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Gunner Flynn

UFC: Our Time

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Dana White has stepped down from the UFC, in order to keep the company in tact. He has gave ownership to ICON. A man with experience on running underground boxing shows, boxing events and much more. The Ufc roster will stay the same with Daniel Poirier as the World Champion. We will be starting over, so Fight Night 1 will be out 1st event, set up in Las Vegas: MGM Grand Arena. Can Icon keep Ufc running smoothly or run it to the ground?

Fight Night 1: MGM Grand

See the source image

Anthony Pettis vs Jake Matthews

BJ Penn vs Kevin Lee

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Bruce Lee

Kimbo Slice vs Issac Frost

Daniel Cormier vs Chuck Lidell

Anderson Silva vs Robbie Lawler

Dustin Poirier (C)  vs Conor Mcgregor

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Anthony Pettis vs Jake Matthews

What a clash this was, i really saw a balance of styles in this one. Pettis would show more of his ground game, while Matthews would use more of a striking style. Lets start off with round 1, Pettis really dominated for the most part. Around the 3 minute mark, a headlock would be locked in by Pettis. Matthews having no choice but to tap.

Winner: Anthony Pettis (Submission) 3:13


BJ Penn vs Kevin Lee

A great fight here. Kevin Lee really was a brawler more than anything, with jabs left and right. On the otherhand, BJ Penn went more with a striker kind of role in this fight. This fight went all the way, to three rounds. At the time of 4:34, BJ Penn would knockout Kevin Lee with a uppercut.

Winner: BJ Penn (KO) 4:34


Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Bruce Lee

In this fight we got a special clash. Bruce Lee stepped into the octagon for one night only to go one on one against one of the best in Khabib. I feel like it dragged quite a bit. As neither fighter could get an upperhand in any sort of way. Bruce would go for roundhouse kicks more often that not. He really relied on kicks for the fight. On the otherhand, Khabib would rely on jabs back and forth. In the 2nd Round, in the time of 1:33 Khabib would strike Bruce with 3 combo jabs. Taking him down, not being able to get back up.

Winner: Khabib (TKO) 1:33


Kimbo Slice vs Issac Frost

An interesting clash right here. Kimbo was going for more of the ground game, while Issac was taking it head on which i wouldn't say was that smart of him. I think that was definitely his down fall as in the first round, at the time of 2:45 he would submit.

Winner: Kimbo Slice (Sumbission) 2:45


Daniel Cormier vs Chuck Lidell

Great fight here. Both men took it head on, with jabs being more of Lidell's specialty in this one. On the otherhand, Cormier would go for roundhouse kicks a few times, but would face blocks from Lidell for the most part. In the time of 1:56, Lidell would knock out Cormier with a Left jab. 

Winner: Chuck Lidell (KO) 1:56


Anderson Silva vs Robbie Lawler

Good fight. Started off slow, pace wise but really picked up towards the end of round 1. Robbie Lawler went for a standing game per say. Silva did the same, but way more effectively. In the time of 2:34 in the second round, Silva would knockout Robbie Lawler with a roundhouse kick.


Dustin Poirier (C) vs Conor Mcgregor

Holy hell, this fight was insane. From the starting point to round 3 where this clash would end it was non stop action. Mcgregor was going straight for the knockouts. Poirier made sure his ground game was on point. In round 3 at the time of 4:24 Mcgregor would knockout Poirier with a uppercut.

Fight night 2

James Vick vs Georges St. Pierre

Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones

Jake Matthews vs Daniel Hooker

Cm Punk vs Mike Pyle

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Kevin Lee

Mike Perry vs Jordan Mein

Conor McGregor (C) vs Nate Diaz



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Fight Night 2


James Vick vs Georges St. Pierre

Nice opening fight. James Vick really showcased his skills here tonight. Vick showed more of his standing game, while Georges showed his ground game. This clash went the distance, after the first round came to a end. Round 2 would begin with a jab from James Vick, sending Georges down, knocked out cold. At the time of 4:56

Winner: James Vick (KO) 4:56


Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones

A insane fight. Blew the roof of the place, as far as im concerned the best fight of the diary so far. Back and forth, this fight went. Jon Jones would go for the constant mission for a knockout. While Anderson Silva would use his skills of roundhouse kicks and combos. But at the end of the day, Silva would tap out to Jones in the 2nd round, in the time of 3:23 by a headlock.

Winner: Jon Jones (Submission) 3:23


Jake Matthews vs Daniel Hooker

Good fight here. Both men took the ground game route here tonight. And used very efficiently, round 1 was very enjoyable to watch. After round 1 came to a close, Jake Matthews would take it to the fighting perspective. With quick combos, a jab knocking Daniel Hooker out cold, at the time of 4:23 in the 2nd round.

Winner: Jake Matthews (KO) 4:23


Cm Punk vs Mike Pyle

An ok fight here. Punk really could not get any advantage in this clash. Mike Pyle really focused on his takedowns, combos and striking in this fight. However, Cm Punk would work on his ground game, trying to lay on submissions, With a few moments left in Round 1, Mike Pyle would knockout Punk with a Roundhouse kick.

Winner: CM Punk (KO) 0:30


Khabib vs Kevin Lee

What a fight! These men would not let go of eachother for anything. Khabib showcased his combos. A very innovative fighter we have here in the UFC. On the other hand, Kevin Lee showed a more of a ground game kind of fight. But not utilizing it the most wise way. In the first round, in the time of 2:57, Khaib would strike Kevin Lee with a backfist/ jab combo, knocking out Lee but not cold.

Winner: Khabib (TKO) 2:57


Mike Perry vs Jordan Mein

An average fight. What else can i say? They didnt have anything special here, or steal the show or anything. Mike Perry worked the ground game very proficiently, while Jordan Mein would take the striking game to the next level. And got him the win, with a Uppercut. In the time of 2:45 in the 2nd round.

Winner: Jordan Mein (KO) 2:45


In some very sad news, our main event has been called off. Nate Diaz has been taken to the hospital after being serious condition after an injury. We wish only the best to Diaz and his Family.

Fight Night 3

Leonardo Santos vs Kevin Lee

Jon Jones vs Anthony Johnson

Issac Frost vs Mark Hunt

Holly Holm vs Lauren Murphy

Cm Punk vs Dustin Poirier

Anthony Pettis vs Micheal Johnson

Conor Mcgregor vs Will Brooks


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