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The BPZ Pizza Place

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Brad: As much as I want to babe. I don’t feel like popping a Viagra right now. Not really up for it you know what I mean. I mean I can get you a prostitute or something. Besides you’d probably like that better.

Danielle smiles as she hands Brad the phone. Brad sighs as he calls up their weekly prostitute Hector. Danielle looks at Brad and smiles as once again Brad is allowing another man to fuck his wife as he really is a cuck. The cameras then cut away as we cut to a local diner.



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For me this is the most impressive diary on the forums, wrestling related or not, Bob. You've done a great job of keeping stories progressing while having them loosely tie together to make a great season finale. There is a sense of continuity and humour which makes this diary fun to enjoy and simple to immerse yourself in. Fantastic job Bob!

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Throughout my time here, many people have started diaries that have nothing to do with wrestling like this but they don't ever seem to stick to it. However, you have and you've created one of the best, if not the best diary at the moment. I loved the first season, the evolution of characters and relationships panned out well and remained interesting throughout. I'm looking forward to the next season and finally finding out what me and Bashka could possibly be doing.

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BPZ Pizza Season 2 Episode 4


Another Episode of BPZ Pizza kicks off as we see Bailey sitting across a table from Flynn. Bailey is not in handcuffs as they seem to just be talking. They are in the interrogation room as Flynn begins to speak as Bailey looks at him taking a sip of his coffee. 


Flynn: Ok Mr. Bailey, let me get this straight you beat up a drunk man last night who we have identified under the name Ropati. Now Ropati has been here before on a couple accounts of domestic abuse but I never got to lock him up. Well, thanks to you I now can cause it looks like Ms. Sheridan is going to follow through with the charges this time. Now though for the charges that Ropati made against you for assault, well those as of now don’t exist. You’re welcome.

Bailey looks at Flynn and smiles as he is going to suffer no consequence for beating Ropati’s ass the other night. Bailey and Flynn then shake hands as Bailey begins to talk.


Bailey: Hey no problem my guy. Any guy who beats his wife deserves to get his ass beat. So in my eyes Ropati just got what was coming to him. I hope you can come over to the Pizza Place sometime would mean alot to the staff and I.

Flynn looks at Bailey and rolls his eyes as he escorts him out of the room as they walk off. Bailey lifted of any charges he had from last night. Where as Ropati is getting locked up finally as he will no longer be able to beat and harass Sheridan.


We cut to the Jail as we see Brenden and Slim sitting in the cafeteria as it is around noon and they are eating. Brenden and Slim has grown to be good friends over the past few days. As it seems like they have someone who has their back which both seem to be grateful for. We then see Brenden begin to talk as Slim continues to eat.


Brenden: So Reggie told me a rumor we are getting a new guy tomorrow, you think Wallace is gonna ruin him too? Don’t need another Brad accident.

Slim just laughs as he continues eating some chilli. Brenden looks around as he sees Wallace taking up an entire bench as Brad sits across from him. Brad looks afraid as he wants to sit anywhere else but Wallace has turned Brad into his bitch. 

Brenden: Well to me I think Brad is all Wallace ever wanted. You know Brad was not even able to fuck his wife in the real world. A few of my co-workers ended up cucking him. Brad can never catch a break can he? Espeically with his sex life.

Slim looks at Brenden as he spits out his food at even the thought of Brad’s sex life. Brenden laughs as Slim looks at him and gets up walking away as he seems to have lost his appetite. Brenden can be seen laughing before the cameras cutaway.



We cut to the Pizza Place for the first time today as we see Arius chopping up some onions and we there are no tears to be seen. Arius seems annoyed as we hear a phone ringing in the background. Arius then stops cutting onions and walks over to the phone room to see what is going on. 


As Arius enters the room we see Bart just staring at the phone, not having a reaction to it as he just looks at it with a blank stare. Bart seems to be in deep thought as he seems to be losing his mind a bit since the incident. Arius just looks at him confused as Bart seems to be taking the worst of it. Why though? He didn’t lose anyone that important to him and he had to harm to him. What could be putting him into that state?


Arius: Hey man, you should probably get back to work. Bailey has been super strict about staying on task lately so I would start taking calls.

Bart shakes his head as he looks at Arius as he comes to his senses. Bart then looks around the room almost forgetting where he was. Bart then looks at Arius and nods his head as he begins to talk.

Bart: Oh...yeah. I’ll get on it. Thanks.

Bart then picks up the phone as he goes to answer it but doesn't say a word. Arius looks at him with a confused look but he also looks like he feels bad. Arius then walks away as the cameras cut to a new scene.



With a rainy day at the Pizza Place the night is shutting down a bit early as we see Sameer and Bailey sweeping up in the kitchen. We see Sameer pull Bailey aside as there is something he wants to talk to Bailey about.


Sameer: Yo so I saw that you beat that bitch Ropati down the other day. Thanks for that. He’s lucky you got to him before me though. I don’t know if I would have stopped.

Bailey looks at Sameer and smiles as he pats him on the shoulder before walking past him as he goes to sweep again. But Sameer says something that makes him stop.


Sameer: Hey Bailey, you think I still got a shot with Sheri?

Bailey looks at him as he is a bit confused but then seems to understand it. Bailey then walk over to Sameer coming close enough so no one else could hear.

Bailey: Yeah kid, you got a shot. Just don’t do what Ropati did or I myself will come to your house and beat your ass.

Sameer smiles as Bailey nods at him and walks off leaving Sameer alone as he seems to be in a much better mood than he had as of late. Maybe it’s that Bailey is in charge now or maybe it has something to do with his relationship with Sheridan.



We cut outside as we see Sheridan sending on the front porch as most of the staff has gone home. As Sheridan is sitting there just taking a moment to relax, we see a car pull up as Paris walks out. We then see Arrow run out as the two hug and kiss as Sheridan watches on. Arrow and Paris seem to be truly in love as of right now.


Sheridan watches as they drive off. She then begins to cry as she remembers all of her past relationships and how she managed to fuck all of them up. Maybe if she had not slept with Brenden Sameer might not be upset with her. Maybe if she never went to that apartment that night her and Brenden would not have such an awkward relationship. Maybe she could have supported Ropati more and got him through his issues. Then again thought maybe Sheri was never the problem maybe Sheri was just always stuck as the victim. The cameras then cut away later in the day as we cut away from the Pizza Place.



We then cut to a bit later as we see Julius driving home but he has taken a different route as we see him looking at his GPS as if he is looking for something. We see him look over and slow down as he drives past a house as we see a women in the front yard. She looks over at Julius and looks shocked we hear here start to speak to Julius.


Woman: Oh my god, Julius? Is that really you? I thought…

We then see Julius speed away before we hear what the woman has to say. Julius is sweating as we see him speed away. Clearly Julius has some sort of past woman. But who is she and what does she have to do with Julius? The cameras cutaway as Julius looks as if he has seen a ghost. 


In our final scene of the day we cut to Ropati and Sheridan’s house as Sheridan is sitting there alone in the dark. She is sitting on here coach as a faint light shines on her face from the outside porch light. Sheridan sits there thinking to herself in the dark.


We then see Sheridan pick up a bottle of Vodka and start drinking. The very thing that hurt her so much before is helping her cope with it. She cries as she drinks it as she just wants to stop feeling the pain of her own life. She continues to drink, chug after chug until the entire bottle is gone. Sheridan then goes to stand up and walk to her bed but she passes out falling to the floor as the episode comes to an end.



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