episode comes to an end.



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