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The Amazing BPZ Backyard Wrestling Soap Opera

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I'm loving the grind from you Amai with managing to juggle this diary and the All Stars one. With how in depth both diaries are, it's gonna be tough to maintain consistent uploads with both of them. But if there's one guy that can do it, I know you can be that guy. Keep up the good work!

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"The bell rings and right away Sheridan rolls Brad up for 1..2..3, Brad is eliminated, what a loser, Brenden is visibly seen smiling on the outside of the ring, as everything is going perfectly as planned."

Well.... Should of expected this. Don't know what's worse: how Bob's making me seem in his diary or losing to a girl in three seconds. Oh yeah, by the way


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Absolutely brilliant Amai! Hans coming into the ring out of no where and randomly attacking Bailey and Arrow was great, and him switching places with Julius for the mic drop was inexplicably genius. I think you depict most of the wrestlers quite well honestly, Sheridan's DDT that eliminated Toxik easily is exactly what I would imagine. Julius got the big win this night, I'm excited to see what happens next time. Keep up the good (fun) work.

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Amai this is perfectly fine. The format is great, very appealing to read. I love the spinoff of the BBQ event we had, very great idea. It’s awesome how you made it like a soap opera. Something like Lucha Underground, when done right is amazing. Just some advice, maybe make the gifs smaller, like a 250 size would be great. Other than that, keep them coming bro. 

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Then Amazing BPZ Backyard Wrestling Soap Opera





Narrator: Welcome, to the second episode of the greatest episodic television show in history, the premise of this episode is simple: Sheridan, the woman who got clapped by Julius last week, will be making her return after being absolutely beat down by the behemoth. Also in our main event for tonight we will see Hans take on The Bailey in what will surely be a match that will be remembered for years to come.




The show kicks off at the very familiar place known as BBW HQ, we are outside Brenden's office, which is guarded by the aforementioned behemoth known as Julius, he is greeted by Sheridan, who is very keen to enter the office to talk to Brenden.


Sheridan: Ok big guy, are you going to let me in, or will I have to barge through you to get through. You got lucky last week, it was merely a fluke; if we met in that ring again I promise you that I would absolutely fuck you up. Now let me in or I will beat you up right here, right now.


Julius stays silent, not even making eye contact with her, just constantly standing against the door; he then looks down on her, and spits in her face. Sheridan is absolutely disgusted, and she looks like she is about to have a massive rant:


Sheridan: Are you serious?! Who do you actually think you are spitting in the face of a lady like me? Do you know how disrespectful that is? Clearly you weren't taught manners as a child, so maybe I should just teach you them now… You know what, maybe I will, unless you let me into Brenden's office so that I can deal with him first.


Julius just keeps looking at her, not saying a word, just guarding the door.


Sheridan: Ok you big cunt, you've driven me to this, don't think you're getting away with this one easily-

Related image


Sheridan swings for a punch but Julius dodges and knocks her out in one blow, he then proceeds to beat the shit out of her, before launching her out with a huge powerbomb, before returning to his original position: guarding the door to Brenden's office, who then comes out to check up on things


Brenden: What's the racket about? Keep it down here will you?


Brenden looks around for a little bit, checking if there's anyone possibly hiding around, before heading back to his office, while Julius just stands there, with a blank expression as usual, the scene closes off with him picking his nose and eating the huge booger that he pulls out.







The bell rings and-

Image result for goldberg spear gif

SPEAR BY ARROW! HE'S GOING FOR THE COVER! 1..2.. KICKOUT BY BRAD! Brad somehow manages to kick out of that huge spear by the 4'10 killer machine. The fans are in shock as Arrow pulls out a flaming table from his trousers, and plants Brad through it with a huge powerslam that would make British Bulldog proud. He grabs a 2x4 wrapped around in barbed wire, but just as he is about to hit Brad with it…

Image result for stunner gif

Huge Stunner by the old guy! 1.. Arrow kicks out, he's not even hurt in this match! Brad lifts Arrow up and throws him to the outside of the ring through a ladder that is very conveniently bridged onto the Spanish announcers' table. He throws the small boy back into the ring, 1..2.. Kick out by the small strong boi. Neither of these useless twats want to give up in this one, they will give it their all until the very end of the contest. Brad goes to the top rope now:

Image result for 630 senton gif


Huge 630! Brad's got the win! 1..2.. YET ANOTHER KICKOUT BY ARROW! BY GAWD! Brad lifts Arrow up, setting up for another stunner,

Image result for low blow gif



Image result for stunner gif

STUNNER BY BRAD! 1..2..3! IT IS ALL OVER! BRAD PICKS UP THE WIN! But oh no, what is Brad doing, he's walking up to Arrow with a chair in his hand, smacking him multiple times even though he's already won the match, why is he doing this, what could poor Arrow have possibly done to deserve this sort of torture.

