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Buddy Ace comes out to the ring for the second week in a row wearing the same denim outfit. At Bad Blood he will be a part of the United States Championship match, challenging alongside Mikey against the current champion Hans.


“At Bad Blood it seems Hans Clayton will be defending his United States Championship against not only myself but the shortest reigning NXT Champion in history himself, Mikey! I’ve realized Mikey does not share the same amount of respect for me that I have for him and that’s fine with me. And I can’t deny that he’s been successful, certainly more than I have been as of late. I mean he is the man that demolished the almighty Bulldozer! I’m gonna stop myself before I get carried away but Mikey isn’t as good as he thinks. He acts like he ditched NXT for bigger and better prizes but I have a hard time believing that he really thinks that. Either Mikey is completely delusional or he’s a coward that knew deep down that he wouldn’t be able to hold onto that championship for very long anyways. I told Mikey that sooner or later he’d get his jaw broken and I think Bad Blood is the right time.”


“At the same I guess it isn’t really fair of me to try to discredit Mikey that way. That’s sort of cherry picking, ain’t it? After all, Mikey is in a number one contender’s match for the North American Championship! It seems both my opponents are big time stars with big time matches. But the thing about having that much success is that it becomes hard to juggle it all which has been the point I’ve been making the whole time. Now I would talk about the success I’ve had in my time here but none of that matters because it’s all in the past. As a matter of fact it is so far in the past that it has been nearly an entire YEAR since my last win. This year long struggle has made me hungry, hungrier than either of my opponents has ever been. Neither of them has experienced that kind of pain, to take loss after loss and keep striving for just one darn win. One tiny piece of success. They can call me all the names that they want but they better start taking me seriously. This match is all I have to look forward to. My only goal is to become the United States Champion. I'll keep saying that because nobody seems to understand it. Those two merely want to win. I need to win.”


“Hopefully Hans can wake up and remember he has a United States Championship match coming up. He needs to forget the dark horse quest and listen to me. If he really cares about that championship then he won’t blow me off, he won’t dismiss me. He’ll realize I’m the biggest threat to that title he’s faced yet. No one else who has challenged for the title has had the same intensity, the same drive, the desire that I have to be the United States Champion. Hans thinks that he’s Bulletproof...we’re gonna find out if he really is when I nail him with the Dead Eye.”

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