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I Can't Odd

Ranking the Cruiserweight Champions

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In the same vein as Meko's NXT Champion rankings, I want to make a ranking on the Cruiserweight Championships. 


11. Akira Tozawa (6 days, 0 defenses)

Tozawa should never have won the belt when he did in the first place. He randomly beat Neville in the middle of a fantastic reign, only for Neville to win it back 6 days later, making the original loss pointless.


10. Kalisto (13 days, 0 defenses)

Another pointless win where Kalisto ended Enzo's first reign very short before dropping it back to him. Kalisto's career is honestly sad as they tried to make him the next Rey yet people never remember his title reigns.



9. The Brian Kendrick (30 days, 2 defenses)

Brian Kendrick was simply a heel transitional champion which was unfortunate as Brian used to be one of the best CW members, including at this time. 



8. TJP (46 days, 1 defense)

TJP was the inaugural Cruiserweight Champion after winning the CWC but really his reign is only remembered because it was the first. 


7. Tony Nese (77 days, 2 defenses)

I never thought Tony Nese was the right man to end Buddy Murpy's fantastic reign and that thought was further reinforced when after all the hard work put in by previous champion's went to waste as Ariya Daivari and Tony Nese put on a failure of a match on the main card of Money In The Bank which sent the Cruiserweight Championship back to the preshow. 


6. Rich Swann (61 days, 2 defenses)

I feel like Rich Swann was underrated during his time in WWE. I really liked him while he was in the CW division and thought his exit from WWE was incredibly unfortunate. Rich Swann was a fun guy to watch during his reign but ultimately dropped it to Neville. 


5. Enzo Amore (15 days, 0 defenses) (93 days, 3 defenses)

Yes, I do think Enzo was a better champion than half the others. Splitting Enzo and Cass was not a good decision at all as the two were a money fan favorite tag team but I would be lying if I said I didn't find Enzo really entertaining on 205 Live. While maybe he shouldn't have been the man to dethrone Neville, he did, and he made the most of the opportunity he was given. Enzo's segments were funny and I definitely paid more attention to the weekly stuff because of him. The problem was that the division is a workrate based one, so while Enzo's talking stood out, he wasn't the right representative for the brand.


4. Drew Gulak (71+ days, 5 defenses)

Gulak is the current Cruiserweight Champion and has been one of the crown jewels of 205 Live since the beginning. Gulak's reign was a long time coming and so far he's had many defenses in a shorter span of time than any previous champions and they've all been great matches. He's a fantastic wrestler with a good character and by the end of his reign he may just replace someone in the top 3.


3. Cedric Alexander (181 days, 5 defenses)

Cedric Alexander was a fantastic champion. The fans loved him and it was clear that he had a special star quality about him. Every match was good and he became a true star during this reign. After the failed experiment of an Enzo reign, Cedric revitalized the title and made it something worth watching. 


2. Buddy Murphy (183 days, 4 defenses)

Buddy Murphy was the best kept secret in WWE and my god did he prove that during his reign. Buddy Murphy became a breakout star in his move to 205 and proved that he could be a star on his own. Fantastic matches and promos, Buddy was a worthy follow up to Cedric's great reign. My only problem with his reign is that I think it ended prematurely. Buddy looked unstoppable and lost to the wrong man on the wrong night.


1. Neville (197 days, 7 defenses) (35 days, 1 defense)

Neville was absolutely fantastic as the Cruiserweight Champion. Up to this point, there hadn't been a truly great Cruiserweight Champion, but Neville was the first one. Neville's heel turn gave us an absolutely fantastic character in the form of the King of The Cruiserweights. Neville was THE reason to watch 205 Live and the cruiserweights. Neville put 205 Live and the championship on the map. Of course his time at the top ultimately came to an end at the hand's of an undeserving Enzo Amore which is part of what drove Neville out of the company, but during this time, I think Neville had been at a peak. 

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