Image result for wwe running down ramp gif


HOLD ON! An unfamiliar face is running down the ramp! It can’t be… It’s Steph, the brother of Arrow! He runs into the ring and goes to hit some sort of strike on Brad, but it’s no use, he gets knocked out instantaneously, the fans are in shock. Brad grabs a microphone from the announcer and starts yelling down it.


Brad: Today is the dawn of a new era, gone is the old man, and out is a young buck. Brad is better than ever before, and with this announcement, I want to host an open challenge next week, so I don’t care who comes out, but if you want some… Come get some!


He drops the mic on the floor and walks up the ramp, but he falls over and tears both his quads, so he will probably be out of action next week, so much for the open challenge announcement.  




We arrive at a very fancy Italian restaurant, where Amai & Meko are sat, after forming an unlikely friendship off camera, they are sipping on some wine, and eating a delicious pepperoni and chicken pizza. 

Image result for pepperoni pizza


Amai: I’m really glad we became best friends, I haven’t had this feeling of friendship in a very, very long time, and I couldn’t think of any feeling right now that would be better than this one, so thank you, very, very much.


Meko: No Amai, thank you for inviting me for such a lovely meal, it’s honestly been a pleasure coming out and eating this delicious food with you. And I too am extremely happy for our newly born friendship, I hope we can be best friends for ever and ever. At least we can put our differences aside, with this new friendship, we don’t have to worry about some pathetic backyard wrestling promotion; we can focus on ourselves. 


Both Amai & Meko finish the pizza, and they ask for the bill, the waiter brings the bill over as well as some shots of liquor, Amai takes a look at the bill, and almost spits his drink out, as the bill comes to a total of $304.50 for just a couple of pizzas and a bottle of fine Italian wine. Meko looks at him, confused, as he hasn’t seen the bill yet.


Amai: Well, what do you want to do, split it? Actually, let me go to the toilet first, I’ll just be a few minutes mate.

Image result for joker running away gif


Amai is visibly seen running out of the restaurant, Meko is staring right at him, wondering why Amai is running out, he then takes a look at the bill, and he looks absolutely furious. He begins to shout in the middle of the restaurant, and everyone starts to glare at him.


Meko: What the fuck Amai! You absolute bastard! Why would you leave me with the bill like that? You're going to get what is coming to you! I'm not going to let you get away with this one!


Meko bolts out of the restaurant, in a hope of finding Amai and laying him out for breaking their friendship so early after it started.





Image result for new jackImage result for hillbilly jim


The two men stare each other down, Bashka has some sort of killer instinct in his eyes as he is visibly holding a knife in his hands for some odd reason, he walks up to Toxik and stabs him.


Toxik: What the hell man? I thought this was supposed to be a wrestling match, not a murder!


Bashka: You thought wrong fool.


Bashka keeps stabbing Toxik, with no sign of stopping, he goes for the pin: 1..2.. Kickout by Toxik, he's not giving up yet even though he is bleeding out as we speak.


Bashka lifts him up, stabs him one more time and goes for the pin again. 1..2.. Kickout once again. Bashka looks frustrated, he pulls out a gun on Toxik, and he begins to shoot him. Toxik may be dead, but Bashka wins the match by knockout. After the match, the medics come over and put an ice pack on Toxik's bleeding body, they may have just saved this man's life.

Image result for undertaker sit up gif


OH SHIT, TOXIK'S ALIVE, HE RUNS AFTER BASHKA! But Bashka just shoots him again, the end.




Hans is inside the HQ, he is being interviewed by Arrow, who is limping for dear life, he honestly looks like he may collapse at any second now, he probably shouldn’t be doing this, but oh well.


