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UFC: Our Time

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Fight Night 3

Leornado Santos vs Kevin Lee


We open up fight night 3, with a solid fight here. Santos went with a standing game, while Lee went for the ground game. Round 1 was interesting to watch to say the least, non stop action as I would recall. Kevin Lee was very impressive, as going into the 2nd round he would knockout Santos with one right jab. In the time of 4:34.

Winner: Kevin Lee (KO) 4:34


Jon Jones vs Anthony Johnson


What a beast Jon Jones is! Completely dominant, Johnson really did not stand a change to be honest. From the start, Jones was straight fire. The striker of the game, while Johnson couldnt do much to defend. In the first round, Johnson would knockout Johnson with a uppercut. In the time of 1:23

Winner: Jon Jones (KO) 1:23


Issac Frost vs Mark Hunt


A good fight here. Mark Hunt would go for the standing game. With strike after strike for the majority of the fight. Frost would go for takedowns, staying on the ground for most of the fight. In the first round, in the time  of 2:34, Issac Frost would knockout Mark Hunt with a roundhouse kick.

Winner: Issac Frost (KO) 2:34



Listen, Im not fighting another fight, until the women of this Industry have a champion. So Icon listen here, at UFC 1 i want a champion. And I want first hand at that Champion, make it happen or the Women of Ufc leave for good.


Cm Punk vs Dustin Poirier 


Nice fight here. But lets be real right now, Punk had no chance in this fight. Poirier is just a beast, and Punk is just winless. Punk tryed to go ground game, but that was honestly not a smart move by Punk. While Poirier went for the standing, game a very smart move there. In the 2nd round, at the time of 4:23, Poirier would knockout punk. with a left hook.

Winner: Dustin Poirier (KO) 4:23


Anthony Johnson vs Anthony Pettis


Well this was honestly a surprising turn of events. Pettis completely dominated Johnson. In the first round it was all over. The striking game was on point tonight for Pettis. And it showed, as in the first round, in the time of 2:56, Pettis hit a right hook, taking down Johnson, who wouldnt get up.

Winner: Anthony Pettis (TKO) 2:56


Conor Mcgregor vs Will Brooks


What a main event fight! Both men were just going at eachother like they had nothing to lose. Which was great to see. Mcgregor is surely a great champion and a deserving one to say the least. As Round 1 ended in a great turn of events, Round 2 would beign with a right hook by Mcgregor to finish off the night, knocking out Brooks. In the time of 4:45

Winner: Conor Mcgregor (KO) 4:45


Fight Night 4

Jake Matthews vs Abel Trujillo

Erick Silva vs Cm Punk

Charles Rosa vs Clay Guida

Travis Browne vs Mark Hunt

Khabib vs Will Brooks

Nate Diaz vs Bobby Green

Connor Mcgregor vs Anthony Pettis


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