Hans: Are you gonna ask me a question, or do I have to ask them myself, stupid imbecile. Anyway, I have a match with Bailey coming up in just a few short moments, and I am pumped, I can’t wait to squash this pickle chin looking ass jabroni in front of the entire audience. This man is not a Hollywood star, he is a Hollywood fraud, and I will prove that when I drown him in daddy’s favourite BBQ sauce, imported straight from Canada.

Image result for wrestler falls over gif


Arrow collapses, and Hans just snatches the microphone from him, and starts to speak.


Hans: Because that BBQ sauce, is the best BBQ sauce around, once you taste my BBQ sauce, you will never switch to another BBQ sauce, because my BBQ sauce, is honestly, and I am 100% truthful when i say this, my BBQ sauce is the best BBQ sauce on this entire planet. And if anyone wants to try compete with my BBQ sauce, they can bring their BBQ sauce to the cookout, and we will see who has the best BBQ sauce. Of course it will be me, because my BBQ sauce is the best BBQ sauce. Believe that.


Hans throws the mic onto Arrow’s body, before pulling out a bottle of Hans’ Special BBQ Sauce from his trunks, and pouring some BBQ sauce in his mouth. He then kicks Arrow, and leaves to go prepare for his match.





Image result for the rock oldImage result for jim ross


These two waste no time, as the match starts the start brawling like a pack of lions, they take the brawl to the outside of the ring, where they start beating each other up with every weapon imaginable to man: a chair, a kendo stick, a table, a glass bottle of Ciroc Vodka, you name it, any weapon you could think of, they hit each other with. Eventually both men got absolutely tired out from smacking each other with foreign objects, and they take the brawl inside the ring. 

Image result for rock bottom gif


BAILEY BOTTOM BY BAILEY! 1..2.. KICK OUT BY HANS! That could’ve been it, Bailey could’ve had the match right there and then. Bailey lifts Hans up, but he gets pushed to the outside of the ring by the big jock looking ass. Hans then pulls out the same bottle of BBQ sauce that he was sipping on earlier, and he pours it onto the ring canvas, and on the outside too, so it gets all slippery and greasy. Bailey is about to run back into the ring-

Image result for wrestler slips gif


Oopsie! Someone slipped on the BBQ sauce, that could’ve caused a huge concussion to Bailey, 1..2.. Kick out by the “Hollywood star”. This match has been an absolute war. Hans goes to the outside, and brings another table in, he pours BBQ sauce on it, and puts Bailey through it with a huge spinebuster, but he’s not done yet, he goes back to the outside, and brings a ladder in! He heads to the top of the ladder…

Image result for finn balor mitb gif


Good lord! What a huge double foot stomp from the very top of the ladder! Bailey’s ribs may be shattered from the impact of Hans’ big boy feet hitting his chest. 1..2.. Kickout! And as Hans is heading back up to the top of the ladder for another big splash- 

Sheridan is here! She is back from the dead after a huge beating from Julius!


Sheridan: Stop the match right this second! You have no right to be wrestling while I am here speaking. You two are coming with me, you’re going to help me beat Julius up, and break into Brenden’s office, understood you big bunch of buffoons? 


Hans: I don’t think you understand, but this is a wrestling match, you can’t just interrupt it like this, unless you are making me a sandwich filled with Hans’ Special BBQ Sauce, but if you’re not, you can fuck right off back to where you came from! 


Sheridan enters the ring, and stares down with Hans, as Bailey is still laid on the floor, but starts to get back to his feet slowly.


Sheridan: I don’t think you understand! You’re coming with me, whether you like it or not! Now come on and get a move on, we have business to sort out.


Hans: Ok fine, but just this once, I’ll get back to this loser once we’re done.

Image result for rko gif



This is uncalled for! Sheridan doesn’t deserve to get beaten up by two big brutes! They begin to take turns in beating the shit out of her, until they see Brenden walking down the ramp with Julius, they both have a huge smile on their faces as they see Hans and Bailey beat their enemy up.


Brenden: Well done, Sheridan fell into our trap again, we have now won the war, unless she still wants some. Now let’s leave this pile of trash in the ring where she belongs, let’s go have a party, while this idiot lays here and thinks about what she’s done. See you next week Sheridan!


Hans pours some BBQ sauce onto Sheridan, making her stink. Both Hans and Bailey then leave the ring, and head to the back with Brenden, everyone laughing as the show comes to a close.





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I was going to say I loved this until I read the final episode. Being beaten down twice and covered in BBQ sauce isn't amazing. The effort you put into these is underappreciated, keep up the good work Amai! I think you should introduce a championship to spice things up.

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The Amazing BPZ Backyard Wrestling Soap Opera





Narrator: Welcome, to the fourth episode of the greatest episodic television show in history, the premise of this episode is simple: Last week, Amai brutally betrayed Meko after running away during their dinner date, and leaving Meko with the entire bill to himself, this time Amai will see the consequences, as he and Meko battle it out in a one on one contest. And everyone else is on the show too, as you’d expect.




Image result for boxing bag training gif"

The show kicks off at the gym, where Meko is furiously beating up the boxing bag, taking out all of his frustrations that he currently has with Amai, as he sees the camera, he begins to talk.


Meko: I’m sick and tired of this shit, I did all that stuff for Amai and this is how he repays me? Stabbing me in the back and leaving me almost bankrupt? That’s not how we play these games around here, you’re supposed to treat your friends with respect, not betray them in the fashion that Amai did last week. Now why don’t you excuse me, I’ve got some training to do.

Image result for boxing bag fail gif"


As the camera starts to move away, Meko goes for a kick on the bag, but misses and slips on his ass. Bad luck Meko, maybe next time.




We enter the next scene as Sheridan storms into Brenden’s office at BBW HQ, and she does not look too happy.

Image result for wwe sable"

Sheridan: Can you explain to me what last week was all about? I thought that it was all over, I thought that the gauntlet match was the end of it, but apparently not, because you want to constantly be a dick to me and violate me for no apparent reason. So I suggest you give me a valid reason for setting up a match between Hans and Bailey just so that they could assault me without my consent.


Brenden: First of all, go take a shower; you absolutely stink of Hans’ Special BBQ Sauce, and that’s not going to run in my business. Second of all, I never said that the war is over, this is simply the beginning, and if you don’t like that, then I suggest you step out of this promotion, and never come back. Have I made my point clear? Now get out of my office before you make things even worse.for yourself.


Sheridan: I don't think that you understand what I'm trying to say to you, I'm trying to resolve this in a peaceful manner and you just piss it all back up into my face, this is not the Brenden I've known for years; this is a sad, pathetic, old fart of a promoter. You're lucky that you have all of your little goons by your side, because believe me when I say this, I would knock you out if you didn’t-

Image result for superkick backstage gif"

Brenden has had enough of the talking from the stupid woman, he hits her with a superkick


Brenden: Are you going to shut the fuck up now? I’ve had it with you, I’m sick you talking all this bullshit. I’m going to give you one last chance to redeem yourself: in a career threatening match, against the one and only… JULIUS!


Sheridan starts to get up even though she doesn’t even know what happens, but before she can even stand, Brenden spikes her with a huge piledriver, just for good measure, before throwing Sheridan out of the office and sitting back down in his leather chair.





Image result for marko stunt"Image result for hilbilly jim"


It was time, the rematch of the century, the match everyone had been waiting for. The bell rings, both idiots stare each other in the eye, before finally locking in, Arrow tries to push Toxik but it doesn’t work, he instead gets thrown to the complete other side of the arena. This contest is already over, Arrow knows that he has no chance in this contest, so he attempts to run away, but it’s no use; Toxik has already caught up to him and is ready to spank his balls. The big man Toxik throws the poor Arrow into the ring.

Image result for backyard wrestling gif"

Oh… My… God… Arrow just hit Toxik with a huge 630 Senton Plancha to the outside of the ring through a table! The tables have turned 360 degrees as Arrow is now on top! He throws Toxik back into the ring, 1..2.. Kickout by Toxik! The match lives on as Arrow climbs to the top of a goddamn house where there is a ladder conveniently placed; he climbs up the ladder, and he is ready to jump… And he does! But he misses, very miserably, and Toxik goes for the cover, 1..2.. KICKOUT! THE CROWD GOES WILD AS ARROW SOMEHOW KICKS OUT! 

Image result for hulk hogan comeback gif"

Arrow is getting back up to his feet, Toxik’s strikes have no effect on this young man, the crowd are loving every second of it; Arrow hits Toxik with a few huge strikes, sending Toxik flying all over the ring. ArrowMania is running wild up in the building! 

Image result for hulk hogan big boot leg drop gif"

He goes for the ultimate winning combination… 1..2..3! He’s done it, Arrow has defeated Toxik in the greatest rematch of all time! The crowd cheers on as the young dwarf has no idea what just happened, still dazed in the ring, but wait, hold on, what’s going-

Image result for rko gif"


HANS! RKO! He takes Arrow out with a huge cutter, but why would he do such a thing? Now he comes over to the commentary booth, and picks up a mic.


Hans: This is what happens when you fuck up an interview of mine, now this may teach you a lesson or two about messing with the wrong people, because now the BWO are taking over, bitch!


The crowd is looking confused, what in the bloody hell is the BWO supposed to be? We have to find this out sooner rather than later!




We are now at the BPZ County Prison, where Bashka has been held for a little while now for the attempted murder of Toxik, he did start growling a bit when he saw the camera, so we made sure not to get too close, just incase he started barking or something silly like that.

Image result for new jack"


Interviewer: So umm… Bashka, can you please explain last week’s actions against Toxik, personally I think what you did was very barbaric and totally against the rules of BBW.


Bashka: Bashka? Who’s Bashka? I’ve never heard of this man… Bashka, *growls*. My name is not Bashka, my name is… Jack. And next episode, I will be coming to fuck Toxik up one more time, so he better watch his back, because you never know what this madman is going to be up to next. You never know, never know, never, know, know.


Interviewer: Well, it was nice talking to you, but I think I’m going to head out now-


Bashka, or Jack, starts barking at the interviewer, like a big vicious dog. The interviewer looks at him as if he is some sort of wild creature and slowly walks away.





Image result for mae young"


It’s that time now, time for the big open challenge that has been hyped up so much since the last episode, and now after much worry if Brad will be able to compete it’s here; Brad makes his way down to the ring, on crutches of course, after his big tearing of the quads. But who will his opponent be?



Image result for sable entrance gif"




The bell rings, Brad is looking very nervous, he is getting flashbacks from the last time he met Sheridan in the ring. But he goes for a clothesline anyway, only to miss and retear his quads… Nice. Sheridan rolls the old man up, 1..2.. But a kickout saves Brad from being embarrassed once again! Sheridan lifts Brad up, hitting him with a few bitchslaps, before throwing him into the corner, and… Oh no, she’s actually gonna do it.

Image result for stinkface gif"


Stinkface! Brad can’t breathe as the air around him is filled with greasy farts, he collapses to the floor, this could possibly be all over for him; he starts to black out and the ref begins the count. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9.. NO! Brad kips up and is ready to fight back, he goes for another clothesline! But he misses, and retears his quads AGAIN. He lays there on the floor, in a whole load of pain, and oh god. Sheridan is bringing the tables in, this is about to get tasty, she lifts Brad up onto the table, goes to the top rope…

Image result for sabu leg drop gif"


Good god almighty! What a huge leg drop from the woman! 1..2..Kickout! Brad might just be dead, Sheridan lifts him up just to make sure, and just as she’s about to go for the finishing maneuver-

Image result for vince mcmahon walk gif"


Brenden’s on the ramp! Sheridan is distracted, BRAD ROLLS HER UP! 1..2..3! BRAD WINS HIS FIRST OPEN CHALLENGE AS HE LEAVES SHERIDAN IN A PUDDLE OF TEARS! Brenden stands on the ramp, absolutely pissing himself at the scenes that he had just witnessed, he begins to walk to the back as Brad is in the ring, unable to move and Sheridan is kneeling in the middle of the ring, crying her eyes out as she has lost another match.




After the shocking scenes we have just witnessed, Brenden is backstage for a short interview.

Image result for vince mcmahon"


Interviewer: So, why did you do that? I understand that you hate Sheridan, but did you really have to go out there and embarrass her on national TV like that? Personally, I think that’s extremely low of you, and you should apologise, not just to Sheridan, but to me and the audience too.


Brenden: Listen here you arsehole, I don’t care what you think, I did what I had to do. I didn’t screw Sheridan. Sheridan screwed Sheridan. That’s all that I have to say, nothing more, nothing less.


Brenden storms off as the interviewer has just pissed him off, and the interviewer looks absolutely disgusted because of what Brenden just said to her. We now cut to our main event of the evening.





image.jpegImage result for val venis"


These two monsters are ready, the highly anticipated rivalry comes to an end here… The bell rings; but there is one glaring problem. 

Brad is still in the ring, he hasn’t moved since he won the match, there are no medics on site, so there’s no way he will be moved, he just has to lay there, and enjoy the show.

Now back to the match, it finally kicks off as the two behemoths start brawling, chop after chop after chop, they may have even hit Brad with a few, but I couldn’t tell you for certain. There looks to be no sign of slowing down as both Amai and Meko hit each other with big move after big move, first a moonsault, then a tombstone, then a canadian destroyer, they did almost every move that man could ever think of. Well, not quite, so far they’ve actually only hit each other with chops. But now Meko throws Amai to the outside…

Image result for topa suicida gif"

TOPE SUICIDA! Meko has Amai in full control now, he takes a fork and a butter knife from underneath the ring and

Image result for abdullah the butcher fork gif"

Jesus! He’s cutting into Amai’s head like its a steak, blood is pouring all over the floor, this is enough now! Stop the match ref! He’s 17 years old! But the ref doesn’t listen, Meko throws Amai back into the ring, and he’s about to hit him with a huge maneuver, but Amai counters the big boot, and hits a huge clothesline to bounce back into the match and take control back from meko, he goes for the cover. 1..2.. Kickout by Meko! The match lives on as both men get up to their feet instantly.

Image result for lariatooo gif"


LARIATOOO!!! Meko gets Amai down once again as Brad just lays there, constantly watching on! 1..2.. Another kickout! The crowd is going nuts for these two (well technically three but one of them is pretty much disabled) Meko has just about enough of this man now, he climbs up to the top of the roof, but Amai follows! They brawl as they climb up the deadly structure, but oh no, they look like, no, this can’t be happening.

Image result for backyard wrestling gif"

IT JUST HAPPENED! PILEDRIVER THROUGH A PERFECTLY PLACED TABLE! AMAI GOES FOR THE COVER 1..2.. KICKOUT! MEKO ISN’T GIVING UP JUST YET! The two men take the fight back inside of the ring, while Brad is still there, just in case anyone got worried. Constantly trading punches, there is no sign of stopping any time soon… BUT ANOTHER LARIATOOOO TAKES MEKO DOWN! 1..2.. KICKOUT! Both men get back up to their feet, they don’t know how to put each other away, how to end this rivalry. Amai runs out of the ring, picks up a chair, runs back in, only to get the chair taken away from him by BRAD OF ALL PEOPLE! 

Image result for chair shot gif"

CHAIR SHOT TO AMAI! THEN ANOTHER ONE TO MEKO! He can’t even stand up properly, but Brad stacks Meko on top of Amai and GOES FOR THE COVER! 1..2..3! It’s over! Brad has won the match! He reigns supreme to end the show off with a huge bang! This is a match that won’t be forgotten any time soon. Brad smiles at the camera as the scene closes off and he kneels tall, to the shock of the world.





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The Amazing BPZ Backyard Wrestling Soap Opera





Narrator: Welcome, to the first episode of the greatest episodic television show in history, the premise of this episode is simple: Sheridan made the wrong decision confronting Brenden last week, and now she faces the consequences by going one on one with Julius here tonight in the main event in a career threatening match.




The show kicks off at the hospital, where Brad has been laid for about a week now after his deadly injury from last week which left him immobile for a long time, and he has a few words to say.

Image result for vince mcmahon hospital

Brad: I proved my dominance last episode, I was the first man to not only win two matches in one night, but also the first man to pin two men simultaneously while not being able to move my legs! And while I unfortunately cannot be here tonight for the open challenge, what I can say is that in the next episode, I don’t care who wants to answer my challenge, I will be on top once again, because this is the rise of the old man, the in ring veteran. Anyway, see you all later, I’ve still gotta lay here for a few weeks… Now doctor, may you get me an ice cold glass of water right this second?


The doctor looks up and down at Brad, before pulling his surgical mask down… 

Image result for vince mcmahon hospital gif

It’s Meko! He goes to assault Brad’s leg before other medical staff drag him away for Brad’s safety, but it’s not gonna work! Brad falls off his hospital bed and Meko starts to ground and pound! There’s no stopping this man! Well, until he gets stopped by even more security that is, Meko then gets dragged away and the screen fades to black.






Toxik is already in the ring, but there is no local talent to be seen, but then, in the blink of an eye, a body comes flying out of nowhere, and a shadow is seen slowly walking towards that body…


IT’S BASHKA, or Jack. HE’S BEEN RELEASED FROM PRISON AND HE’S LOOKING FOR REVENGE. He runs around the ring chasing Toxik but to no avail, the smaller, faster jobber is too fast for the huge Bashka, Toxik manages to run away with ease while the crowd laughs at him and throws stuff like pretzels and tomatoes at him. 

But hold on, Bashka is heading towards the crowd…

He’s picked up a fan! Good lord, he throws the fan into the ring and starts beating him down mercilessly, but then he goes back to the outside while the helpless audience member is laid in the ring, screaming for help.

Bashka’s got a table! He sets the table up in the ring and proceeds to slam the living hell out of that poor fan to the absolute shock of the rest of the audience. Bashka then proceeds to beat the fan down some more before throwing him back into the crowd and remembering why he came out: to get his revenge on Toxik; he storms out of the ring and heads inside BBW HQ, where Toxik ran to earlier.






Toxik is seen running through the hall of BBW HQ, where Nathan & Arrow are sat, having a nice conversation, drinking a few pints before some absolute madman comes in and just interrupts them for no reason.


Toxik: Guys, please can you help me, I’m on the run, Bashka wants to kill me, come on guys I know you wouldn’t let me die like that. Please! I need your help, he’s gonna come in here any second now!


Nathan & Arrow begin to absolutely piss themselves with laughter, before finally calming down and beginning to speak again.


Nathan: Are you serious? You’re really gonna run in here crying your eyes out asking for our help because you’re scared that someone might catch you and spank your little bottom? Just grow the fuck up, you’re acting like a little woman here, I thought you were much better than that. You’re supposed to be a man, not a pussy, now go find a room before you try hit me with that gay shit.


Toxik: I am being very serious! Please can you just help me find a hiding spot, this is a life or death situation, if you don’t help me then this is without a doubt my last night in BBW. JUST SHOW ME A HIDING SPOT!


Nathan: Jesus Chrst, relax man. No one’s going to hurt you, come here now, give papa a hug and I’ll find you a little hiding spot, I solemnly swear, you can trust me. 


Toxik reaches in for a hug, and Nathan begins to hold him tightly, before a big smile pops up on his face and he begins to laugh.


Arrow: Hey Bashka! Look who we’ve got over here! 


Bashka storms into the room, and Toxik starts screaming, Nathan then lets go and Toxik instantly starts running away. The laughs from Nathan and Arrow don’t last too long though, as Bashka grabs them both simultaneously and pounds into them with ease, throwing Nathan into the wall while spanking Arrow with his other hand; he then threw Arrow against the wall, right where Nathan was, just for good measure. The beast had just about enough of these stupid little games, he was out for revenge.





Sheridan is now just about to be interviewed before her career threatening match tonight with Julius, she looks ready and raring to go and win this main event contest. She then clears her throat and begins to speak into the mic, despite there not being one.


Sheridan: Tonight is the night, the night where I finally prove all the haters wrong and defeat my arch-nemesis in the biggest match in BBW history. I will prove Nathan wrong, I will prove Brad wrong, I will prove Bailey wrong, I will prove Hans wrong, I will prove Toxik-


Toxik then bursts onto the interview set, absolutely sweating his tits off, he can barely breathe, he grabs Sheridan by her head and looks deep into her eyes as he can barely keep his open.


Toxik: Please can you help me? Basically, it’s a long story to explain, but I’m kind of on the run, basically, Bashka wants to kill me right now, and I really don’t know what to do about it, please can you just hide me or something like that? I don’t want to die so young to a man so brutal!


Sheridan: Can you just shut up for one second please? You just interrupted my interview time, how bloody dare you, do you know who I am around here? Well, if you didn’t, my name’s Sheridan and I am the top star in BBW, you should be ashamed of interrupting me so rudely, I was literally about to praise you in my interview, but now that you’ve done that, I think I’m gonna have to give you the boot off the set.


Toxik: So, does that mean you’re gonna help me?

Image result for street knock out gif

Sheridan says absolutely nothing, just knocks him out in one punch, and over comes Bashka, smiling as he has finally caught his victim, Sheridan then carries on with her speech as Bashka picks Toxik up and carries him to another room.


Sheridan: Anyway, as I was saying, I really want to prove everyone wrong and show them how independent a woman can really be nowadays, especially a strong, hard working woman like me can actually be at the top of a wrestling promotion, like I feel like it’s just so crazy that this year, women are starting to you know… Get it-


The scene closes off before she can even finish her sentence.





The camera then arrives in the shower block, where Bashka is viciously beating down and torturing the poor old Toxik. In one case, he even poured cold water down his back, yikes! But then after about 5 minutes of pure brutality by Bashka...


Brenden walks in! And he does not look very happy!

 Brenden: Bashka! What on earth are you doing to that poor little thing? You’re going to hurt him if you carry this on! I suggest you give me one extremely good reason as to why I shouldn’t fire you right here on the spot; so do you have anything to tell me? Or do I have to go straight to the punishment, because believe me, there is a punishment. No one can get away with assault that easily.

Bashka: You want to know the truth? This little ass weasel has been blackmailing me while I’ve been in prison, threatening to end my career and kill my family, simple stuff like that. So I decided that when I do come out of prison, I’m going to hunt him down and give him a good lesson, because he certainly does if he kisses his mother with that dumb little mouth of his.

Brenden: Very well then, I think I have a solution to this problem… 

Bashka! You are suspended indefinitely for assault, I don’t care what Toxik has done to you, as the bigger man you should’ve reported him to me instead of lashing out on the poor lad like this, he’s not going to be able to compete for weeks now because of you. You’ve single handedly hurt your own image, as well as the companies. Well done Bashka, well bloody done, and while in this suspension period, you’re going to be the one that helps me fix everything that you’ve broken; that includes hospital bills for that audience member that you assaulted earlier. Understood? 

Bashka says nothing, just growls-

Image result for powerslam gif

Before grabbing Brenden and slamming him down with a huge powerslam! The beast has been unleashed, and despite the suspension, there is nothing stopping him now!





image.jpegImage result for eric bugenhagen

The match kicks off and both competitors go after each other fiercely, with Julius getting the early upper hand seeing as he is the bigger man in the match. He begins to ragdoll Sheridan around the ring to weaken her, before planting her down with a big slam and going for the cover: 1..2.. Kick out by Sheridan early on in the match. Julius then lifts Sheridan up, throws her into the corner, hits her with a huge clothesline, sets her up for a huge strike, but no she counters-

Image result for poisonrana gif

Huge Poisonrana by Sheridan, 1..2.. Kick out by the big man, keeping the match alive, the crowd is hyped up as there is nothing but a fantastic wrestling match going on right now, but I guess I spoke too soon as Sheridan is already getting the tables and ladders into play, she sets a table in the corner and attempts to put Julius through it, but he’s quite clearly too big to be lifted up so he just irish whips her through the table with ease. He laughs as he realises that this match is no contest to him, but just a comedy fight. He lifts Sheridan up once again, pushes her against the ropes-


But he feels the impact as he gets hit with a fantastic canadian destroyer from Sheridan, she goes for another pin but another kick out at 2 by Julius, he doesn’t want to get embarrassed in this match by a woman. Sheridan sets the ladder up into the corner, and just about manages to throw Julius into it, sending him flying onto the floor and sending Sheridan soaring up to the top rope…

Image result for 450 splash gif

What a 450 splash by Sheridan! She is looking extremely impressive in this match-


Hold on just a minute, that’s Bashka on the ramp! There’s no way someone else is about to cost Sheridan another match! He gets into the ring… And strikes Julius! Julius is down and out via a big knockout blow by Bashka! Sheridan goes for the cover! 1..2..3! It’s over, Sheridan has just ended Julius’ career in the blink of an eye! The fans are going wild! Bashka then promptly leaves the ring after celebrating for a while, coming to terms that he has been suspended from BBW. Sheridan stands tall to close off the show as there is nothing stopping her in this glorious moment tonight.






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